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"Catalonia and the trial on the referendum: a challenge for the EU". Conferència conjunta amb el president @QuimTorraiPla a Brussel·les

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Last Tuesday, a political trial against members of the previous @govern, against social leaders of the main civil organizations of #Catalonia and against the former president of the @parlamentcat began in Spain #CatalanEU
The simple fact that this trial could take place brings #ShametoSpain and, therefore, to the entire #EuropeanUnion, whose main institutions have chosen to remain silent, when facing such a disgraceful situation where democracy is at stake #CatalanEU
The majority of citizens of #Catalonia, as European citizens, cannot understand the silence of the main European institutions, especially from the @EU_Commission, regarding the violence they experienced on #1oct and which was exercised by the Spanish police #CatalanEU
European courts have shown how miserable it is the preventive jail against our colleagues. The court of Schleswig-Holstein was clear in saying that there was no rebellion. There was no sedition. Catalans provoked no violence #CatalanEU
Our exile in #Belgium, our time in #Germany, our exile in #Switzerland and #Scotland, have shown that this is a political trial. That in Western European countries we are considered free because organizing a referendum is not a crime #CatalanEU
The unity of Spain is not worth such violations of #HumanRights

When we heard from the high representatives of the EU that the Catalan conflict is an internal issue of the Spanish State, they were not aware of the serious error they had made #CatalanEU
The conflict between #Catalonia and Spain is an European affair, because for more than a year the EU has had #politicalprisoners and exiles #CatalanEU
The fact is that today we have #politicalprisoners being deprived of freedom in European prisons. What is happening right now in #Catalonia, it can happen tomorrow to any other place in the #EuropeanUnion #CatalanEU
How will we stop this from happening in those countries where authoritarian leaders are on the rise? What will the EU say if it has tolerated such a situation in #Catalonia? #CatalanEU
The moment has come for European democrats to make their voice heard against intolerance, it is the moment that European institutions act as guarantors of the rights and freedoms of all European citizens and this includes Catalans #CatalanEU
The @Europarl_EN cannot continue to be an institution far from the reality of our time. We demand that it stands as a genuine democratic assembly of representatives capable of finding political solutions when an attack on the dignity of millions of people happens, as in Catalonia
It is against more than two million Catalans who went to vote in a #referendum, against those who voted legitimately in favor of the #independence of #Catalonia and against those who voted to remain in Spain #CatalanEU
I want to remind you that my country has always been deeply European. And it is also for this reason that we want to fully exercise our sovereignty, in order to be able to share it with our European partners in all those areas that make us collectively stronger #CatalanEU
We do not want to raise any borders towards any nation in Europe or anywhere in the world; on the contrary, we want to work to erase them #CatalanEU
We are not talking about old-style nineteenth or twentieth century nationalism or Twenty-first century populism, we are talking about a deeply rooted democratic political movement #CatalanEU
I am a free European citizen who’s been invited to visit and speak onto the parliaments of #Flanders, #Finland, #Denmark, #Ireland, the #UnitedKingdom, #Germany, the #FaeroeIslands and #Bavaria

And this has never been a "threat to security and public order," as President of the @Europarl_EN, @Antonio_Tajani , argues for vetoing the possibility that President @QuimTorraiPla and I could have addressed today the European Parliament #CatalanEU
On the other side of the world, The Jakarta Post, one of Indonesia's leading newspapers, referred to the conflict between Catalonia and Spain a few days ago and, in parallel, mentioned that the Indonesian government would not tolerate no separatist movement in Papua #CatalanEU
This newspaper asked how is it possible that EU member states allow with their silence, the aggression that Spain is perpetrating in Catalonia but at the same time those countries give lessons of morals to Indonesia regarding its troubles in West Papua #CatalanEU
Unfortunately, the #EuropeanUnion cannot give lessons to the world if it doesn’t put its house in order #CatalanEU
The #EuropeanUnion cannot continue to support demophobic attitudes such as Mr. @Antonio_Tajani’s standing by the Spanish political parties that have supported the repression against Catalonia #CatalanEU
Mr @Antonio_Tajani has imposed a ‘de facto’ gag law on #Catalonia

My Europe defends fundamental #HumanRights. Even if I can understand and the silence of the @Europarl_EN with regards to the independence of #Catalonia

I am shocked by the passivity of Europe in front of a political trial that could lead to condemn peaceful and democratic political leaders, accused of rebellion and sedition, to up to 25 years in prison #CatalanEU
I ask all MEPs to open their eyes and act as democrats. I remind you that among people in charge, there are two former deputies of this House: @junqueras and @raulromeva #CatalanEU
It is time for the EU to understand that self-determination works in its favors. That borders are not eternal. That a strong defense of democracy is the only way that Europe will remain loyal to its founding values #CatalanEU
It was an American President, #WoodrowWilson, who 100 years ago put the principle of #selfdetermination in centre stage in European geopolitics #CatalanEU
Since 1945 the West, and particularly Europe, has been governed by rule-based institutions that have promoted trade liberalisation and democracy around the world #CatalanEU
Since 1945 global trade has multiplied by 12 and the number of independent states has risen from around 76 to 195. And many are European nations #CatalanEU
Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. How many European states are now independent thanks to the principle of self-determination? Does anyone really think that the EU would be the EU we trust if these states had not been by the EU itself?
The EU preference for democratic solutions to political conflicts are a fundamental reason why it has become increasingly rational for small nations to have their own independent states #CatalanEU
As an independent nation, Catalonia’s economic viability is certain, of course. #Catalonia has an economy of the same size of #Portugal or #Finland, with a GDP of over EUR 200 billion and exports as much as #Denmark

What is more, if Catalonia as an independent state inside the EU would be a medium-sized one, with a population of 7.5 million people, it would be 16th out of 28. Twelve current member states are smaller than Catalonia #CatalanEU
An independent Catalonia would be a very good partner for the EU, both as a member state and as an engine for democratic enhancement and prosperity #CatalanEU
With all its flaws, the EU is the context in which our struggle becomes possible. Like every other people, Catalans have a right to #selfdetermination, the right to decide their own future #CatalanEU
We don’t fear the physical and institutional violence of the Spanish state, we reject it as shameful for all Europeans #CatalanEU
The instinct to censorship that today has driven Spanish politicians to stop us from entering the @Europarl_EN are the same as what brings them to agree that our political and social leaders should remain in jail for political reasons #CatalanEU
It is hate and vengeance before rationality and the main principle of humanity is freedom. The rational solution for holding an agreed referendum as in Scotland and Quebec has been forcefully rejected. #CatalanEU
We have proposed it dozens of times, but never has a Spanish government had the courage to face the Catalan case by listening to the majority of the Catalan people: 80% of Catalans would like to see an agreed referendum #CatalanEU
If Spain is really a democratic state, it should listen to the demands of the people of #Catalonia. Spain should listen to the courts of Belgium and Schleswig-Holstein #CatalanEU
Spain should listen to @amnesty l and the @omctorg when they call for the release of our #politicalprisoners. Spain should listen to the @PENamerican. Spain should listen to the Canadian and American academies of political science #CatalanEU
Spain should listen to Human Rights Watch when it says that on the first of October there was excessive use of police violence. Spain should listen to the @UN rapporteurs, it should listen to the Nobel Peace Prize winners that call for an end to the repression. #CatalanEU
It should listen to all the democratic voices around the world that are calling for a political solution to a political problem. If Spain is democratic, it should allow the people of Catalonia to decide freely on its future without people in prison, without people in exile
With the trial and the convergence of the Spanish right-wing into an ultra-nationalist alliance, it is clear that only international mediation will convince the Spanish establishment that the political solution for Catalonia needs to be based on the democratic will of its people
The power of international pressure will force the Spanish state to sitdown at the table and negotiate. International public opinion is going to be crucial in the next weeks. That’s the reason we are here, and the reason we will be travelling around the world in the coming weeks
A Catalan independent state [#CatalanRepublic] would be an example of how to resolve historical conflict in a democratic way and, like Scotland, would also be a partner in the effort to promote a more democratic world, a more European world #CatalanEU
This idea should be at the core of the geopolitical vision of the #EuropeanUnion. Democracy, the rights of minorities, #selfdetermination must be the soul of a new Europe, as it has always been #CatalanEU
The exercise of the right to #selfdetermination in #Catalonia must be understood as an opportunity for Europe #CatalanEU
The Catalan crisis puts Europe in front of a mirror and asks a question: does the EU want to continue being a closed club of states or an administration that safeguards the rights of its citizens? #CatalanEU
The disjunctive is clear: do we want Europe to be able to stop the wave of political populism monopolized by the ultra-right, or do we want to be the Europe of citizens, of respect and dialogue? #CatalanEU
We will find the answer in the continuity or the disruption of silence with respect to the Catalan crisis #CatalanEU
On January 24th 2017, joined by the mentioned former MEPs @junqueras and @raulromeva , then members of my @catalangov and now imprisoned, we addressed the @Europarl_EN to explain what we wanted to do #CatalanEU

I quoted literally:
"«We will defend the referendum being agreed with the Spanish Government, since it is the most plausible option for all. This offer of dialogue and consensus search will remain open until the last day» #CatalanEU
«We are prepared to talk about everything: the question, the date, the participation requirements, the necessary percentage of the winning option ... We are sitting at the negotiation table and we will not stand until the last day. The offer of dialogue is permanent» #CatalanEU
Two years later, despite the repression, despite imprisonment and exile, despite the censorship imposed by @EP_President to the last two presidents of Catalonia, we are asking the Spanish State #CatalanEU
A political solution based on dialogue and negotiation, always on the path of non-violence and democracy. The proposal is very simple: a #referendum on #selfdetermination agreed, binding and internationally recognized #CatalanEU
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