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🌟 Jornada Autonomous en #Santander, 24 de mayo

📍 @CaminoSantander, 09:30 h

🚗 Innovación en planificación urbana y transporte frente a movilidad autónoma

👉 Expertos internacionales y tendencias en #MovilidadSostenible

@CienciaGob @La_UPM @geurban @ComisionEuropea @AgEInves ImageImage
Damos comienzo a la jornada #AUTONOMOUS en el aula Torres Quevedo en @CaminoSantander Image
¡La profesora Soledad Nogués Linares de @CaminoSantander reflexiona sobre el impacto de los #VAs en la planificación urbana del futuro! 🌆🚗 Un tema fascinante y relevante. Mantente conectado para más actualizaciones. #FuturoDeLaCiudad #PlanificacionUrbana ImageImage
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Have you ever heard of a Reality Index?
Neither have I until about a week ago.

Today I'm going to dive into an AI network that is combining paradigms of AI, autonomous robotics, and Blockchain, to prompt realities into existence.


👇 Image
Week #1 the core team behind Roko proposed via snapshot and acquired the following node infrastructure.

2 Million $POND tokens for running relays on @MarlinProtocol layer zero relay network.

1034 $TAO for delegating to @bittensor_ validators for decentralized computation
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Some of the pieces I've authored / co-authored on #ArtificialIntelligence and #defense & foreign policy in the last couple of years - 🧵

#AI #Military #NATO #policy
November 2020: while still at #NATO, I was working on policy White Papers on #AI and on #autonomous technologies. Those were disseminated to Allied govts for feedback. They were not published, but we released a snapshot of the overall thinking here:…
In 2021, I came back to NATO for a while to draft the first version of a more developed #AI #strategy for the Alliance. That work was then negotiated by Allied govts and agreed in Oct 2021.
NATO released a public summary of the Strategy here:…
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Part 1/2
This sharing focuses on the introductory research, mainly on the technical framework, and supplemented by ecological development. Thread is a bit long and there is no financial advice in the whole context. Please read it thoroughly. Image
1/18 #Cosmos Ecosystem is far more prosperous and diverse than most people think. Cosmos is not just an Atom chain. The #BSC #Terra #Oasis you know well belongs to the Cosmos Ecosystem. The total market value in the ecosystem has even reached 138B. What kind of magic power is it? Image
2/18 This is a great definition of #Cosmos, and the prominent part is its core ecological characteristics. A little flustered to see a series of professional terms? Don't worry. Let's explain it one by one. Image
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1/25 Why is destined to become one of the future leading blockchain ecosystems of the world?

In this thread, I will take you on a journey and explain the revolutionary $FET ledger driven by the power of decentralised AI and Autonomous Economic Agents🤖⚡️
2/25 You still with me? Alright, lets begin with the basics:

There are many different blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They all have a different technological focus. $BTC is digital gold due to its scarcity while $ETH is a chain to program smart contracts.
3/25 Now, Fetch has built its own #blockchain combining its mainnet with the power of #AI, and that is where the magic happens: this is the birth of decentralised Artificial Intelligence
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Fun keynote from @SkydioHQ at #hotchips last night.

Interesting learnings for architects designing compute SoCs for edge devices in #autonomous systems & #Robotics

Last two were the most revealing realizations for me (1/n)
Autonomous algorithms are still evolving.

While acceleration of key workloads is desired, it is general compute horsepower which will provide the needed flexibility to program solutions for next world challenges. (2/n)
Good software abstraction of foundational building blocks allows engineers to iterate faster with different sophisticated algorithms.

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Why we name our @VWGroup strategy #NEWAUTO? Because cars are here to stay. The automobile has an incredible #future, gaining importance and changing more than ever before in its 100-year history.
It will remain desirable and valuable and will continue to stand for individual freedom. For even more people than today. The car has a great future. In the next 10 years, we will reinvent it.
#NEWAUTO will become sustainable, emission-free, incredibly safe, comfortable & practical: The car will lose almost all of its negative attributes. It will become a retreat, a workplace, a family travel salon, a sleeping car - yes: the most popular means of transportation.
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What if great power competition extends to the ocean moons of the solar system? 🤔

"Mission Europa: The Atom-class XE"…

#autonomous #submarines in #space

(A thread - 1/8)
Beijing's agenda for deep space exploration derives from sweeping and unchecked expansionist policies here on Earth, which could in turn drive the nature of deep space strategic competition. 2/8…
Part of this competition will include the search for extraterrestrial life, an achievement that promises untold national prestige, and which will come to be focused on the ocean moons of our solar system. 3/8…
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Tesla's price may seem out of whack today. The P/E Ratio is insane, right?

But Amazon had similar P/E ratios back in 2014 and 3X higher in 2012. Look at where $AMZN is today.

$TSLA is my #1 stock because I am looking 5+ years out from today and basing my investment on that. Many people aren't doing that. Many people are looking at current or trailing earnings and comparing them to other vehicle makers.

And yes, I do fully expect there to be some major price pullback -- maybe even a short 30 to 50% drop in $TSLA price at some point, but over the long run, I think it goes way up.

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Happily for $TSLA investors, @tim_cook missed the reincarnation of $AAPL when @elonmusk approached him while experiencing “production hell” with the Model3. An #EV is the ultimate mobile device.
#Tesla took a leaf from #Apple’s business plan when it designed its own #AI chip. Apple designed its own smartphone chip when #QCOM was catering to Motorola, Nokia, and Ericsson, none of which understood that phones could and would become smart.
#Tesla dropped $NVDA, not because its GPUs missed the move toward #autonomous, but because the design cycle of $GM, $BMW, & #TM was 4-5 years longer than that for Tesla. Catering to large auto manufacturers, Nvidia was not moving fast enough for Tesla.
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📢𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘁!

We are thrilled to announce our new series #Tech4India as part of the #ETI in partnership with #NESTMEA @MEAIndia & @PrinSciAdvOff

Stay tuned for:

🔸Info on key #emerging technologies & sectors 📡🧬🚀⚛️ 🤖

🔸Details on participation in the #ETI Image

Recent advances in 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗺 𝘁𝗲𝗰𝗵 can bring paradigm shifts in #computing #communication & #cryptography affecting all sectors in the process

Participate in #ETI & help India prepare for the #QuantumRevolution 2.0⚛️


1/2 Image

We encourage people from varied backgrounds to form multidisciplinary teams and send us EoI on innovations like #QuantumComputing #QuantumCommunication & #QuantumNetworks

Selected teams will be invited to prepare a consolidated tech dev & adoption roadmap 4 🇮🇳
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(Thread) Working through recent articles on #Autonomous and #AI enabled nuclear forces and missiles. Some thoughts to take away and remember
* “[It is the] fear of conventional or nuclear inferiority [that] could create some incentives to pursue greater autonomy”
* If AI systems will be fed & trained with data that is based on the _perception_ of hostiles & its expected activities, this increases the bias of these systems
* AI in nuclear forces might not be the main problem, as it presumably will be critically controlled ...
... due to the special situation. But “The risk I worry most about is how conventional military applications of AI, by increasing the speed of war, could place pressure on the early warning and launch doctrines of nuclear weapons states that fear decapitation in conventional war”
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Another POV on this issue @jwangARK and @andrewchen: Raw labor is becoming more valuable now that the unemployment rate in the US is plumbing new lows and 7.5 million jobs are vacant because they don’t pay enough or because of a skill-set mismatch.
After a long slide, productivity growth is accelerating once again and will benefit both wages and profitability, perhaps the former more than the latter because of labor shortages.
.@ARKInvest believes that five innovation platforms spawning 14 technologies will cause much stronger than expected productivity growth, turbocharging economic activity. Opportunities to move up the economic ladder will be plentiful.
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1/ From the NYC taxi factbook:

~57% of yellow cab trips in NYC are less than 2 miles. Great opportunity for micro mobility, but what does it mean for taxis? Image
2/ Micro mobility trips won't eliminate car/taxi trips 1:1, they expand the mobility market.

Since 2016 taxi trips have declined from ~400k to ~300k daily trips, but ridesharing has actually expanded the market by ~300k trips since 2016.

(Grey= ridesharing Yellow= taxi) Image
3/ h/t @TashaARK and you should sign up for the ARK newsletter where she explains the significance this has for #autonomous cars
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Kicking off #WalkBikePlaces with an infrastructure tour on @BlueBikesNOLA. Several under way now; I'm on the one that looks at public art, placemaking. #bikeNOLA
First stop: Jackson Square, National Historic Site, named for Andrew J. Led battle that saved NOLA in 1812 but owned enslaved people. Should his statue come down? #WalkBikePlaces
Beautiful murals! Families of Plessy and Ferguson reconciled with art in celebration. Studio BE right across the street--big studio space in covered warehouse. @BlueBikesNOLA station right here at park.
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1/ People consider #robots hardware, but they'll be considered software in the future.
2/ Nvidia's press announcement that leading Japanese companies will use the Jetson AGX Xavier for next gen #autonomous machines didn't generate much buzz, but it's an important step in the direction of software defined robots.…
3/ People thought industrial robots were a mature technology, but declining costs, collaborative robots, and now deep learning are making them accessible to new industries and expanding the addressable market.
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1/ @CathieDWood wrote a thoughtful letter on why should stay public. Here's a quick walkthrough of a valuation of its #EV business, even though the #autonomous opportunity could dwarf its pure hardware business, which @TashaARK explains.
2/ ARK's research: by early 2020s there should be 17M EVs sold globally.
Why? Due to battery cost declines EVs will be cheaper than gas car, easy choice for the end consumer.

Here's a paper I wrote explaining more details…
3/ Tesla may be on track to have ~17% of unit market share of EVs globally in 2018, (higher revenue share):

Tesla 220k EVs in 2018, global forecast calls for 1.9M plug in vehicles, 70% of which should be BEV. 1.9M * .7 = 1.3M…

220k/1.3M = ~17%
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1/ The professional driver who was paid to watch the road may have been watching Hulu at the time of the Uber crash.…

Doesn't bode well for the attention of those driving who aren't paid to watch the road.
2/ It's unfortunate that we accept humans killing humans on the road because it is the norm, but freak out at semi #autonomous car accidents and ignore the lives it is saving.

Not to mention that #AI is improving and the tech should progressively save more lives.
3/ @elonmusk mentions this as does @nntaleb wrt Black Swans, "We can set up rewards for activity that reduces the risk of certain measurable events...But it is more difficult to reward the prevention (or even reduction) of a chain of bad events"
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1/ Just 2:44 min long, but this interview w/ BAIC's chairman packs a lot in about #EV in China:…
2/ My summary:
-He's surprised how quickly China opened up the auto space
- He thinks local players will face short term challenges from competition
- He thinks 1/3 of local automakers will be squeezed out of the business btw 2020-2022
- BAIC open to manufacturing for startups
3/ ARK's done some work suggesting #EV will consolidate the auto industry to a small degree, but that #autonomous cars could cause significant consolidation:…
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The #AI task force for Economic Transformation in #India (set up by the Government’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry) released its report last month. Some background (B) and key takeaways (T). 1/n
B1. The vision guiding this report is “AI as a socio economic problem solver at large scale rather than only a booster of economic growth”. 2/n
B2. It seeks to address the role of the Government in the field, answer how #AI can improve quality of life, and identify sectors for AI growth. 3/n
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1/ Ford says #autonomous should be hybrid 🤦‍♂️...…
2/ Misses the fact that an autonomous car can have lower range because it can go charge itself & if you are increasing utilization...
OpEx is key. Hybrids don't save on maintenance costs and save much less than pure EV for refueling/charging
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