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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

La mejor animada de cómics que no viste las suficientes veces. Se llevó un Oscar y nuestros corazones. Ahora se va a llevar un hilo en la maratón MCU, por más que no sea del MCU. Así de buena es.
Antes de arrancar, vamos con el chiquitaje.
- Tuvieron hasta 177 animadores en un punto de la producción.
- La que aparece pegando tiros acá es Cat Ballou, de la película homónima que los productores de Into the Spider-Verse mencionaron como su preferida.
Las voces:
Miles Morales es Shameik Moore, que lo veníamos viendo en The Get Down como Shaolin Fantastic.
Peter B. Parker tiene la voz de Jake Johnson, a quien yo recuerdo mejor como "Nick de New Girl".
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The Police use force nearly eight times more against Māori than against Pākehā. Māori are around twelve times more likely to have a dog set on them by the cops. @nzpolice have a whakapapa that can be traced back to the colonial forces here to violently subdue Māori.
Remember earlier this month when @nzpolice proudly tweeted about their #feminist constable who ran a Japanese internment camp during WWII?…
The police propaganda machine has been cranking content out hard in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. But the police don't exist to keep all people safe. The police never considered white supremacy and extreme right wing organising a threat. This is teko.
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If you want to learn what goes on at your child's school, host lots of gatherings, feed the whole crew and listen non-judgmentally.

There's a lot of problem stuff happening. But this group of kids, they're good and trying to make things better.
They ROASTED today's "hip and relatable" assembly about drug abuse.

"Take an hour of sob stories and a middle-aged guy saying 'drugs are bad', add random snippets of popular music and laser lights. Apparently they think this is how to speak teenager."
I shared stories of similar assemblies from the 1990's. And that we laughed at the sad grownups too.

They are always so surprised to hear that some experiences transcend generations.
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#OnePiece637 me está flipando Bartolomeo y aún no ha hecho nada JAJAJAJA
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#OnePiece638 bueno, Bartolomeo ganando la batalla ha sido de lo más épico de todo el arco, daaaaale
#OnePiece639 pero qué le hace la flamenca esta a mi Sanji stoooooooop
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Infinite thread of favorite Hawkingbird moments:
The trope namer. Nine years old and spoiled rotten, but look at how she has a bow in her hand and battle staves strapped to her thigh!

Young Avengers (2005) #9 by #AllanHeinberg #JimCheung @JPonsor
"It's beautiful."

"It's us."

New Avengers: The Reunion #4 by @JimMcCann @davizlopez #DanieleRudoni
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I'm going to go on a YouTube creator rant thing right now. Sorry!

A rule that has been true on YouTube since 2007...if your audience perceives you as looking like a professional, they will abandon you. Old school PR tactics have a negative affect on YouTube success.
You can /be/ a professional, but you can’t film or talk like one. Fancy graphics make personality-based content /less/ appealing, even if they aren’t complicated. The only way to get around that is to have the people making the content look fancy be part of the show.
If your team is public and your relationship with them is on-screen somehow, you can get away with having people know that it’s more than just you. Otherwise, communities will feel the existence of secret people helping with the content, and it turns them off.
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1...#QCHistoryEngages On why I chose an MA in Library Science and History - My love of History was not sparked from a single visit to a museum, but rather continuous interactions with educational institutions.
2...My first memory of such a place was a visit to the @FloridaMuseum in Gainesville. The two exhibits I recall from the trip were displays on #bats and #dinosaurs, two things many 8 year olds enjoy. Still have the bat book from the trip.
3...My parents would always encourage visits to the #library as I had an interest for reading from a young age (not sure how they inspired that from the beginning - gladtheydid). This turned into an opportunity for me to discover new topics such as astronomy and other sciences.
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So after an age of netflindecision we decided to just re-watch #GameofThrones again from the start. It’s so weird going back all them years.

Here comes a 70-odd tweet thread commenting on every episode...
#GoT #S1e1 That cold opening though.

It’s odd that you give a pass to beheading, incest and marital rape but the thing that made me think “this show is different” was Jaime casually pushing Bran out the window. Seeing Robert grieving for Lyanna was more poignant with hindsight.
#GoT #s1e2 Lots of ominous shots of dragon eggs. Robb acting brash, Cat loving her kids, Joffrey being a dick #foreshadowing

Tyrion steals the wall scenes.
I realise now why they all love direwolves - mostly for Joffrey biting.
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at the request of exactly no one, here’s a thread of my summer movies
Spotlight (2015) - tbt to fucking 8th grade, i Cried
Book Club (2018) - i can’t believe jane fonda single handedly invented sex positivity for women over 60
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#HandmaidsTale really taking the oppressiveness and fear of little sounds in the midst of silence to a new level
(Livetweeting the first two #HandmaidsTale S2 episodes. Don't want spoilers, blacklist the tag...)
Repurposed Boston landmark alert.
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