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Hot Rod Lincoln ~ Phase Separation

Spontaneous Nucleation and Fast Aggregate-Dependent Proliferation of a-Synuclein
Typical blood pH is 7.35 - 7.45
Phase separation and neurodegeneration https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih...
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B12 is an important water-soluble organic compound that plays a critical role in the health of our brains. It is involved in DNA synthesis, methylation, and cellular metabolism, which means it is necessary for the proper functioning of our cells. (1/21)
B12 deficiency is a major concern, as it can lead to megaloblastic anemia and neurological problems. But did you know that inadequate #B12 or subclinical deficiency is also very common? (2/21)
It's seen at all ages but definitely in elderly populations. This can be particularly worrisome for those with Alzheimer's disease (AD), as several studies have shown an association between B12 deficiency and #AD. (3/21)
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Are #Amyloid and #Tau #PET positive cognitively unimpaired individuals destined to decline?

Find out in our new preprint:

See a thread👇1/11 Image
A major unanswered question in the field is whether cognitively unimpaired (CU) individuals who harbor both #Alzheimer’s disease neuropathological hallmarks (abeta #plaques and tau neurofibrillary #tangles) can preserve their #cognition over time or are destined to decline. 2/11
There is fundamental disagreement about the nomenclature. E.g. a CU individual with positive Abeta (A+) and tau (T+) biomarkers is classified as “preclinical AD” by the NIA-AA criteria, while the IWG criteria would label such an individual “at risk for progression to AD”. 3/11 Image
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@neilturkewitz @davidgerard @ben_mckenzie @SilvermanJacob @molly0xFFF @ahcastor @tante @Grady_Booch @davetroy @dgolumbia 1/ Thanks Neil & David! Let me take you down the #Tau rabbit hole. Fire away with any questions on the way.

cc: @molly0xFFF @ahcastor @davidgerard @tante @Grady_Booch @davetroy @dgolumbia

Tau is the solution to these problems inside and outside crypto:
@neilturkewitz @davidgerard @ben_mckenzie @SilvermanJacob @molly0xFFF @ahcastor @tante @Grady_Booch @davetroy @dgolumbia 2/
🔹 Centralization: Controlled by founding team/small group of investors.
🔹 Unsatisfactory blockchain governance. Voting / hierarchies.
🔹 Non-developers can't change code / developers have limited capabilities to do so
🔹 Security risks
🔹 Computers don't understand humans
@neilturkewitz @davidgerard @ben_mckenzie @SilvermanJacob @molly0xFFF @ahcastor @tante @Grady_Booch @davetroy @dgolumbia 3/ #Tau will be the first-ever decentralized blockchain social network able to take the consensus of its users and update its own code in real-time to give all users control over what the software does for them and how it evolves at any scale.
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ما هو #الخرف؟

هل هو مجرد نسيان؟

هل #الزهايمر هو ذاته الخرف؟

وهل يتم تشخيصه بتحاليل/أشعة طبية؟

هنالك الكثير من الخلط بما يخص الخرف بلا شك المختصين لهم دور فيه حيث تم تغيير مسمياته عدة مرات اخرها في ٢٠١٣.

سنجيب عن هذه التساؤلات في هذه السلسلة @CogNeuroKSA @SaudiAlZheimer ١/١٢
الخرف #dementia مسمى يصف مجموعة من أمراض الانتكاس العصبي والزهايمر احدى انواعه

يتصف بتدهور عقلي ليس فقط بالذاكرة ولكن قد يؤثر على التفكير والسلوك والقدرة على أداء الأنشطة اليومية

على الرغم من أن الخرف يؤثر بشكل أساسي على كبار السن إلا إنه ليس جزءًا طبيعيًا من كبر السن. ٢/١٢
يصيب الخرف ٢٠٪ من الأشخاص فوق ٨٠ سنة، و ٤٠٪ من هم بعمر ٨٥ سنة وأكبر

بفضل الله ثم تطورات الطب الحديث ازداد عدد السكان بعمر٨٠ وما فوق من ١٪ في ١٩٠٠م إلى ٤٪ من إجمالي عدد سكان العالم حالياً،

وبذلك ارتفعت عدد إصابات الخرف اليوم الى ٥٥ مليون والمتوقع ان تصل ١٣٩ مليون في ٢٠٥٠م

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🧬 FLASH | La cause de la progression de la maladie d’#Alzheimer dans le cerveau a été #découverte par des #scientifiques.

(Le Parisien) #Progrès
🚨🧬 I Il semblerait que cette cause soit un amas de #protéines toxiques qui s’accumulent au fil des décennies et enrayent progressivement l’appareil cognitif.

👉 Il s’agit de la protéine Tau et la Bêta-amyloïde, provoquant la mort des #cellules cérébrales.

(LP) #Alzheimer
🚨🧬 I Les cellules cérébrales mourantes à cause de l’accumulation de ces #protéines, le #cerveau se rétrécit ainsi.

👉 Cela cause des pertes de #mémoire et une incapacité à accomplir des tâches quotidiennes.

(Le Parisien) #Alzheimer
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1/🧵Wake-Up to how #SLEEP flushes waste from your brain 🧠 @JAMA_current
I may get more done when I 💤 less, but I lose the long-game! #Evolution dictated that we gain an advantage by spending 1/3rd of our lives asleep.

I’ll tell you WHY?

2/ Why do we sleep? Brain rest? To process bad decisions or incomplete conversations? Maybe. But the coolest reason is removal of #amyloid & #tau proteins that cause #dementia. Our #glymphatic system does this most efficiently during deep sleep.
3/ Have I mentioned that I’m fascinated by the glymphatic system? It’s the lymph system for our #brain & serves as the “garbage” removal program to keep our #neurons healthy. Wanna know more?
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¡¡Feliz Día de Pi 2021!! ¡¡Feliz Día internacional de las matemáticas 2021!!

Hoy 14 de marzo, 3-14 en notación USA, es el mejor día para mostrar la belleza del número Pi. Por ello, durante el día de hoy os iré dejando curiosidades sobre él en este hilo #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021
Y la primera va a ser la que he publicado hace un rato. Se sabe que Pi no es construible con regla y compás, pero sí hay construcciones aproximadas muy interesante, como el llamado método de Kochanski. ¿Lo conoces? Mira, mira #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021…
Seguro que todos recordáis que Pi aparece en la fórmula para calcular el área de un círculo: A=π·r². Ahora, ¿habéis visto alguna demostración de ese hecho? Aquí tenéis una "sin palabras" muy bonita… #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021
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Tout thread en physiologie devrait commencer par les mots de notre maitre à tous, Jean Hamburger : « les reins sont l’organe de notre liberté »

En gros, si vous pouvez manger tout ce que vous voulez et garder un équilibre en eau et en ions (la fameuse « homéostasie »), c’est grâce à eux 💪
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🚨🧠📄🍾 🤪🥳 For some reason all our papers are coming our within 2 weeks!
Here’s the latest in @GreenJournal, on the relationships between 1) patterns #tau and #amyloid PET and 2) #Alzheimer’s clinical #heterogeneity and #APOE4.…

1/n Image
#Alzheimer is associated with #heterogeneous clinical presentations. Patients develop symptoms at different ages (even sporadic AD can start early) and clinical syndromes vary: not everyone shows a “typical” amnestic syndrome (which is not very sensitive nor specific to AD!)

2/n Image
Specific non-amnestic syndromes are often associated with AD, like #PosteriorCorticalAtrophy (PCA, the visual variant of AD) or the logopenic variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia (lvPPA).

#APOE4 is associated with an earlier onset but also a more amnestic syndrome.

3/n Image
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Check out our latest paper on @biorxivpreprint!

Phosphorylation of the overlooked #tyrosine 310 regulates the structure, #aggregation, and #microtubule- and #lipid-binding properties of #Tau…

Short #thread!

#AcademicTwitter #biochemistry #threadstory
Tau misfolding and aggregation are implicated in tauopathies such as #Alzheimers and #PSP. Tau is extensively post-translationally modified and aberrant pattern of PTMs are found in disease. Tyrosine PTMs have received the least attention, especially Y310.
Tau has 5 tyrosines, and Y310 is in the crucial position within the aggregation-prone MT- and lipid-binding repeat domain. It compacts and folds into beta-sheet structure. We asked:

How would addition of bulky negatively charged phosphogroups to tyrosines impact Tau properties?
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So @Merck’s BACE-1 inhibitor Verubecestat resulted in “near-maximal reduction” of amyloid-beta in cerebrospinal fluid and “modest reduction” in brain amyloid. But it didn’t help even #Alzheimer’s disease, even "mild" Alzheimer's. A few thoughts:
1. Many companies are holding on to the hope that giving #tau- and #amyloid-busting drugs earlier, before Alzheimer's sets in, could prevent the disease. The FDA might even be open to using tau and amyloid as biomarkers to approve #Alzheimers drugs…
2. But if we already know these drugs can lower amyloid-beta levels and *not* stop disease progression, is that really a good idea? I'd love to see the long term studies done, but the idea of drug approval based on biomarkers, and not cognitive markers, seems like a can of worms.
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