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If you, like me, cannot point to a single thing @RepFrenchHill has done for the benefit of his constituents in #AR2 then you owe it to yourself and everyone else in the seven county area to vote for @clarketucker this November. #arpx #Vote #Midterms2018
.@RepFrenchHill has voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions. He doesn't care whether or not you can afford to see a doctor, or even if your health insurance will cover a visit. He does not care about #Arkansans #AR2 #ByeFrench #VoteThemOut #arpx
.@RepFrenchHill supports @realDonaldTrump #ConcentrationCamps for migrant children, infants, and toddlers. He refuses to speak up about these egregious #HumanRights violations. #Arkansas deserves a better, more humane representative in #AR2 - @clarketucker is that person! #Vote
update from @RepFrenchHill & his support of holding migrant children hostage over legislation. you know who has more compassion? @clarketucker that's who! he's worked tirelessly for Arkansans in the legislature and should represent us in D.C. #AR2 #arpx

.@RepFrenchHill opposes #MinimumWage and thinks that states should be allowed to define what "consensual adult relationships" look like with regards to same-sex marriage. these are "nice to haves" for him instead of the "must-haves" like
making sure pre-existing conditions as no longer covered with your #healthcare - what good does it do to spend all this money on premiums when your #insurance won't cover anything? You might as well burn your money for heat in the winter.
compare that to @clarketucker who has been working tirelessly for Arkansans in our state legislature! #arpx #AR02 #AR2

it's a shame that @RepFrenchHill resorts to garbage politics to try to keep his job. his attack ads on @clarketucker are partisan hit-jobs to play to the base fear of people in outlying counties in #AR02 - but garbage politics from a garbage human like French is to be expected.
.@RepFrenchHill I have a story! I work in education, so I've been off a few weeks. I stopped in today & drove by this house on my way. It's my normal route so I noticed the change immediately. In May, they had one of YOUR yard signs. it's now been replaced w/one for @clarketucker
.@RepFrenchHill is up to his embellishment tricks again. or should that just be lies? With a little bit of time, some websites (particularly so we go straight to the source) and a few screenshots we can help set record straight.

when @RepFrenchHill is "happy to support" the #FarmBill that protects crop insurance but will (viciously) happily vote to kill #healthinsurance and any pre-existing condition coverage available to Arkansans in #AR02 (#AR2) #arpx

Hey #Arkansas voters in #AR02 - guess what @RepFrenchHill is up to now. While he crows and crows about so-called #TaxReform at the hands of the #GOPTaxScam he and his @HouseGOP colleagues, including @RepRickCrawford @rep_stevewomack and @RepWesterman, KNOW
they've made a significant budgeting error giving away BILLIONS to their rich friends and their rich friends' corporations. Keep in mind YOUR tax "cuts" are only temporary as it was written into the law. But, that's not even the shadiest thing these "men" are doing!
NOW, in order to pay for their #GOPTaxScam they're going to cut BILLIONS from #SocialSecurity and #Medicare in an attempt to balance their #TaxReform giveaway to the wealthy. ALL that money you've paid into Social Security and Medicare for your whole life, will be taken just
like that. But guess what #Arkansas? @RepFrenchHill @RepRickCrawford @RepWesterman and @rep_stevewomack don't give a damn about the strain and burden this will put on you and your family! Their donors aware happy and that's all THEY care about!
Every single one of us deserve to have representatives in #Congress that will stick up for US! That will fight for their constituents no matter what political party you identify with, or even if you're apolitical. There are some fine people running to work FOR
#Arkansas in #Midterms2018 - for my district #AR02 we should unseat unscrupulous banker @RepFrenchHill with someone who's been working FOR #Arkansas for several years now: @clarketucker - use your voice Arkansas and #VoteThemAllOut this November!
Reference tweet for other #Arkansas districts:

you can #SackWomack (@rep_stevewomack) in #AR03 by voting for @joshuamahony

let's #RemoveBruce (@RepWesterman) in #AR04 by voting @HaydenShamel

and in #AR01 let's send @RepRickCrawford packing with @DecideonDesai

#arpx #Vote
while we're waiting though, Is love for the "fine" "representatives" from #Arkansas to explain this to their constituents. As a poor state, this kind of action will hurt AR considerably! #arpx #VoteThemOut

aww. look @JohnBoozman trying to boost @RepFrenchHill in #AR02

Yo, John, the only 2nd District French "represents well" is the 2nd District of Hell. He NEVER votes for the interests of Arkansans, only to harm us w/@GOP hateful policies #arpx

as it turns out, bc @RepFrenchHill continually puts party above not only the country, but constituents, too, #Arkansas could lose BILLIONS in the #TrumpTradeWar. We have over 3 million acres of #soybean crops, how many will rot thanks to #TrumpTariffs?

Mulberry, AR (which is actually in @RepWesterman's #AR04 - #RemoveBruce & vote for @HaydenShamel) is the #edamame capital of the country with significant exports to Asia. Tell us, boys, how much does Arkansas stand to lose? @AsaHutchinson you want to take a crack? #arpx #arleg
.@RepFrenchHill drones on & on abt yet ANOTHER bill to help BANKS over PEOPLE.

though I'm hopeful this bill will inadvertently trap (any) trump in its crosshairs since FinCEN has already fined 45 $10 mil for anti-money laundering violations. #AR02 #arpx

I wonder if @RepFrenchHill knows it's not really "common sense" just because he says so? but it sure is a hella nice buzzword to make people in #AR2 think he's doing something for us.

@clarketucker - now there's someone who will put people over banks. #arpx
when @RepFrenchHill runs a smear campaign based on lies against @clarketucker to scare up votes. couple things: 1. remember those #TaxCuts are only temporary for the 99% 2. French neglects his oath daily & has never worked a day for the people. #AR02 #arpx #ByeFrench #Midterms
.@RepFrenchHill couldn't be honest with the people if his life depended on it. his RECORD shows that he works for banks over people and is completely against consumer protections for the predatory practices banks engage
in. he has routinely puts Arkansans last and is so indifferent to his constituents that he refuses to hold town halls where people can ask unscripted questions. Why is @RepFrenchHill afraid of his constituents? he doesn't want to answer to us because he knows what he's doing is
wrong! @RepFrenchHill supports the hateful policies of trump - he supports children being ripped from their parents and detained indefinitely; he supports the human trafficking of the girls who have been shipped all over the country that no one knows where they are anymore.
yet he has the unmitigated gall to try to use fear based advertising and the boogie-woman @HillaryClinton to alter the vote in this year's #Midterms - hey, @RepFrenchHill - in case you haven't noticed, though we all know you have, Hillary isn't president. using her in your ad
shows just how out of touch you are. Arkansans aren't as stupid as you seem to think we are - despite the cuts to education by @AsaHutchinson - and you better start addressing the issues instead taking this #bully tactic. If ever had a legit town hall, you'd know
people are damn sick and tired of this bullshit. what are YOU doing about #TrumpsTradeWar? what are YOU doing about #BabiesInCages? How are YOU going to address health insurance premium increases that YOU helped cause with #ACASabotage? YOU have a LOT to answer for! #arpx #AR02
look... @RepFrenchHill is in #Arkansas yet he refuses (again) to hold a town hall & make himself available to constituents. He thinks he's safe in #AR02 bc it was R+7 so he goes on his merry way ignoring the people he's supposed to work for. #ByeFrench

.@RepFrenchHill bragging abt removing deductions & credits with #GOPTaxScam by making you think you're getting a sweet deal bc the form is shorter. He's part of the #DonTheCon presidential shell game. #AR02 #arpx #ByeFrench #ARVotesCount #VoteThemOut2018

today @RepFrenchHill wants you to join a tele-townhall. he thinks this will pass for representation in #AR02. He ALWAYS does. If you've ever joined any of his tele-townhalls you know what an echo chamber they are. His staff screen ALL questions and

only choose those people who seem favorable to @RepFrenchHill and won't ask him tough questions, like why he remains silent when trump attacks the press, or NATO, or Americans, and why he doesn't do something - make noise at the very least - about hourly emoluments clause
violations or the sheer number of lies that come from trump's mouth daily, and questions about #ACA sabotage that are raising premiums and eliminating preX conditions for millions of #Arkansans not to mention all of the questions he would get abt trump standing for Russia over
America. no, @RepFrenchHill is a coward for not having a true town hall. it's been over two years since his last in person town hall and he was so cowardly he had to do a joint town hall with @SenTomCotton bc he knew that #CottonmouthTom would take the brunt of voters' concerns
and he could just sit up on stage and nod in agreement without having to do ANY work! @RepFrenchHill is a HORRIBLE representative for #AR02 and we deserve better! We deserve someone who isn't afraid to be held accountable by the voters.
We deserve someone who isn't afraid to stand up for #Arkansas and America by honoring their oath of office. We deserve someone who will put this country before their political party! #AR02 deserves someone who will work FOR the people of this state and not for the banks.
We deserve someone who will push back on #TrumpTariffs that are putting ONE THIRD of the #Arkansas economy, represented by #soybean exports, in jeopardy with this trade war. #AR02 deserves someone with humanity who thinks it's appalling that children under the age of 5 can't
be reunited with their families because of the racist policies of this administration. We deserve someone who isn't going to compromise their morals and sell their soul because trump claims the Republican party. That person is definitely NOT @RepFrenchHill! If you're in any of
the seven counties that comprise #AR02 you owe it to yourself, your family, and the rest of your community to #VOTE for @clarketucker in November! We deserve someone who is better than a tele-townhall and takes representing us as seriously as they take being in Washington.
time and again @RepFrenchHill has shown he's in Washington to enrich himself and his buddies. Arkansans can't afford his kind of representation anymore! #AR02 #ARVotesCount #arpx #ARnews
.@RepFrenchHill - here's a Q for your fake #townhall tonight: do you support @SpeakerRyan's decision to not bother w/vote on #TrumpTariffs bc 45 will veto? did you all forget if you want to help people bad enough you cld override veto? #AR02 #arpx #ARVotesCount #ARnews #soybeans
.@RepFrenchHill calls Russian attacks on America "political shenanigans." If he can easily cast aside his Oath of Office & not defend us, imagine how he truly feels about constituents in #AR02. #Arkansans deserve better! #Vote @clarketucker in Nov! #arpx #ARVotesCount #ARNews
.@RepFrenchHill is 😁to sell out 🇺🇸by denying $ to secure election systems from #RussianHacking - if he'll sell out 🇺🇸,imagine what he does to constituents in #AR02 - we can ill afford his type of "leadership" so vote @clarketucker #arpx #ARVotesCount…
.@RepFrenchHill thinks that "tariffs won't hurt Americans" & is working for a way to give 45 what he wants at the expense of constituents in #AR02 - make no mistake, Hill is WRONG for #Arkansas & he is wrong abt the #TrumpTradeWar hurting people. #arpx

as it turns out, @RepFrenchHill is planning to give $12 BILLION to farmers being hurt by #TrumpTariffs. Instead of doing what's right & standing up to bad policy, French is cowering behind billions of dollars to try and cover his ass. We deserve better. #ByeFrench #AR02 #arpx
in other news, @RepFrenchHill - who has been sabotaging heath care, thinks we won't remember that while he calls the #ACA a failure. 🙄 He must think voters in #AR02 are stupid and don't know he voted to take away our pre-existing condition coverage.

it's shameful how @RepFrenchHill pushes the #DeathPanel LIE again & tries to tie it in w/the "Right to Try" legislation. Because in the many years we had #ACA coverage, not ONCE was there a death panel. Hey, French, what the hell? Instead of lying to your constituents, and
the rest of the country, why don't you try to LEAD? don't worry, we know the answer. You're in it for yourself, never for your constituents. Otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to #lie about what's happening. #AR02 is much smarter than you give us all credit for.
You're all about fear, lies & obstruction. We're going to #RememberInNovember & vote accordingly. Since you refuse to stand up for🇺🇸against Russian interference & since you never stand up for Arkansans, you should be out of a job. 103 days, French. #ARVotesCount #arpx #AR02
.@RepFrenchHill was in Faulkner County today. It's been over 400 days since he held a town hall to meet with constituents (aside from his screened echo chamber telephone town halls). In fact, he didn't want to face his constituents during the last town hall so much he had to...
schedule a joint town hall with @SenTomCotton. when you know you're doing the people of #AR02 wrong, you have to know they're going to notice. Anyway, French was in town and he was so dismissive of constituents that he blatantly ignored a group of them.
You know why @RepFrenchHill ignored his constituents? because they're Democrats and to him Democrats don't matter. If your representative thinks half of his constituents don't matter, then he's not much of a representative for #AR02 or anyone!
you can see @RepFrenchHill first, indifferently ignore; then vaguely answer a question he probably didn't even hear; and finally walk out without truly engaging with citizens. thankfully @IndivisibleLRCA was there to capture this moment.…
French, we get it! You don't like Democrats. We hear it in your tone when you talk about anything "the other side" does. We see it in your actions and your votes. #AR02 feels it every time you abandon us for your big bank buddies.
But, @RepFrenchHill , here's the deal... when you were elected to office your job became about ALL the citizens in #AR02. not just the ones who politically align with you because of a party. The problem is, you don't seem to think that's how it works.
so you continually punish half of #AR02 because they didn't vote for you. It's the very same behavior seen in the video on @IndivisibleLRCA's Facebook page in the link below. (yes, double post of the video because your behavior is egregious!)…
Does it make you feel important to control people's lives like that? From our point of view it makes you a mean, petty man and because you don't have the graciousness to represent ALL of #AR02 it's just another reason we're voting FOR @clarketucker to replace you! You see,
Clarke has spent years in the State Legislature & he gets it! You don't have to agree w/everyone you represent @RepFrenchHill but you DO have to represent everyone in #AR02. You'll no longer get to punish people bc you can. #arpx #ARVotesCount #TickTockReplacementClock #ByeFrench
this is @RepFrenchHill's office around 3:30 this afternoon. French doesn't think the people of #AR02 deserve someone who will represent them. thankfully @clarketucker feels otherwise as he canvasses the district working for our votes. #ByeFrench #arpx #ARVotesCount #Midterms2018
while Trump continues blatantly eroding the Rule of Law, @RepFrenchHill happily supports him. Yesterday Trump openly complained how he wanted America to be a dictatorship when he made comments along the lines of it being "embarrassing for the country to allow protestors..." This
is another, in a long line, of Trump's attacks on the #Constitution and the #FirstAmendment. it's pathetic that @RepFrenchHill supports this blatant anti-American rhetoric! #Arkansans in #AR02 deserve someone who will not only...
worked hard for the constituents in #AR02, but who support and will work hard for #America! That person is not @RepFrenchHill - at best he's naive about what's going on & doesn't want to rock the party over country boat.

At WORST he's okay letting Trump decimate our standing...
in the world for a few million bucks here and there for him & his buddies...there's a reason he's Majority Whip on the House @FinancialCmte as well as serving on three subcommittees... it's NOT to help constituents in #AR02 or anyone in America for that matter.

In either case,
he's not right for #AR02, he's not right for #Arkansas, and he's NOT right for #America!

@RepFrenchHill - we'll #RememberInNovember your betrayal to your Oath of Office. #arpx #TickTockReplacementClock #ARVotesCount
Dear @RepFrenchHill - it's cute how you try to scare constituents in #AR02 with the these ominous boogeyman @clarketucker is @NancyPelosi ads. some things you should know about that... 1. (most important) we're not buying your bullshit. running ads like this completely...
...reinforces the fact that you've done NOTHING of merit for #AR02 therefore your ads must center around trying to scare voters with creepy voiceovers.

2. You and the @HouseGOP must be super scared you're going to lose the majority to be invoking @NancyPelosi. It's funny...
...because you are! But that doesn't automatically guarantee Nancy becomes Speaker again. You know this, but you're counting on #Arkansas voters in #AR02 to be ignorant of this.

3. On her very worst day, @NancyPelosi isn't a traitor to America who is trying to actively...
...destabilize the country at the behest of a hostile foreign government. The person you've gone ALL IN on is! You are weak for NOT standing up against @realDonaldTrump and @SpeakerRyan when policies directly harm not only #AR02 but the country as well.
This also makes you, @RepFrenchHill, a traitor! You would rather balloon the deficit even more by adding another $12 billion in Farmer Welfare because you don't have the guts to stand against this harmful trade war that directly impacts #Arkansas #farmers and our state economy!
You would rather make sure that millions of #Arkansans across #AR01 #AR02 #AR03 & #AR04 suffer at the hands of their insurance companies by contributing to #ACAsabotage which will ultimately make people with preX conditions ineligible for affordable insurance. again.
You would gladly add untold billions to the deficit to fund tax cuts for yourself and your buddies via #GOPTaxScam and claim it's so beneficial for #AR02 #voters all the while KNOWING the "tax cuts" for the majority of the country expire next year. Which also makes you a #LIAR...
...and one of the most morally deficient people in #Congress. which is kind of hard to accomplish given your current peer group.

4. why lie about @clarketucker? He's worked tirelessly for #arleg that HELPS people. not actively harming them.
you would actually know this, Mr. @RepFrenchHill if you'd ever bother to talk to your constituents in #AR02 when you come home. But you think you don't have to answer to us for the way you treat us. For the legislation you help enact that will cause devastating...
...results and have serious long-term effects on OUR LIVES! I get it, you could give a shit because you'll always have health coverage (at our expense), you'll always have a salary (again at our expense), and your family will never...
...suffer from the reality of the world. Also at our expense. Knowing this, your job, @RepFrenchHill, for the people in #AR02 is to fight for US! Not for your corporate buddies, your banker friends, but the PEOPLE who are entrusting you with our lives to represent us...
...with equity and justice. @RepFrenchHill YOU ARE IN CONGRESS TO SERVE #AR02! not rob us blind. Somehow you don't think that applies to you and that's why people in #AR02 are going to vote for someone who wants to LEAD and SERVE.

That person is @clarketucker.
5. You're wearing too much makeup in your ads. Subjecting us to a minute of "Fear for your lives @NancyPelosi is coming" (coming for what, exactly?) in voiceover dude's "God voice" then seeing all that pancake goop slathered all over your face at the end isn't a good look.
It's almost comical. Did you focus group that? Ask a woman before trotting yourself in front of the camera? All it does is make you look like you're trying to be younger than you are so you can con people into another term.
look, @RepFrenchHill, the bottom line is this, you've not helped the people in #AR02 in any significant nor meaningful way so now you're running a boogeyman campaign to keep your seat. You've gone all in with a Russian Asset who, unfortunately, happens to be president...
...and you don't honor your Oath of Office on a daily basis. You've got to go. Because you don't stand for US, then you shouldn't be in DC under the guise of being #AR02's representative. We'll #RememberInNovember and #Vote accordingly. #ByeFrench #TickTockReplacementClock #arpx
ooh, ooh, ooh... @RepFrenchHill you ARE scared!! 🤣

You should be! #AR02 is done with you! But as @BobbyHoward63 points out, you're bringing @VP here to campaign AGAINST people having health care. That's sick.

Even for you, @RepFrenchHill, it's a pretty disgusting move. you go ahead and attach your cart to the head of the Russian Asset. Being in an R+7 district is not a good look for you this time around.

And you're spending campaign funds to do it? 😆

#arpx #ByeFrench #VoteThemOut
.@RepFrenchHill trying to use political double-speak to make it sound like #GOPTaxScam is somehow beneficial. He wants people to believe that 3.75% of the working population getting a bonus is awesome and worth the billions he added to the #deficit

in order to do it. either that, or he's expecting people in #Arkansas who follow him to think he's talking about 6 million Arkansans received bonuses etc. when the state population is only 3 million. @RepFrenchHill is dishonest as the day is long and #AR02 deserves better! #arpx
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