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#बीपीसीएल की संपत्ति 9 लाख 75 हजार करोड़ रुपए।

15 हजार 87 आउटलेट के 1,50,870 करोड़ मूल्य।

3177 किमी पाइपलाइन की लागत 11120 करोड़ है।

ब्रांड वैल्यू 22700 करोड़।

चेंबूर में 52 एकड़ जमीन की कीमत 5200 करोड़ रुपए है।
अन्य भूमि, सुविधाओं के नेटवर्क की कुल लागत 975948 करोड़ रुपये है।

वित्त वर्ष 2018-2019 में टर्नओवर 337600 करोड़ और नेट प्रॉफिट 7132 करोड़।
2020-21-22 के लिए संख्या की जाँच करें।

#सरकार की हिस्सेदारी 53.29 फीसदी है।
अगर सरकार कंपनी को 75,000 करोड़ रुपये में बेचती है, तो देश को 446,000 करोड़ रुपये का नुकसान होगा।

यह सब किसने कहा?

फेडरेशन ऑफ ऑयल पीएसयू ऑफिसर्स, कनफेडरेशन ऑफ महारत्न ऑफिसर्स, पब्लिक सेक्टर ऑफिसर्स, ऑफिसर्स अमित कुमार, पीएन पाठक, संदीप पाटिल, अनिल मेधे और
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#Nifty50 stock chart
👉🏻Support and resistance levels.
👉🏻It can be helpful if you are stucked in any of the following stock.

🔀Retweet- Let the needful can get support.

You can also post your stock charts below.

#StockMarketindia #trading @kuttrapali26

Support : 3751 & 3625
Resistance : 3878 & 4075 Image
Support: 784 | 746
Resistance: 828 | 865 Image
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Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #ADANIPORTS: ₹562
2️⃣ #ASIANPAINT: ₹2,552
3️⃣ #AXISBANK: ₹620
4️⃣ #BAJAJFINSV: ₹10,445
5️⃣ #BAJAJAUTO: ₹3,280

Save it for later ✅
#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

6️⃣ #BAJFINANCE: ₹4,668
7️⃣ #BHARTIARTL: ₹552
8️⃣ #BPCL: ₹255
9️⃣ #BRITANNIA: ₹2,534
🔟 #CIPLA: ₹850

Save it for later ✅
#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #Trader #OI

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #COALINDIA: ₹163
2️⃣ #DIVISLAB: ₹3,154
3️⃣ #DRREDDY: ₹3,365
4️⃣ #EICHERMOT: ₹2,431
5️⃣ #GRASIM: ₹1,221

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #BSE

Thread 🧵(3/11)
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A thread🧵 on Why gross refining margins (GRM) are at multi year high & what it means for refining stocks

"Exxon made more money than God this year," said Biden

GRM is difference between value of crude based products & value of crude oil.

GRM trends
Q1FY23 GRM (in average basis)- $23
Q4FY22 GRM - $8.1
Q3FY22 GRM - $6.1
Q2FY22 GRM - $3.7
Q1FY22 GRM - $2
Q4FY21 GRM - $1.2 Image
Why GRMs are multi year high?
- refiners shut several unprofitable facilities after crude turns negative in pandemic
- refining capacity down to 17.2 Mn bpd in Mar-22 bpd from 19 Mn bpd in April-20 while Downstream products demand remain robust, (1st time in 30 yrs).
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A thread on my piece around fuel price hikes. Come 10th March, sharp fuel price hikes are coming. How sharp ? $1 increase in Crude leads to a 50 – 60 paisa/ litre increase in retail fuel prices. Total increase could be as high as Rs 10/ litre. 1/7…
Govt & Oil Companies say they're protecting consumers. Guess what ? April '20 -Crude fell as low as $9.12/ barrel. What did Oil firms do ? Stopped price revisions for *82 days*. In May 21, we saw 16 fuel price hikes. Consumers were hit by no benefit & then record high prices 2/7
Any relief ? Yes. In November last year, a sizeable Rs 5/ltr cut in excise duty on petrol and a Rs 10/ltr cut in excise duty on diesel. But fuel earnings for the Govt have been frankly, great - A robust ₹ 4 lakh crores this year and ₹3.35 lakh crores project next year. 3/ 7
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Making money from #STOCKMARKET is a most BORING REPITITVE JOB..
One just need to keep it simple, Boring & need to repeat it every day, week, month, year.

And in this #Thread will try to explain how to do it in such way..

You can Start it with 3lk-30lk-3cr..
It's up to u.. 🤗🙏
Divide your Capital in 3 parts..
1-1-1 lakhs or 10-10-10 lakhs or 1-1-1 crore respectively..

Let's name them

Part 1 : Fix Income Source
Part 2 : Make money with market
Part 3 : Wealth creation by Compounding

Below is the description of all 3 parts.. 👇

We all know that stock market is uncertain & beyond anyone's control. So if we enter in it as a Full Time Job then 1st thing we must do is to fix our earnings for our family's daily livelihood.
So for that we need to make our Fix Income Source from it.
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Nifty 50(w) structure

At RSI front Index given continue some weakness but still we respected 17700 and Monday if some panic same can move towards 17570-17600..

Next weekly closing below 17570 will put more pressure of consolidation.
If we try to observe Nifty 50 stock wise charts most of counters give comfort that we should hold & respect the 17600-17700 zone once as solid support.

Further looking on same chart clear visible that same consolidation may take more time till we not break 18300 towards high.
Bank Nifty Structure...

Index almost correct 4000 point one way,hence same is also near 38K psycological as well as technical support zone,hence same also indicative that a bounce back is clearly due in BN as well,hence don't panic if some pressure as Hap down etc in monday.
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#BPCL : Have been running strategies on BPCL since Mid March.
Stock has been quite volatile as the news around its divestment has been volatile. But since it was certain that govt would not be selling it cheap as this is one of the better managed PSUs .. (1/n)
... And there would be several transactions to make it's structure simpler for a prospective buyer to evaluate. That would mean selling off few subsidiaries which would bring in cash and that cash would be distributed to the share holders.
So, I bought 1800 shares of BPCL in March and pledged them to generate margins.
Using a part of those margins sold a call to make some monthly income till the plan plays out.
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1 new chart everyday, it could be from any space ~ equities / commodities / crypto / forex / bonds , etc

Will try to do it daily 🙏💪

Here's the first one 👇

SBI vs BankNifty

Ratio chart has given monthly breakout implying SBI could outperform BN in coming months.

#PB365 Image
(2) #DLF monthly chart

#PB365 Image
(3) #VodafoneIdea weekly chart

#PB365 Image
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With the Bull run taking a halt in Crypto trading, back to Stocks!

Stocks for 27/11/20 Intraday


Based on NR4, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 3/8 Stocks gave tradeable moves

1/3 : #RELIANCE : PROFIT : +3R

After a Liquidity hunt on the downside, price went up and came back to test that same zone as support which gave strong Bullish Reaction for a Long trigger

Exit at resistance zone ImageImage

As I posted:

Price was doing a double S/R flip which is s strong Setup, supported by good volumes coming in, for a Long trigger

Exit at resistance zone using a predefined target ImageImage
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१)#BPCL खासगीकरण,कंपनी माहिती
२)#share सरकारला फायदा
३)BPCL अस्तित्व
२०२०-२१ बजेटनुसार सरकारला खासगीकरणातुन २.१लाख करोड रु. उभे करायचे आहेत पण सध्या ते अशक्यच आहे..सरकारने #BPCL विकायला काढलीय पण आश्र्चर्याची गोष्ट #RelianceIndustries ने बिडींगमध्ये सहभाग घेतला नाही.रिलायन्स सोबत
जगभरातील नावाजलेल्या कंपन्या जसेकी #saudi_aramco,इंग्लंडची #BP(british petroleum) व फ्रांन्सची #total यांनीही बिडींगमध्ये निरूत्साह दाखवला आहे.
**BPCL बद्दल थोडी माहिती:-
१८८६ साली भारत पेट्रोलियमची नोंद स्काॅटलॅंडमध्ये करण्यात आली कारण तेव्हा भारतावर ब्रिटिशांचे राज्य होते..
आज आपण जी भारत पेट्रोलियम (BPCL) पाहतोय तिचे सुरूवातीचे नाव 'Rangoon(रंगुन) oil and exploration company' असे होते.त्यावेळीस आसाम व बर्मा(आजचा म्यानमार) मध्ये तेलाच्या खाणी शोधण्यासाठी कंपनीची स्थापना करण्यात आली होती.आज कंपनीत १२,१५७ कामगार काम करतात.#BPCL मध्ये सरकारची‌ ५२.९%
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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes.
Adani enterprises
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Stocks for 18/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day: 3/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves

1/3 : #SRTRANSFIN : PROFIT : +1.6R

Price was going towards previous highs with declining volumes and increasing wicks. Rejected by forming strong Bearish candle

Exit after successive Bullish candles came in Image
2/3: #ESCORTS : PROFIT : +0.6R

Broke out of Day's high forming Very strong candles. Not too convinced because Volumes were lacking.

Exit after price couldn't get past next resistance Image
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Stocks for 17/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 3/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves

Pretty average Day for me But Lots of Learning too

1/3 : #TECHM : LOSS : -0.3R

All details on Chart

LEARNING: I could have Maybe waited for pullback since Stock went up +2.65% with that huge candle
Good that I cut it Early Image
2/3 : #TATACONSUM : PROFIT : +0.8R

Price rejected from previous highs and formed Bearish candles

Some have asked me about use of VWAP. I use it for trades like these. Here price bounced at VWAP which was not good for Short trade, hence closed Image
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Will be posting TA of all #nifty50 stocks in this thread. Any comments, suggestions are welcome!
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I believe #ratio #charts are one of the most underrated and underutilized tools in #technicalanalysis. Do you agree?
Ever wondered which stock to chose between the two?

#HDFC or #HDFCBank?
#TCS or #Infosys?
#HeroMoto or #BajajAuto?
#ACC or #Ambuja?
#BajajFinserv or #Bajajfinance?

But don't know whats the best approach to pick one?
#Ratio #charts can help you identify the best stock for #trading and #investment. You can plot a #ratiochart by dividing the price on one stock with another. Its preferable to divide the high priced stock with low priced one to get ratios greater than 1.
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There were no Good stocks using NR7 Yesterday, hence I didn't take any Intraday trades today.

Stocks for 27/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Late Results of the Day! 5/10 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/5: #CIPLA: PROFIT: +0.9R

Same Stuff as I posted in market hours:

-Price breaks resistance with strong candles and Volume: BUY
-Price shows weakness by wicks and Bearish candles with Volume: EXIT Image

Again, price reacted strongly at Support : Went LONG

Seeing weakness : EXIT

Details on chart Image
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Stocks for 25/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volatility and Volume concepts
Results of the Day : 2/12 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/2 : #JSWSTEEL : PROFIT : +2.6R

Price wicked at previous session high multiple times and finally gave a bearish engulfing strong candle with Volume.

Exit was done after price went to support and gave bullish candles Image
2/2 : #TVSMOTOR : PROFIT : +2.4R

Similar reasons to JSWSTEEL, price wicked at previous session high resistance and formed Long wick candle and a Bearish engulfing candle

Final Exit was at HTF Support where Price started forming Bullish candles

Kindly❤️ / Retweet if it's Useful ImageImage
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Stocks for 14/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 3/11 Stocks gave tradeable moves. A great day for me since there was a lot of Volatility and I read the price action well.

My best price action read today :

Price started Bullish but found resistance at 11th Aug high. Short trade taken after bearish confirmation and Exited as per my rules.

Tip #2 in pinned tweets was KEY in securing higher profits

+4.5R profits booked Image
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Stocks for 06/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility
3/11 Stocks gave tradeable moves today. A/D was Bullish at 2:1 which defined the bias for the day.

1/3 : #BPCL

Bullish start defined by wicks and presence of Wide range Buy candles, which broke the previous resistance

+1.5R booked till the next level of resistance. Image

Start of day saw bearish moves but formed Double bottom at Support. Entry was taken when
- price formed wide range Bullish candle
- with Volume and
- closed above VWAP

+1R profits booked because of wicks at High Volume at resistance. Check Pinned Tip #1 ! Image
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#bpcl - one big hit of the day
actual qty 80k Image
sorry bpcl is this Image
link of trade
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