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My most recent piece on why gas should power Africa’s Post-COVID growth:…
1/5. Facilitating broad-based economic growth for W. African countries to achieve upper middle-income status has become even more difficult of a challenge after #COVID
2/5. Access to affordable and reliable #energy is critical to the region’s development, and its abundant #naturalgas resources should underpin its energy system.

W. Africa cannot achieve high economic growth rates by framing energy policy around household energy.
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#Russia thread: Easy peasy: #Trump won't say anything because the #US is on the brink of disengaging from central Europe, and this is the final test. (1/7) @vtchakarova @TomekDeptuch @amlivemon @RobertMCutler @shaun_riordan
If #Merkel doesn't touch #Nordstream arrangements it means she has the rest of Europe behind her in a Russia appeasement policy effectively establishing anything east of the Oder as a buffer zone, #Belarus being one of the countries.(2/7)
As much as the US administration has signaled that there is a "Northern EU strategy", involving the #UK, Scandinavian/Baltic countries and #Poland, a Russophile Germany would undermine supply route security, and #France's standing in life is grounded in antiamericanism. (3/7)
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#Smartgrids: Peer-to-peer energy trading is a great #gridedge application!
Günter Mögele, a real #renewableenergy pioneer, gives valuable insights into the role of a prosumer in the "pebbles" project. In the @SiemensInfra solution, user-friendliness is crucial.
Curious how the #Pebbles #blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading APP looks like? Here is a screenshot of the savings and additional income that a prosumer generated with a #solarpower plant!
#Wildpoldsried is not only the home of #Pebbles peer-to-peer energy trading but has also a long track-record in #renewables & #sustainability.
The town in the German #Allgäu has won the #EuropeanEnergyAward several times. And is proud of it—with good reason! 🏆
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1/ Today's thread on our #ParisAgreement-compatible benchmarks report: all countries must decarbonise their #electricity sector by 2040, latest 2050. Emissions intensity must get to zero. #power #decarbonisation - see report here Image
2/ #Decarbonising the #power sector is key: without it, other sectors cannot do so. The 2030 benchmarks are also key - if countries are not on the right pathway by 2030, they cannot reach their 2050 goal. #renewables
3/ All countries must ramp-up #renewables (or other CO2-free technologies), to 98-100%, ideally by 2040, latest 2050. Fossil #CCS not viable: economically it doesn't stack up against #renewables with storage; current #nuclear not nimble enough. Image
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Our new report 'Renewables, recovery, and reaching net zero' presents new modelling showing sharp falls in the cost of #renewables #electricity ⚡️generation, reflecting the impact of falling costs + relative speed of construction

More here:

1 of 3...
For instance, our analysis of the updated modelling, commissioned from @AuroraEnergy, shows that deploying renewables faster will also lead to achieving a lower emissions intensity power system faster

2 of 3...
The Commission is now updating its recommended target for deployment of renewables🌞🍃 as part of a low cost low carbon electricity system – first set out in the National Infrastructure Assessment - from 50% to 65% by 2030.

The report is here:

3 of 3
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1/Today, we launch a new project: defining & analysing a series of global & country-level #ParisAgreement-compatible #decarbonisation benchmarks, across four major sectors: #Power, #Transport, #Industry, #Buildings, each w benchmarks for several indicators Image
2/ We've derived 2030 & 2050 sectoral benchmarks for seven countries: #Brazil, #China, #EU, #India, #Indonesia, #SouthAfrica, the #US, taking into account each country's technical, infrastructure & economic circumstances #decarbonisation. Summary report:
3/ Our benchmarks are at a level of “highest plausible ambition" - technically, economically feasible, consider existing infrastructure, ensure they push the boundaries on all levels, & increase our chances of meeting the #ParisAgreement #1o5C limit
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"Governments are spending vastly more in support of fossil fuels than on low-carbon energy in rescue packages triggered by the #COVID19 crisis"
If Europe's "#GreenRecovery" is a hoax, it's also a missed opportunity (1/3) 👎…
2/3 - Focus on short-term recovery and 'saving' our out-dated energy system neglects the additional social benefits of clean energy: reduced #airpollution; energy sovereignty; clean #jobs; system #resilience and local value chain creation
3/3 - Governments need to #BuildBackBetter with strong policies for #renewables & #energyefficiency: priority dispatch, use of renewable electricity over #fossilfuels, boosting shares of renewable heat.
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So, @RWE is trying to gain public support for its #LNG terminals in Germany by leading us to believe there is a #hydrogen future. Let us unpack this a little (THREAD):…

@peteraltmaier @SvenjaSchulze68 @GheorghiuAndy @ConstZerger
1/ The #LNG infrastructure planned is not ready for H2. @TUHamburg explains that you need a temperature of <-250C for liquified H2, vs <-100C for liquified gas, we are yet to see plans that show the design can cope. Well explained here in @TspBackgroundEK…
2/ Shipping H2 is something that people working in the #maritime industry are wary of. It is highly flammable and the safety risks associated would drive up insurance premia. Given low energy density, you'd need many more loads for same value --> expensive.
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FREE TODAY!! Our webinars for all to share from the @EU_H2020 @Proseu_Project The first with @NewAngliaEnergy and @ChristophMazur on Local Electricity business models for #EnergyTransition . @EnergyREV_UK @UKERCHQ @exeterepg @SmartEnergyGB @ETH_EPG
What did we learn? We are all tackling similar issues in Europe, looking for solutions to share #energy bottom up. #smartmetering key! #energystorage @EnergySysCat @smartcitiesdive @ICLEI_Europe @c40cities research here:… paper here:…
Lunch and Learn 2 RETRO-FIT! whole house retrofit by @BrownSdc and @RetrofitWorks how can we scale up retrofit at the city and neighbourhood scale? #GreenRecovery #GreenNewDeal @heatpolicyrich @UKERCHQ @janrosenow @heatandthecity
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Thread (1/9) Proud of our new report! So many messages distilled for you, by our team @EU_ScienceHub and from a polyphony of #EnergyScenarios. Let the deeper understanding of it mature now. Enjoy its taste !… #EUGreenDeal
(2/9) Scenarios achieving 50-56% CO2 reduction by 2030 see total #coal use reduce by 70%, #oil by 25-50% and #naturalgas by up to 25%. The use of total #biomass ranges from limited growth to an increase of up to 60%. All compared to 2017.
(3/9) The growth of #wind power generation varies between a factor of 1.5 and 3.5 and the growth of #solar power between 1.5 and 4.5. Between 2017 and 2030.
#Hydrogen and #CCUS emerges in some but not all scenarios.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/29/2020-2…
Coronavirus Bills Are So Big, Only Money-Printing Can Pay Them - Bloomberg…
#coronavirus #pandemic #Bills
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Researchers have... - Maps on the Web…
#pacific #maps #garbage #patch
Global cooling event 4,200 years ago spurred rice's evolution, spread across Asia…
#rice #asia #cooling #evolution
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CEEW unpacks #FM Nirmala Sitaraman's announcements on the booster measures to cope with & recover from #Covid19 induced shocks & to build a #SelfReliantIndia. We focus on Power sector, MSMEs, & NBFCs.…
#AatmanirbharBharat 1/n
"Over 1/2 of the INR 5.8L CR stimulus announced today focused on our #MSME sector. 40% of India’s 450 mn informal workers are employed with MSMEs. The recovery of this sector is central to our economic resurgence & the workers' well-being," @GhoshArunabha #AatmanirbharBharat 2/n
"The #MSME sector is also the backbone of India’s #energy transition, and a key source of industrial emissions," @GhoshArunabha.
#AatmanirbharBharat #EconomicPackage #SelfReliantIndia
@someshjha7 @Firstday75 3/n
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Offtake risk has become a blanket term that scares investors away from #power sector projects in India. We break it down to understand why that is? 1/n
Offtake risk is the risk posed by the off-taker (also called credit risk, counterparty risk or risk on receivables). In India, the counterparty is almost always a discom or a central government offtaker (SECI/NTPC) buying on behalf of the discoms. 2/n
The power purchase agreement (PPA) is the contract between the power generator and the purchaser (discom/SECI/etc) For RE the PPA mandates that all power generated must be purchased/paid for as per the must run clause. Exceptions are allowed only if there is technical trouble 3/n
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Sunday Night Virtual Church of Factology
Please pay attention and follow the whole thread

ANOTHER disinformation & misinformation account masquerading as a “patriot”
An “Australian” account
BAD idea to engage me @girlfromoz1

cc @SlickRockWeb @911CORLEBRA777 @IdeaGov
Let’s first look at Hoaxy, shall we?
Oh my that’s a very interesting diffused network - especially the QANON sub-hub - shittlestix was that out loud?
Hoaxy: How claims spread online…
The hashtags are also VERY interesting -

#covid19 #pennywong #israel #dropoutbiden #metoo #renewables #shame #insanity #anzacday2020#lightupthedawn
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I see discussion has started about possible ‘green’ recovery plans once we are passed the worst of #COVID19. What can we learn from @CambridgeEcon analysis of green recovery plans after the 2008 financial crisis? (1/8)…
First, the recovery plans weren’t very green. Even ones that were it was often for non-green reasons (e.g. building green stuff to help the cement sector). There is definitely scope for more ambition. (2/8)
The most ‘green’ common policies were 1) #energyefficiency, 2) vehicle scrappage schemes (not green), 3) investment in #renewables and 4) support for low-carbon innovation.

Looking back, funny to think how much attention car companies got. (3/8)
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Ok folks its time to talk about overbuilding renewable energy as the quickest and cheapest way to a low-carbon future for Australia.

Firstly if you're thinking about both the economic recovery from the #Covid_19australia crisis and how to respond to the #climatecrisis, I highly recommend the excellent work of @Anna_Skarbek's team @ClimateWorksAus in their latest report. See @adamlmorton's article for summary
The analysis by @ClimateWorksAus "suggests over-building renewable energy to 200% capacity – double what the country needs – could be more cost-effective than building to 100%, and would spark new clean export opportunities."
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Great to see draft #HeatNetworksBill laid in @ScotParl by @ScotGovEnergy today 👏

Heat networks can grow our use of #renewable heat & cut emissions on the path to #NetZero

Here's a rundown of the key policies in the Bill (THREAD) @ScotRenew 🔥…
The Bill will introduce a Scottish Heat Networks License, to technical standards & customer service (within devolved powers). Important to ensure we build high-quality #HeatNetworks in future (2/9)
A ‘Network Wayleave Right’: license will confer powers to lay pipes to the edge of a building, inspired by the Danish obligation to connect. Won’t solve the anchor load problem but will address issues around if/where pipes can go. Who pays is key question #climatechange (3/9)
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Tonight on @abc730 @leighsales asked some serious questions of Scott Morrison on #climatechange. However, there are some additional questions it would have been great if she'd asked...

#auspol #ClimateCrisis
@abc730 @leighsales 1. You talk about not wanting anyone to lose their job - what about the thousands of people who are losing their job in the #renewables industry right now due to the lack of policy certainty and the lack of a plan to decarbonise our electricity sector? Do their jobs not count?
@abc730 @leighsales 2. Scientists say that your current plan to cut emissions by 2030 will lead to warming of more than 3 degrees - much higher than the Paris targets - what is the cost of more than 3degrees of warming to the Australian economy?
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1/5: Normative behavior & peer pressure are definitely powerful means for influencing behavior. But IMO, to...

via @TheAtlantic @econnaturalist

#solar #renewables #behavior #norms #peerpressure #behaviorchange #ClimateAction #Ostrom…
2/5: " more benign social environments w/ simple, targeted taxes & subsidies, calibrated to amplify contagion effects, rather than w/ complex, intrusive regulation," we'll have to look at integrating such measures w/in a multi-level selection evolutionary framework.
3/5: A prominent example of this is's application of Elinor #Ostrom's eight principles of cooperative behavior w/in this evolutionary framework, in a scalable manner. Also take a look at the following:… &…
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Range anxiety is a real concern for changing our mindset around #ElectricVehicles.

Just how close to the left of the needle can we go?

Tomorrow I’ve got a few offsite #CSIRO meetings between #Newcastle & #Sydney, so why not come on:
“A day in the life of an #EV

Starting, NOW!
Off on the first leg of the #EV trip, leaving work for the day: I have an 8am meeting so will get a head start.

Leaving the charging point behind & starting with a ~full charge + range of 429 km.

Bring on tomorrow’s #RangeAnxiety experiment!
@TheDriven_io @AEVA_National #CSIRO
First leg of #RangeAnxiety experiment 🧪went as expected:

16 km trip from Office to Home, 15 km reduction in range.

Now to take the dog 🐕 for a bush walk & await the next experimental leg.

#CSIRO #Renewables #Australia #ElectricVehicles #EV
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HAPPENING NOW: #RFFlive’s “Making Sense of @FERC’s #MOPR Order.” Watch the livestream on our event webpage:

#EnergyTwitter #FutureOfPower
@FERC 2/ RFF’s Kathryne Cleary is giving a brief primer on @FERC’s #MOPR order. Some context: @pjminterconnect’s capacity market, which we’re here to discuss today, is intended to promote investment and ensure adequate supply is available to meet demand.
@FERC @pjminterconnect 3/ Cleary: PJM has had an existing #MOPR in place since 2006, which was originally intended for new #NatGas plants to prevent them from bidding into the market at low prices. This MOPR order expands upon that to include state-subsidized resources.
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Time for Victoria to declare a #ClimateEmergency. When the federal govt completely fails, the states have an opportunity to act. In a crisis, that opportunity becomes a responsibility. #SpringSt
We've long known that Victoria's shift to #renewables was too sluggish. Victoria burns a million tonnes of coal per week. We must decarbonise at emergency speed so the next federal govt can leverage this for global action. #climatefires
#climate policy that is "better than the Libs" is not sufficient. Judge climate action by how quickly it gets us to zero emissions. Atmospheric CO2 is the real yardstick.
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There's no point in investing 50% of your money in saving the climate and the other 50% in destroying it.

So says Dr. Werner Hoyer, CEO of the @EIB at an exchange of views with the @EP_Environment.
@EIB @EP_Environment @GraceOSllvn Excellent questions by @michabl on the revision of next sectoral lending policies of the @EIB and the potentially big loopholes around 'low carbon gases', CCS and the 4th PCI list.
@EIB @EP_Environment @GraceOSllvn @michabl Now an Italian MEP for the ID Group is saying that climate financing by the @EIB is creating a bubble and is defending the interests of big interests, rather than protecting citizens.

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1/15: [THREAD] Unpacking the Headlines:
20 GW of #NuclearPower planned in India by 2030

2 ways to analyze:
1)Can it happen - and should it happen?
2)What’s nuclear’s role, and what’s special/different about India?

I combine both aspects in this thread
2/15: The plans tick many of the right boxes – standardized designs, fleets, etc. There is also talk of encouraging the private sector – but will they bite? Global private sector is even harder given #DifferencesOfOpinion on the nuclear liability bill.
3/15: Nuclear has many concerns for different people – fuel disposal, accidents, proliferation, etc. Latter is a non-issue as India is a proven mature actor, and it also can island safeguard civilian reactors. But what about the economics? Esp. fully loaded costs.
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