* Q-Thread 4/13 *
Sorry this is late. I was out of town all day without access.
Lots to unpack here so lets jump in.
Page makes it clear in her testimony that orders not to charge [HRC] came from above. Immediately- [LL] , beyond that??? BHO?
The tarmac meeting between [LL] & Bill Clinton took place June 2016, days before James Comey notoriously announced that "No charges are appropriate ....." against [HRC], BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN INTERVIEWED.
Hillary had SAP programs on here computer because they were either allowed to be taken by someone up the food chain or she stole them. SAP's are of the HIGHEST security- some are not even allowed to 'see' them, but can only be 'read in' on them by someone else with clearance.
The SAP's contain an internal 'log' that shows when/who opens them. That information is stored within the program itself. Any time someone is allowed access to the SAP, they are required to be in a SCIF with NO electronic devices. MAJOR SECURITY. Yet [HRC] had them? Major breech
We know through various testimony (remember Gohmert asking Strzok about it during his hearing?-linked) that China was getting cc'd on [HRC] emails, & through other research, it appears that access was GIVEN vs being hacked. PAY to PLAY? Definitely.
The FBI CoC that handled the Mid-Year-Exam (Clinton email inv.) have all been fired because of their corruption and handling of that investigation. Those same people maintained that they had not conclude that the [HRC] server had been 'hacked'. While technically true- it's a lie.
Because they knew that access had been GIVEN because IG McCullough had told them he had found evidence of foreign access. Definitely treason.
[ ]- Not sure. I count 34 spaces.
This is a re-post of D-3045 and the graphic showing the Chain of Command in the MYE that was posted in D-3035
.@realDonaldTrump has been on a troll train for the past few weeks, sending messages to those who have attempted to destroy him. In this tweet, DJT calls out the Hussein DOJ for it's corruption. There is EXTREME PANIC in DC right now, because they have thrown everything...
... at our President and he just keeps swatting them away. I am attaching a meme I made that shows the deep state attacking and @realDonaldTrump going 'Matrix' on them. #WAKEUPAMERICA #FACTSMATTER #SAVEAMERICA #UNITEDNOTDIVIDED #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #StormIsUponUs
#QAnon makes a reference to the RAT population increasing- People who are panicking are talking- Giving up the goods. As far as the 'shill bros', this is the krassenstein bois that always seem to have the top comments on @realDonaldTrump twit thread.
FACT- the top comments are ALWAYS negative, Trump hating remarks. They HAVE to be receiving assistance from twit. #QAnon then speaks directly to Jack> He (or she) who laughs last, laughs loudest. Message delivered- Nobody is safe. Check out what shill boi Ed had to say about it.
Facebook went down today for hours. #QAnon reminds us of when X-Box Live when down last August- post Q dropping intel on the secret comms using their service. Today's FB shutdown was an obvious attempt to 'dump' all their data collection & I believe to install new algo's.
We know that BIG TECH is going to shut down our reach as the SHTF. I think that today's shut down was two-fold. We shall see very soon just how much more conservative voices are limited on FB. #WAKEUPAMERICA #FACTSMATTER #SAVEAMERICA #UNITEDNOTDIVIDED #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
This should be common sense, however it must be spelled out for the sheep. The #Demos do NOT care about illegal immigrants- ONLY their votes. They fight to keep the census from counting them, but also fight for their 'right' to vote. Why is this so hard for mod D's to see?
Next up> Epstein. #QAnon states: "This is NOT just about sex trafficking". Anons knew this. Satanic worship is the other half of what happens on Epstein Island. You want a CLUE? Look at the flight logs & track the names (initials) that make the flight TO PBI, but not FROM.
There are multiple levels underground beneath the 'temple' with multiple rooms and tunnels. Truly gruesome things happen in there. Photos have been scrubbed, but can be found if you know where to look. I do NOT recommend it. In the end, the choice to know will be yours.
This is a message to 'them'. LifeLog problems? Garbage File? Like I said, FB was down for HOURS. Billions of users information had to be sent to the recycle bin- I hope they remembered to empty the Garbage Can. Just sayin- it can bite you in the butt when you forget. 🤣😎
We have to keep in mind that it was NOT just FB- it was their entire 'family' of data harvesting applications. When #QAnon references the 'Cleaning Crew' it is most assuredly referencing the CLOWNS in charge. Think Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction. Cleaner-like it never happened
Whistle while you work? Snow White? INTERESTING. Dual reference here. Snow White is also the names of the C_A computers- 7 for the dwarfs. #QAnon asks if you have ever seen the 'Snowden' movie- Check out this clip and what the 'hacker' calls snowden
#QAnon then follows up with 'DARPA PANIC> EXPOSURE"- Exposure of LifeLog/FB is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about all of the OTHER crazy schitt that that DARPA has done. The FB/Big Tech is a really BIG deal- but there will be other things that are equally bad or worse.
That is all I got for you guys and gals tonight. If you like what you see/read, please RETWEET- that ensures that your followers will get to see it. Twit is already starting their censorship back up, so help a brotha out and spread the word. I love you Patriots.
I lied. Here is more on 'Whistling while you work'. This screenshot is from 8-chan and not technically relevant to the FB clean-up today- OR IS IT? Was #QAnon signaling us that they have 'whistleblowers' on the inside that are providing the details of what took place? Stay tuned.
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