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Sure hope @UNESCO is going to raise hell about ISIS’ latest act of iconoclastic destruction and ethnic cleansing — by which I mean China and the Uyghurs.

— Some human lives are more “human” than others.
— Some universal cultural heritage is more “universal” than others.

Give a moment of thought for what that means.

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On NPR right now, the French billionaire funding Notre Dame’s reconstruction:

“I was in China when I heard...I woke up, crying.”

“I am so glad this was an accident and not terrorists.”

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New Horrors: #China Harvesting Muslim Organs in Concentration Camps - China is removing live organs from executed Uyghur Muslims & markets them as “halal” & distributes them to a network to wealthy Saudi clients & others 👎🇨🇳👎 @UyghurCongress @AidUyghur…
This week, UK lawmakers warned citizens desperate for transplant operations that they could be unknowingly “playing a role in the profiteering of atrocities against inmates in the Communist government’s network if prisons and detention camps.”
The authors also observe how “another medical witness described being forced to administer blood tests of Uyghur political prisoners on behalf of a handful of ageing, high-ranking, Chinese Communist Party officials who needed tissue-matching organs.”
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The @HongKongFP‘s one of my fav publications, but I must point this out: the overwhelming majority of native inhabitants in the area they call “#Xinjiang, #China” actually call their Homeland “#EastTurkistan” & view it as being under military occupation. Names matter, @TomGrundy.
… the region in Q. is home to not only #Uyghurs, but to #Kazakhs, #Kyrgyz, #Uzbeks, & #Tatars. The term “#Xinjiang” is a *colonial term* that was forcibly imposed on the inhabitants after #China’s #PLA & #CCP invaded/overthrew the #EastTurkistan Republic in 1949…
… it’s important that people understand the history in order to understand what’s going on right now. For nearly 70 years, these people have suffered under #CCP totalitarianism. #Beijing’s claims of “separatism” ring hollow when you realize they’re a foreign, occupying power.
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It‘s remarkable that @RT_Erdogan is preventing peaceful demonstrators from raising awareness about the genocide #China‘s committing against the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Separately, I’ve seen tweets from #Turkey’s talking heads accusing the [frequently incompetent] @CIA of…
… being behind the demonstrations. As somebody who‘s openly, vocally critical of the #CIA (seriously, check my timeline) & who spends hours everyday trying to help raise awareness of the #Uyghur issue, I can tell you that I’ve seen *NO* US gov’t support for the #Uyghurs AT ALL…
… this is immensely frustrating, b/c this is a #HumanRights crisis & the #CIA would actually be in a position to help if they wanted to do the right thing. But more importantly, this conspiracy theory deflects from something more troubling: #Turkey’s closeness w/ #China
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It surprises me that @KSAMOFA, @Kemlu_RI, @MOFAUAE, @MofaQatar_AR, et al., aren’t urging Islamic scholars to steer radicals away from violence & towards nonviolent “information jihad.” The cause of #EastTurkistan’s #Uyghurs is one example where such an approach might do good…
… by “information jihad” I essentially mean “information [holy] warfare.” In the case of Occupied #EastTurkistan, this could inc. information ops to turn public opinion against Communist #China, influence ops to sway key leaders, hacking to dismantle the #GreatFirewall
… censorship circumvention operations (& software development), targeted cyberattacks to disrupt Communist #China’s own information warfare capabilities, data exfiltration to expose the atrocities against Muslims in #EastTurkistan, etc. Good reading:…
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I don’t see #Gülen doing enough to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. He doesn’t seem to support #EastTurkestan Independence, so I don’t see what use he is for the #UnitedStates#HumanRights agenda. I’m beginning to think it’d be best if we hand him over to @TurkishEmbassy.
… then again, I question whether #Turkey’s sincere in their efforts to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Recent misguided efforts by the Turks to seize control of the ET Gov’t-in-Exile make me wonder whether they have ulterior motives (like using #Uighurs to fight the Kurds).
… the fact of the matter is that #Turkey is sitting on a powder keg of an economy. Skyrocketing debt, out-of-control inflation, significant potential for #HumanRights sanctions over the treatment of journalists. And that dang S-400 system from #Russia. I worry about #Ankara.
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This is so sad, but it‘d also be bad if the @StateDept were holding back on taking stronger action against #Beijing to keep hope alive for these select families. @RadioFreeAsia is still using #China’s term for Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”). Are these hostage families why?
… if it turns out that #RFAsia’s still using the Chinese Communist Party’s term — #Xinjiang — to refer to Occupied #EastTurkistan (which is what its inhabitants call it) in order to gain PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for #Uyghur-language employees’ families… big scandal, @JohnLansing.
… I‘d encourage @BBGWatch to look into this. Nobody calls #Tibet by its #CCP name, “#Xizang,” so why are @USAGMgov outlets calling Occupied #EastTurkistan by its Chinese name, “Xinjiang?” We add insult to #Uyghurs’ injury by repeatedly & intentionally mis-naming their Homeland.
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Given the fact that @SaudiEmbassyUSA’s in desperate need of goodwill, one would think they’d be smart enough to do something magnanimous, like offer support to the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Instead, they threaten to strengthen Communist #China by selling oil priced in #yuan. 🙄
… in the grand scheme of things, #Khashoggi was one guy with — at the very least — a lot of very bad friends. #Turkey, meanwhile, has 200+ journalists imprisoned & is doing nothing to help the Turkic #Uyghur people. As Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques, @KSAmofaEN should help.
… despite this glaring fact, Saudi imams will THROW YOU OUT of a Mosque if you dare ask congregants to pray for the #Uyghurs of Occupied #EastTurkistan. The #KSA’s apparent unwillingness to align w/ Western democracies & oppose this unfolding genocide is a major strategic error.
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I assess that it’s unlikely Communist #China will exterminate the #Uyghurs of Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) using Nazi-style methods like gassing. #Beijing is smart enough that they’ll try to do it w/ a modicum of plausible deniability. Therefore, it’s vital we monitor…
… the condition of these #ConcentrationCamps in Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) for (1) cumulative average radiation exposure (from the daily body scans #Uyghurs are subjected to) & (2) prison diseases like #tuberculosis (which are fatal if untreated). We should also…
… consider the possibility that these diseases, when coupled w/ medical neglect, are an intentional strategy that Communist #China is using or will use to slowly eradicate the #Uyghur people of Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) housed in these #ConcentrationCamps. #GENOCIDE
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