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If you want to understand the @CNN / @joerogan situation, think of the media as a clique-obsessed high school.

A brief thread:
Rogan is the stoner who does wild stuff, breaks all the rules with with few consequences, and hangs out with shady characters (and some straight-up criminals). Therefore most of us don’t want to be associated with him, even though a bunch of us secretly love to get high with him.
CNN is the pompous rich kid who lives in a bubble. He gets high, too, but rarely faces the kind of accountability he preaches for the stoner. That drives some of us crazy—but we tend not to say anything, because you’d rather stay on his good side. Plus, he throws awesome parties.
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Sadly, the rule followed by many political journalists is: If someone says it’s raining, and another person says it’s dry, you make no effort to inform the public who’s right and who’s wrong, because you need to be seen as neutral, and so you describe it as partisan bickering.
And if you really want to score points with most of the mainstream media establishment and moderate elites, you present this as yet another indication of how “polarized” everything is and lament the unwillingness to compromise: Why can’t these politicians meet in the middle?!
A lot of issues won’t be as cut and dried as the question of whether or not it’s raining. But many - including some of the defining political conflicts of our era - really are. And as @RottenInDenmark points out, news media will still choose “neutrality” over adequate analysis.
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Can Rod Rosenstein land the plane?? 👀…
You'd think such a targeted attack on journalists around the world would inspire journalists to focus on the

#DarkMoney forces & politicians who support anti-democratic technologies like this? 🤔
All the groups who use this military-grade spyware are autocrats or their enablers

US media need to stop #BothSides-ing #Jan6 & calling out attacks on democracies.
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Spokesperson from @Toyota emailed me, saying the company does not have a revised version of their statement in response to backlash and calls for boycott. $TM #ESG
Toyota's decision to double down on this -- "We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification" -- could prove to be one of the greatest corporate #leadership failures in history. $TM #ESG
Other corporations should learn from Toyota's #leadership catastrophe: Supporting seditionists is bad for business. $TM #ESG
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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@DrEricDing @ddiamond I mean, this guy is right, just not the way he means...
@DrEricDing @ddiamond Dear @FrankLuntz: Are you out of your mind?? You really think DONALD TRUMP would do a joint appearance with President Biden, much less that doing so would have any positive impact?
@DrEricDing @ddiamond @FrankLuntz Ah, I see they had to try and #BothSides this as well: "Republicans may be endangering hundreds of thousands of people's lives by refusing to get vaccinated against a global pandemic which has already killed 3 million people...but do Democrats have to be so *pushy* about it??"
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So this #60Minutes segment on the origin of #COVID19 is a real error in judgment. Why are we back to the debunked Trump admin theory that China cooked up the virus in a Wuhan lab? This is presented as a #bothsides story with no conclusion that will only fuel anti-Asian rhetoric.
Jamie Metzl, a member of a WHO advisory committee, says China did its own investigation of the Wuhan lab. His and his team's argument is that Wuhan has a grade 4 level virology lab and there was no serious investigation of whether there was an virus leak in the Wuhan lab.
Peter Daszak is an expert on zoonotic diseases. He also works with the Wuhan lab. Daszak says that bats infected wild animal food farms. The WHO agreed this is the most likely transmission. Daszak says the lab did not have the virus. He is frankly more believable on this issue.
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📣 Weekly Update: Which *counties* have the highest cumulative per capita rates of #COVID19 cases & deaths? 1/…
A year later, #COVID19 has become truly nonpartisan by even the most cynical POV:
--Cumulative cases per capita are 8.9% higher in Red Counties
--Cumulative deaths per capita are now 3.3% higher in Red Counties
Counties w/highest cumul. #COVID19 cases per capita:
1. Crowley County, CO
2. Chattahoochee County, GA
3. Bent County, CO
4. Lincoln County, AR
5. Buena Vista County, IA
6. Lake County, TN
7. Dewey County, SD
8. Norton County, KS
9. Bon Homme County, SD
10. Buffalo County, SD
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This defense of Trump is like the upside down world.
Good lawyers refrain from absurd statements, understanding this undermines one’s credibility. This person is refraining from any non-absurd statements.
Phew. I was worried we’d go 10 minutes before hearing #BothSides.
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Ideology matters, folks. I've been publicly calling Republicans a fascist party bc their only consistent ideological position is white power. Their 180° reversals on debt & national security underscore the point & make them especially dangerous. No "compromise" will fix this.
I am deeply worried that white Dems, & white folks more broadly, don't understand this point—that our national religion of whiteness will lead white Americans to embrace a neo-redemptionist politics. Nothing could be more dangerous.
The original politics of "redemption" came after the Civil War when white Americans from #bothsides found common cause in white power—suppressing migrant, white women's, & especially Black rights. This "reunion" of Rebel & U.S. soldiers at Gettysburg is a classic of the genre.
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Everyone who says "#BoThSiDeS" can shove that phrase right up their backside, because of the @GOP using the turocharged capitalist equivalent to #warlordism in #congress and #senate, holding the entire nation as hostages for their reactionary bullshit!

And this "political #instability" and "#political uncertainty" is making the #USA a worse place to invest, conduct business in or with and to have to deal with in general.
Because Ghouls like #McCornell are just being #assholes for the sake of doing so and not facing #accountability for it!
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No, sorry.

War crimes don't get the #bothsides treatment.
Wherever you stood on the wiseness of the Iraq war, committing war crimes in it, in this case massacring 17 unarmed civilians, is not some kind of #bothsides issue.

Whether from a human rights perspective or just a cold desire to win the war, it was inarguably wrong + stupid
It is inarguable that US military repeatedly was angered by how contractor force and Blackwater in particular was undermining its COIN efforts…
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1/ It's interesting that I actually get asked my opinion (quite rare, really); thanks! But be prepared; this is going to be a really long answer, and each part of the answer is essential.
Also, to keep this thread flame-free, it's a tweeps-only thread (only Mutuals can reply).
I DON'T Block for people disagreeing w/ me. I rarely block; takes quite poisonous behaviour for me to do so. I do unfollow & mute for rudeness, gross sociopathy, or malice. Only tweeps can reply in this thread, so I'm asking all not to flame either me or the original questioner
3/ So, really, this is all going to come down to can y'all tolerate me as much as I tolerate y'all? 😋 😝

Let's get real. I am sadly all too used to people unfollowing me or even shunning me because I didn't go along with their favorite slogan. It really gets on my nerves.
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It's beyond appalling that Vermeule, a Harvard Law professor, is spreading disinformation about the vote count.

Shoutout to the many professors on this website who scolded me when I said Vermeule was a dangerous, cynical hack.
Many law professors on this website play nice with Vermeule to burnish their #bothsides credibility and prove how reasonable they are. That is a morally empty and intellectually bankrupt way to approach this nihilistic troll, and hope these profs speak against Vermeule today.
To borrow a page from @rickhasen's book, I'd love to hear law professors who defended Vermeule condemn his effort to delegitimize the election result by peddling false claims of fraud.
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I find this Jill Lepore op ed extremely frustrating. 1/…
To begin with, though Lepore treats them as essentially similar, a truth and reconciliation commission and criminal prosecutions of the Trump administration represent opposite impulses. 2/
As their name suggests, truth and reconciliation commissions trade away justice for knowledge of the truth and a chance to reestablish social solidarity. They often feature amnesty for witnesses and perpetrators willing to come forward and tell their stories. 3/
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Nice pivot from Supreme Court to Affordable Care Act from Biden right at the outset.

Amy Coney Barrett is anti ACA, says Biden. Boom. Pre-existing conditions. Boom. Insurance companies. Boom.

So far, so good.
"We're not elected for three years," says Trump, from the party that insisted Obama was only elected for three years, when it came to the Supreme Court.
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Classic #bothsides Trump bootlicking Susan. @SaraGideon needs to make sure Susan makes it clear - is she a YES or NO on a Trump scotus nominee whenever the votes takes place (b4 or after election)?

Don’t let Collins have it both ways #mepolitics
Unless Susan Collins makes it explicit that she will vote down a Trump #scotus nominee to replace RBG no matter when the vote takes place before next presidential inauguration #mepolitics should treat her like the Trump bootlicking lapdog she is
Like @SenSusanCollins @lisamurkowski takes the same gutless position no SCOTUS vote b4 the election. She needs to make it clear whether she is against any vote on SCOTUS b4 next inauguration (including during lame duck). Don't let them have it both ways.
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@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems At this juncture, it’s clear to explain
an old saw from Mike Parson’s campaign:
random rural yard signs to
applaud Mike’s designs to
continue his post-Greitens reign.
In this specimen Parson would take in
uninformed voters in County Macon. 1/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems The reality, though: far more grim
as school districts may soon sink, not swim
in each piteous scene
of a mass quarantine as
new cases exceed counties’ brim.
Yet the venue’s the same:
still in Macon. Why no
mask mandate? Parson’s mistaken.
2/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems Yes; thank goodness the
National Guard, unlike Mike,
at this moment works hard
citizens to protect.
Parson’s lies we reject,
evidenced by his COVID scorecard.
Folks still ask: why no #MaskUp
mandate? Parson’s post outweighs
the #ShowMe State.

🔥 #mogov 🗳️
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@SecPompeo History will judge the U.S. government and the @WorldBank's unjust intervention to deny 110 million Ethiopians an “equitable and reasonable” share of the Nile River for their development needs. @RPCoalition 1
@SecPompeo This is nothing short of condemning a black African nation and her population to abject and perpetual poverty. No one should condemn Egypt to suffer unduly, considering that 97% of its population depends on the Nile River. @RPCoalition 2
@SecPompeo Justice requires treating both nations and their 200 million + people fairly with justice the result on #bothsides. Avg world per capita electric power consumption = 3,133 kw Egypt = 1,683 Ethiopia = 69 kw. 3
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Someone tell #BothsidesBiden that he is running to the President - not to be the host of insufferable @MorningEdition or some other stupid morning show on corporate media networks.

Trump’s goons and secret police are driving the violence of fear. If Biden can’t convey that ...
We need Joe Biden to get clear, lucid, cogent leadership identifying who has been inciting and metastasizing the culture of violence and fear - not offer weak, cowardly, both-siderism like the pathetic pundits on NPR and cable TV. Need him to be a leader not a media pundit.
This is not about “both sides” - this is about violent rhetoric and overwhelming violence coming from one side - the far-right - and it’s authoritarian leadership inside and outside the White House actively promoting it
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In 2012, avid supporters of the incumbent showed their enthusiasm by knocking on doors, making phone calls, and registering people to vote. In 2020, avid supporters of the incumbent are riding thru cities with AR-15s, shooting paint balls and mace at people. #bothsides
Oh, and also apparently shooting live ammunition at people.
This is entirely on the Republican Party leadership. They've unleashed this, and only they can rein it in, though they might not be able to do that at this point even if they wanted to.
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Without wading into the modeling wars - a debate I see as mostly fruitless - guess I'll try to summarize why I think the presidential race is more like "Lean Biden" (60%-75% range) than "Likely/Solid Biden" (90%+ range) as we head into the final night of the RNC...
1) Voters have pretty short memories compared to analysts' priors. As more Americans get used to living in a pandemic, there is potential - not necessarily a likelihood, but potential - for the dominance of COVID-19 to ebb as voters' top issue and other issues to rise.
2) As 2016 showed us, as Trump amplifies/intensifies/just plain makes up his attacks on his opponents, the media tends to react in a way that #bothsides-es each nominee's liabilities - real or perceived - *potentially* bringing their favs/unfavs into closer alignment.
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