While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
The waking state is the lucid #dream that our #soul is experiencing right now… #experience is ungraspable. The great german #philosopher, Wittgenstein said “We are asleep. Our life is a dream. But once in a while we wake up enough to know that we are dreaming.”
The #Buddha said something similar… “This lifetime is transient as autumn clouds, to watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightening in the sky rushing by like a torrent down the steep mountain.”
#Now is NOT a moment in #time! Now is the lucid, vivid, eternal timeless being projecting this dream that we call the waking state.” @DeepakChopra
At #night those vibrations or those fluctuations of #consciousness go more subtle,so we have what we call the #dream, which is a way of #cleaning up both the #emotional #body and the #physical body& in #DeepSleep there is no experience. Both states are important for our body!
During both phases #amyloid starts to get flushed out of our #brain, our #endocrinesystem repairs itself, the immune cells refresh themselves. So if we had a good sleep we say in the morning “I slept like a baby”… because we are as fresh as a baby is. 😁
2. #Meditation helps us manage #stress. It allows the #mind to get #quiet, the body gets quiet, and that is when the body self-regulates itself. It is called #homeostasis. But meditation is also self-reflection, self-inquiry, it is #transcendence, it is being #aware of experience
It is #MentalCognition: to be aware of experience consciously as it’s happening and of the choices we make as we make them.
So meditation is the perfect way to reset our #biologicalclock, to also regulate our genes, and to enhance the quality and length of our life. It changes our #NeuralNetworks, it causes genes that create neurons to go up in their activity, so it causes #neurogenesis.
Meditation also causes #synaptogenesis, which means it enhances the connections that cause the integration between our #reptilianbrain, our #emotionalbrain, and our #intelectualbrain.
3. Movement… when we practice #yoga, #pranayana we are stimulating the #VagusNerve. The vagus nerve is our 10th #cranialnerve that goes from our midbrain, and even influences the tone of our voice… with voice analysis it can be predicted what state of mind someone is.
It then influences our heart rate variability, which is the best predictor of whether we are healthy or sick. Heart rate variability means the variability between heartbeat and heartbeat and we all know that our heart beat creates our electromagnetic field.
Our #VagalTone changes our heart rate, the interval between our heartbeat and heartbeat because it’s going with the flow. When through yoga we stimulate the vagus nerve it helps with self-regulation including our #microbiome which if inflamed the rest of the body will be too…
4. #Emotions We have healthy emotions that connect us to life such as #love, #compassion, #empathy, #joy, #playfulness, #gratitude, #equanimity and #peace.
and then we have the opposite of that called Unhealthy Emotions: #fear, #hostility; #anger; #guilt; #shame, #depression which all cause disruption of homeostasis. Those unhealthy emotions are the very emotions that imbalances our chakra systems as well…
We now know that on almost every #chronicillness, there is a background of low grade #inflammation. Acute inflammation protects us, we have that after injury, during an infection…etc however low grade continuous inflammation we sometimes are not even aware of…
Symptoms sometimes are as mild as feeling a little bit tired, little bit of anxiety, low-grade depression and we are often told by the doctor that there is nothing wrong with us. There are new #bloodtests now however called Inflammatory Markers that helps us measure it.
5. #Nutrition When we eat a #diet that is #natural, that is NOT #processed, that food does not come from a factory, not manufactured, not refined, not with concentrated sugar but directly from the #earth, livestock not fed hormones,chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides THEN…
…then our #microbiome will be #healthy… so natural food=healthy microbiome. So changing our #diet will change our microbial activity, which is 99% of the #genes in our body 🤯 within only a few days!!!
Which means that within a few days after changing our diet we will have a totally different gene expression, 99% of the genetic information in our body will have changed! 🤯🤯🤯
So… the more contaminated our food is, the more likely we are to have #dysbiosis, which means an unhealthy microbiome and therefore, unhealthy body, inflamed body.
6. We have 4 kinds of #BiologycalRhytm in our body. 1: CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, 2: SEASONAL RHYTHM; 3: LUNAR RHYTHM; 4: TIDAL RHYTHM. Being connected with nature can reset our circadian rhythms… also negative ions from the earth into our body neutralize the excess free radicals…
Those free radicals that build up in our body as a result of #stress. It is why being in nature is called #grounding 💚Everytime we ground ourselves we decrease inflammation in the body. And because our body, the circadian rhythms are linked to all the other rhythms,we can reset.
NO #diet is universal… just like no activity is… because we are #bioindividual beings and what is good for someone can be toxic to someone else. It is very important to understand and know our own body both energetic and physical so we can better take care of it 💚
For example I could say that #spinach is healthy but what if you do not have the #enzyme to metabolize #oxalate? Then spinach will give you kidney stones…We can now look out our microbiome and we can find out which foods are healthy and which are not and change our microbiome.
Imagine how all this #data about our #microbiome, the #foods we should eat to support our body the best way we possibly can could be bio-individually presented to us to take out the guess work? I believe that with #technology such as @Conste11ation’s $DAG it is all possible!!!
That is why I wholeheartedly support #DataScience. Data is #truth and if we learn to handle our own data with respect and care in a #decentralized way we could change the world for a better and healthier place 💚 Data is our friend, we shouldn’t treat is as the enemy!
Humans have a great deal of #imagination. The very misuse of our imagination is #fear… and the best use of it is #creativity! Where does this come from?
This comes from our own. #ConditionedMind. How we’ve been conditioned since we were born through society, through our parents, through history, through economics, through mythology, through religion we all acquire a conditioned mind.
…and that conditioned mind can lead to lots of dilemmas including the fact that as human beings, we have forms of suffering that other species do not have. We worry about old age, we worry about infirmity, we worry about the inevitable, which is death…
And so great #spiritual traditions have tried to focus on the spiritual causes of human suffering. There is a #Sanskrit word, #Klesha which means human suffering. This has led to all kinds of spiritual inquiry into how do we go #beyond the great #fears that we have?
…and so this is something that #wisdom traditions speak about. They say all human suffering comes from not knowing the true nature of our own being! Not knowing the true nature of #reality! We confuse reality with this #experience.
Death creates a lot of fear because we identify ourselves not with our #consciousness which the experience is happening but the body that wouldn’t even exists without the construct of time…
The most common word we use in any language is “I”. I is the non- changing factor in every experience, and yet most people don’t know what “I” is…
The spiritual tradition says that this leads to grasping and clinging at something that cannot be grasped. A dream cannot be grasped… and it leads to the fear of impermanence, and ultimately a false identity…that is called the #ego, and finally the fear of death because of it.
…and all these traditions also tell us that truth is contained in the first cause—> the not knowing the true nature of reality. And what is reality? Reality is what we make it out to be! We are creator beings! We create our own reality! Never forget that!
The End 🙈😁💚

• • •

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