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1. BBC Syria Propaganda - I challenge anyone in the world who thinks this is real to tell me why they think it is. #BBC #BBCLies #BBCPropaganda #BoycottBBC #PanoramaPropaganda #Syria #Aleppo #SavingSyriasChildren
2. BBC Syria Propaganda comprehensively demolished by Robert Stuart - Fabrication in BBC Panorama Saving Syria's Children Easy to download here… #BBC #FakeNews #Syria #BBCLies #BBCPropaganda #Aleppo #Panorama #PanoramaLies
3. BBC Propaganda. Interview with Robert Stuart about BBC Panorama lies by ex BBC Anna Brees Easy to download here… #BBC #BBCLies #BBCPropaganda #RobertStuart #AnnaBrees #Panorama #PanoramaPropaganda #BBCFakeNews #FakeNews
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I am appalled at @joerayment91 bringing Bath Labour Party into disrepute, by accusing the 75% who supported this motion of “denying the lived experience of Jewish people in our party in favour of blind loyalty", inferring that we are racist.…
The motion was *not* denying antisemitism. It is #Panorama who denied the "lived experience" of the many Jewish people in Labour who didn’t fit their narrative. And Joe Rayment sought to do the same by voting against the motion.
It is right and fair to want an *evidence led* investigation without a predetermined outcome.

This motion was *not* about criticising whistleblower testimony, but expecting ...
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THREAD: In 2017 Qatari state TV channel Al Jazeera released "The Lobby". A combination of lies, insinuations and distortions, the documentary attempted to construct a vast conspiracy involving hidden power, money and improper influence - typical antisemitic tropes (1/)
"The Lobby" has now been weaponised by antisemites to attack, defame and undermine the brave young Jews and whistleblowers who appeared in #Panorama last week. In the light of this, it's time for some facts (2/)
Firstly, the infamous "£1m" is totally untrue and utterly ridiculous. The conversation was about a visit for young people openly arranged, advertised and paid for by the Israeli Embassy, not an LFI parliamentarians' delegation (3/)
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First of several #BBCPanorama antisemitism threads.

'Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly expressed his support for Israel's right to exist and for a two state solution'

Liar. 1/6
Most of you have known seen the article by Mr Kleinman's article where Corbyn in 1982 called for the dissolution of Israel.

Corbyn wanted a one state, non-Jewish solution. 2/6
In 1984 Corbyn arranged, sponsored & spoke at a meeting which made the following resolutions:

'support the Palestinian people in their struggle for a democratic secular state in the whole of Palestine [again no Israel]. 3/6
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Just making a note here what I've found is that all interviewees subject to antisemitism in the #Panorama investigation with the exception of Phil Rosenberg, Rachel Barker and Ben Westerman whose account is alleged to not be totally true are part of the National Executive of JLM
This is not to say that there abuse is not well founded but that there is a very strong link with the #Panorama investigation and the executive of a single Jewish Labour group.
Ella Rose - Equalities 00:00
Izzy Lange - International Officer 08:15
Alex Richardson - Membership 16:10
Joshua Garfield - Local Government Officer 22:36
Rebecca Filer - Political Education Officer 25:51
Joe Goldberg - National Vice Chair (NVC) 41:33
Stephane Savary - NVC 50:55
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*Thread* on Formby's relationship with antisemites.

Jennie has launched a ferocious attack on Tom Watson about her handling of #LabourAntisemitism & the way she concealed evidence.

We need to give you a bit of background on Jenny, who is friends with Holocaust deniers 1/27
Let's look at Jennie's background first:

During her time @unitetheunion Formby was apparently moved from her position as Political Director as “her views on Israel had become an embarrassment” 2/27…
Jennie also apparently questioned Baroness Royall’s suitability to lead the @uklabour’s investigation into antisemitism at Oxford University Labour Club, on the grounds that she had previously visited Israel...... 3/27
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'This farrago of half-truths, contested allegations and unsubstantiated office tittle-tattle from disgruntled former employees, solemnly presented as fact, is a disgrace to journalism.'
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THREAD: Into the belly of the beast 2!

It's the mornin after the #Panorama hit job, I'm in a BBC studio lookin to defend JCs Labour & get a few truth nuggets onto the airwaves.
Nerves are in equal proportion to the gravity of the situation. We NEED a Labour gov. #VictoriaLIVE 1/
I was astounded to find that a researcher for this program focused on 'Labour Antisemitism' had never heard of Al Jazeeras 'The Lobby'. During a pre-screening phone call I explained what was revealed in that program, an infinitely more revealing expose than the BBCs effort. 2/
Armed w/ pages of notes, I knew what I wanted to say, including excellent input from twitter. But when it came to it, the chances I got were curtailed by the host. Others were given time for long speeches, I was cut off when I mentioned Jackie Walker. 3/
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This is Alex Richardson, as seen on #Panorama. He was a parliamentary aide of ex-Labour MP Joan Ryan. Despite quitting Labour, Ryan is still chair of Labour Friends of Israel, a pro-apartheid lobby group. You may recognise the innocent-looking Alex from somewhere else... 1/3
Like fellow #Panorama star Ella Rose, Alex Richardson also appeared in The Lobby, an undercover documentary about the Israel lobby. Here he is, standing between Joan Ryan and an Israeli Embassy official called Shai Masot as they discuss a £1,000,000 "donation" to LFI. 2/3
In another scene from The Lobby, Shai Masot was filmed discussing British MPs he wanted to "take down". No prizes for guessing who was on his list. Clue: he's got a beard and makes home-made jam. Funnily enough, there was no mention of Shai Masot on John Ware's #Panorama. 3/3
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Last night during #Panorama, Labour said "Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly expressed his support for Israel’s right to exist and for a two-state solution, with a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable Palestinian state.". Below is a thread of the reality of that "support" 1/
In 2015, Corbyn attended LFI's Annual Reception at Labour party conference and did not even say the word "Israel" 2/
He has ignored repeated invitations from our sister party, Israeli Labor, to visit the Jewish state and go to Yad Vashem, the International Holocaust Memorial and Museum. First he did not even respond, and he has still to take up the offer 3/
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My thread on last night's #Panorama -- a deeply dishonest programme, repeating the same old lies about the manufactured Labour antisemitism "crisis".

Lies about Ken Livingstone, lies about Jackie Walker, lies about Raed Salah. Lies about practically everything.
#Panorama's hatchet job featured a veritable who's who of the right-wing, anti-Corbyn, anti-Palestinian cadres that've driven this fake crisis all along.

Yet *none* of these affiliations were disclosed in the programme. Some of these "brave whistle blowers" were not even named!

* Ella Rose, former Israeli embassy officer and current JLM exec. Unnamed by #Panorama while appearing as "whistleblower".…
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Are BBC Panorama liars?! Yes. I’m quite happy to come out and say that as fact, and that’s coming from a former BBC and ITV reporter. Challenge me on it and I’m very happy to tell you why.. #Panorama #PanoramaHatchetJob #DefendMediaFreedom this is one of 4 programmes I’m aware of
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This detailed interview with former Labour Head of Disputes Sam Matthews is essential reading. Gives far more detail than the packed #Panorama programme was able to…
On the bizarre denials by Labour that the leadership office wasn’t deeply (or at all) involved in resolving complaints
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#Panorama was the most unpleasant hour of television I've ever seen. Depressing, disgusting and heart wrenching. The attempted smears of the whistleblowers given by Lab were also sickening because of the attitude. Our party is in a very sad place and this must be a turning point.
The attacks on whistleblowers as "disaffected employees" were particularly disgraceful given the fact many of them suffered from mental health issues. These are people who clearly genuinely care - more than can be said of the leader's office.
I also found out things about Corbyn's own history that I didn't know and I'm shocked and appalled. I'm not going to go into everything about it which angered and saddened me as so much did, but we should be ashamed that Jews are being treated this way in Labour and by members.
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When @BBCPanorama said Corbyn's antisemitism goes back decades they meant it.
Back in 1982 at the hustings for Islington N. he was calling for 'the dissolution of the state of Israel.'
(Sunday Times 21 Oct 1984, p.16 'Tearing the heart from a Labour man') More tomorrow. #Panorama
From: @LabourPress (a bunch of liars)
Corbyn 'has repeatedly expressed his support for Israel’s right to exist and for a two-state solution'
Well I can only find evidence where he repeatedly called for Israel's dissolution, or queries it's right to exist!
This entire article is well worth a read, hear are some additional highlights:

'The idea of helping to put an enemy of Israel [Corbyn] into the House of Commons, where he might one day have some influence British foreign policy, was distinctly unattractive.'
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The way that #Panorama juxtapose the whistleblowers with those who have experienced antisemitism brings home how institutional racism - where processes are infected - has real victims. It’s *not* just about overt racism
I have met some of the Jewish people who have been interviewed and many more who have had similar experiences not just online but at meetings and in the party itself. It’s devastating. These are young idealistic activists who may never get over what they have seen
For people who have closely followed the Labour issue will recognise much of the #Panorama detail. But here it is in its full horrifying expanse.
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New: Labour pushing an unequivocal rebuttal on #Panorama tonight. They have released emails which they say habe been edited by the programme in a "deliberate attempt" to mislead the public.
Sections of the emails disclosed by Labour are not contained in the BBC press release sent to the press before the programme tonight, confirming they were indeed edited to remove vital context.
#Panorama edited an email sent by Seamus Milne, removing the first part of the sentence which show his comments were restricted to action against Jewish members.
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1. Thread:

Ninety Parliamentary EDMs (1992-2015) that Jeremy Corbyn signed to;

Support the Jewish community,
Condemn anti-Semitism,
Honour Israeli citizens,
Condemn holocaust deniers,
Commemorate the holocaust,
Condemn Nazis & the far-right.

2. EDMs signed by Jeremy Corbyn
3. EDMs signed by Jeremy Corbyn
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As it's already started ahead of tonight's @BBCPanorama (9pm BBC1, folks!) we start the #PanoramaRage thread...

So far we have Momentum smearing the BBC, Ally Fogg of the Grauniad smearing #Antisemitism activists, and the usual Jewish conspiracy theories...

... the usual suspects are already to blame - Zionist Blairites, Blairite Zionists, and obviously Israel.

#ehrc #BeLouder

An early Special Mention goes to propagandist Ash Sarkar, 'smearing like a champion' in her defence of Labour's institutional #Antisemitism. (h/t @EuanPhilipps)

#ehrc #BeLouder
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1. A thread about BBC Panorama and some of the libel cases against the program, false narratives and journalistic inaccuracies that have come to light:
2. BBC Panorama: IVF Undercover

BBC forced to pay damages and legal bills estimated at £900,000 after making spurious allegations against IVF doctor Mohamed Tarasinni.
3. BBC Panorama: The Price of Blood

BBC admits its allegations were untrue, paying an estimated £1,000,000 in damages and legal fees to Marcucci over infected blood products story.
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Ahead of #Panorama this evening, here's a short thread about why Lord Triesman was right to say that the Labour Party is 'no longer a safe environment for Jewish people.' - based on my own personal experiences of antisemitism in my CLP, which I haven't been back to since 2017 /1
In September 2017, I spoke at the end of a meeting to say that despite some progress on the rule change made at conference that year, as a Jewish member I was very worried about some of the reports of antisemitism. Before I had finished, people started tutting at me /2
One person shouted very loudly 'oh it's just a witch hunt!', before I could continue, another member stood up and started screaming at me about Israel & Palestine. I tried to explain that this had nothing to do with it but he wouldn't stop shouting. /3
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“Labour prefers cover up to clean up”.
The Stalinist thuggery at the top of the institutionally racist Party. #LabourAntisemitism #Panorama
2. Even @tom_watson shut out.
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Next Wednesday, the BBC's Panorama programme will (supposedly) answer the burning question 'Is Labour Anti-Semitic.' The presenter, John Ware, was responsible for an earlier programme supposedly looking at the Labour leadership candidates in 2015. All did not go well:- #Panorama
John Ware, in the 2015 Panorama programme, claimed Jeremy Corbyn attended a conference where attacks on allied troops were proposed but Corbyn's Diary was presented with proof that he was in fact in his own constituency on that date,
How accurate/balanced will John Ware's latest investigation into Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party be? He has severely criticised Corbyn in the past. He and the BBC appear to be in complete agreement that Labour is a party shot through with anti-semitism, judging by the preview blurb.
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