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Now that we have a #FakeTrumpEmergency on our hands, what do WE CITIZENS do to thwart #KingTrump? Do we March? Do we storm the Bastille? Do we bug out for Canada? For Mars?

--a compilation thread of stuff I've blathered hither & thither

So, first, what's likely to happen now that he's declared his #FakeTrumpEmergency, wrt to actions in Congress. Our immediate actions:




Here's @IndivisibleTeam's guide to what happened, exactly (including what's in the bill) & what you can do. Includes script to use when calling your Electeds. Which you should be doing NOW.

Text MOBILIZE to 977-79 for updates.

@IndivisibleTeam The screens, if you use that link to make phone calls to your elected officials. It's very easy. And very doable. And you should do it...and not just for this issue. You should be contacting your Electeds about stuff all the time, cuz they work for YOU.
@IndivisibleTeam Now, we're also gonna protest our little hearts out. There's a biggun being planned for Monday, nationwide.


Get out your marching boots, y'all. We're storming the...if not the Bastille, at least the castle. Thanks, @MoveOn!

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn There are ALREADY 192 events scheduled for Monday! And if there's not one scheduled in your town, well, why not register one to get started?

It is officially GO TIME, people.

I have two, near me. One in town, one about 45 miles away. Choices, choices.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn For @MoveOn TEXT “CRISIS” to 668366 to get action updates.

For @IndivisibleTeam TEXT "MOBILIZE" to 977-79 for updates.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn You're calling, you're marching.

What else can you do?

Depends on what resources you have. Are you a lawyer? Do you have money to donate to the effort? Do you maybe have extra free time to volunteer for one of the orgs that's putting up the fight?

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn There're lawsuits being launched nationwide by organizations like @ACLU. They've been forefront on the separated children fiasco, and have sure got the chops to handle this, too.

You can donate to help on this & all their fights.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU Other lawsuits have already been filed by @CREWcrew and @Public_Citizen, two watchdog groups who've pretty much had it up to HERE with trump, and now the #FakeTrumpEmergency.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen .@Public_Citizen accepts no money from corporations. If you want to donate to their legal fight against Trumpian overreach, here's your link:

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen .@Crewcrew's mission is to use "aggressive legal action, in-depth research, and bold communications to reduce the influence of money in politics and help foster a government that is ethical and accountable."

To donate:

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen The @CenterForBioDiv is also planning a suit. Or, another one. Their number of suits against trump for his harm to nature & wildlife is already up to 106!

Unfortunately, work has already started on destroying ecosystems in TX for the #FakeTrumpEmergency wall.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv I wrote a lot about what's going on down in the Rio Grande Valley at the Butterfly Sanctuary & other parts of Mission, TX, a few weeks ago. Money for the walls now being built were approved in last year's omnibus. But so much about it is soooo wrong.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv It's, um, under my pseudonym. 😺

Trump's bypassing environmental studies, bulldozing cemeteries, including ones of historical significance to the Underground Railroad and ones of Native American tribes. Destroying everything.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv Anyway, it was just two days ago that we saw the first footage posted from Laiken Jordahl, borderlands campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity, of bulldozers at the #RGV National Wildlife Refuge.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv If you're interested in aiding the efforts of the @CenterForBioDiv to fight the #FakeTrumpEmergency and the destruction of the environment in its many, many, MANY lawsuits against trump's admin, their donation page is:

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv The butterfly sanctuary, @NatButterflies, has a GoFundMe to help with legal struggles against the attempt to take their land via eminent domain.

You'd think the @GOP would HATE things like the govt just snatching folks' land for a #FakeEmergency 🤨

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP MOAR lawsuits!

@protctdemocracy and @NiskanenCenter filing together on behalf of El Paso, where the folks are REALLY not feeling the whole wall thing.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter As I mentioned earlier, if you have free time or are a lawyer, esp, you have other ways to contribute. If you're an immigration lawyer in particular, you already probably belong to AILA &they've already responded. You can still lend a helping hand.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter "No real national emergency exits...Trump is going beyond his authority to advance his own political agenda to build a wall. @AILANational urges both parties in Congress to work together to stop this use of #asylum seekers as pawns." ow.ly/nMsB30nIDdj
@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter @AILANational .@AILANational is planning a Day of Action for its members on April 19, 2019, to talk to Congress about how the admin's toxic immigration policies're harming American families, businesses & communities. If you're a lawyer, well.


@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter @AILANational @matt_cam @HMAesq @ImmJusticeNOW @DanaScottLO @mle_goldman @ifindkarma @ofelial1 You know when you're in the middle of writing a REALLY long tweet, with so many links that the character count goes up to 400+ and then suddenly your page reboots and you lose the entire thing you'd worked on for an hour and then you cry for 30 minutes because WTAF?

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter @AILANational @matt_cam @HMAesq @ImmJusticeNOW @DanaScottLO @mle_goldman @ifindkarma @ofelial1 And here's a resource I just came across whilst doing all this. Looks very helpful for ANYONE working with immigrants: advocates, lawyers, nonprofits. Offers trainings, ways for different orgs to connect &work together. Very cool.

@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @ACLU @CREWcrew @Public_Citizen @CenterForBioDiv @NatButterflies @GOP @protctdemocracy @NiskanenCenter @AILANational @matt_cam @HMAesq @ImmJusticeNOW @DanaScottLO @mle_goldman @ifindkarma @ofelial1 I....think that's enough for tonight. *yawn*

....so I don't wanna hear anyone saying they don't know what to do to respond to trump about the wall & his #FakeEmergency, okay? After 4 hrs putting this thread together, I will cry again, and it'll be embarrassing for all of us. 😿
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