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CJ Werleman is a serial Islamist and shameless Syrian al-Qaeda and #MuslimBrotherhood apologist. Thread.
Here’s he is seen glorifying a UK designated terrorist who is apparently his friend as a “British Muslim aid worker” -Tauqir is attested by HTS in Syria
Oupsss ... that “British aid worker” is a Abu Husam Al Britani. Seen here retweeted by CJ is terrorist Bilal Abdul Kareem appealing to Al Qaeda to release him.
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People of #Pakistan & some politicians from #Turkey boast a lot about their friendship

Being a true #Hypocrite @ImranKhanPTI head of 1st islamic state has shaken hands with #China

Here is a thread on how Turkic Muslims #Uighur are treated in China

#Shame 👇

First of all. Lets us get to know #Uighur Muslims

Who are they ? ? ? ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

#Uighur Turkic muslim follow Sunni #Islam the same religion that is followed by 75% - 95% of #Pakistan

👇 Their Introduction


What is happening with the #Uighur the Turkic muslims in #China ?


Systematically Oppressed

Horrific stories of separating mothers from children

Traditional muslim names not allowed for new borns

Spy apps on muslims phones to keep a check

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1/ Urumqi, Capital of #Xinjiang Province, China.
This is the Real Xinjiang the West doesn't want you to see:
2/ The Grand Bazaar of Urumqi, #Xinjiang #China

#Uyghurs are doing fine. They're living normal, modernized lives just like you and me. They go to work, they shop, take their kids out to the movies, tourist attractions.
Part.1 of Tour walk:…
3/ The Grand Bazaar of Urumqi, Xinjiang China.

Part.2 of Tour walk:…
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A report on @CCTV dated May 13th offered the latest signs that forced labor is continuing across #Xinjiang, with the Chinese government claiming that at least 292,000 people have been transferred to other parts of #China in an "organized manner" for the first ...
... four months of the year. The number of 292,000 only account for the four prefectures in Southern Xinjiang, where more #Uyghurs are situated.
The scheme is divided into four categories based on the report. First, the government will keep enforcing the "cross-region employment" of Uyghurs, and they are focusing on strengthening the labor coordination between the four prefectures in Southern Xinjiang and other ...
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China has resumed placing tens of thousands of #Uyghurs from #Xinjiang's notorious re-education camps to forced labor in at least 19 provinces around the country, @SCMPNews revealed.…
"Excellent graduates were to be taken on as labourers by various inland governments, in particular, 19 provinces and municipalities," said one source.
According to SCMP, at least 19 provinces and cities have been given quotas to hire Muslim minorities, mostly Uyghurs, who have “graduated” from re-education camps.
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"The sooner #China was included into the international community, the earlier it would learn to play along with international norms, the argument went. But, China’s current measures indicate otherwise. International norms are the ones being played."…
"China’s attempts to make the @UN a tool for achieving its hegemonic ambition would erode the institution’s trustworthiness from within and render international cooperation parochial."
"China’s approach to international cooperation would defeat the UN’s purpose to settle distributional conflicts since, very soon, other stakeholders would realize that cooperation is a cloak for advancing China’s national interests."
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(1) The communist-style Social Credit System has been operational in the US since before 9/11. This Stasi-styled protocol is coordinated through #FusionCenters with collusion of #FBI #DOJ #InfraGard #LEIUs #DHS #NSA.
(2) #SocialDistancing is actually an #FBI #DHS #FusionCenter tactic used on people targeted by rogue personnel in the Intel Community (#IC) as part of their "#Disruption protocol (government-funded Domestic #Terrorism).

The IC refers to "Social Distancing" as "Social Isolation."
(3) What most people do not realize is that anyone who has been black-listed by the rogue personnel in the Intel Community AKA the #NationalSecurityRacketeeringNetwork r set up for assaults, smear campaigns, and asset-rape at the hands of the #FBI #DHS & private contractors.
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1/ Think Tank @ASPI_org found that over 80000 #Uyghurs as forced labour from #Xinjiang’s #ReEducationCamp are forced to work in factories for 83 well-known global brands, including @Apple, @BMV, @Gap, @Nike, @Samsung, @Sony, @Volkswagen and #Huawei.
2/ Also, #Uyghurlabour is forced to receive ideological brainwashing, live under surveillance, barred from religious practices, and deprived of their freedom of movement. Without doubt, #China now tramples on human rights of the ethnic minority to boost its economic growth.
3/ It is terribly disgusting and morally wrong for #China to frame those Xinjiang workers as “government-led, semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel” in advertisement these state-sponsored #Uyghur labour.
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No logical progressive would defend these violent, segregationist, assimilationist policies.

These people aren’t progressives. They aren’t even “leftists.” They’re a virulent strain of people so anti-American that they’ll cheer #GENOCIDE committed by America’s adversary, #China.
… but who are these folks — the “Justice Center — who are de-platforming #Uyghurs who dare mention #China’s mass detentions of some 3 million+ people?

The “Partnership for Civil Justice” is registered at this address. Are these the people sponsoring this event? (2/3)
@ProfZWolfe, @SobelLaw, @HeidiBoghosian, @CarlPCJF, are these “Liberation Fridays” events sponsored by @ThePCJF?

If so, why not reach out to me so we can discuss civil justice & actually liberating those people who are arbitrarily detained in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps???
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Chinese agents contacted “Erkin”, a #Uyghur living in the US, and sent him a video of his father asking him to cooperate with the agents. Read Erkin’s and others’ stories of how #China intimidates Uyghurs living abroad. #NowhereFeelsSafe…
#YunusTohti was a student in Egypt when Chinese police contacted him through WeChat. He was asked when he would return to Xinjiang and was ordered to provide personal details, such as a copy of his passport.

Read other testimonies:…
#GulruyAsqar is a teacher living in the USA. Starting in 2018, Gulruy began receiving frequent telephone calls from the Chinese consulate in Houston. A recorded message informed her that she needed to speak to a staff member about an important document that she needed to submit.
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[The outbreak has been more than just #WuhanVirus spread]

1/ By covering up the severity of pandemic with force & fear, #China has turned whole crisis into the Chernobyl disaster of the 21st century. China's still clamping down on #coronavirus coverage as cases surge day by day.
2/ For the past decades, #China’s despotic rule has cracked down on any signs of dissidence on its territory. Lawyers are made disappeared, dissidents are put under watch, and whistleblowers are disciplined. While #Uyghurs are detained while churches are demolished.
3/ Under the surface, we see the powerlessness of power. Burnished by the personality cult, this rigid regime rules the people with fear and distrust. #Beijing's iron-fist control on citizenry also makes it unresponsive to social grievance.
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Can #China’s #OrganHarvesting be stopped?!

Sanctioning 28 companies may do!

According to a research report from this institute @ircc_research, China’s organ transplantation technology 92% relies on support from these 28 companies.… via @wordpressdotcom
As China is not self-sufficient at all when it comes to medical devices, and for example even in 2019 is massively dependent on the import of devices for organ preservation, and up to 92% of the medical equipment is being into China imported, based on the evidence found.
The organ harvesting in this case is quite similar to contract killing, except that the agreement is made with China, instead of directly the killer, and you don’t know the name of the victim – you just know that the killer will find a ‘suitable donor’ for you.
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Nobody is talking about #tuberculosis in #EastTurkistan (#Xinjiang).

This issue is central to understanding the full scope of #China’s #HumanRights atrocities.

We urgently need @WHO biosurveillance insight into this problem.

@robertsreport @grosetimothy @adrianzenz @dtbyler
… any #epidemiology expert will tell you that it’s a disastrous, monstrous idea to throw people into #ConcentrationCamps in the world’s #1 #tuberculosis hot zone.

Moreover, many #Uyghurs have a polymorphism that puts them at risk of liver damage from drugs used to treat #TB
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For Christmas 2019, I skipped the usual festive celebration and instead received a holiday message from Ablimit, the #Uyghur father of four who lost contact with his family for the second time this year. We chatted a bit, and he sounded just tired and powerless.
Over the last year, I’ve had dozens of interviews or simply chats with overseas #Uyghurs who set aside their usual life and took on the mission of advocating for their missing families.
For all of them, repeated threats and harassments from #Beijing is nothing new, and having to actively engage with government officials as well as human rights organizations have become a new normal.
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1/ Arrested on August 30, my phone was seized by #hkpolice. The phone can only be unlocked with passwords. Before court resumed yesterday, I have NEVER provided any passwords to #police, nor received any notice nor warrant for a search of my mobile device.
2/ However, #hkpolice yesterday submitted an evidence list, which allegedly included 4 text messages of mine from iPhone XR. Police can even identify how the messages were sent out, whether it's from a mobile or desktop version of the app.
3/ Since such functions can't be found on ordinary user interface, that can only be possible with the help of state-sponsored hacking. It's utterly alarming that police begins to hack mobile devices of #HKers, just like #China hacking iPhones & Android devices to target #Uyghurs.
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Setelah banyak membaca referensi, juga dapat banyak kiriman artikel dari Gus @syaltout dg sumber keren Foreign Affairs yg berbayar, serta mengumpulkan dan menganalisis data Drone Emprit tentang Uyghur sejak Desember 2018 hingga sekarang, ini saya sajikan hasil kajian DE.
@syaltout Sub judulnya saya buat "Narasi Kontra Radikalisme-Terorisme, Reeduksi, dan Pendidikan Vokasi, Sebagai Influence Ops atas Negara-negara Islam"
@syaltout Konteks

Kita mulai dengan timeline konflik Xinjiang. Sebenarnya sejarahnya cukup panjang, tapi saya ambil yang di era modern (1900an) saja.

Ada pengaruh Soviet, penguasaan wilayah, migrasi etnis China, link dengan Afghan dan Al Qaeda, protes, serangan, teror, dan akhirnya camp
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Just listened to the two recent episodes about #Xinjiang and the #Uyghurs on @nytimes The Daily and have some comments. First, thanks to @paulmozur and Ferkat Jawdat for the risks and sacrifice that went into telling this story 1/
My comments on the story in The Daily: First, Paul told us that Ferkat's mother was tortured in the camps, but then went straight to other accounts of torture from other reporting. Given the relatively small number of first-hand accounts we have of torture 2/
in the camps, and the propaganda battle being waged by PRC officialdom, it would be helpful to know something specific of what was done to Ferkat's mother, as she is highly credible. We were just told of the overcrowded conditions and rough police in the 2nd internment center 3/
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 12/08/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from ALL our PA House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.
#MoCTrack 1/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The awesome folks at @538Politics help us assess the extent to which our MoCs vote along with the Trump Administration agenda. We track that index in each week’s #MoCTrack Report.
#MoCTrack 2/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics This week, the House voted on the #VotingRightsAct, a measure that would open the door for resumption of DOJ pre-clearance of new election laws in areas with a history of discrimination.
#MoCTrack 3/19…
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Latest for @dw_chinese - In the midst of the intense #HongKong coverage, I took some time off to follow up on the "confession" video of #Uyghurs released by @globaltimesnews on Sunday. I talked to two American Uyghurs targeted by that campaign, and here's what they told me -
@dw_chinese @globaltimesnews @Alfred_Uyghur and @ferkat_jawdat's mothers and uncles are all featured in the video, and Arfat told me that the Chinese government has been refusing to answer his questions about his parents' conditions since he started speaking out about their disappearance.
@dw_chinese @globaltimesnews @Alfred_Uyghur @ferkat_jawdat "My mom was detained in re-education camps from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2019. Three months ago, I made a testimonial video, in which I talked about how I learned about my mom’s release from the camp and the life-threatening surgery that she received afterward."
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[Thread] A Chinese student group, likely CSSA, threatened Columbia University to cancel a panel discussion on #humanrights in #hongkong #tibet #EastTurkestan #Uyghurs and #China. And they successfully blocked the discussion. An extreme insult to free speech in this country.
[Cont.] A statement co-authored by all panelists and the moderator will be out soon. Even in recent months, many similar things happened in US, Australia, Canada and other countries. #CSSA is definitely a weapon of Chinese government.
Here are two flyers we posted on Eventbrite:
The cancellation explains the importance of this panel discussion. Chinese government successfully prevented this discussion, as it did numerous times in the world. [cont.]
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For those wondering why there are increasing conflicts between pro-nation state China and pro-HK folks, it is due to different understandings and beliefs of what the #HongKongProtests are about:

1. Belief in ethnic and cultural unity as a collective supersedes individualism.
Geopolitical reasons aside, this belief by mainland nationalists is also one of the key reasoning why they lay “claim” to Taiwan. Sorry, let alone how Taiwan is culturally and ethnically diverse, along with active reconciliation efforts toward aboriginal peoples on the island,
this type of identity politics to justify geopolitical aggression and construction and reinforcement of blind hegemonic nationalism is very dangerous.

We’ve already seen religious and ethnic minority cleansing, most notable with Tibet and now in #Xinjiang with the #Uyghurs.
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