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"The metaverse... besides being immersive and interoperable, it's meta-physical, that is, a realized illusion, an impossibility in the round, able to absorb an infinite number of contradictions and convert them into fuel for growth."--Martin Gurri @mgurri…
A fundamental limit to the search for the oldest fossils | Nature Ecology & Evolution…
#PaleontologicalResearch, #FossilAge, #LifeOrigins
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The UK #monkeypox outbreak is very interesting. A 🧵of some key points
- typically very limited human-to-human transmission, needs very close contact
- therefore, transmission is nothing like #COVID19
- to add to other #publichealth voices, very very low risks to wider general public
- if close contact, then public health teams will follow up
- monkeypox can be very nasty (case fatality rates upwards of 1%, albeit most outbreaks in areas where healthcare is v limited)
- UK has several specialist facilities for handling unusual tropical medicine cases. NHS is very good at this.
- Name is a bit misleading. First identified in monkeys, but small animals like rats/other rodents a more common host (typically in parts of West/Central Africa)
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Ich leide seit über 800 Tagen, d.h. seit über 2 Jahren und 2 Monaten, unter #LongCovid. Mild. Kurzatmigkeit, reduzierte Lungenfunktion, Tachykardie, Belastungsintoleranz & kognitive Dysfunktion sind Hauptbeschwerden. #NichtGenesen 1/
Ich kann keinen Sport mehr machen. Habe meinen Job verloren weil ich die kognitive Leistung nicht mehr bringen kann. Mit Betablockern, Antihistamin, Melatonin komme ich durch die Nacht und den Tag. Ich inhaliere Kortikosteroide, aber spüre keinen Nutzen. 2/
Vor der Erkrankung war ich topfit. Habe 100% in der Kommunikation gearbeitet, was ich lieb(t)e. Ich habe 3-4 Mal pro Woche auf meine Marathons trainiert. Ich bin #NichtGenesen. Mein Gesundheitszustand ist bei ca. 50%, langsam stetig abnehmend. Mild? 3/
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"Biographies of late bloomers...might leave us with lessons about how some people can be helped to flourish earlier— will show us that some talents come to fruition differently. We should encourage a diversity of paths to success." @HenryEOliver…
The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future | Soil | The Guardian…
#SoilCharacteristics, #EcosystemSustainability
For top-quality patient care, invest in nurses | McKinsey & Company…
#PatientCare, #NursingStaffs, #HealthcareSystem, #COVID19
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"Being forced from one’s home causes irrevocable harm to anyone who experiences it, regardless of the kind of reception they meet in the places they land. Some find stability... But that is no replacement for what they have lost." -- Caitlin Dickerson…
Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart…
#DataVisualization, #GlobalEconomy, #GrossDomesticProduct
'It's a tsunami': Legal challenges threatening public health policy - POLITICO…
#CourtRulings, #COVID19, #SafetyMeasures, #PublicHealth #GovernmentPolicies
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Hot off the presses: new data from @CDCgov on firearm injury & #gunviolence.

3 big takeaways:
1. Firearm injury (like #mentalhealth) is not a NEW epidemic
2. It affects all of us -but some are more at risk than others
3. It is not inevitable.
Thread 🧵…
Let's start with the data.

This analysis provides more evidence that firearm homicide increased dramatically in 2020 - close to all-time highs.

Though MOST #gun deaths in this country are suicides - rate of gun suicide (thankfully) was stable in 2020.…
This analysis also shows - once again - that all of us are at risk...

Rates increased for everyone.

And: gun deaths now outnumber car deaths among American kids.…
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🧵CONTENT WARNING: Medical neglect, violence, pregnancy, fetal death, death.

It’s impossible to express the frustration, sadness and rage we shared with our community when we read Kelly Masten’s story last week.…
On Apr 11, 38 yr old Kelly Masten who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, was arrested during a mental health crisis call. Kelly's almost daily seizures from the age of 2, have left her with the capacity of a 5-6 yr. old. Unable to read, write or take care of most daily needs.
Despite repeated requests from family to have her transported to JPS hospital, she was arrested and confined in a single cell in Tarrant co jail.

What followed is a horrific example of how carceral systems are designed to fail human beings, especially the most vulnerable ones.
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Lots of chatter in my feed & my DMs this AM about Paxlovid & “rebound.” Let’s be mindful of the diff ways this term is getting used & interpreted, #MedTwitter. Some are referring to return of symptoms after feeling better, others to triggering more severe symptoms… /1
Others are using “rebound” to mean going from rapid test neg (not contagious) back to positive (contagious) again; still others are using it to mean increased short-term risk of new infection w/ same #Covidvariant. People are suggesting alt dosing, duration. Stop, stop, stop. /2
Learn from #pandemic yr 1&2. This conversation has gotten way ahead of the data. We risk inadvertent #publichealth harm from the mis/dis-info machinery if we speak/act imprecisely here, esp without data. Next tweet has an article w/ a good summary of what we do & don’t know. /3
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"No matter how outrageous a claim may initially seem, we all need to consider the possibility that it might actually be true – just consider how many things that you never thought would be possible are now reality." -- Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi…
Sustaining Antimicrobial Stewardship in a High–Antibiotic Resistance Setting | Clinical Decision Support…
#AntibioticResistance, #AntimicrobialStewardship, #ClinicalDecisionSupport, #CohortStudy
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Is #NHS #dentistry beyond crisis? Like rest of #primarycare, .@NHSEngland in its dominant position as market regulator has failed to manage the market. #NHS manages contracts, funding, nhs regulations, clinical policy, nhs #tech +entry & exit of workforce .@guardian 1/19
There will be those out there that’ll say but number of registrants has increased. That’ll suit nhs policy makers. Doesn’t account for people leaving NHS, working less hours for NHS, taking a career break or going into private practice or people taking up other careers 2/19
Certainly my experience in London is that many dentists don’t want stress of high needs #nhs practice. Are less likely to work full time & don’t want to work on abysmal NHS rates on offer in places like London. Many won’t be able to pay their rent /indemnity/ travel costs 3/19
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🧵1/ Here’s your “Big Picture” of COVID & Long COVID for 2022

See my new Figure👇 summarizing #COVID19 Management & Outcomes

Two years in & we have splendid choices.

Stay in peaceful waters of prevention (green) or risk treacherous cliffs of #LongCOVID & Death (red & black)…
2/ Knowledge is Power, and our knowledge has grown dramatically.

Let’s take a look at where we were just 2 years ago - even though it seems like 20 yrs ago.

April 2020: our approach & understanding of COVID looked like this👇.

We didn’t even know about #LongCOVID yet 🤯
3/ Remember, with #LongCOVID, your brain & heart are at stake.

@JohnsHopkinsSPH reports on emerging data: “COVID doesn’t discriminate when it comes to heart problems.”

Anyone affected may develop clots, arrhythmias & strokes >1 yr later.

Link &🧵below
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🧵from @FenitN's piece in @washingtonpost is important but would benefit from some edits:

"Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated as toll on elderly grows"

[#MarkedByCOVID commentary in brackets]…
"The pandemic’s toll is no longer falling almost exclusively on those who chose* not to get shots, with vaccine protection waning over time...

[*Note: inaccurate language that blames victims; cultural & structural barriers to vaccination remain.]
...and the elderly and immunocompromised — who are at greatest risk of succumbing to #COVID19 even if vaccinated — having a harder time dodging increasingly contagious strains*."

[*Add: "and increased community spread due to decreased mitigation efforts like universal masking."]
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I have an idea. Let’s not tell anybody. At all.

“The ⁦@UCLA⁩ researchers studied 1,038 people enrolled in the UCLA COVID Ambulatory Program. Researchers found that 309 of them developed #LongCovid.”…
I definitely don’t see any reason why any journalist would need to ask any public health official why this information is not incorporated into any public health messaging about infection risk.. #LongCovid
Let’s be real - the reality is 1 in 10 are simply going to be sh*t out of luck with an incurable life altering disability with no outlook & that’s a fair price to pay for ordering coffee & jumping on the bus with no mask. #LongCovid
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/17/2022…
Wide-ranging genetic study of severe COVID finds common risk factors…
#SevereCOVID19, #RiskFactors, #GeneticStudy, #ImmuneSignalling, #MucusProduction
We Are Made of Music, We Are Made of Time: Violinist Natalie Hodges on the Poetic Science of Sound and Feeling – The Marginalian…
#singularity, #time, #music, #entropy
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It is too late to keep trying to convince individual GPs & addiction med docs to prescribe safer drugs. It's not about more training. They don't want to do it, they're scared to do it, and the incrementalism is deadly.
It's time for publically funded drugs to be stocked in pharmacies, clinics, OPS, drug user orgs etc where willing healthcare practitioners can follow assessment, dosing & titration protocols informed by how people *actually* use drugs, not according to withdrawal management.
This is a #PublicHealth approach to a public health emergency which Medical Health Officers should be supporting and implementing immediately. We know this can be done because we just spent 2 years taking a public health approach to another emergency.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/01/2022…
Research shows unique connectivity lets highly creative people's brains take 'road less traveled' to their destination…
#BigCPeople, #BrainConnectivity, #BrainArchitecture
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From today, most people will no longer have access to free COVID testing. This morning we have published #publichealth guidance to reflect these changes 1/18…
If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as COVID-19, and you have a high temperature or do not feel well enough to go to work/carry out normal activities, public health advice is to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people 2/18
Symptoms of COVID-19 and common respiratory infections include:
continuous cough
high temperature/fever/chills
loss of/change in normal sense of taste or smell
shortness of breath
unexplained tiredness, lack of energy
muscle aches or pains that are not due to exercise ... 3/18
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2022…
Houston, Dallas led metro area growth in 2021 even as their urban cores lost population…
#PopulationGrowth, #MetropolitanAreas, #UrbanDemographics
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What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn't and Can't Do - Marginal REVOLUTION…
#OperationWarpSpeed, #mRNAVaccines, #PandemicResponse
Evolution 'Landscapes' Predict What's Next for COVID Virus | Quanta Magazine…
#EvolutionLandscapes, #ViralMutations, #AdaptiveValue, #COVID19
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Vermeintl. wissenschaftl. fundierte Kommunikation führte in der vergangenen Woche dazu, das Verständnis zu #LongCovid auf 2 Kernaussagen zuzuspitzen. Für Menschen, die nicht mitten im Thema stehen, wird es zunehmend schwieriger, LC zu verstehen und einzuordnen.
Was war passiert?
Prof. Kleinschnitz wird mit Ergebnissen einer unveröffentlichten Studie zitiert.
Aussage: #LongCOVID ist eine psychosomatischeErkrankung, die Beamte trifft.
Wahrnehmung: LC-Betroffene sind hysterische Frauen, die den ganzen Tag Zeit haben, sich Gedanken um ihr Befinden zu machen.
Des Weiteren gab es Berichterstattungen zu #LongCOVID ähnlichen Beschwerden nach Impfung. Diese sind zu begrüßen, da sie dazu beitragen, Betroffenen Aufmerksamkeit zu geben.
Wahrnehmung: LC gibt es nur nach Impfung.
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