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Ok, so. As many followers will be aware, I'm on the #LibDems Federal Policy Committee - the body that writes in depth policy papers (& ultimately the Manifesto)

So I decided to look at Labour's newly announced Ofsted policy.

Now for a start off, it's a bit tricky to find out exactly what Labour's policy actually *is*.

They don't publish detailed plans of what they'll do, so I'm running on statements from official spokespeople.
The Liberal Democrat plans for education, by contrast, as set out in the published Policy Paper 128 "Every Child Empowered: Education for a Changing World", which can be found here:…
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1) We did some #Brexit related collection during Q1 and have been streaming it solidly since the start of Q2.
2) Our #Brexit collection is multifaceted; these are the accounts that appeared just for the main stream with a few key topic words. 1.6M in total.
3) Among those 1.6M there are 28k with #MAGA in their profiles.
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On the #LibDemLeadership debates something that has been very much in my mind since the Bollocks to Brexit EU19 launch that was so successful.

It was an uncluttered message.

I increasingly think that following through with “We want a PV” is weak and an anti climax.
I REALLY think the POWERFUL unequivocal message that should follow “Bollocks to Brexit” in any GE and all messages should be
#RevokeA50. It is more logical, less messy and avoids the ethical trapdoor of allowing something that we think is unethical on ballot
If we are in GE territory then that should be our message.

Vote for #LibDem in large enough numbers so we have a majority and we will #RevokeA50 and get on the next day with rebuilding our broken country and broken politics.

Spell out the programme of work to achieve that.
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Have you heard of #Hotelling’s Law? In a two party system, it says that you get most votes by minimising the political distance between the parties. It’s worked well in the past, but it’s about to bring an end to both #Labour and the #Tory party. 1/n…
Hotelling’s law worked really well for Tony #Blair. #Thatcher had moved the Tory party to the right, so #NewLabour had an opportunity to increase its vote share by also moving rightwards. 2/n
Politics had shifted. Both parties held broadly similar policies. Blair’s political stance, although to the left of Thatcher’s, was much further right than any Labour leader previously (or since). Labour was able to capture ground that the Tories had left unguarded. 3/n
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Here's what all of our #LibDem candidates are fighting for in #Woking *Thread!* We're the real opposition, on Thur make your voice heard! #LE2019
#DemandBetter homes to meet local needs.
#DemandBetter transport and parking
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I just got a #libdem leaflet, ignoring the normal graph jokes, there is actually something abhorrent in there that needs to be called out.

This statement basically says the Lib Dems believe rich people should get more police officers.

Here is why it is wrong 👇
The leaflet is targeting a fairly economically prosperous area in Manchester called Didsbury. The average house price is £326,995. Although it's incredibly common to see three+ bed houses to go for over £600k.
The local area has it's problems, as all do. In Dec 2018, East Didsbury had 112 reported crimes, and West Didsbury had 115.

For context: nearby Burnage & Heatons had 130 & 171 crimes; Harpurhey-426, East Bury-321, Manchester CC-868, Gorton-168, & Woodhouse Park-206
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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Dear @BBCR4Feedback
Tomorrow I will post a package of #StopBrexit paraphernalia to you
The materials are used by the Remain campaign & have been crowdfunded
I will also post prints of photos from the last 21 months (see thread below) so you can see what you haven't been covering
1/It has taken me several hours to compile nearly 2 years of photos from the #Remain campaign into this 22 page document, however i felt it necessary to do so in order to illustrate to the #BBC the extent and commitment of our campaign which you haven't been acknowledging.
2/July 2016 #StopBrexit march in #London
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