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#SpinachDay 🥬☘️ పాలకూర దినోత్సవం
మనం తీసుకునే ఆహారంలో ప్రతిరోజూ ఆకుకూరలను తప్పనిసరిగా తీసుకోవాలి. ముఖ్యంగా పాలకూర. పోషకాహార నిధి అయిన పాలకూరలో లభించే ఫ్లేవనాయిడ్స్ వయసుతోపాటు వచ్చే మతిమరపును దూరం చేస్తాయి. పాలకూరలో పదమూడు రకాల యాంటీ ఆక్సిడెంట్‌లు ఉన్నాయి.
ఇవి యాంటీ క్యాన్సర్ ఏజెంట్లుగా పనిచేస్తాయి. పాలకూర, #Spinach —ఇది భారతీయులు అహారానికి ఉపయోగించే ఆకు కూరలలో ఒకటి.
* విటమిన్‌ ' కె ' సమృద్ధిగా ఉంటుంది.
* ఆకు కూరలు వండే ముందు శుభ్రముగా కడగాలి.
* మొక్కలోని ఆకులను ఆహార పదార్ధాలుగా ఉపయోగించే మొక్కలను ఆకు కూరలు అంటారు.
* దాదాపు వెయ్యికి పైగా ఆహారయోగ్యమైన ఆకులు గల మొక్కలు ఉన్నాయి
* ఆకు కూరలు సాధారణముగా పొట్టిగా, గుబురుగా పెరిగే, స్వల్పకాల పరిమితి గల చిన్న చిన్న మొక్కలు ఉన్నాయి.
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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Hey geomicrobiology and microbiome tweeps!

Do you know that the sulfosugar #sulfoquinovose (SQ) is a ubiquitous microbial nutrient in the environment and in a vegetarian diet?


Here comes some SQ propaganda…a thread

#sulfurcycle #carboncycle #H2S #microbiome #diet Image
First, for #sulfoquinovose newbies, I very much recommend the wonderful review by Ethan Goddard-Borger @ethangbaus & Spencer Williams @sjwill99

Sulfoquinovose in the biosphere: occurrence, metabolism and functions…
#sulfoquinovose is a sulfonated glucose and most often found as polar head group of sulfoquinovosyl diacylglycerol (SQDG), a ubiquitous sulfolipid in the photosynthetic membranes of all green land plants, algae, dinoflagellates, and cyanobacteria Image
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A trick to utilise ur food/vegetable discards - they can be used to produce microgreens. The other day, saved a few #pudina / #mint stalks (mind you didn't have roots) and just put them in my experimental #microgreen pot. And viola some fresh mint leaves ve sprouted. 1/2
Similarly with most green leafy vegetables - had planted some discarded amaranth (Chowli) stalks w/ roots couple of years ago - but it still keeps sprouting more courtesy da seeds. #MicroGreens #kitchengarden. Same with #spinach / palak - Homegrown #superfoods 2/2
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There's been a story in a UK tabloid (that I won't name), and @BBCRadio4 of all places; that #rocket #salad causes #cancer due to high levels of #nitrates in the leaves. Here's my take, and what's wrong with the thinking behind it.

A thread.

It's true, #rocket #leaves are hyperaccumulators of #nitrates ; this isn't anything new. It's been known for a long time. Other crops with high nitrate content include #spinach and #watercress

Nitrate content varies according to where the #crop is grown, and is closely tied to the soil #plants are grown in, and the amount of #light they receive. Rocket leaves grown in #winter have higher nitrate content than those grown in #summer

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$EOS #EOSPlay is being hacked

Investigating the issue. All my contracts on EOS mainnet has stopped because of network congestion.

So, $EOS is still in congestion mode. My 20 staked EOS CPU gave me 6 ms instead of 2800ms as it should be in a normal stage.
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