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#DistantJustice Africa book tour THREAD

2 to 24 May 2019

From Cape Town to Kigali....

Foggy, blustery day in Cape Town. But it'll be clear & bluster-free when @tmurithi12 & I launch our books on international criminal justice in Africa @_IJR_ 5:30pm today.

Full house but I'm told some seats can be squeezed at the back if you RSVP here:

Thanks to @tmurithi12, @SalonaLutchman & everyone @_IJR_ for a fantastic launch of my #DistantJustice & Tim's #Judicialimperialism last night. Lots of great questions on the future of the #ICC from Cape Town politicos & civil society. Next stop, Pretoria @issafrica on Monday.
@_IJR_ has posted a couple of 90-second videos from the event last night.

Here's @tmurithi12 discussing the Habre case in Senegal & why some African leaders tried to block the trial, worried about setting a precedent for prosecuting former heads of state:
And here I discuss the problem of parachuting #ICC investigators into African conflict zones, often without the expertise or enough time on the ground to gather effective evidence (a key issue in the Gbagbo acquittal):

Looking forward to launching #DistantJustice @issafrica in Pretoria tomorrow & debating the future of the #ICC with Justice Richard Goldstone, moderated by @MaS1banda. Copies of the book available for R300. A few places are left & you can RSVP here: issafrica.org/events/time-fo…
Delighted to pre-record an interview today on #DistantJustice with the irrepressible @Eusebius. I explained why the #ICC isn't neocolonial but has damaged African societies & needs urgent structural reform. The interview will air @Radio702 on Tues morning. 702.co.za/shows/5/the-eu…
"Clark argues that a more effective #ICC could do a lot of good in Africa. He’s right—but to get there, the ICC will have to listen to his compelling criticisms."

Review of #DistantJustice in the latest @ForeignAffairs

A fantastic discussion on #DistantJustice & the #ICC @issafrica. Think Richard Goldstone & I agreed more than we'd anticipated on the nature of the Court's flaws & the need for reform. And great interventions & expert chairing from @MaS1banda.

Pic by @_MiaSwart
What a hyper-organised crew they are @issafrica. The video of today's debate about an agenda for reforming the #ICC is already up. Here's the exchange between Richard Goldstone & me, moderated by @MaS1banda. #DistantJustice

My interview with @Eusebius @Radio702 will be broadcast at 11am CAT today. Tune in to hear us discuss my new book on the International Criminal Court entitled #DistantJustice & how the #ICC has been wilfully used by African states against their opponents. 702.co.za/shows/5/the-eu…
Key moment in this discussion - Richard Goldstone, longstanding supporter of the #ICC, calls for an urgent & independent review of all aspects of the Court's operations. Says this is top priority for the ICC's state backers & must be conducted by external inter-disciplinary team.
NAIROBI launch of #DistantJustice: The Impact of the International Criminal Court on African Politics

8:30am, Friday, 10 May 2019
The Heron Portico, Jakaya Kikwete Rd
Hosted by @AfriCOG, @thekhrc & @KPTJ_Kenya

Copies of the book available for ksh.2000

Today's stop on the #DistantJustice tour is Addis Ababa. Meeting various @African_Union departments & local civil society. Sharing my findings on the #ICC's impact on African politics & how to reorient policy towards robust domestic remedies on the continent.
Full programme for the Nairobi launch of #DistantJustice, 10 May, featuring presentations by Christine Alai, Lydia Muthiani, Njoki Wamai & James Gondo. Despite the listings I won't speak for 45 mins & there'll be tons of time for audience discussion. And breakfast will be served!
Next week the #DistantJustice jalopy moves on to #Uganda.

KAMPALA book launch
Tues, 12 May, 2pm
International Crimes Division, High Court

Hosted by @refugeelawproj & ICD
RSVP to @jackodong

Come along if you're interested in the #ICC, peace, justice & reconciliation in Uganda
Then it's on to GULU on Friday, 17 May, 2pm at Bomah Hotel.

The discussants on #DistantJustice will be Ocey Laury Lawrence, Henry Komakech & Margaret Ajok.

Hosted by Arthur Owor @Owor7 & the Centre for African Research. RSVP to Arthur. Details below.
And the #DistantJustice #ICC tour wraps up in #Kigali on Fri 24 May, 2pm at Marriott Hotel.

The book launch will close the @Aegis_Trust Research & Policy conference. Come and hear the brilliant Rwandan researchers over the two preceding days.

Organised by @ndamuk @sashenge
About to kick off the Nairobi launch of #DistantJustice. @Gladwellotieno head of @AfriCOG giving the opening remarks.
@Gladwellotieno: important to discuss failures of ICC & Kenyan govt's intransigence. How to tackle continued claims for state immunity & lack of state cooperation with justice processes, international & domestic.
Follow Nairobi debates at #DistantJustice. Lots of live tweeting....
Amazing launch for #DistantJustice in Nairobi today. Great audience, fantastic presentations @alai_tina, @lydmm & @Njokiwamai, expert chairing @Gladwellotieno & @ItsGeorgeKegoro. Books sold out (left another box with @africog). Grateful to @africog @khrc @KPTJ_Kenya for hosting.
Tomorrow I'll tweet highlights from the discussions. Key theme was #ICC is failing African societies so African states must show they can lead on peace, accountability & reconciliation. Some states are doing more than others. #Kenya|n govt needs to do much more. #DistantJustice
As ever the #ICC is big news in this part of the world.
Tomorrow (14 May) 2pm is the KAMPALA launch of #DistantJustice at the High Court

Hosted by @refugeelawproj & ICD

Discussants Judge Elizabeth Nahamya & Margaret Ajok

We'll debate future of #ICC, Ongwen & Kwoyelo trials, peace, justice & reconciliation in Uganda

RSVP @jackodong
One of the big issues to discuss at the #DistantJustice launch tomorrow - given the donor funds pumped into the Ug judiciary since 2008, why wasn't Ongwen prosecuted here? Why were donors & govt so comfortable seeing him go to the #ICC? Where does that leave the domestic sys now?
Excited to launch #DistantJustice today in one of the chambers of the International Crimes Division in Kampala. Plenty to discuss about the #ICC's impact here since 2004. 2pm start. Don't get stuck in the traffic!
Starting the #ICC book launch in Kampala hosted by @refugeelawproj & International Crimes Division. Live tweeting from #DistantJustice.
A full tent at the ICD ready to debate the impact of the #ICC in Uganda & across the continent. #DistantJustice
Lots of live tweeting at all Africa launches so far. Check #DistantJustice for updates.

Huge thanks @refugeelawproj @jackodong @DrChrisDolan & the ICD for such an electric event in Kampala yesterday.

Now packing up, about to jump on the bus to Gulu for the launch on Friday...
Here's @ugandarn's report on the launch of #DistantJustice in Kampala. Debates centred on the #ICC's gross missteps in #Uganda & across Africa + why the Ugandan govt has so clearly disempowered the ICD & domestic justice institutions. @refugeelawproj ugandaradionetwork.com/story/new-book…
Now in Gulu, where much of the research for #DistantJustice #ICC was conducted. Looking forward to seeing many friends at tomorrow's launch.

Friday, 17 May, Bomah Hotel, 2pm.

Discussants: Henry Komakech, Grace Akello & Laurie Acen.

Hosted by @Owor7 Centre for African Research
Press conference at the Northern Ugandan Media Facility today - ahead of tomorrow's launch of #DistantJustice. Listen @MegafmGulu @SpeakfmG @Choicefm_Gulu tonight & tomorrow for discussion of the #ICC's impact on peace & justice in Uganda, role of Amnesty Act & community rituals.
Also plenty of journalists' questions about the #Ongwen & #Kwoyelo trials, future of the #ICC ("will the Court last another 10 years? 2 years?"), is Uganda's International Crimes Division simply "window-dressing"?
New Book Criticises #ICC for Suffocating African Justice Systems - the @UGIndependent reports on Tuesday's #Kampala launch of #DistantJustice. independent.co.ug/new-book-criti…
The Gulu book launch kicks off at Bomah Hotel at 2pm. Lots of live tweeting at #DistantJustice.

Looking forward to an afternoon of quality debate about the #ICC & its impact in northern Uganda & beyond, moderated by @Owor7 from the Centre for African Research.
#DistantJustice launch in Gulu.
Discussant remarks by Laury Ocen @MISR_Mak: #DistantJustice unearths the "alienness" of the #ICC in African societies. What is the basis of its supposed "internationality"?
Grace Akello unfortunately couldn't make it at the last minute, hence the all-male panel. #DistantJustice
Ocen: "The #ICC's crisis of legitimacy is equally the crisis of legitimacy of African states. The Court has become part of those states' patronage networks. Local communities note this and critique both - ICC & govts." #DistantJustice
Second discussant Henry Komakech Kilama: "What were African states really looking for when they signed the #ICC Statute in Rome? Was it more about foreign aid than support for international criminal law?" #DistantJustice
Komakech: Can the #ICC give technical support & share evidence with domestic courts like Ugandan ICD? Must avoid current problems with Kwoyelo case - only 2 witnesses called in 10 yrs and 1 was a contextual witness. ICD has had no help from Ugandan govt or ICC. #DistantJustice
Komakech is victims' lawyer in Kwoyelo case before International Crimes Div of High Court. Asks UPDF to detail courts martial into Ugandan army crimes during LRA conflict. Govt claims cases have taken place but where are the details? Looks like govt impunity. #DistantJustice
The Gulu launch of #DistantJustice #ICC ended with a goat roast in Layibi. Many thanks to @Owor7 & Henry Komakech for such generous hosting.

More books are on their way to Kampala & Gulu. For anyone who wants it right now, the e-book is available here: ebooks.com/en-ug/96332250…
After Cape Town, Pretoria, Addis, Nairobi, Kampala & Gulu, the #DistantJustice Africa tour wraps up this week in KIGALI. 

Friday, 24 May, 2pm
Marriott Hotel
Discussants: Florida Kabasinga & Charity Wibabara
Hosted by @Aegis_Trust

RSVP to Gisele.Iradukunda@aegistrust.org.rw
Essential reading from @ItsGeorgeKegoro @thekhrc - building on things he said at the #DistantJustice launch in Nairobi. Assessing the aftermath of #ICC's collapsed cases in #Kenya: "We were always on our own." The focus now must be on domestic remedies. standardmedia.co.ke/mobile/amp/art…
My @ORGinfo interview about my book #DistantJustice. Too much of the current crisis within the #ICC & calls for reform are Hague-centric. The Court's flaws were apparent long before the blunders of the last year. Any ICC review must grapple with its negative effects across Africa
Here's the link to my Oxford Research Group interview on #DistantJustice & why the Court's negative impact on African societies should be the focus of any #ICC institutional review. @ORGinfo oxfordresearchgroup.org.uk/blog/the-inter…
A great interview with @MweneGahaya @ktradiorw about my book #DistantJustice. Debating the significance of the #ICC in #Rwanda & the region. The show will be broadcast on 2 June.
Excited to launch my book #DistantJustice: The Impact of the International Criminal Court on African Politics in Kigali tomorrow (Friday, 24 May). 2pm at the Marriott Hotel, hosted by @Aegis_Trust. Copies will be available at the drinks reception for 20k RWF. All welcome.
Another fantastic turnout for the launch in Kigali. Lots of live tweeting at #DistantJustice.
Hearing fantastic discussant's commentary from Charity Wibabara from the #Rwanda|n National Public Prosecution Authority. #DistantJustice
Wibabara: concerns over the #ICC stymieing homegrown solutions across Africa. #DistantJustice
Florida Kabasinga, second discussant: "International criminal justice has been set up to fail. Ignores context & culture. Domestic institutions incl national courts are embedded in both." #DistantJustice
Kabasinga talks about depth of suspicion of #Rwanda|n actors (biased, corrupt, ignorant) when she worked at the ICTR. Similar attitudes deep within #ICC. #DistantJustice
Felix Ndahinda wrapping up the #DistantJustice launch & two days of presentations by Rwandan researchers supported by @Aegis_Trust.
Double page spread on my book #DistantJustice in today's @DailyMonitor in Uganda - focusing on the cosy relationship between the Ugandan govt & the #ICC. I'll forgive the sub-editors for referring to me as a "British scholar". monitor.co.ug/Magazines/Peop…
And another piece on #DistantJustice & the Kigali book launch in today's @NewTimesRwanda. Need to bolster domestic justice across Africa given the #ICC's recurring failures. newtimes.co.rw/news/experts-w…
Amazing few weeks touring #DistantJustice through South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda. Thanks @_IJR_ @issafrica @AfriCOG @thekhrc @KPTJ_Kenya @refugeelawproj @Owor7 @Aegis_Trust for incredible hosting. I'll pen a piece soon digesting all the #ICC debates along the way.
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