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👉Media #announcement!
A briefing on the failed 🇷🇺 T-90M main battle tank with the participation of representatives of the Centre for Research on Trophy and Advanced Weapons will take place on March 16, 11:00 a.m., in the Military Media Center.
Elements of the #T90M tank will be demonstrated at the briefing.

❗️Accreditation for media representatives is required and will be available until March 15, 6:00 p.m. Accreditation applications can be sent to
and must include: the name and surname of the media representative, the name of the media, AFU accreditation press pass number, the telephone number.
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The everyday life of Ukraine territorial defense forces @TDF_UA in the #Kharkiv region.
📸 Oksana Ivanets.
1/ Image
2/ Image
3/ Image
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🪖We have had a great opportunity to speak with @benedettabertiw about #NATO-Ukraine cooperation and climate implications for security.
Photo credit @TEDTalks
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We’re living in a world of sovereignty, territorial integrity, the right of each and every country to choose their own alliances, freely conducted foreign policy — these are central rights.The latest one has been violated in Ukraine because of Russia’s actions.(2/10)
🇷🇺🇺🇦 war threatens rules-based🌏order and also brings deep instability in the #EuroAtlantic space.That is a great concern of @NATO.That’s one of the reasons why the allies so strongly support🇺🇦right to self-defense in calling 🇷🇺to stop this horrific war. (3/10)
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Haben die Ukrainischen Streitkräfte gerade den Flughafen Donetsk eingenommen ?
Das wäre nen Hammer
#Ukraine #UkraineWar #UkraineWarNews
#ArmedForcesofUkraine #UkraineWillWin
Der Flughafen wurde heute Morgen durch ukrainische Marines gestürmt und erobert…!
Die Kämpfe dauern noch an
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-Update- 1/5
Britischer MI6:
Die Streitkräfte schneiden russische Einheiten in der Nähe von Izyum ab und bereiten sich darauf vor, Russland die Donbass-Versorgungsleitung zu entziehen.
Die ukrainische Armee startete eine Gegenoffensive im Süden der Region Charkiw. Auf einem schmalen Abschnitt der Front drangen die fortgeschrittenen Einheiten 50 Kilometer tief in das Gebiet vor, das zuvor von russischen Streitkräften gehalten wurde.
Anscheinend wurde die russische Armee überrascht. Der Sektor war schwach gehalten und ukrainische Einheiten übernahmen die Kontrolle oder umzingelten mehrere Städte.
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🧵English translation of an extremely important and interesting article written by Gen. #Zaluzhny (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine) and Lt. Gen. Zabrodskyi "Prospects for securing the military campaign of 2023: the Ukrainian view":…
HOW LONG CAN THIS WAR LAST & HOW CAN WE WIN IT: Today the absolute majority of military experts & analysts agree that
the full-scale war unleashed by the russian federation against Ukraine on 02-24-2022,
has long exceeded the concept of a local conflict of medium intensity. ⬇️ Image
This applies to the spatial indicators, the number of involved military forces, and the impressive list of weapons and other
high-tech equipment whose usage is characteristic of this military confrontation.⬇️
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▪️ Many 🇷🇺units are complaining of a sudden increase in 🇺🇦air power.

▪️ Although 🇷🇺has never achieved total air superiority, it has been dominant and its forces have grown dependent on air support.

▪️ However, a recent surge of 🇺🇦air assets is severely limiting 🇷🇺operations.
According to Russian sources, a unit moving to engage Ukrainian forces at Balakleya was stopped at Volokhiv Yar and destroyed by Ukrainian artillery.

We are working to verify these claims.
Ukrainian artillery is now engaging Russian positions at Kupyansk. Image
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Ukraine continues to form its own military traditions

Our fallen defenders are individuals, the pride and honor of the 🇺🇦 State, not some "#cargo200", and every death of a defender of #Ukraine️ is a tragedy for all of Ukraine. (1/5)
@OstaltsevL expressed an opinion about the need to replace the Soviet "#cargo200" with the phraseology "On the shield", and Tata Kepler implemented this proposal. (2/5)
The idea not only found support among veteran leaders of public opinion, but was also supported by the leadership of the #ArmedForcesofUkraine.
@mva_gov_ua @GeneralStaffUA

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Joint statement regarding the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war in #Olenivka
@ServiceSsu, @DI_Ukraine, the Armed Forces of🇺🇦and the Commissioner for Human Rights issued a joint statement regarding the mass murder of 🇺🇦 prisoners of war in the Olenivka colony.
On the night of July 29, on the territory of the former correctional colony No. 210, #Olenivka, in the temporarily occupied territory of the #Donetsk region, there was an explosion. As a result, the building in which Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept was destroyed. (2/16)
According to🇷🇺, more than 50 🇺🇦 defenders were killed, the number of wounded is unknown. According to the comments of 🇷🇺side, not a single worker of the colony, a militant of the "DPR" or 🇷🇺military man who was guarding the premises was injured as a result of the explosion.(3/16)
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Different variations of coat of arms of Ukraine - from medieval to current of the #ArmedForcesofUkraine
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How brave the soldiers of the 53d mechanised Prince Volodymyr Monomakh brigade are!
(1/6) Image
(2/6) Image
(3/6) Image
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The Ukrainian Defense Commander of #Severodonetsk is a Genius 🫡

Every war birth new geniuses and this war is not an exception. I think that for the next 100s of years military people will study #Mariupol and #Severodonetsk's defense.

The Defense Commander of #Severodonetsk takes into account that Russian forces are bad at street fighting he decided to allow #Russian forces to enter the city.


#Russian forces have bigger numbers of people, artillery, and the opportunity to use aviation in that direction.

So, the #Ukrainian commander decided to draw Russian troops into the city and drag them into heavy street combat.

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