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.@rtenews asked @LeoVaradkar whether he discussed the state of play & debate over the Withdrawal Agreement during the #ToryLeadershipContest in the UK with @MichelBarnier in a meeting earlier today. What he had to say is pretty blunt: 1/6
"In terms of our position we’re being absolutely up front and clear on this: There’s going to be ongoing European unity. Any negotiations will have to happen between the UK and the EU." 2/6
"We’re not going to allow the UK to tour the capitals and try to engage in bilateral agreements. That’s not how this works. " 3/6
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Let's start with a civilised debate about deliberately misleading the public and about breaking electoral law during the referendum campaign.

#Brexit #ToryLeadershipContest
It would have been nice to have had a civilised debate about the real consequences of Brexit for the UK economy, for Northern Ireland, and for @the3million and @BritishInEurope before the EU referendum.

#Brexit #ToryLeadershipContest
It would have been nice to have had a civilised debate about the importance of Euratom, European Medicines Agency, European Court of Justice
European Banking Authority and Erasmus before and after the EU referendum.

#Brexit #ToryLeadershipContest
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I’ve spent some time talking to Brussels folk about the @Conservatives leadership contest.
Officials won’t interfere & so won’t speak on the record.
But from my conversations their views tally with well-respected insiders who can talk to @SkyNews - pointed words in this thread
I spoke to @piris_jc who was the Director-General of the EU Council’s legal service for 23 years.
I spoke to @AgataGostynska who is a senior research fellow at the @CER_EU
I spoke to @ph_lamberts who is a senior MEP and a member of the @Europarl_EN’s #Brexit Steering Group
Firstly their broad views on the #ToryLeadershipContest
@ph_lamberts “I see many people in denial of reality.”

@AgataGostynska: “I think many of the contenders are actually delusional about what they can achieve. I think the reality will come to bite them soon.”

And @piris_jc?
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Conservative MPs cast their first votes in the #ToryLeadershipContest this morning - by lunchtime at least one candidate will be booted out. @RoryStewartUK says @GMB it’s a plain choice. @sajidjavid tells me now he’s running for PM he can voice concerns about police numbers.
Candidates for Conservative leader, and by default Prime Minister, need to secure backing of at least 17 colleagues today - even if they all do, one with the least votes leaves the #ToryLeadershipContest at lunchtime. @GMB
Boris Johnson most noticeable by his low profile approach so far, relying on his record as London Mayor (and not as Foreign Secretary). His reticence to answer questions and give interviews leaves room for the others to get their voices heard.
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FWIW, here are my subjective rankings of the #ToryLeadershipContest #tax cut proposals. (This is a personal view only - I don’t have a dog, or even a vote, in this fight.) In reverse order… (1/6)
No. 5 (i.e. last). Reform #VAT and replace with a sales tax (#Gove). Bad economics. VAT is a relatively efficient tax and the current system already allows the UK gov’t to set lower rates for some goods and services to help the poor. #Brexit will increase this flexibility. (2/6)
No. 4. Raise the threshold for paying the top rate of income tax (#Johnson). Neither one thing nor the other? Won’t actually make much difference to those earning just above the old threshold, or any difference to those who earn a lot less. (3/6)
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Important result that Tories lost twice as many seats to #Remain parties than #BrexitParty. BXP swapped for 23 UKIP and gained extra 5 to get 28. Tories lost 15 seats - 5 to BXP and 10 to Remain.
#EUelections2019 #EP2019
Conservative MPs must be aware that it's too late for new members to join & vote in #ToryLeadershipContest. However, if a general election is coming, there will probably be time to take part in selections/deselections of MP. This may be by #Remain voters.
6M plus signed a petition to revoke Article 50. If 2.5% of them joined the Conservatives, then they would be likely bigger than the current membership. Won't be enough time for #ToryLeadership in the #ToryLeadershipContest but possibly enough time before any General Election.
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In 2017 the majority voted for Parties whose manifestos opposed #NoDealBrexit.
So what does that make No-Dealers? *Checks "Leave" phrasebook*

"Enemies of the people"
"Against the will of the people"
"Brexi-tears" (OK that one was me😅)…
So when Boris Johnson is appointed as UK Prime Minister by a handful of Tories, and tries to drag us out of the EU on No-Deal against the express will of the People, I trust we'll all LOUDLY remind him he has no mandate for it.
#BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM #ToryLeadershipContest
Thank you @faisalislam for laying this out in a thread so I don't have to!
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Boris Johnson is a political animal driven by nothing but amoral selfish ambition.
1⃣ He knew leaving the Single Market would harm the British People, yet saw Brexit as a way to ride a wave of nationalism into Downing Street.
2⃣ He spent 2 years telling the British people Brexit was about taking back control then he was willing to vote for a deal which he knew would mean less control than we'd have as an EU member.
3⃣ I know most of you Tories don't care about social & environmental rights, so I won't appeal to your morality.
But the deregulation Boris Johnson is talking about would make UK-EU trade more bureaucratic and add to NHS costs.
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