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Sudanese regime militia trying to intimidate the civilians yesterday with a display of force.. and spinning anti-aircraft guns…
Sudan protests: Bashir a.k.a Raggass (the dancer) promises economic relief and warns against 'rumor-mongers"
Sudan Protest - Bashir's speech: "Finally he decided to make an appearance. Thanks Omar Al Bashir, I am not a rumor-monger, I am reporting facts you thief."
Sudan protests: my favorite subversive tweet. It's Sudan's independence flag. A rejection of the last 4 decades of ideologies & lies that destroyed Sudan.
Sudan protests: Football fans get on the line - Al Marrikh (Mars) football team's fans joining the protest movement after the game against Al Ahly in Khartoum.…
Sudan protests: one image is better than a thousand words
via @ghazigtm
There's a whiff of revolution in the air in Sudan.. it's always a great day when dictators are in fear.. not just in Sudan but all over the region.
Sudan Protest Music: Time to Remove The Regime - We Want Freedom "No to Dictatorship, No To Eternal Rule" -…
"Till then we will be living like cowards in our hoods like prisoners - No to Dictatorship"
Revolutions and uprisings never happen in a vacuum.. one of the early signs is an explosion in the arts and creativity. In Sudan, a major shift happened, a new generation with new ideas and conception of Sudan's identity has been brewing for a while..
Bashir a.k.a Raggass already claimed he'd be leaving power in 2020.. I guess he still can uphold his promise and sparing his people the headache of booting him out :)
Sudan revolt: Apparently, the average salary of a police officer whose job is to repress protesters is 2500 pounds. Today that can't buy him a sac of onions.
Sudan Protest: FYI this is from 3 days ago.. the first clue I got that the movement was serious
Sudan protests - Human cost: "No official apologized for the violence against protesters. No one apologized to the families of the dead. No one valued human life. No one dared to take responsibility; it's a coma, a disconnect, and death on the inside"
"Freedom - Peace - Justice"
"Peaceful - Peaceful"
"The People Want To Topple The Regime"

Sudan Protest - The Sudanese regime's master plan to fix the broken economy is .. to print new currency banknotes at the cost of $200 Million dollars!
Sudan Protest - A thorough Ragga denunciation of the "Salvation Regime" - the regime ruling Sudan for 30 years.…
Sudan Protest: "If you're still wondering why people are out [in the street]"

Sudan Protest - Media blackout: a poem by Nizar Qabani
"The Ruler is playing the drum
All Information Ministries are playing the same drum
All news agencies are amplifying it
Big newspapers
Small newspapers
work in a bar
owned by the government"
Sudan Protest: Geo-locating protest on a map
Sudan Protest: The Sudanese regime defies Newton's Laws - Quantum Sudan

@shemasalah Sudan Protest: the regime's reacts to the protests

Sudan Protest:the result of an encounter with the security forces
Sudan Protest: earlier today, near the university's school of medicine..…
Sudan Protest: creative repression- the police locked worshipers in the mosque while they were praying in the hopes to quell a demo. They broke out later
Sudan Protest: it's a revolt.. as this image would never happen in normal times.. today all sorts of social norms are cast aside
Sudan Protest: protesters can be heard chanting "peaceful peaceful" & "the people want to topple the regime" - and the regime militia response is heard then. Automatic fire.
Sudan Protest: I'm in awe of these protesters because unlike like their colleagues in other countries back in 2011, there's not an "unknown" about Bashir - this is the man who has ALREADY attempted a genocide in Southern Sudan and in Darfur.
Sudan Protest: "Freedom, Peace, Justice" is the slogan people are marching to

Sudan Protest: it's remarkable when you are chanting "peaceful peaceful" against a wanted war criminal with an arrest warrant

Sudan Protest - Defiance : "A bullet doesn't kill, but silence is what kills"

Sudan Protest: this is involving both genders, all ages.. the chant remains "freedom, peaceful"

Sudan Protest: from yesterday's press conference with the Sudanese Interior minister
Q: "Why do you insist on lying"
A: "Be Polite!"
Sudan Protest: earlier today in Khartoum, demonstrators chant "Peaceful peaceful, topple the thieves"
Sudan Protest: increasing numbers of citizens reached the conclusion that their ruler is the main challenge to their own prosperity & future. Then, they decided to act. That's why this happened
Sudan Protest: the doctor's union which is on strike demonstrating - the movement is increasingly structured, not just random demonstrations
Sudan Protest: the regime's crowd control technique consists of small armed mobile units, usually 2-3 Toyota pickup trucks that move around to break up gatherings with live fire and grab protesters - no due process involved
Sudan Protest: by "regime militia" it is the Popular Defense which is the armed wing of the ruling party The National Congress (Islamist) - plain cloths members leading the repression with Police
Sudan Protest: the same tactic of terrorizing protesters by plain cloth regime militia riding in pick up trucks
Sudan Protest: dozens wounded today by live fire in Sudan's protests. Amnesty International counted 37 dead by police fire since the protests began 6 days ago.
Sudan protest: by the way, @Twitter doesn't track the trending hashtags in Sudan as there's no Sudan section in it to begin with.
@Twitter Sudan Protest: Of all places.. some in Saudi Arabia are watching Sudan's uprising closely, and admiringly.

@Twitter Sudan protest: this is a common complaint I have been seeing, but I don't think the problem is from @Twitter it's the Sudanese government trying to disrupt communications and net access
Sudan Protest: It seems that @Twitter own security protocols are preventing access to users who desperately need to use it

Sudan Protest: her name is Hind Hassan - detained.

Sudan Protest: the counter-revolution forces (Egypt + Gulf States) gearing up to bail out Bashir…
الأخوة في الخرطوم: هل فيه أخبار عن دافنشي؟
Sudan Protest: Sara is looking for her missing sister Ala.. went out to protest but hasn't heard from her since..

Sudan Protest: these little small acts of bravery and defiance never make it to the news.. yet they inspire multitudes to not run away..
Sudan Protest: a thread tracking those missing in the protests..
Sudan Protest: the revolution was rapped.. and in style…
Sudan Protest: this is the ABSOLUTE nightmare for every Arab regime. That revolution becomes a tune, and for people to sing it in the streets .. with their feet…
Sudan Protest: when a bunch of Sudanese rappers got together these days (last summer) it was a sign that a revolt is in the making ..…
Sudan Protest: "so for my country to remain protected, am holding a mic instead of a gun"…
Sudan Protest: Lady Samar here is singing her dream of freedom..

Sudan protest: an excellent threat with videos of Sudan's protests today
Sudan Protest: Missing - Hind Abdallah Ali
Correction: that rap video is from 2012 however, it is still a reflection of a youth trend unaffiliated with any of the traditional political parties.. their views ended up winning over unlike in 2012
Sudan protest: meet Lt Hussam Nureddin, he published a status on his facebook vowing not to open fire on protesters and that he will disobey any such orders
Sudan Protest: this is how you provoke your own people:
"on Aljazeera their [government] spokesman said 'how can they demand he leave, he's elected' Seriously? these people are shameless."
Sudan Protest: Bashir went out today to give a speech in a show of force, as his motorcade was going by, this grandma gave him a piece of her mind: "get lost Bashir, get lost!"
Sudan Protest: lists with the names of protesters arrested today

Sudan Protest: Sudanese state tv broadcast students "confessing" acts of sabotage & riots after receiving training from Israel's Mossad intel service
Sudan Protest: remember that rap video I posted - the one from 2012 ? well.. this was my point…
Sudan Protest: another sign that Sudan is indeed in crisis - State TV is broadcasting a show about "Patriotic Songs" 😂😂

Sudan Revolt: what would you do if this happened to you?
Sudan Protest: "Thanks for the ashtray please come early tomorrow and bring a missile; I don't have a trash can"
If you look closely, it's a rifle teargas shell.
Sudan protest: just like Bashir and his regime, their teargas is past its expiry date
Actually, that was from 2013. Deleted the tweet.

The title from 2013 protests (Sudan has had protests for the entire decade) should give you an idea of the mindset of the Sudanese regime
"Homosexuals & Prostitutes Demonstrate in Khartoum"
"Freedom, Peace, Justice"
The slogan is sticking, and it's not rhetorical. This regime has waged war on virtually every social component & region of Sudan since 1989
Sudan Protest: Kuwaiti politician insults the Sudanese calling them "lazy" predicting they will fail.

Sudan Protest: on an ideological front, the events in Sudan are a major challenge to Islamists across the Arab world. Bashir's islamist apologists are getting trounced on social media by angry Sudanese citizens
Sudan Protest: also ideologically, the Gulf States + Egypt reactionary alliance are torn, they're trying to decide which one they hate more: a revolution, or Bashir's islamist roots. Personal guess, I think they hate freedom more.
Sudan Protest: what is often not mentioned in the Western news coverage is that the Salvation regime ruling Sudan is and was the ORIGINAL islamist experiment in the Arab world. It has been an unmitigated catastrophe.
Sudan Protest: these are jamming the ideological fault lines for the casual observer used to the binary of GCC vs Islamists. The Sudanese are unloading on Islamists, Qatar. But don't mistake that for it being a sign of love for the other camp
Sudan Protest: to be fair, many Islamists would argue that Bashir's regime stopped being islamist when it parted ways with Turabi. It's an interesting sophist fallacy though.. the disagreement is on leadership, methods, not the end goals and worldview.
Sudan Protest: the irony of these protests is that they are fundamentally a thorough denunciation of Islamism as an ideology and a rejection of the Islamist experiment in Sudan as a whole. The lesson here is that GCC states ultimately hate freedom more than they hate Islamists.
Sudan Protest: if there's a place in the Arab world where political islam as an ideology has been thoroughly discredited as a governing philosophy, it'd be Sudan. World media is seeing the trees but is missing the forest in analyzing what's going on.
Sudan Protest: the resentment against the Muslim Brotherhood (loosely used to include all sauces of Islamist) is the dominant sentiment I'm seeing on Sudanese social media - they believe em to be firmly on Bashir's side. And not entirely without reason.
Sudan Protest: to be strictly accurate on the account of Qatar re Sudan. As usual they're trying to play both sides. The Qatari gov is giving Bashir money, and restraining AJ Arabic's coverage, but Al Araby tv from London and AJE are more vociferous in covering the events.
Sudan Protest: the UAE via its Sky News Arabia is firmly trying to minimize the events, and to give Bashir a pass. Hardly a surprise as the UAE is the godfather of the anti-revolutions/anti-democracy camp.
Sudan Protest: as usual, it's the London based Islamists who whitewash Bashir, and who are the most partisan to their ideology -- here one praising Bashir and insinuating he's the only true islamic ruler while bashing the Saudis
Sudan Protest: as you can see liberal democracy is an orphan in Arab lands, both the dominant states, and major social movements (Islamists) and regime loyalists (some secular & leftists) aren't really about freedom, but power. Individual rights 4 a second thought in both camps.
Sudan protest: here the ex head of Dubai's police who is seen as the UAE's unfiltered stream of consciousness openly praising Bashir & calling GCC states to back him & his supporters
Sudan Protest: speaking of ideology, it's ironic that Rapper Ayman "Mao" is now inspiring more Sudanese youth than Sudanese Islamism's Godfather Turabi - one became synonymous with freedom, the other with Tyranny
Sudan Protest: why am I big on artists, musicians and cartoonists? simply, I learned first hand that their work is the most potent acid that eats dictatorships from the inside - oxidizes their ideas and turns em into rust
Sudan protest: what's happening there is the result of over a decade with THOUSANDS of individual activists, youth, artists, musicians, and dissidents buzzing non-stop under the surface. Didn't happen overnight.
Sudan Protest: the political vocabulary of Sudan includes the term "Keyizan" which literally means cups as a code name for regime loyalists particularly the islamists. Many songs were done about it - here Rapper Ayman Mao's version 5 years ago
Sudan Protest: in his "instability" track (2013) rapper Ayman Mao mocks the regime's claim that protesters are destabilizing the country - of course Ayman Mao is one of dozens but he's a representative sample of the power of the arts
Sudan Protest: Here are protest graphic art by Ahmed Abu Shakeema
Sudan Protest: when political dissent intersects with economics:

"Truly ashamed of our parents' position on what's going on. I wish I could tell em 'you're an unpatriotic rotten cowardly generation.. but am afraid they'd cut my stipend"
Bashir: I will leave if the people asks me to leave
The people:

Tweet from @95_attia
Sudan Protest: An important reminder, these forces repressing protesters in Sudan were part of the Darfur genocide -- and are now funded by the EU
Sudan Protest: this is a dated video, but it offers invaluable insights into the mindset of a new generation of Sudanese. The unspoken part is this: the wasted potential under the rule of Bashir's regime
Sudan Protest: speaking for younger generations.. here's Sudan's most adorable protester chanting "get lost Bashir" 😂😂😂

Sudan Protest: now that the protest dynamics are building up, January 1 will be a day to watch as it marks Sudan’s Independence Day.
Sudan Protest: File under how you alienate your own people— Sudanese Minister of Information says the people killed in the protests were actually thieves and looters.
Sudan Protest: “Thank you Mr President for your police’s bullets, and the martyrs’ blood... We the youth will win!”

Sudan Revolt: the revolution is being sung

Sudan revolt: You can eat cake moment --another prominent Kuwaiti calls the Sudanese "lazy" and defends Bashir as a "poor man", and claims that 'its revolts dissuades foreign investments"
Sudan Revolt: the artistic output around the revolt continues to swell - here an appeal to the police/army
"You've aimed your weapon wrong [at us]
I am peaceful, be a support [to us]

Sudan Protest: "I'm joining the demonstrations tomorrow God willing. If I get arrested don't worry about me, and if they kill me bury me in ahmed sharafi [cemetery] and still don't worry much for me except if the cause dies God forbid"
Sudan Protest: in the second week of the protest wave, it's safe to say that the Bachir Regime has FAILED at quelling the movement. It's expanding instead and the demands threshold rose to demanding his departure.
Sudan Protest: the Bachir regime's propaganda ploy is to scapegoat Darfurians as the source of the protest wave & blame em for protesters' death, after claiming Darfurian students were working for..get this: Israel.
Sudan Protest: the Bechir's attempt to frame innocent Darfurian students and scapegoat them for the protest wave is backfiring.. spectacularly
Sudan Protest: as predicted, China is sticking by its darling Bashir. Been shielding for a longtime.
Sudan Protest: people mocking regime propaganda:

"Thank God they caught the saboteurs and terror cells. Now we can go out and protest on Monday safely and in a good mood"

Sudan Protest: people mocking Bashri's regime propaganda, lies and crimes

"[Even]Lucifer himself is so shocked that he is sitting with his head in his hands. What can one say.."

Sudan Protest: Happy new year and Independence day!

Sudan Protest: Sudanese security home raids to arrest dissenters. Another staple of Bashir's reign of terror. It's hardly unique to Sudan, it's why many in Arab lands feel they live under internal occupation.

Sudan Protest:
"Copied: to all Islamists, what's now clear is that the forces opening fire on protester are not part of the States armed forces - regardless of how we feel about those - but are part of the "Islamic Movement"
Sudan Protest: Lawyers join the call to strike as part of the December 31 day of protests
Sudan Protest: the regime is cracking down on citizens with night raids and random arrests in residential neighborhoods.
Sudan Protest: Some Sudanese aren't oblivious to what could go wrong down the road should their regime go Assad on them.. but still hope for a better future
Sudan Protest: this ought to give Bachir pause -- A statement from Sudan's retired army officers siding with the protesters, calling for the toppling of the regime.
Sudan Protest: the ranks of protesters are swelling across professional unions..
Sudan Protest: why is Bachir trying to frame Darfuris? Genocide politics - the message is: "if Bachir goes, the Darfuris will exact revenge on you for what happened there" - basically turning a net loss into a net gain. Of course, it reeks of bigotry.
Sudan Protest: Diaspora Sudanese take on the events in their home country. Watch this video for a quick summary
Sudan protest: the regime is scared -- Sudan's head of forensic medicine claims on TV that one of the victims shot by the militias' cause of death was.. Drowning!
Sudan protest: "to those who say what's the alternative: we shldnt b ruled by a person or an ideology. we'd make a strong constitution, let [even] a monkey rule as we'd b able to remove em thru the constitution. Rule of law only, not ideology or persons.
Sudan Protest: the full text of Sudan's retired officers siding with protesters [Arabic]
Sudan Protest: the UN is worried.. it's no longer a local matter
Sudan Protest: local celebrity, tv host cleric and member of Sudan's Fatwa authority resigns in protest to the authrotiy's statement against protesters
Sudan protest: "remove the question of 'who' is the alternative [to Bashir]. the question is WHAT is the alternative. It's co-equal branches of government, with rule of law, a constitution, and a parliamentary system. no more one-man rule.
Sudan Protest:A reminder of the genocidal nature of Omar Hassan Al Bashir and his regime.
Sudan Protest: let's not kid ourselves here about what is at play in Sudan. The country has been ruled by a supremacist FASCIST genocidal regime for 30 years. Its reign has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. This is NOT an opinion, but an established FACT.
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