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There are 1000s of stories of Yazidi woman's bravery. After being tortured, raped & sold as a sex shelves by Islamic States (ISIS) terrorists. But they shown their courage & managed to escape from ISIS.

It's been 6 years of #YazidiGenocide but still they're away from justice.1/n
3rd Aug marks 6th anniversary of #YazidiGenocide by Islamic State.

1000s killed. 1000s sexually enslaved. 1000s orphaned. 100s of 1000s exiled.

ISIS members brunt their families alive in front of them, brunt their houses, forcefully raped them and sold them as sex shelves. 2/n
Here I share some stories of brave #Yazidi girls who lost & everyone & everything but not lost the hope. They fought & escape from brutal tortured of ISIS.

But People who often share stories about Palestinian, Kashmir not uttar a single word for #Yazidis. 3/n
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Join us
It’s been 6 yrs since IS terrorists attacked the Yazidi community in Iraq on 3 Aug2014. We will commemorate this solemn anniversary with a campaign in social media with support from our friends around the world, will share and highlight our plight.
“Some took three or four girls. Some took a lot, their leader took seven for himself. The pretty ones were singled out. The women were separated from their children, they took everyone.” A Yazidi girl who survived of ISIS captivity.
“I experienced many difficult things at that moment, one of those experiences was seeing my father getting shot to death - 3 bullets.” Ekhlas, a Yazidi girl, was kidnapped at the age of 14 by ISIS terrorists when they targeted her village in Sinjar in 2014
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A reminder that slavery isn't just something that happened centuries ago...
Yazidis are trying to return to Sinjar, the town from which they were driven six years ago, & from which so many women & girls were taken into slavery. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.
Maybe, if you feel really strongly about combatting the legacy of slavery, donate to help them? #Yazidis
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6. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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I met Shereen a few days ago as the #Yazidis mark five years since ISIL’s brutality began on #Sinjar. She tries to forget the pain, but it’s difficult because of her physical and emotional scars. ISIL fighters used her as a sex slave.
She’s among an estimated 7000 #Yezidi women and girls were taken from Sinjar province - many had to endure what Shireen went through.
"I miss my daughters so much, I would give my life if I could see them again" she says holding back tears.
She's found her sons after ISIL lost its last territory in Syria - but her two daughters are still missing.
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5. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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The #SDF's proclamation of victory today against #ISIS's territorial Caliphate is a momentous occasion worthy of genuine celebration.

What was once a territory the size of the UK is now zero. That's no small accomplishment.

The #SDF lost 11,000 killed & 21,000 wounded.
#pt: After #ISIS's capture of #Mosul, its march south in #Iraq, expansion in #Syria & genocidal threats against #Yazidis in #Sinjar & #Kurds in #Kobani, the US mobilized the largest military coalition in modern history; 79 members.

Due in large part of @brett_mcgurk's hard work.
@brett_mcgurk #pt: As the #SDF has made clear, however, the counter-#ISIS mission must now shift to a new mission - the struggle is far from over.

The now-completed "clear" phase was the easy bit; the "hold" & "build" represents the huge challenge ahead, but our commitment is now in question.
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This is a Yazidi I met in a roasting refugee camp, with his 2 surviving children. He lost 2 daughters (both under the age of 12) to the beds of ISIS rapists, & his 2 elder sons to brainwashers who turned them into killers for the Caliphate.
His wife was also enslaved. She was shot through the head when she tried to escape. She survived but was left brain-damaged. The owner, via intermediaries, sold her back to her husband. While I spoke to him, I could hear her moaning behind a curtain, beating her head on concrete.
Sinjar fell in 2014. This was a year before Shamima Begum went to join ISIS. She knew full well about the fate of Yazidi girls younger than her, because her recruiter boasted about it, and laughed about their suffering. Yazidi slaves were part of the Caliphate's marketing.
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A few words about the granting of asylum to Saudi citizen #Rahaf in #Canada I am proud that my country is consistent in standing up for religious freedom. That means the freedom to embrace any religion or to reject any religion.
Much is being made of #Rahaf's rejection of Saudi dress laws and the religion of her family, #Islam. A reminder that Saudi is not the leader of Muslims in interpreting what is or is not 'Islamic'. SA is also not the 'birthplace of Islam'. SA is a nation less than a century old.
Many modern Muslim scholars have demonstrated that pre-modern imperial & fundamentalist conflations between religious & political identity are not in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Quran & the Sunnah. People have the freedom to accept or reject Islam. #Rahaf
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1) Today—on the 4th anniversary of the Kocho Massacre, when #IS slaughtered an entire town as part of the Yazidi Genocide—#Turkey bombed a #Yazidi convoy in #Sinjar that was returning from the Kocho Massacre memorial ceremony, killing Mam Zaki, an important Yazidi #PKK leader.
2) The convoy contained leaders & members of the Yazidi #YBŞ defense force and affiliated political institutions, including Mazlum Shingal, the military commander of the #YBŞ, who—like Mam Zaki—is also a #Yazidi. Mazlum (shown in photo) was injured but not killed in the attack.
3) A #Yazidi from #Sinjar (Tel Ezeir) named Harbo, a member of the Self-Administrative Council (a local governing institution that is a civilian political counterpart to the YBŞ defense force), was injured in the attack. Two others were killed; their identities are not yet known.
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1) Today afternoon #Iraq, 10/21/2017, all #Yazidis in #Sinjar that are receiving a salary from #KRG were informed to leave Sinjar & go to =>
2)#Kurdistan or their salary will be cut off.
3) This move will cause a further humanitarian devastation on the already suffering #Yazidis who have hardly anything to begain with post =>
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1) Our staff in #Sinjar were 400 meters away when they witnessed peshmarga's withdraw from Northeast Sinjar this morning.
2) They witnessed Peshmarga burning their bases after they withdrew.
3) They said #Yazidis are very happy and feel like #Sinjar's liberation from dictatorship of KDP was almost like that of #ISIS
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1) A MONUMENTAL DAY: The #KDP has FULLY WITHDRAWN from #Sinjar. I'm completely SPEECHLESS—(well, not completely): Bye-bye KDP!
#Yazidi #Iraq
2) After over 3 years of fighting for this outcome, the #Yazidi community has finally scored a major victory in reclaiming their homeland.
3) After #Peshmerga withdrew from Kirkuk yesterday (for which the PUK was hit w/ blame), the effect continues in KDP-controlled areas today.
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