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I am #grateful for the opportunity given by #IWS_Network to share my story, struggles and success in the voices without frontiers (VWF).
My name is Betelhem, most people call me Betty and I prefer it that way. I was born 27 years ago to a young couple in AddisAbeba, the capital of #Ethiopia. #IWSVoices 1/n Image
My mom and me rather look like sisters. Despite being a teenager when she got me, she sacrificed her whole life to raise me up. She made sure I had the best #education possible. I am forever grateful to my mom sis & do everything to make her and God #proud. #IWSVoices 2/n Image
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1. Because his father had died leaving debts and his family was consequently homeless, Joseph Desa was an unwelcome addition when he was born in Cupertino, Italy in 1603.
#StJosephOfCupertino #Sep18 #edutwitter #AirForceBirthday
2. As a child he was slow witted and had a habit of standing with his mouth open staring into space. He also had a terrible temper, probably born of frustration. Even his own mother thought him worthless. As a young man he joined the Capuchins but was sent away
#school #exams
3. because the ecstasies he experienced made him unsuitable for work.

Finally he was accepted by the Franciscans who, seeing his holiness, put him forward to train for the priesthood. Joseph found the studies difficult,
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#Covid19 cases 🤧 are on the rise and we have been getting a lot of questions about #covid19 which is totally understandable. We will try to answer a few of them in this thread #gp #portmarnock 1/n 👍
If you think you have #Covid19 (ANY of #cough, #breathlessness, #fever, lack of #smell or #taste) CALL YOUR GP 👩‍🦰🧑‍🦱 and we we can arrange a Covid swab for you if needed 2/n
If you are a close contact of a confirmed Covid 🦠 case you need to isolate for 14 DAYS from your contact with the person.

Public health will call you & arrange a test for you. GPs DO NOT arrange these #Covid19 tests as follow up swabbing, contact tracing etc may be needed 3/n
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1.) Our school system had the entire summer (and then some) to “work out all of the kinks” within their online schooling system.
I was told “through the grapevine” from a school employee that their online system changed “multiple” times... 🤔
It’s been a disaster!
2.) It’s been the most unorganized process that I’ve ever had to witness.

It’s like the online students are treated like “the red headed stepchildren of the “traditional” school body... 🤷🏻‍♀️
3.) I’m almost starting to wonder if their unorganization is deliberately out of spite for doubling their workload or for interfering with their normal teaching methods? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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State of #unemployment & #underemployment in India is pathetic. But comparing that to the SSR case is worse. If rallying behind a cause is what it takes to shake an age old toxic tree, then why aren’t the ones who care about unemployment doing it? I care about both but saying one
is more important than the other is simply foolish. One case is about our economy and other is about drugs and sex trafficking. Not just murder. Both are fcuking up our youth.
Our #education system is a massive loophole. The govt talks about #DigitalIndia but cannot make a digital platform for education during the lockdown? How are universities around the world conducting exams? Why can't we build something when we have the ability?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/27/2020…
Platforms vs Verticals and the Next Great Unbundling - Andreessen Horowitz…

#platforms #verticals
A strange new way to save lions and leopards—paint eyes on the butts of cows…

#lions #conflict
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Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries says the is of your child dying in a road traffic accident “is probably higher than their risk from #COVID”.

Especially if Dominic Cummings is behind the wheel!
#schoolsreopening #Corona #COVID19 #BackToSchool
It’s extraordinary that the same govt scientists who got it wrong on lockdown, testing, screening etc are still in charge

12/3 - Contact tracing halted
26/3 - Harries says community testing is “not an appropriate mechanism”
5/5 - Harries changes her story
In answer to @Jeremy_Hunt, Jennie Harries told the @DHSCgovuk Select Committee that the govt had abandoned test, track & trace strategy due to lack of capacity NOT because it was “an inappropriate mechanism”

But the govt had claimed otherwise for 6 weeks!
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EXCLUDED FROM THE #FakeNewsMedia @InquiryCSA SO WE ARE DENIED @eji_org AND COMPENSATION FROM A £100M @redress #ScamAlert THAT WE ARE BEING DENIED BY @lambeth_council FOR WHAT THEY @MaudsleyNHS @MentalHealthGov AND @PeterWanless WHO HAS IGNORED OUR LIFE OF #evidence AS Image
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If any parent wants to home school their children but also has to work ETC, There is a group of parents in YYC who are willing and wanting to help other parents in YYC.
Ex: if you want to homeschool your child, but dont have the time, this group of parents will work out an “education schedule” in which your child would still be able to complete the necessary school work while still being able to socialize safely with other kids in the group.
If childcare is an issue this group of parents are willing to work out a childcare schedule as well.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to DM me and I will connect you to a group that is helping coordinate everything.
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1. Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. No more impulse buying this year, #Save more, spend less, and #invest more. You know how much you earn. Perhaps its time to increase your income streams.
2. A man whose wife is pregnant has a good 9 months to prepare, the same as the #pregnant woman in question. They should even plan for the worse and only seek help when they can’t meet up.
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@BestBuyCanada @BestBuy @BestBuy_Deals @BestBuyCanHelp

Would you know who I could contact or call to try to see if I could get some help for a 15 year old girl?
This young woman has overcome so much in such a short time. She went from doing drugs to being clean and has been free from drugs for almost 6 months now.
She is starting a new school here in #YYC and I would like to know if we can do something special for her.

If this is at all possible please DM me for more information.

#Calgary #School #BestBuy #YYCCC #CalgaryCares #AlbertaCares #Canada #Help #technology
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1/ Did you know less than 1% of deaths during this pandemic were children?

What public health authorities consider a "COVID death":
✔️ Death confirmed with positive COVID lab result
✔️Assumed case with no lab test ⬅️

The media will not tell you that! Let's look at more data...
2/ Influenza-associated pediatric mortality reported by the CDC ranges from 110 to 187 deaths over 2016-2020.

On a conservative analysis, 110 deaths from the seasonal flu is *nowhere* comparable to the ~76 deaths which have occurred due to COVID that includes assumed cases.
3/ What we know…

Deaths of children (less than 15 y/o):
COvid: 45
Non-CO: 13,088

Deaths of entire US pop:
CO: 142,164
Non-CO: 1,448,780

For every 100,000 US death (other causes), 900 children died (other causes)
For every 100,000 US death (CO), ~2.83 children died (CO)
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I agree with wearing a mask in public.
I think the majority of the #turn you away. Just I agree with wearing a #mask in public.
I think the majority of the #resistance comes from the #Government mandating it. The
government shouldn’t require it. #Capitalism is giving people the #freedom to make a choice. I agree with businesses that require masks and if you choose not to they have the right to turn you away. Just like the patron has a #choice to abide by the request or not enter...
...the business. #freedomofchoice
Also, I think it would help if people knew the threshold that needs to be reached for the mask recommendations be lifted...
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"It'll be safe for children to be back in schools" claims @Helen_Whately despite admitting that she “hasn’t seen the paper”

She also claims we have “very low transmission”.

This isn’t true

669 = new cases on 23 March

This week:

Fri 950
Sat 871
Sun 758
On 23 March - the eve of lockdown - the UK had 669 new #COVID19 cases

The county was scared

Last week the number of new #coronavirus was
Mon 880
Tues 928
Weds 670
Thurs 891
Fri 950
Sat 871
Sun (ystdy) 758

The PM says we have a “moral duty” to open schools #schoolsreopeninguk Image
With #schoolsreopening soon, we have produced a safe #school guide - developed with experts & based on recent research.

It offers an essential guide to on how to keep children safe in schools.
#schoolsreopeninguk #COVID19 #BackToSchool #Covid19UK…
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1. News: “I want money going to the people”: President Trump Slams Pelosi, Schumer for Pushing Bailouts for “Poorly Run” Democrat Cities in their Latest Stimulus Plan - Thread 8.8.20… #Trump #ExecutiveOrder #Relief #Stimulus
2. News: Video: Joe Biden Calls for Citizenship for “11 Million Undocumented Aliens.. uh..uh..”…They “Enrich” Our Communities… ”Essential to Our Economic Strength”… #Biden #Illegals
3. News: CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Smoked After He Whines About President Trump’s “Rally” aka "Peaceful Protest" at the President’s NJ Country Club… #Trump #Acosta #PeacefulProtest
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1. News: Schumer threatens to SUE to stop President Trump from using EO to give Americans RELIEF!

Opposes unemployment benefits & tax relief for U.S. citizens, but supports DACA -Thread 8.7.20… #Schumer #Sue #Trump #Relief
2. News: In Rare Rebuke, Top GOP Senators Write & Accuse Schiff, Pelosi, Warner & Schumer of “KNOWINGLY” Spreading Disinformation on Foreign Intel… #Democrats #Schumer #Pelosi #Schiff
3. News: REMEMBER: Chuck Schumer scrambles to get rid of $22,000 that Jeffrey Epstein donated to his election efforts in the 1990s (8.7.20 Evening thread)… #Schumer #Epstein
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Do you have low CRS scores, yes, we understand that you may not rank high on the express entry CRS score ranking. But it doesn't mean you should abandon your Canada immigration plans. ....

There are certain provinces that need your proficiency. And you will never know until you
apply for a provincial nominee program. You may have low scores on the federal express entry and rank quite high on the PNP. The parameters used to rank the PNP is quite different from what is used to rank the federal express entry. Book a consultation with us today.
Chat with us on WhatsApp via +2348034781605 and let us assess your circumstance for eligibility for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. You may well be on your way to Canada as a permanent resident. Book a consultation now.

#homework #teacher #book #students #fff #student
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1. News: President Trump: We want to get stimulus money to the people, Democrats view it as a political issue - Thread 8.1.20 @realDonaldTrump #Relief #Democrats #Stimulus
2. Dr #Fauci faces criticism for #COVID outbreak response: Daughter's a Twitter software engineer.

This comes as Silicon Valley increasingly cracks down on so-called misinformation about virus from people who don't automatically accept what experts say…
3. News: Dr. Fauci reluctant to specifically criticize protests/ riots in relationship to spread of #COVID-19 (coronavirus disease):

“I didn’t say protests do anything,” #Fauci said.

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I'll double-down on my unpopular opinion on the "all-teachers-are-heroes" narrative.

I like heroes who don't let our kids rank 25th in the world on math, science and reading.

Earn your moniker.

#education #educators #school
To the HEROES killing standardized tests:
Instead of fixing kids' performance, WE SEE YOU burying measures of your massive failures!

I want 1000X MORE standardized STEM tests!
Get to #1, then you losers can improvise. Even Picasso had to draw fruit first.
And we don't need more arts & crafts. Americans will be plenty creative on our own.

Teach STEM. That's it.

If you can't, you're a babysitter. And you need to step aside.

"Educators" have failed this country. Now we need to find & mobilize real teachers.
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We’re still learning about how to live with #SarsCov2 & we're all concerned about long term effects of #school closures for #children

Given debates about #schoolreopenings I thought I’d share how things went for kids who restarted school in May, June & July in France

The gradual re-opening strategy was broadly positive & reassured us for September

I do not suggest replicating this, but rather to observe how things went & learn from it

*Any strategies must be adapted to the local context & community-transmission*
In French state schools a gradual reopening from mid-May was determined by each local authority & each school in parts of the country with low levels of transmission. This is how it went for a 10-year-old in an overcrowded primary school which reopened in June
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We are ready for an #inclusive deliberation: Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @scicommsci.🥳
Will be discussing #Ecosystem & #Training, #Diversity & #Inclusivity for #Indian #Scicomm.

Day 2 discussion commences in a few minutes!!
This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci. 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻
🗣️🗣️Yesterday we discussed #funding and #infrastructure, #multidisciplinary #scicomm #research. Here’s the live tweet thread:
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Two years ago, a small #school district lost nearly $2 million in a business email compromise (BEC) scheme when an employee unknowingly sent a wire transfer payment for a construction project to a criminal, not a construction company. @FBIDallas
@FBIDallas BEC schemes usually feature scammers posing as vendors and asking unsuspecting businesses to wire money. These #scams cost individuals, businesses, and communities more than $26 billion per year.
Money mules are people who transfer illegally acquired money on behalf of or at the direction of another. They play key roles in BEC schemes because they move profits through their own accounts, shielding the criminals and the cash. Image
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