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1/ Thread: Hormesis 101. Hormesis is a biphasic dose response organisms have to environmental agents/stressors. It is biological proof that the Nietzschism, "Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker" —arguably the founding premise
2/ of /fit/ + bodybuilding twitter, is in fact true. Origin —> 1880s toxicologist Hugo Schulz discovers that low doses of poison/disinfectant stimulates yeast growth (a sign of health) before becoming toxic/fatal at high doses. What mean? There is a nonlinear, dose-dependent
3/ relationship between stressors and harm or benefit. @nntaleb calls this "Proto-Antifragility", an incomplete, minor league echo of the grand AF concept. So, Hormesis is when small dose = positive health, high dose = death. The premise is simple, the implications are vast...
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For the last 2 months I worked on a project about using art to shine light on things that are important but invisible.
It ended as an "anticollaboration" on #biohacking.
It will be online all August.
I kinda liked how it turned out. Good #biology.
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I made this thing on #biohacking as part of an experimental collaborative project lead by @rakecollective.
The final result is planned to be a very solid & pretty thing, this is just a teaser 😎
Neil Harbisson…

Moon Ribas

Small, highly portable seismometer. It is a cylinder that measures 9 cm of diameter and 11 cm of height. It weighs 1-2 kg.…
Anaphylaxis: A History With Emphasis on Food Allergy.

The discovery of adrenaline, first hormone synthesized chemically (in 1906, by Stolz in Germany and Dakin in the UK).…
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Vietnamese coffee with homemade coconut condensed milk & dates #HasBeenHad

Love coffee? Read this thread to know the benefits of this #Nootropics

♨️Benefits of coffee // caffeine //

1️⃣ Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter?

@dobiohacking #DoBiohacking #Biohacking
Caffeine help the brain in blocking effects of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine.

This increases neuronal firing in the brain and the release of other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine.…
2️⃣ It helps in burning body Fat!

By triggering neuro systems, it helps in enhancing metabolism & increases the oxidation of fatty acids…
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Learn how to BioHack your sleep. (Read full thread)

// Basic //
What is Circadian Rhythm?
a 24 hour biological clock that runs in the background of your brain and alternates between drowsiness and energized levels at specific intervals during the day. #BioHacking Image
The rhythm has a free-running, it is also denoted by the Greek letter τ (tau). This period lasts approximately 24 hours. Few animals diurnal(active during day( has τ (tau) is slightly greater than 24hr & for few animals (nocturnal, active at night) τ (tau) < 24hours.
The rhythm is directly proportional to external stimuli (such as light and heat). One can rest or entrain it, example: When we travel in a different time zone and feel jet-lagged.
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Thread on reasons to increase #testosterone production.

Some of the physical benefits to higher T are as follows:

- Higher energy levels
- Greater muscle mass
- Lower body fat
- Stronger Bones
- Healthier skin
- Faster response times

#MensHealth #fatloss #biohacking
"Internal health" benefits to naturally increasing #testosterone production:

- Reduced risk of stroke
- Increased basal metabolic rate
- Improved blood circulation
- Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
- Reduced risk of heart problems
- Higher Immune system

#MensHealth #biohacking
The mental health benefits to increasing #testosterone:

- Reduced risk of depression
- Reduced risk of dementia
- Improved memory
- Reduced "brain fog"

#mentalhealth #MensHealth #depression #dementia #biohacking
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights removed from them without a group of absolute MERCENARIES ensconced in govt. ACTIVELY CONSPIRING to make $$$ off their bodies. #HardlyAmerican
2/ That kind of hubris well-shielded by #Secrecy cd. grow only in Secrecy. Wd. anyone believe that extreme-stealth weapons cd be used on you in your own home, your neighborhood, your community by OTHER AMERICANS while your so-called "Peace Officers" looked the other way?
3/ I highly doubt that Air Force Sec. Michael Wynne said that publicly without planned, organized strategy behind him. He was the public face of that strategy, the Hiding in Plain Sight face, announcing PERFIDY by US GOV against its own citizens openly to the world. In 2006.
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