He @Booker4KY, want any ammo to go after @RandPaul for stuff that's useless? Because this can help.
I mean from a Self-declared "#Libertarian", who seriously isn't he's #SocialConservative at best, it's not hard to dig up dirt on @RandPaul of his Voting Records. Like the 2016 Tax Bill that gave more money to the #Rich, Supports Banning #Abortion (which isn't Libertarian),...
Opposes #LGBTQIA Rights like Same Sex Marriage & wanted it to be banned, Rand is inconsistent on #MilitarySpending of sometimes leaning to not for it or for it in offensive wars (which many Libertarians call that out & believe in Defense of a Direct Threat of an Attack)...
In fact @RonPaul, Rand's father, along many Libertarians stated that we spend too much on the #Military & the funding should be cut due to us & our American Empire being the leading problem of International Affairs. Our militarism brings a situation that leads to a "Blow Back"!
Let's continue.
@RandPaul opposes #LegalizeDrugs (Unlike Libertarians) & even opposes #LegalizeMarijuana. Even though he isn't as Extreme as the other Republicans who want more Jail time for people who caught with a small amount of drugs, by wanting to change the Sentencing...
to not being longer than how the original is. He's not in-favor of legalizing it. Rand Paul supported profiling, deportation & imprisonment of people that the Government deemed were listening to "Radical political speeches by religious leaders." in Sean Hannity's show on 2011.
This was after he said, "I'm not for profiling people on the color of their skin, or on their religion,". That is by definition Un-Libertarian, yet he calls himself a Libertarian!
He voted against the 9/11 Victim Compensation Legislation in 2019, which then @jonstewart had to join in the fight with Logic & decimates Paul while he spouted out nonsense.

I said this a dozen times... We all know @RandPaul hates #Socialism & doesn't want #MedicareForAll...
But @RandPaul, the #Libertarian as he claims who always says, "right to health care ... means you believe in slavery." & always rails back against the evil grasps of the legions of #Socialism with his mighty fists... Yet he went to Canada for the #UniversalHealthCare System...
Some would say I'm being harsh because this was when his neighbor, Rene Boucher, attacked him. But yet while he claims our #Healthcare is Freedom as Insurance Companies block your Doctor as you need help. He gotten urgency while we don't at all!
Even Family-friends of mine fall into those categories while he compares #UniversalSinglePayer/#MedicareForAll as "slavery"... I rest my fucking case on that stance.
Here's another one of @RandPaul, He's against both a #MinimumWage/#LivingWage & even #UniversalBasicIncome/#UBI. Here's a fun fact that many probably not know, some in the #Libertarian-leaning, like Milton Friedman, was for a version of a Universal Basic Income system.
I think the #Libertarian backings wanted to replace Social Safety Net & Welfare State so they only do the U.B.I. which would reduce the Bureaucracy in they're opinion I believe... I remember @barron_ky, who ran for Senate under the @lpky, came in supporting #StimulusChecks...
as the #Pandemic Crisis gotten worse. @barron_ky said in the debates with @AmyMcGrathKY on the @WDRBNews, “I’m not a fan of Big Government spending, However, people are hurting. If I were to vote for it, the Lion’s share must go to the people.”
Now I don't know if @barron_ky does believe in the U.B.I. that I defined, but honestly I know @RandPaul's logic of not accepting #StimulusChecks while people are suffering in a Pandemic is maddening when he's judging from his Principles & make up stuff he says is factual.
Plus as I would say, these #StimulusChecks are effectively a #TaxBreak/#TaxCut for the People. Like giving them back the money that they paid in taxes & then the Government would cut them the amount check. I think even some who are #Libertarian would agree to this.
Not to forget that @RandPaul goes back to the old saying, "We can't spend anymore because of the Debt & Deficit!", when Rand voted for the 2017 Republican #TaxCut Bill where 83% of the Benefits went to the Top 1% of #Millionaires & he had no problem when it exploded our #Deficit!
He wanted to Reopen everything in a Pandemic with a Raging Virus & is still happening right now!

Here's one, He praised #DonaldTrump for #EndingTheWars that Trump didn't stop & kept America in the Endless Wars.
A lot of Americans & Kentuckians want the U.S. out of the Wars!
& this final one should be the final nail to the coffin of @RandPaul's Political Career... Rand Paul's Wife, @KelleyAshbyPaul, is involved of a Scandal of #InsiderTrading by Buying Stocks in the #Market of the Company of #Remdesivir.
She bought the stock on Feb 26th, before Remdesivir was going to be used for #COVID19/#Coronavirus. Hell, before the #Pandemic begun! She bought the #StockMarkets of @GileadSciences & didn't report this 6 Months.
So @RandPaul & @KelleyAshbyPaul made Money off of this, while the Tsunami of collapses occurred in America as #COVID19/#Coronavirus has impacted everyone & made our lives worse!

I gave you my points on to slam Rand Paul on, which is would probably get people to think now.

• • •

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