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On this 33rd anniversary of the #VelvetRevolution - we reclaim our revolution, our democracy, our freedom, and our friends.
His Holiness @DalaiLama was the first foreign leader and friend President #Havel welcomed.

Mr. Havel didn't befriend him because of his military or economy. He befriended a leader who fled his home, who was not recognized by the world, and whose people faced annihilation.
President #Havel sought alliance and friendship with one who yearned to be free - who believed that truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred in the face of naked aggression and brutal repression.

#HongKongers need the same friendship from you - the Czech people - today.
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The 17+1 flop THREAD

Yesterday’s #China-#CEEC summit was an embarrassment for #Beijing and, to a large extent, a waste of time for Europeans. Nearly a decade after this format was put in place with a lot of fanfare, it’s worth looking back and reflecting what went wrong.
There are five flawed assumptions the 16+1 format (17+1 since 2019) was based on.

1. #CEECs’ expectations that #China would be THE source of #FDI capital and a market for their #exports.
The reality:
- 🇨🇳 loans for 🇨🇳 contractors vs limited FDI;
- Growing #trade deficits.

2. Conspicuous discrepancy between the - supposedly - regional nature of the format and #China's preference for bilateral relations. The #WesternBalkans were “more equal” than others, which led to disenchantment and frustration in #EU member states in #CentralEasternEurope.
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[What the hell is going on in HK?]

1/ After almost a year of #HKprotests, a 22yo lifeguard #Sinkaho, the first person that pleaded guilty to riot charges, is sentenced to 4 yrs behind bars today, even though he just threw umbrella & helmet during #antiELAB on June 12 last year. Image
2/ On the contrary, the pro-#China supporter was praised for his noble sentiment & sentenced to shorter periods of imprisonment, after he stabbed innocent reporters & #HKers with cleaver & knife at #Lennonwall, leaving victims broken bones, collapsed lung & post-traumatic stress. Image
3/ This disproportionate sentencing shows that any protest against evil and abusive law is de facto classified as a more severe crime than actual killings in this city under #China’s growing control. Image
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1st protester to be convicted of 'riot' has been sentenced to 4yrs in prison. Long sentence considering 1) he didn't injure anyone, 2) he threw stuff like an umbrella & a helmet & 3) he plead guilty. (Average #FishballUprising 'riot' sentence was abt 3yrs)…
This is by far the longest sentence yet of all 15 #HK protesters sentenced to prison & shows how problematic the 'riot' offense under the Public Order Ordinance is: if the defendant is convicted of a discrete offense simply based on an act he committed, the sentence would be less
Fx, if he's convicted of assault or possession of offensive weapons, that's based on a discrete act. But w riot, the offense is compounded & the defendant is held legally responsible for the whole situation in which he finds himself, not just for his own actions.
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#HongKongProtests 🇭🇰—
Rebuild #LennonWall Day!

Today is a BIG day for #democracy! Apart from #TaiwanElection, #HongKong is also rebuilding our Protest Spirit 💪🏻

This thread will show you #HongKongers’ creativity & our unique #ProtestArt! #StandWithHongKong Image
#LennonWall 2.0 in #HongKong
— the Protest elevator 😍

#HongKongProtesters’ creativity is just boundless & unlimited!


#StandWithHongKong 🇭🇰
#HongKong stands with #Taiwan!
@iingwen 蔡英文總統 is on #HongKong’s Lennon Wall!

#回家投票 #全城連儂日
#Taiwan2020 #TaiwanElections
Photos credit: #studioincendo ImageImageImage
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Where is this #ArtMuseum
#HongKongers’ creativity & artistry will NEVER stop amaze us!!

This’s the #ProtestArt @ Kwai Fong #LennonTunnel 🇭🇰

Photo by Studio Incendo
#HongKongProtests #HKProtestArt #streetart #HongKong #香港の写真を何の説明もなく上げてみる #discoverHongKong ImageImage
Our #ArtMuseum is soon to be destroyed..

Quite a number of #HongKongPolice was saw patrolling the #lennonwall 🤬 Go hurry if you want to see it!

#HKPoliceState #HongKongProtests #HongKong #art #streetart ImageImage
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Livefeed of protests across all 18 districts of #HK. They’re just getting started now, many in malls.
Just spray painted on the floor of apm mall, Kwun Tong: ‘#LiberateHongKong #RevolutionOfOurTimes
It’s completed with ‘#HK people, resist!’ & dates marking police crimes of omission & commission. #香港人反抗
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For those wondering why there are increasing conflicts between pro-nation state China and pro-HK folks, it is due to different understandings and beliefs of what the #HongKongProtests are about:

1. Belief in ethnic and cultural unity as a collective supersedes individualism.
Geopolitical reasons aside, this belief by mainland nationalists is also one of the key reasoning why they lay “claim” to Taiwan. Sorry, let alone how Taiwan is culturally and ethnically diverse, along with active reconciliation efforts toward aboriginal peoples on the island,
this type of identity politics to justify geopolitical aggression and construction and reinforcement of blind hegemonic nationalism is very dangerous.

We’ve already seen religious and ethnic minority cleansing, most notable with Tibet and now in #Xinjiang with the #Uyghurs.
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10 Oct - #ThankfulThursday for us all!
We need to express our *heartfelt gratitude* to those restaurants & shops who support #HongKongProtest in these past few months.

#HKers Let’s GO! 🇭🇰💛💛

#我愛黃店 #支持小店 #全民感謝日 #StandWithHongKong #HKprotests ImageImageImage
#ThankfulThursday — let’s support small shops today!

My fav #cake shop, they hv #LennonWall Cake, #連豬 😍 #LionRock & they’re #DELICIOUS🤤

👉🏻Amai Workshop:

#BoycottMaxim #HongKongProtest
#StandWithHongKong #birthdaycake
#食爆買爆十八區 #黃色小店 ImageImageImage
#ThankfulThursday — Following next is my fav #cafe in Tsuen Wan, #HongKong.

Aromatic #coffee, #wine, soul-soothing #jazzmusic.. 💃
They even joined #strike on 6.12!

👉🏻#RETOLD coffee.tea.spirits:

#抗爭日常化 #食爆買爆十八區
#黃色小店 #StandWithHongKong ImageImageImage
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10/01: Within an hour of the #LennonWall being built at Aberdeen Station, pro-CCP Mainland Chinese nationalists are destroying it and intimidating people. Ugly, disrespectful actions.

Part 1:

📍Richmond, Canada.
#HongKongProtests #cansaveHK
Part 2:

(not in video but important situational context) Lennon Wall Organizers and event-goers reported on the telegram group that they are being followed by Pro-CCP people as they leave the event. They don't feel safe.

Police stepped in, luckily. Pics coming.
Pro-CCP people, translated:

"It's our freedom (to be here and destroy the wall)."
"China killed people? Hong Kong killed people. Hasn't Canada killed people too?"
"It's you that started insulting us."
"Doesnt Canada doesn't have problems too?"
"Who hit who? No one hit anyone"
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Livefeed: Across #HK this morning, secondary school human chain protests are taking place, calling on the govt to meet all 5 demands. Most are occurring between 7 and 8 am.…
#HK secondary school human chain protest in Ho Man Tin, not far from Mong Kok police station where protests have been held every evening since the 8/31 police attacks on commuters in Prince Edward MTR station.
#HK secondary school human chain protest in Shatin. Many alumni, often dressed in black, are showing solidarity with the students by participating in the protests.
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Hong Kong's "Summer of Dissent" [thread]. I'm starting a series of illustrations to explain some of the context of the current protests. I think what is happening right now is history in the making and I want to add perspective to some of the reporting I've seen. #hongkongprotest
1: The extradition bill and why HK people are still angry about it. Next up: how the relations between protesters and the police have deteriorated. #hongkongprotest

If you support this project, consider donating to it:… Thank you, and stay tuned!
2: The protests by the numbers and a look into how the relations between the public and the police have deteriorated. #HongKongProtests

If you support this project, consider donating to it:… Thank you for the generous support so far!
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Like the umbrella, the helmet has become Hong Kong protesters' tool, serving both functional and symbolic purposes. ☂️⛑️
In June, journalists donned helmets and neon vests to attend an indoor press conference hosted by the police in protest against the their excessive use of force against protesters and the press corps
This guy put on a helmet for his commute home, after passengers and protesters were violently beaten up by armed thugs at Yuen Long station on Sunday night.
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