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In August 2022 @RishiSunak left a bitter taste in the mouths of Turkish Cypriots as his anti-Turkish letter to the so-called “Conservative Friends of Cyprus” was released to the public.

Now he is the UK’s Prime Minister…

#RishiSunak #PrimeMinister #TurkishCypriotsExist #Cyprus
In his letter, Sunak revealed his very misinformed and narrow minded view on the Cyprus issue. It was filled with historical falsehoods regarding the events of 1974 and a lack of awareness surrounding current issues such as Varosha and the drilling within the EEZ’s.

@BTCAOfficial The British Turkish Cypriot Association responded to @RishiSunak letter immediately after. However, the new Prime Minister never replied. Unfortunately this suggests his anti-Turkish views on the Cyprus issue are true…

#RishiSunak #ToryLeadershipContest
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#RishiSunak #NewPM

Rishi Sunak – live 🔴

- Rishi Sunak poised to be next prime minister
- Boris Johnson pulls out of race to replace Liz Truss
- ‘Impossible’ to avoid general election, says Nadine Dorries


- Sunak looks set for the coronation today as the UK’s third prime minister this year after Boris Johnson pulled out of the Tory leadership race

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… Image
- Mr Johnson’s retreat leaves Mr Sunak and leader of the Commons Penny Mordaunt as the only declared contenders in the contest to succeed Liz Truss

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… ImageImage
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And here it is ...

German cartoonists on #BorisJohnson, #LizTruss, and the #ToryLeadershipContest

#cartoon 🧵

Cartoon: Klaus Stuttmann Image

"Mr Johnson, would you please let go? You have to make room for Ms Truss."

Cartoon: Harm Bengen Image
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Terms & phrases to look out for during the #ToryLeadershipContest, as used EVERY DAY by right-wing politicians & pundits, right-wing media, the alt, hard & far-right, Spiked, The Spectator, & a global network of billionaire funded free-market think-tanks:
The Right's creative, divisive, & profoundly misleading use of language has evolved over the last forty years, emerging hand-in-hand with deregulated free-market capitalism, which Britain's next PM will continue & accelerate with the introduction of antidemocratic Charter Cities.
The manufactured war on woke is a distraction, designed to keep voters divided. Under cover of COVID, wealth has been transferred from poor to rich on an unprecedented & unimaginable scale, eroding democracy & resulting in hardship, conflict, mass death & environmental collapse.
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Those claiming @KemiBadenoch rowed back on the UK 2050 #NetZero target yesterday appear to have missed the main point. Which is, that a target needs a plan, and is useless without. She's not wrong
And yesterday's High Court ruling… confirms that the next PM will need to develop a better plan than exists right now
In the course of doing that, the next PM (whether @KemiBadenoch or any other #ToryLeadershipContest contender) would take briefings from real experts rather than Tufton St has-beens and would discover that a) the 2050 target is not arbitrary but based in science and fairness,
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Good luck @julie_etch!

Like many voters, I'd really like to hear the #ToryLeadershipContest candidates be confronted about their funding from climate-change deniers.

@PaulBrandITV @tombradby @Peston @AnushkaAsthana @carldinnen @ShehabKhan @romillyweeks

Please also ask them what they mean by 'woke' without fobbing us off with the usual guff about 'free speech' (which everyone believes in) Critical Race Theory (which they have no clue about), & the antisemitic conspiracy theory of 'cultural Marxism'. 🙏

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Here's what imho is arguably the most concise explanation on the @Conservatives' dangerously divisive, utterly disingenuous, populist nationalist & ultimately neofascist 'war on woke', a key feature of their 'culture war' rhetoric.

A longer explanation of the culture war.

And a concrete example of how foreign & non-dom billionaire-owned print & broadcast media join forces & help the @Conservatives by fabricating absurd & misleading culture war stories.


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@KemiBadenoch has picked up real momentum in a new @ConHome survey of 850 Tory party members today, in the wake of the Channel 4 TV debate last night.
The poll puts Ms Badenoch in the lead on 31 per cent, up from 19 per cent last Monday. 1/3 #ToryLeadershipContest
. @trussliz was second on 20pc, up from 11pc, in the @ConHome poll.
Support for @PennyMordaunt appears to have stalled, with her support falling from 20pc to 18pc.
@RishiSunak was in fourth place on 17pc, up from 12pc last Mon.
@TomTugendhat was fifth on 10pc, up from 7pc. 2/3
This chimes with what I have been hearing all day from Brexiteer Tory MPs: @kemibadenoch is increasingly seen as the choice of some rightwing Conservative MPs who want to keep @PennyMordaunt off the final two who face the party's 200,000 members next month. 3/3
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Let’s have a look into the 🔮 and try to work out what happens from here in the #ToryLeadershipContest

It’s not quite a #BrexitDiagram but my means of thinking is similar
Badenoch will drop out next. It’s not that she’s necessarily the worst performing candidate in the running, but her support overlaps too much with others. Her votes will go to Truss & Mordaunt
Tugendhat will then be the next to go. However much he might have swerved to the right in recent weeks, and be the least tainted by Johnson, he’s ultimately too sensible for the selectorate of MPs. Most of his support can go to Sunak
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The only heartening thing about the #ToryLeadershipContest #ToryLeadershipFarce is the fact that Tories genuinely believe that the awfulness and mediocrity of the contenders will be acceptable to the country as a whole.
The party seems have lost contact with reality. Unable to see things as they are. Its collective brain hollowed out by Brexit. Fatally compromised by its previous adulation for the worst PM in British history. Only a party like that would even think that people like
Mordaunt or Truss are prime ministerial. Or that they could appeal to wavering voters or the voters who have so comprehensively turned against Johnson. A party that has people like this to offer has lost the plot. And that means, hopefully, we can look forward to the time
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🚨🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺💊💉💊💉🇬🇧🇪🇺🚨🚨UK lags EU in authorising new medicines after #Brexit - my latest via @FT ⁦⁦@hannahkuchler

A take of Brexit reality, though not in truth that unsurprising. Quick thread…/1
@FT @hannahkuchler First the analysis by @jgbarlow2010 prof at @ImperialBiz et al.

Their audit of "novel" drugs authorisatiions in 2021 found that only 35 so-called novel medicines were approved for use in the UK... 2021

...compared with 40 in the EU

....and 52 in the US. /2
@FT @hannahkuchler @jgbarlow2010 @ImperialBiz This isn't that surprising, as I say, since ther UK is only 2.4% of global health spend versus 22% in the EU.

So market size makes the paperwork less worthwhile. Also the NHS is a nighmare and NICE, the rationing/approvals body, doesn't fund some new meds /3
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🔴 NEW: Liz Truss to launch campaign as second round of voting gets underway

Follow all the latest updates on our politics liveblog here ⬇️
🔴Lord David Frost, the former Brexit chief negotiator, has told Talk TV he would have "grave reservations" about Penny Mordaunt becoming Prime Minister… Lord David Frost
➡️How does Liz truss fare against the other contenders?

Ahead of her formal campaign launch at 10am, The Telegraph take a look at how foreign secretary Liz Truss stacks up against the other seven runners and riders for leader of the Conservative party… LIZ TRUSS RUN-OFFS
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The first ballot in the #ToryLeadershipContest is taking place today, so here are some facts about the 8 MPs who could become Prime Minister in just a matter of weeks.🧵👇🏽
1) Rishi Sunak.

Worth £730 million. Held a green card (= a permanent US resident) while he was Chancellor. His wife used non-dom status to avoid tax.

Said he would run the economy like Thatcher.

Biggest drop in living standards since 1956 while he was Chancellor.
2) Penny Mordaunt.

Previously supported greater rights for trans people. U-turned and lied about her previous position to win Tory votes.

Lied about Turkey joining the EU in the Brexit referendum.

Lied to firefighters while Fire Minister about guaranteeing pensions.
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Heading for the biggest, most prolonged heatwave the country has ever seen and none of the candidates for Prime Minister can get the words ‘climate change’ out of their mouths as they’re too busy talking about how toilets should be labelled.

Vote them out. #ClimateCrisis
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Olympic-level gaslighting & Boris Johnson-level lying form #ToryLeadershipContest hopeful & culture war crank, Kemi Badenoch, who with a straight-face, claimed she opposes “populism & polarisation”! No wonder #30pLee & several other illiberal dimwit Tory MPs support her.
"Free markets, limited government, a strong nation state - those are the Conservative principles we need to beat back protectionism, populism & polarisation".

She neglected to mention Boris Johnson’s premiership championed populism & polarisation, & at times protectionism too.
Echoing the rhetoric of the Austrian far-right, Badenoch entirely predictably criticised the net zero target: "[There are] too many policies, like the net zero target, set up with no thought to the effect on industries in the poorer parts of this country."
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Non-dom billionaire-owned Spectator magazine's ex-Director Kemi Badenoch, is second favourite to replace non-dom billionaire-owned Telegraph & Spectator magazine's ex-employee Boris Johnson. 😬

But who is Kemi Badenoch, & why do malign foreign/non-dom billionaires❤️her?
Badenoch worked as a systems analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, before - like every other candidate in the #ToryLeadershipContest - pursueing a career in 'consultancy & financial services', working as an associate director of private bank & wealth manager, Coutts.
In her maiden speech as an MP on 19 July, 2017 Bademoch described the vote for Brexit as "the greatest ever vote of confidence in the project of the United Kingdom" and cited her personal heroes as Winston Churchill, Airey Neave, & Margaret Thatcher.

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The damage Kemi Badenoch would do to the fight against racial inequality, as PM, should worry us all.
You know what?

It's too hot to sleep so let's take down some racists, shall we. 😊
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.@rtenews asked @LeoVaradkar whether he discussed the state of play & debate over the Withdrawal Agreement during the #ToryLeadershipContest in the UK with @MichelBarnier in a meeting earlier today. What he had to say is pretty blunt: 1/6
"In terms of our position we’re being absolutely up front and clear on this: There’s going to be ongoing European unity. Any negotiations will have to happen between the UK and the EU." 2/6
"We’re not going to allow the UK to tour the capitals and try to engage in bilateral agreements. That’s not how this works. " 3/6
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I’ve spent some time talking to Brussels folk about the @Conservatives leadership contest.
Officials won’t interfere & so won’t speak on the record.
But from my conversations their views tally with well-respected insiders who can talk to @SkyNews - pointed words in this thread
I spoke to @piris_jc who was the Director-General of the EU Council’s legal service for 23 years.
I spoke to @AgataGostynska who is a senior research fellow at the @CER_EU
I spoke to @ph_lamberts who is a senior MEP and a member of the @Europarl_EN’s #Brexit Steering Group
Firstly their broad views on the #ToryLeadershipContest
@ph_lamberts “I see many people in denial of reality.”

@AgataGostynska: “I think many of the contenders are actually delusional about what they can achieve. I think the reality will come to bite them soon.”

And @piris_jc?
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Conservative MPs cast their first votes in the #ToryLeadershipContest this morning - by lunchtime at least one candidate will be booted out. @RoryStewartUK says @GMB it’s a plain choice. @sajidjavid tells me now he’s running for PM he can voice concerns about police numbers.
Candidates for Conservative leader, and by default Prime Minister, need to secure backing of at least 17 colleagues today - even if they all do, one with the least votes leaves the #ToryLeadershipContest at lunchtime. @GMB
Boris Johnson most noticeable by his low profile approach so far, relying on his record as London Mayor (and not as Foreign Secretary). His reticence to answer questions and give interviews leaves room for the others to get their voices heard.
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FWIW, here are my subjective rankings of the #ToryLeadershipContest #tax cut proposals. (This is a personal view only - I don’t have a dog, or even a vote, in this fight.) In reverse order… (1/6)
No. 5 (i.e. last). Reform #VAT and replace with a sales tax (#Gove). Bad economics. VAT is a relatively efficient tax and the current system already allows the UK gov’t to set lower rates for some goods and services to help the poor. #Brexit will increase this flexibility. (2/6)
No. 4. Raise the threshold for paying the top rate of income tax (#Johnson). Neither one thing nor the other? Won’t actually make much difference to those earning just above the old threshold, or any difference to those who earn a lot less. (3/6)
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Important result that Tories lost twice as many seats to #Remain parties than #BrexitParty. BXP swapped for 23 UKIP and gained extra 5 to get 28. Tories lost 15 seats - 5 to BXP and 10 to Remain.
#EUelections2019 #EP2019
Conservative MPs must be aware that it's too late for new members to join & vote in #ToryLeadershipContest. However, if a general election is coming, there will probably be time to take part in selections/deselections of MP. This may be by #Remain voters.
6M plus signed a petition to revoke Article 50. If 2.5% of them joined the Conservatives, then they would be likely bigger than the current membership. Won't be enough time for #ToryLeadership in the #ToryLeadershipContest but possibly enough time before any General Election.
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In 2017 the majority voted for Parties whose manifestos opposed #NoDealBrexit.
So what does that make No-Dealers? *Checks "Leave" phrasebook*

"Enemies of the people"
"Against the will of the people"
"Brexi-tears" (OK that one was me😅)…
So when Boris Johnson is appointed as UK Prime Minister by a handful of Tories, and tries to drag us out of the EU on No-Deal against the express will of the People, I trust we'll all LOUDLY remind him he has no mandate for it.
#BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM #ToryLeadershipContest
Thank you @faisalislam for laying this out in a thread so I don't have to!
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Boris Johnson is a political animal driven by nothing but amoral selfish ambition.
1⃣ He knew leaving the Single Market would harm the British People, yet saw Brexit as a way to ride a wave of nationalism into Downing Street.
2⃣ He spent 2 years telling the British people Brexit was about taking back control then he was willing to vote for a deal which he knew would mean less control than we'd have as an EU member.
3⃣ I know most of you Tories don't care about social & environmental rights, so I won't appeal to your morality.
But the deregulation Boris Johnson is talking about would make UK-EU trade more bureaucratic and add to NHS costs.
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