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Panorama des apports de la vaccination en #Océanie 🌺

1. En commençant par les coïncidences spectaculaires mais malheureusement mortelles, juste au moment où pratiquement 100% des adultes sont complètement vaccinés :
Aux #Samoa
2. Les #Tonga
~107k habitants, contre 202k pour les Samoa et une population très jeune dans les 2 (>30% de moins de 12 ans et <6% de 65+)
3. L'archipel de #Vanuatu est bien plus rétif à la vaccination.
On se demande bien ce qui pourrait expliquer ce faible engouement 🤨
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🇨🇿 - Kaple sv. Václava; Vlčí, 440 01 Chlumčany, Czechia…

🧵 1/
Kaple sv. Václava in #Louny, #CzechRepublic (🇨🇿) is around 10374 miles from our previous church Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in #Nukualofa, #Tonga (🇹🇴) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic line between Czech Republic and t
#Louny, (🇨🇿):
Louny (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlounɪ]; German: Laun) is a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 18,000 inhabitants. It lies on... (
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🇹🇴 - Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga; Vaha'Akolo Rd, Nuku'alofa, Tonga…

🧵 1/
Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in #Nukualofa, #Tonga (🇹🇴) is around 555 miles from our previous church Pago Pago American Samoa Temple in #Tafuna, #AmericanSamoa (🇦🇸) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic line between Tonga and the previo
#Nukualofa, (🇹🇴):
Nukuʻalofa is the capital of Tonga. It is located on the north coast of the island of Tongatapu, in the country's southernmost island group.

== History... == (…)
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🧵 #FirstNations cultures have special names for those who specialise in celestial knowledge. ☄️🪐⭐️🌙

They are the #astronomers and are regarded as highly skilled and important people.
In the western Torres Strait, the #astronomer is called a Zugubau Mabaig, literally meaning “Star Person”.

They go through an initial training period of seven years at the kwod – a place of law & learning.

Artwork: Zugubau Mabaig (2008) by Mualgal artist David Bosun / Mua Arts
#Meriam people of the eastern #TorresStrait tell about 'purut', a time for family to sleep on the beach under the clear skies where they tell star stories.

Artwork: 'Our Culture is Important' (2012) by Dauareb Elder Segar Passi / Gab Tutui
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A mapping effort led by @NASAGoddard's chief scientist shows how the explosive volcanic eruption at #Tonga's #HungaTongaHungaHaapai obliterated the island.
“This is a preliminary estimate, but we think the amount of energy released by the eruption was equivalent to somewhere between 4 to 18 megatons of TNT,” said Jim Garvin. 🌋
For comparison, scientists estimate Mount St. Helens exploded in 1980 with 24 megatons and Krakatoa burst in 1883 with 200 megatons of energy.
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The eruption is over but the ground is still shaking - there have been dozens of #earthquakes around the #HungaTonga #volcano (magnitude 4.5-5), continuing today. 1/3

#GoogleEarth #Tonga #earthquake
Many are likely due to slip on existing faults or fracturing of new ones due to changes in crustal stress caused by the eruption. Others may be linked to magma movement, although that usually produces a more persistent signal called #volcanictremor. 2/3…
I haven't seen any focal mechanisms for these events, which would tell us more about the type of #earthquake - it may be difficult to extract that information as these events are M5 or less, and seismic networks are sparse in this region. 3/3
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Sobre #DerrameDePetroleo #LaPampilla #Repsol y Buque Tanque italiano Mare Doricum #BTMareDoricum
Este es mi opinión personal en base a años de experiencia como oficial en BT.
Cc @Repsol @DHN_peru @naval_peru @MinemPeru
Un derrame de combustible ocurrido en La Pampilla por descarga de Buque Tanque italiano Mare Doricum puede haber ocurrido por una deficiente conexión de mangas de Refinería al Buque Tanque (caso muy inusual) por altos estándares aplicados de seguridad hace más de 20 años
Por un oleaje en la zona de carga y descarga inusual propio de marea o algún evento fortuito natural como el ocurrido tras erupción de volcán en #Tonga y género #Tsunami u #OleajeAnomalo
En este caso si puede ocurrir un derrame por que genera que mangas tuvieran accidente.
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@DrTedros "The volcanic eruption near #Tonga & tsunami require an urgent response. With telecommunications down, WHO is on the ground helping coordinate the response by channelling information between @UN agencies, humanitarian partners & the government"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @UN "Information on the degree of destruction is still being gathered but WHO will do all it can to support the people and government of #Tonga"-@DrTedros

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We have friends from #Tonga. Here's 5 things they've told us re. the #TongaVolcanoEruption and #tongatsunami:
1. At least one inhabited island is now completely submerged. Survivors unlikely.
2. The main island is dependent on rain water for drinking... /1
It's now tainted by ash; no longer drinkable.
3. So, no water, AND it's the hottest time of the year. The people of Tonga now face the real threat of dehydration & disease. AND the hottest time of year brings w/ it the risk of cyclones. /2
4. All amenities are down (electricity, gas, telephones, etc). They are in the dark.
5. The ash cloud is so thick that Aust/NZ military could not land with aid. They had to turn back. Tonga is cut off for some time. /3
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1/3: 4k Image thread in 10min intervals of the #TongaVolcanoEruption via GOES-WEST satellite/@NOAA #Tonga #TongaHunga 🌋
2/3: 4k Image thread in 10min intervals of the #TongaVolcanoEruption via GOES-WEST satellite/@NOAA #Tonga #TongaHunga 🌋
3/3 You can change the 10 minute intervals with last two digits in the URL:…
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I think the #Tonga situation is the first disaster/humanitarian crisis in a while that has captured widespread attention on Aus/NZ Twitter (rightly so but I can list a lot y'all ignored). But some of the takes on what should be happening right now are... interesting. 🧵
Can definitely understand cynicism on Australia's response given we are facing a domestic crisis of inaction on COVID-19 +other issues. But humanitarians are doing the things. $1 million is fine as an initial commitment. Once more is known, that number will increase.
Also, you don't just show up with heaps of stuff or personnel and throw massive amounts of money at something like this without working closely with the national govt of the affected country. $1m is for initial humanitarian need. Then, there will be more once needs are assessed.
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Mango Island #Tonga via Airbus SPOT imagery 1/16/22. Unfortunately the inhabited part of the island obscured by clouds. It appears either survivors or debris in a spot not normally occupied by people on lower right.
Reference image from 1/14/22 of Mango Island, you'll notice the bright spot visible in the other imaging not present. I suspect survivors of the tsunami put up some kind of shelter up at the high point of the island. Tent, leanto or stretcher. Looks like at least 5-6 people too
Tough to tell 100% but I would put money on these being people around a tent or some kind of temporary structure. #MangoIsland #Tonga #tsunami
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Thick black clouds of ash, lightning, and toxic gases choked the skies as the underwater #HungaTonga volcano violently erupted over the weekend… the largest recorded eruption in over 30 years.

The blast triggered a tsunami and sent a visible shock wave around the world.

The plume of toxic gas and ash shot 12 miles into the air with a 161+ mile radius, according to @NOAA.

Here you can see the ash and large amounts of sulfur dioxide (SO2) injected into the atmosphere.

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1/ ¿Qué son las remesas y por qué son importantes en la adopción de #bitcoin? ¿Qué tienen en común El Salvador y Tonga?

Hilito (de plastilina) 👇
2/ "Las #remesas son ganancias que los emigrantes envían a su país de origen, normalmente a sus familiares, con el propósito de solventar sus gastos básicos."

Esto ocurre normalmente desde países más desarrollados hacia otros en peor situación económica, con USA a la cabeza.
3/ Este fenómeno, que ayuda a repartir la riqueza, no es para nada algo del pasado. El volumen de remesas sigue creciendo año tras año.
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感谢 @a16z1215 的提醒,目前 #Tonga (汤加)火山的喷发事件所带来的影响很有可能会对局势带来一些改变,我们都知道这次的双顶上涨得益于放水和 #BTC ETF的通过,现阶段,美国对于疫情已经是开放状态,经济和就业都在回升也是美联储要执行加息和缩债的原因,但是汤加的火山爆发即便是美国都受到了影响
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Kanokupolu #Tonga taken yesterday, 1/16/22 via Airbus SPOT #satellite. Post volcano/tsunami. High resolution image, this looks to me to be ashfall.
#Tonga taken by Airbus SPOT on 1/16/22. This is (was?) Ha'atafu Beach and Haatafu Beach Resort, but it seems to me that there are structures missing on this side (the resort appears to me to be missing, or extremely covered with ash). Possible tsunami scouring on the beach.
Reference image in Google vs. this acquisition -- you can see the big building on the top right in both images, but none of the structures you'd expect at Ha'atafu Beach, Nuku'alofa itself. #tonga #tsunami #volcano
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Preliminary satellite images of #Tonga #TongaVolcano #tongatsunami impacts by UN Satellite Centre @UNOSAT @UNITAR . Full reports available here:… (1/4)
(2/4) #Tonga #TongaVolcano #tongatsunami Satellite-derived images via @UNOSAT
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Der Unterwasservulkan erneut ausgebrochen, nachdem er bereits eine vom Weltraum aus sichtbare Explosion verursacht hatte. Das Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in Australien hat einen neuen großen Ausbruch des Unterwasservulkans Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai festgestellt. Um 23:10
am Sonntag deutscher Zeit soll das passiert sein. Wie lange brauchte die Druckwelle beim ersten Ausbruch?
Das Pazifische Tsunami-Warnzentrum meldete große Wellen in dem Gebiet, die von einer weiteren Explosion des Tonga-Vulkans stammen könnten. #Tonga
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Tonga Navy appears to have just reached the island of #Nomuka
This ship (the only one transmitting satellite AIS data) came from Nuku'afola this morning, when officials said they would be sending the Tonga Navy to the outer islands.
Found this video I had missed earlier from this location (FB Live... shot just as the seas were retreating. Hope this person made it up a hill, what was coming as likely worse)
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Postdisaster msg from HRH Princess Latufuipeka (daughter of King Tupou VI & #Tonga’s High Comm to 🇦🇺). Focus on gratitude, faith &taking refuge in God. This type of reaction overwhelmingly present on Tongan social media atm. Not what you’d usually get elsewhere,but consider (1/4)
#Tonga is one of the most vulnerable countries in the entire world to natural #disasters & climate change. In less than 4yrs it has weathered 2 max strength (Category 5) cyclones, a pandemic and a 1 in 1000yr volcanic eruption + resultant earthquake & #tsunami. (2/4)
And each time, people pick up & carry on. Often with humour & while singing a hymn! I’m no expert but I would think being grateful/positive, having a form of faith & relying on each other as a community helps ease the otherwise depressing mental effects of so much trauma. (3/4)
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#Nomuka #Tonga via Sentinel-1 #satellite, before and after the #HungaTongaHungaHaapai volcano eruption.
This island south of Nomuka looks to have been inundated, based on Sentinel-1 radar image (darker areas = water).
Using a new feature of @sentinel_hub here's a sequence of SAR radar before/Sentinel-2 true color before/and then SAR radar after where you can see where the reflectivity of the land has changed to water.
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What it would look like from space if the Honga #Tonga-hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted somewhere in France.
4th image - The mushroom cloud was about 400 kilometers in diameter.
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Wir sehen aktuell an mehreren Küsten Europas leichte Meeresspiegelschwankungen um 10 Zentimeter. Wahrscheinlich der Tonga #Tsunami, der ein einmal um Südamerika (oder Südafrika) in den Atlantik geschafft hat (Oder Meteotsunami durch Druckwelle?). Ein paar Beispiele:
Ponta Delgada auf den Azoren seit ca. 2 Uhr mit einem Peak um 40cm Wellenhöhe.…
Cascais bei Lissabon begann etwa zeitgleich, Amplitude 20-30 cm.… #Portugal #Tsunami
Sehr schwaches Signal in Cadiz, SW Spanien zur gleichen Zeit. Sehr unsicher ob Tsunami oder nicht.…Ähnliches in der Bretagne, Frankreich, ein wenig später.…
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"Es besteht hier eine gewisse Dringlichkeit. Wir wollen so schnell wie möglich vor Ort sein, aber unsere Marineschiffe werden mehrere Tage brauchen, um Tonga zu erreichen," wer auch immer jetzt schnell Bilder über die Katastophe liefert ist einfach unseriös.
"Im Moment sind wir bereit zu helfen", sagte Ardern, fügte aber hinzu, dass die Bedingungen im Moment keine stabile Umgebung für den Einsatz von Flugzeugen darstellen. - Das kennen wir übrigens auch von Vulkanausbrüchen in Island. #Tonga
Es ist natürlich vollkommen klar wie aus den Satellitenbildern festzustellen und den Messungen, das was passiert ist. Aber es gibt nunmal physikalische Grenzen und auch ein Informationsdefizit. Selbst Aufklärungsflüge sind nicht so einfach machbar.
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