1) My friend @JonStancik shared this thread and led me to read it. As a fellow #PardonFlynnNow supporter, you may want to do so as well. I'll just a little below, in response.

@JonStancik 2) As you follow our dear Pirate's story, you'll come to this post. I consider it the most important:

@JonStancik Let's number that list:

1) Iran
2) Syria
3) China
4) Russia
5) North-Korea
6) Venezuela
7) Cuba

& also non-state actors

9) Hamas
10) Hezbollah.
@JonStancik 4) And responding to that list, first, I simply agree. Second, I am 100% confident that each of those bad actors has friends here in America, friends in high places to include the IC, the DNC, the Commentariat of the Media, and absolutely to include in the White House.
@JonStancik 5) Want to hear something funny? I find that list - along with all its internal allies right here in America - to be comforting. It names our enemy. It's a good list. It's good to know your enemy. I have another reason for comfort, it too is funny. Rage. That list makes me angry.
@JonStancik 6) But I take comfort from rage and anger. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. One of the greatest lines in film history. I take comfort that 63,000,000 voters from 2016 will be joined by many more in 2020 to reelect the ONLY candidate who will fight for us.
@JonStancik 7) Today's Impeachment effort, carried out by a Democrat House, faces a Republican Senate. Nixon faced a completely Democrat controlled Congress, both House and Senate. So also, Clinton, who faced a Republican House and Senate as well. You can feel the Democrat's false hope here.
@JonStancik 8) My Democrat friends consider this attempt noble, as driven by truth. Trump is bad, a criminal and must be impeached by the House and saved by the shame of the Senate Republicans, they put forward. And they mean it. That's what they think, honestly.
@JonStancik 9) My Democrat friends, however, hold out hope that honorable Republican Senators will join them in their righteous cause. And when I ask detailed questions, for the most part, their knowledge stops at what I've outlined. I love them, inclusive of what they don't know.
@JonStancik 10) My Democrat friends have simply ZERO idea of the criminality of their own leadership, or its compromised alliance with our nation's worst enemies. They have no idea. They don't know their leaders are in bed with each and every entity on the list of enemies above.
@JonStancik 11) But when I talk to my Never-Trump Republican friends, they have no idea about all this either. So that brings me back to we 63,000,000 who voted for Trump. We know. And my analysis indicates that a growing number of the Independents in the middle are learning.
@JonStancik 12) Let's go back to polls and polling, but briefly. Some say the support for Impeachment is falling. Some say it's rising. Truth is, the polling has close to ZERO capability to help us. So, once again, and simply, don't believe anything you hear.
@JonStancik 13) To my eye, there will be negligible attrition from Trump's voter pool, and a great deal more than merely negligible addition from those in the middle. An absolute landslide is completely possible. There are two levers, however, that must be employed.
@JonStancik 14) All those of us who enjoy even a single Republican Senator - here in Virginia, I do not - must reach out and lay down the law.

"Should you break ranks and support the Impeachment, we, your voters, will bring down Holy Hellfire and Brimstone upon you. Don't go there."
@JonStancik 15) The first lever - which is by far the most important - is that we Trump supporters and members of the MAGA movement, MUST speak with a unified voice so loud that it overcomes the lies and evil power of the swamp. We are the lever. We MUST speak.
@JonStancik 16) The second lever is our own media power, which is NOT insignificant. I love to rant about FOX's failings, but if you know of the pro-Trump Fox people - and there are many - please keep guiding them to the Senate Republicans who are our line of defense.
@JonStancik 17) Call in to every radio talk show you can, and go off about how the Republican Senators MUST HOLD THE LINE. Make comments, and reach out to your favorite podcast and Internet TV shows. Flood the conservative media with your firm stand, your unrelenting stance.
@JonStancik 18) If I could - obviously I can't - I'd love to include TRUST in Republican Leadership as a 3rd lever. Many tell me I should, and that I can. I always say the same thing, I hope you're right. But, I'm only offering two levers today, not three. I'd love to up that count, soon.
@JonStancik 19) Again, the two levers are: your outreach to your Republican Senator (if you have one) and your outreach to any conservative media you follow. And let me explain once more what the ultimate point of focus must be. It must be on the Republican Senate's fidelity, its Stand Fast.
@JonStancik 20) Try to hit a car window with your palm and break it. No, not your palm, the window. But, you'll most likely break your palm, the window is strong, your palm's force is spread wide. Now, grab a small crow bar and hit the window with its small end, in one place repeatedly.
@JonStancik 21) The window will surely break long before the crow bar even notices what you're doing. Why? Concentration of force. Spread your force around, it will have no impact. Concentrate it, and nothing can stop you. The Republican Senate must hold the line. We must make them do so.
@JonStancik 22) And our media people, from the first podcast of a new podcaster, all the way on up to the Might Hannity, they must all sound the same drum beat. We stand behind our beloved @POTUS in this moment, and we will show that support in 2020.
@JonStancik @POTUS 23) Okay, there is a 3rd lever, and it is @GenFlynn. Of all the leaders we have, he is the one with the greatest reach, and greatest ability to guide us, after Trump. He is what is called a force multiplier. He can speak to us, and rally us to the place of courageous action.
@JonStancik @POTUS @GenFlynn 24) No other person could possibly give us the boost to our spirits and morale right now that he could. And look at @JPWELL5's list again. Every one of their American minions knows this, and that's why @GenFlynn is the one American they hate the most.
@JonStancik @POTUS @GenFlynn @JPWELL5 25) Who are these internal enemies of America? They are the leakers and rats in the White House - and in the federal apparatus everywhere - who've betrayed us all along, and who have sought to suppress every aspect of @POTUS mission on behalf of MAGA.
@JonStancik @POTUS @GenFlynn @JPWELL5 26) These same highly placed leakers, always speaking on grounds of anonymity to the vile anti-Trump press, they are the ones blocking a Pardon for Flynn. The Impeachment is precisely what every one of our enemies, without and within, hopes for with all their heart.
@JonStancik @POTUS @GenFlynn @JPWELL5 27) Thus, I say, the 3rd great lever is the Pardon itself, and the restoration of Gen Flynn and Trump in their unstoppably powerful public friendship. And I say, that this lever is the easiest of all to pull. It is just a hashtag campaign, nothing to it.
@JonStancik @POTUS @GenFlynn @JPWELL5 28) All you do is post your own tweet that says anything at all like...

Please, Mr. @POTUS...

#PardonFlynnNow by a

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