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Here is a list of FREE and FULLY-FUNDED #scholarships, fellowships, bootcamps, grants, and career advancement opportunities for you to explore this week.

@OReillyMedia is offering 500 annual scholarships giving recipients full access to the O’Reilly learning platform. To be considered for an O’Reilly DEIJ scholarship, please submit your application on or before March 31, 2023.…
Nuffic Global Development provides information with a complete overview of all available scholarships to study in the Netherlands.
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Are you tired of crafting the perfect resume but not receiving any calls? Look no further than AI-generated resume sites! These platforms use cutting-edge technology to analyze your skills and create a standout resume.
Here are ten sites to check out:

1. Zety -

2. ResyMatch -

3. Hiration -
4. -

5. CVCompiler -

6. TopResume -

7. Jobscan -
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Scholarships in Europe for STEM and NON-STEM programs.

Some EU countries do not require application fees.

Applications are still open for some

Take advantage

Till we all win
1. Erasmus Mundus joint masters scholarship -
2. DAAD EPOS Scholarship
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How to craft a scholarship/funding application.

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #Scholarships
(1/10) I have attended quite a few workshops in the past on how to develop a competitive application for scholarships (also written a few). So thought of sharing the key takeaways here. These points are from various sources which I have collected over some time now.
(2/10) Note: Some points are obvious (to be honest) but it will give you a checklist of things to keep in mind. I am “not” claiming these tips and tricks will get you the scholarship, but they will help improve (or craft) your application.
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Mtu wangu @depedrodeniss juzi July 2022 alisafiri kuelekea Western Michigan University (USA) kama mshindi wa Scholarship za Fulbright 2022. Ameniruhusu kushare mawasiliano yetu kuanzia 15/2/2021 - 22/4/2022 ili kuwainspire wengine. Tulianzia hapa⬇️
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PM Modi, who won 2014 elections on Hindutva, has surpassed all previous govts on Muslim appeasement. This govt is hardly even secular, let alone Hindu.This govt is purely Islamist, working with a singular goal of the extinction of Hindus. Lets look at the facts 1/n

Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme 2/n…

Post-matric Scholarship Scheme 3/n…
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The American Dream Academy in partnership with #Coursera is making 12 tech career cert free, you don't need to apply for financial aid to access them.

📅Sign up before Oct 1
For those still having challenges applying for FA and can't wait for the 15days application wait. Now is your chance, just signup and get access to the courses.🙌

Google Data Analytics
Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
Google IT Support
Google Project Management
Google UX Design
Salesforce Sales Development Rep
Salesforce Sales Ops
Meta FB Social Media Marketing
Meta Front-end Developer
Meta Back-end Developer…
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Below are some prestigious, fully- funded #scholarships in RUSSIA, SWEDEN, USA, UK and CHINA.

Share with prospective candidates or tag them here.

Best of LUCK!

1. Russian Government Scholarship for International Students, 2022…
2. PhD International Scholarships in Cleaner Futures New Porous Materials at University of Liverpool, UK…
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Avert Rejection by avoiding these common errors in your PERSONAL STATEMENT!


A Thread! Image
For students or professionals seeking to advance their study abroad, your personal statement is an important factor in getting an unconditional offer. It can make or mar your chances.

To avert rejections and land that admission, avoid these common errors.

#Travel #ASUU

Having a good plan allows you to structure your letter and pick out the points that are applied to your application such as background, achievements, academic background, motivation, etc

#academictwitter #ASUUstrike
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I'll never forget one of the best pieces of advice I got from a potential supervisor a few days before the interview for a scholarship in a PhD programme.

A 🧵

#phdchat #AcademicTwitter #scholarships @OpenAcademics @PhDVoice #AcademicChatter @ThePhDPlace
Script the pitch in less than 3 minutes.

Wow, that was mindblowing. I thought that pitching our ideas was only for entrepreneurs or marketing professionals…how wrong was I.

It made so much sense. But how can we script the pitch when preparing for PhD interviews?
First, we need to understand that scripting or rehearsing the interview is not only useful, but it's necessary.

You have to be yourself, you have to let your enthusiasm shine through, but you have to prepare for it in advance.
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1/n @DBTIndia our project fellows not paid for 9mo. we have sent series of uc/soe but every time due to delay, the next series of papers wanted as time has lapsed or something silly. those with big projects with crores of funding can shuffle/do tricks w their money, we can't.
2/n what can a young person do to get paid? beg, borrow or steal - that they do but what else above and beyond!!! our brains are brain dead in paperwork, juggling the never-ending maze of bureaucracy, both at our parent org & at grant awarding org.
3/n i don't know who actually is in charge. everyone wants to help but no one is in charge who can take the bull by the horn. who should we write or speak to?
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As the summer, grad students start to cook up research ideas to apply 4 scholarships in the fall. If you want to get ur ideas organized to write ur proposal, this 🧵 is 4 u!

#AcademicChatter #academicrwitter #phdlife @PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhDspeaks @CouragePhD @AcademicChatter
As an almost 4th year phd candidate, I’ve had the opportunity to create and improve upon countless #research proposals for #Scholarships This is where my outline for an effective proposal comes in.
It’s important to carefully read the application guidelines provided by the institution offering the scholarship, because they differ in format and content. For instance, SSHRC asks for the 1st paragraph of the proposal to talk about your experiences within the PhD program.
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1/ Why @BreederDAO now?

Disclosure: my company @emfarsis is an investor in BreederDAO & other startups mentioned in this thread 👇
2/ @BreederDAO reminds me of @YieldGuild before anyone knew about YGG.

Throughout 2021, YGG went from an unproven, obscure concept to become the benchmark for a whole new industry, inspiring a tidal wave of innovation in #NFTs + blockchain games.…
3/ Back in late 2020, when I first learned about @YieldGuild & its grand ambitions, the concept was hard to grasp. @beeple hadn’t yet sold his $69M Everydays NFT. @AxieInfinity was being played by less than 500 people globally. #Metaverse hadn’t hit the mainstream.
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If you're not being adequately compensated for your hard work, your career is likely to feel frustrating at best, and unfulfilling at worst.

But is there anything you can do about it? Yes! Improved compensation is one of the most important benefits of career advancement for many
professionals. To get the most out of your work, it's important to take a strategic approach to seek out other higher-paying opportunities. The best way to do this is not to go to every nook and cranny of the internet applying for every job position that is available but to align
yourself properly and define your career grounds. The fastest way to go through this process is to sign up for our career competitiveness and Optimization program.

👉Sign up and watch your career success spike to the peak. We are having a 20% discount on all our products
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Happy new month lovelies🥰.
As you may already have heard, the month of April is one of my best months.
I was born in April🥰, and each year there are many things I love and look forward to in April. Image
💃💃 To celebrate my birthday this year. We've got some sparkle in store for you! I'm sure you know that by now. In the mood for this celebration, we have decided to offer a 20% discount on all our programs:

👉Career competitiveness & Optimization
👉 Graduate application school help

👉Relocation - Credential Evaluation & Migration Pathway Determination

👉Program Selection for Intending Graduate Students

👉Brainstorming Session - Business, Branding & Others.
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Do you have all the proper credentials and you are still finding it difficult to secure scholarships?

I believe it is because you have not expanded your search well enough.

Here are 50 different MSc, PhD and Postdoc scholarships in different countries you may consider👇
Eligibility: International
Value: partial funding
Deadline: varies…
Eligibility: International
Value: Full funding
Deadline: March 22…
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A thread on how to choose MS/Ph.D. programs if you have multiple offers (from International Students' perspective, @Omviser1 )

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent any organizations that I'm associated with.

#gradschool @AcademicsSay #phdstudent
Before I jump in, some background:

When I chose Penn State over my other acceptances (UIUC, Purdue, UC Santa Barbara etc.), my friends and family were surprised to hear that I gave up a top 5 school to attend a top 15/20 in my area.

Sharing my decisioning criteria below 👇
While funding wasn't an issue to me at all, I encourage everyone to think from a ROI perspective at MS or Ph.D. levels.

I read somewhere that an acceptance without proper funding is essentially a polite decline. $$ matters.

#Funding #PhDposition #Scholarships
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When you look at #crypto thru #GameFi, everything starts to make sense 😳
e.g. in-game assets for #P2E clearly justify a market for Brrwg/Lndg items #scholarships .
Which also justifies why in-game assets have to be #NFTs, pledged as LTV collateral.
.. this gives true meaning to #composability.
.. which explains #iov (web3), decentralization and user-owned-content; #web3 version of user-generated-content in #Web2.
>> 😇 ... and it all starts with #bitcoin (digital scarcity). I
I'm so glad I paid attention in #economics even though half of it is a ponzi musical chairs game 😆
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Ph.D. Openings (Computer Vision and Deep Learning), Fall 2022

He's looking for highly motivated students to join my research team at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at the University of Central Florida, starting in Fall 2022.

The students will work on the
following Research Topics:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision (object detection/recognition, action detection/recognition, human pose estimation and tracking, semantic segmentation, etc.)
(2) Vision for drones (vision-assisted navigation, control, planning, etc.)
(3) Multi-modality learning (vision, text, speech, etc.)
(4)Self-driving cars, LIDAR tracking, SLAM, Geo-spatial localization
(5) Label-efficient deep learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, weakly-supervised learning, zero-shot learning)
(6)Video Q&A
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1. 24 full scholarships at Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship.
Degree: Master's Program only Due date: 01.02.2022

2. Masters Student in Environmental Humanities The University of British
Columbia (UBC), Canada.
Due date: 14/01/2022

3. PhD scholarship: International/Global wildlife ecology and conservation
Due date: 01 Dec 2021
Area: Faculty of Science
Salary: ($28,597.00 - $28,597.00)

#research #PhDposition #MSposition #hiring
Details & Apply:

4. Biozentrum PhD Fellowships 2021/22
Due date: 10.11 2021
We offer you chance to learn skills and techniques needed in modern biology. The fellowships give students full and independent funding for their entire PhD and grant additional
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Ph.D. Openings (Computer Vision and Deep Learning), Fall 2022
In search for highly motivated students to join the research team at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at the University of Central Florida, starting in Fall 2022.
The students will work on the
following Research Topics:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision (object detection/recognition, action detection/recognition, human pose estimation and tracking, semantic segmentation, etc.)
(2) Vision for drones (vision-assisted navigation, control, planning, etc.)
(3) Multi-modality learning (vision, text, speech, etc.)
(4)Self-driving cars, LIDAR tracking, SLAM, Geo-spatial localization
(5) Label-efficient deep learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, weakly-supervised learning, zero-shot learning)

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I got 4 fully funded PhD offers in the USA

Here is what you can learn from each paragraph of my SOP

Check reply for this #thread....

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #PhDposition #phdlife #phdvoice #phdadvice #phdpositions #Scholarships #Phdapplications
Paragraph 1 (P1): Introduction

- Problem you want your career to solve

- Why the problem raises concern

- Why the problem needs to be solved

- Your career statement (may involve your aim to provide solution to the problem)

- Declare your intention to apply for a program
P2: Research
- Your research at undergrad and or post-baccalaureate
- Describe problem, approach, result, & significance of your research
- Highlight your role in the success of the research
- State how your research will influence your success in #gradschool
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Title: Aerostructural Wing and Fuselage Optimization for Hydrogen-based Aircraft

Background: Currently, aviation is undergoing a large shift towards more sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient aviation to meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) ambitious Image
targets to mitigate CO2 emissions by 50% from air transport until 2050. Hydrogen technologies have emerged as a potential energy source represent a long-term option as a fuel for aviation. Beyond the purely technological issues, a holistic assessment requires looking at the
integration of hydrogen into the aircraft design towards hydrogen-powered aircraft. The development of the necessary systems to store and distribute hydrogen fuel on the aircraft for flight is a mandatory step toward such a system. Since liquid hydrogen cannot be reasonably
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Kindly RT, tag and share for interested candidates

A thread of various scholarships for graduate school (Masters and PhD) in a variety of programs
15 fully funded Phd in agrifood and environmental sciences, University of Trento, Italy
Masters and PhD position in Agricultural Nitogen use efficiency at University of New Hampshire, USA
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