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We say Spiral DAO was designed to be the most efficient DAO in the space. 🚀
🔎 This is a thread where we'll dive deeper into our vision, use cases, and prospects for future DAO development.

To learn more:…

🌽New Yield Standard

Higher yields, always growing yields, and maintaining exposure to the DeFi blue-chip basket will make #SPR the preferred choice for users seeking yield in the form of tokens.
The more users  —  the higher the backing of SPR and the bigger the Treasury is.
🎁 Bribes Market Irrationality

By leveraging bribes arbitrage, Spiral DAO achieves higher yields for the ecosystem and gains access to discounted tokens while also keeping the necessary exposure without any sell pressure. This leads to an additional yield of ~$3–6mln annually.
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Hello Friday and the week to date

$USD +1.51%
$GOLD +0.82%
$GBP -1.49%

$TLT +3.74%
$HYG +1.14%
$TNX -1.52%

$DAX +3.68%
$SSEC +2.23%
$NIKK -0.46%
$SPX -0.81%

#Bitcoin +1.37%
$COPPER +0.26%
$SILVER -2.58%
$WTIC -8.22%
$NATGAS -16.78%

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
#ADP private payrolls rose to +230,000 in December.

The initial response in the bond market was to push both the short and long end higher

Realizing job strength = FOMC higher for longer = eventual recession, the long end recovered with the big lower high in $TNX intact.
Asia finished the week mostly ↗️

$NIKK 25974 +0.6%
$SSEC 3158 +0.1%
$TWII 14373 +0.5%
$HSI 20992 -0.3% ⬅️
$KOSPI 2290 +1.1%
$IDX 6685 +0.45%

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7110 +0.65%

India ↘️
$BSE 59900 -0.75%
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Bears & bulls in $WTI $BRENT here's a list of catalysts that flip #oil markets green & RED in the next 90 days.
ON the - SIDE
#FOMC rebooted recession narrative & risk, covid cases China, no #opec cuts, no #opec meeting until summer, recession narrative EU, bad economic data out of China, questions about long delays in China reopening, La Nina warmer winter, 2023 earnings & guidance as not great.
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I have just re-read Zoltan's piece called "Oil, Gold, and LCLo(SP)R"....Here's my little summary:
Regardless of fundamentals, global banking reserves are not in danger of a liquidity crunch or default. This is because there are enough emergency backstops in place to essentially bail out anyone that gets into trouble by printing more reserves.
This is not the case in energy markets. Global demand for oil exceeds supply. The US and OPEC+ do not produce enough oil to supply the west. The Biden administration has been relying on the SPR to artificially lower oil prices and meet demand.
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1 バレルあたり約 67 ドルから 72 ドルかそれ以下の場合、原油を買い戻す意向である
「供給の不確実性が少なくなり、価格が低下すると予想されるときに、石油の需要を支える」と呼んでいること、「最初の買い戻しは 2024 年または 2025 年に行われる予定」と具体的に決めているのはすごい。
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🔥Thread on the costs of Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR)! (simplified calculations)
1- In 3 years, between the start of 1979 & the end of 1981, 168 mb of crude oil were added to the SPR at an average cost of about $32/b. That is about $125/b in Today's money!

2- The fixed cost incurred by the taxpayer to prepare the caverns was around $4 billion. That translates to about $6/b assuming 650 mb existed from day one in 1977 (of course that was not the case, but I am trying to use the low numbers). $6 in 1977 equals about $29.40/b today!
3- So far, the cost is $125 +$29.40 = 154.40/b
The yearly SPR budget in 2019 was about $235 million. That translates to about 40 cents per barrel per year in today's money. The cost for 42 years is about $16.80/b

Now the cost is $154.40 + $16.80= $171.20!
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🐻♉️↗️↘️↔️⚠️🚩🔺🔻🧮 💰

Global Macro Review
September 5, 2022

Hello Labor Day 🇺🇸!
Other than the $USD, very little that was in the green long side last week. This morning, commodities are bouncing but equities ↘️

Let’s review the week and the real-time 🧮!

Asia 🪓🩸 last week with $HSI -3.55%, $NIKK -3.45%, and $KOSPI -2.9%.

Today ↔️
$NIKK 27620 -0.1%
$SSEC 3200 +0.4%
$TWII 14661 -0.1%
$HSI 2404 -0.25%
$IDX 7232 +0.75%

$ASX 6852 +0.35%

$BSE 59209 +0.7%

Chart: $NIKK flipped to neutral Trend (T) -0.4% over the past 3 months
Unambiguously 🪓🩸 ↘️ this morning, Europe was ↔️ last week with $DAX + 0.44% and $CAC -1.7%

$DAX 12640 -3.15%
$FTSE 7200 -1.1%
$CAC 6031 -2.2%
$AEX 666 -1.9%
$IDEX 7778 -1.95%
$MIB 21327 -2.7%
$SMI 10704 -1.7%
$MOEX 2457 -0.6%

$VSTOXX 28.96 🔺

Chart: $DAX bye higher low 💣
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Thread on the impact of the #SPR releases/end on oil prices
1-9 At first, they prevented prices from increasing. Since the demand was not rising proportionally to the increase in supplies, prices started declining, especially since the releases replaced imports
2-9 As a result, the "demand" for the SPR started declining & will continue to decline gradually until it stops, probably before the whole amount is sold!
In other words, it remains to be seen if the whole amount is sold. If it does, it is mostly because #Crude_Quality_Matters
3-9 Therefore, the idea of an abrupt stop and loss of about 800 kbd may not happen, and therefore, the idea that oil prices will rise sharply as a result of ending withdrawals may not happen. Being bullish based on the idea of an abrupt loss of 800 kbd is a dangerous strategy.
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Thread: What are the Biden Administration’s choices to reduce oil and fuel prices? #OOTT #Oil

1- What has been done?
Asked OPEC members, US oil producers & refiners to increase production. All failed.

OPEC members were not interested. US producers & refiners cannot do so.
2- What are the current choices?
a- Restrict crude oil exports
b- Restrict fuel exports
c- Suspend environmental regulations temporarily
d- Suspend federal fuel tax
e- Remove sanctions on Iran & Venezuela
f- Resurrect relations with Saudi Arabia
g- Withdraw more from the SPR
3- None of the choices above can reduce shortages or lower prices meaningfully before the US mid-term elections. Only a recession would reduce fuel prices and allow for inventories to rise.

Regardless, a recession might flip both houses to republicans. Democrats are stuck!
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#SwissPolicyResearch (#SPR), founded in 2016, an independent nonprofit research group.
#mRNAvaccines ⬇️
⬇️… Image

Successes and Controversies…

A. Documentaries about the success of vaccines

B. Documentaries about #vaccinesafety concerns
#Vaxxed1 #Vaxxed2
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As a team of scientists from @scrippsresearch @karolinskainst @UniBonn @UniklinikBonn @IIIBonn @uni_tue @Illinois_Alma, we identified four potent neutralizing camelid nanobodies ...
Solved the #Xray structure of all four #nanobodies in complex with #SARSCoV2 spike #RBD @wchnihcholas and Ian Wilson ...
Used #CryoEM to determine that VHH E stabilizes the 3-up conformation of trimeric #SARSCoV2 spike @BMartinHallberg ...
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#WTI #CrudeOil futures for May,expiring tomorrow,tanked 57%,to $7.98 per barrel

June contract,expiring on 19thMay, traded@ $26.62/barrel

July futures,traded@ $28/barrel

And all this,despite #OPEC's decision to cut supply by 9.7 million barrels a day,wef 1st May2020

Normally,spread between #Spot &one month forward contract,is 40-50 cents

This time,spread is $10-12,implying weakness in #crudeoil,will continue

Global demand for #Oil in April 2020,was lower by 29 million barrels per day,Vs April 2019

#COVIDー19&global #lockdown, playing out
Indian #Crude basket is a derived basket of #crudeoil comprising #sourcrude(Dubai&Oman)&sweet crude(Brent)

Indian basket,aligned to #Brent crude,has fallen too,but not as much as #WTI crude

April 2020 #Brent@$20.92 per barrel March $32.01
Feb $55.70
Jan 2020@ $63.83

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1/ Salah satu daripada 10 penyelewengan SPR adalah kerana tidak memberi akreditasi kepada pihak2 yang layak.

#bersih #KeluarMengundi #KalahkanPencuri
2/ BERSIH 2.0 meminta semua warganegara Malaysia membantah pilihan raya yang TIDAK BERSIH dan TIDAK ADIL dengan berpakaian kuning.
3/ Kesemua pemantau pilihan raya yang telah dijemput oleh SPR tidak boleh dikategorikan sebagai PEMANTAU PILIHAN RAYA kerana mereka hanya datang ke Malaysia 3 hari sebelum hari mengundi.

Itu seakan-akan program lawatan dan bukan pemantauan pilihan raya.
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