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Als een huisarts naar n instelling gaat om te prikken ontvangt hij per prik €92. Prik daar 50 mensen in 2 uur = €4.600. Een uurloon van €2.300 . 🤔
#griepprik #BoosterShots #herhaalprik
'Het is afh. van het soort vaccinatie en de doelgroep (niet-mobiel, wonend in instelling of mobiel) hoe en bij wie u deze tarieven kunt declareren'. 

Daarna tarief voor 2 groepen; mobiel/niet mobiel. Laatste vallen instellingen als verpleeghuis onder.…
Huisarts zegt;
'Mensen die bij huisarts ingeschreven zijn als patiënt en tegelijk in n verpleeg/verzorgingshuis wonen vallen onder de huisarts en tellen als THUISWONEND. Dat is nou juist het lucratieve voor huisartsen; als ze die thuis prikken krijgen ze bijna 100 euro per prik'
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New research shows that only 10% #Omicron cases are in ppl who have gotten #COVID19 #Booster.

This may be MISINTERPRETED as:

"Only 10% of people w/ #BoosterDose get #OmicronVariant"


#BoosterShots are 90% effective"

Not that simple! READ ON!…

First, this is NOT a critique of the study (currently a pre-print).

Researchers at @MethodistHosp who did this provided a VERY valuable piece of info and are not making any inappropriate claims. Great work!

It's just that it's easy for public/media to misinterpret results!

Paper reports on a total of 1313 #OmicronVariant cases in the Houston, TX area.

See table below:
~49% of cases in those not vaccinated (0 or 1 does)

Of those #Breakthrough cases,

535 cases w/ 2 #vaccine doses
140 cases w/ 3 doses (i.e., booster) Image
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📣#Preprint #COVID19 #ConvalescentPlasma
📌RCT (N=1.2K)
📌Outpatients age 18+
📌High-titer CCP (>1:320) vs placebo plasma w/in 9d of symptoms
📌Primary endpt: Hosp/death by d28
📌CCP 🏆: 54% ⬇️, driven by non-ICU hospitalizations (NNT=29); HR 0.46, p<.01…
2/ A few important points about this #COVID19 #convalescentplasma trial
📌High-titer CCP was much higher than that used in some other studies (median titer of >1:14,580 & 95% had >1:4820)
📌Median days to plasma: 6d
📌53 of 54 hospitalizations were in unvaxxed (#GetVaccinated!)
3/ 📌 Only 3 deaths in post-hosp period, all in controls
📌 Few #COVID19nCancer or #immunocompromised
📌 Study used #convalescent plasma mostly from Apr-Dec 2020 (ie pre-#vaccine availability)
📌Would *predict* CCP from #vaccinated to perform well vs #Omicron & #covidvariants
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#SwissPolicyResearch (#SPR), founded in 2016, an independent nonprofit research group.
#mRNAvaccines ⬇️
⬇️… Image

Successes and Controversies…

A. Documentaries about the success of vaccines

B. Documentaries about #vaccinesafety concerns
#Vaxxed1 #Vaxxed2
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Annnnnnnnd… Cruise ship 🛳 COVID outbreak is back. New Orleans-disembarked ship has a probable #Omicron among them. Painful lessons from 2020 wants its damn money back. We just don’t learn in this pandemic do we? 😢 🧵

#COVID19 #MaskUp #ventilation #BoosterShots #cruiseship
2) Ten people aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, tested positive on Saturday, before the ship docked, according to the Louisiana Department of Health, and by Sunday, that number had risen to 17, health officials said.…
3) That includes one “probable case” of the Omicron variant in a crew member, they said.
The Norwegian Breakaway, carrying over 3,200 people, departed from New Orleans on Nov. 28 and made stops in Belize, Honduras and Mexico before returning to Louisiana.…
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High level summary ya President Ramaphosa:

People who are showing covid-19 symptoms should still get tested.

Early detection of #omicron means that we’re better equipped to respond

There’s an increase in Covid-19 cases
The proportion of covid-19 tests that are positive has risen sharply in a short space of time.

If cases continues to climb, we could enter a #4thWave and this coincides with what the scientists have said.
We know enough about the #Omicron variant and the 1st thing is for people to vaccinate

Vaccines do work & saves lives.

Tonight I’d like to call on every person who hasn’t vaccinated to vaccinate
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BREAKING—🇬🇧PM warns: “The #Omicron spreads very rapidly & can be spread between people double vaccinated. There is very extensive mutation—diverges quite significantly from previous, and as a result, might in part reduce the protection of our vaccines over time”. 👀 #BoosterShots
2) “we will require all contacts of those who test positive with a suspected case of Omicron to self-isolate for 10 days regardless of your vaccination status."…
3) This follows UK discovery for 2 cases of #Omicron this morning.
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BEST BOOSTER? Mix it up — but depends which you had first. Switching vaccine for the booster seems to be the best—Pfizer to Moderna booster, Moderna to Pfizer for booster, and J&J should switch to Moderna / Pfizer booster. HT to @ScientistSwanda. #COVID19 #BoosterShots #vaccinate Image
2) Vaccine efficacy and booster eligibility summarized here by @MedicalLetter.… Image
4) Here are the official eligibility criteria for boosters. Note that Moderna as a booster is a modified 50 mcg. Normal first 2 shots of Moderna is 100 mcg.
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📍BOOSTERS sharply cut risk of both infections & cuts risk of severe #COVID19—lowering ⬇️ risk >10-fold, versus 2 doses alone.

📌Look how fast cases drop once 3rd Pfizer #BoosterShots rolled out in 🇮🇱.

📌Look how much severe illness drops in both elderly & non-elderly adults.
2) What happens if we don’t boost? Infection risks rises (efficacy drops) in anyone who is not a 12-15 teenager.
3) I had warned about efficacy drops in May and June. But the data became even more sharply clear in July as Delta hit 🇮🇱 hard (Israel has the best Pfizer shot data and breakthrough database).

We need to do the 3rd shot boost for Pfizer for sure.
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📍BOOSTER—3rd dose data presented to @US_FDA panel - shows 17x fold & +2000 increase in neutralization with a 3rd dose booster, after waning seen after 2 doses. I wouldn’t want to stay at the 136 neutralization—I’d prefer protection at ~2300 neutralization level. #BoosterShots
2) Plus it seems the side effects after 3rd Pfizer shot dose is much less frequent and milder than after 2nd shot! This is great news.
3) This is why we see huge improvement in efficacy against #deltavariant with a 3rd dose. See 🧵 below
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Fake COVID-19 vaccination #certificates sold for Rs 5,500 on Telegram | Sep 16
- the black market for fake vaccine certificates has expanded globally, now selling certificates in 29 countries, including India, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.
Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus | 04/17/21
- “By proof, he means the isolation of the virus according to #Koch’s postulates. To date, no one has been able to win Eckert’s challenge,”…
Since viruses are fictional make believe organisms, virologists have to invent a make believe full genome in the computer, which they call ‘in silico’, aka computer simulation, genome like this paper.… Image
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📢 We summarise the main #Covid findings:

🔹#CovidVaccines reduce by half the risk of #LongCovid.
🔸The real pandemic's toll: 15 millones deaths?
🔹60% of the world's population has not received any #COVID19 vaccine dose.

And more! Follow the thread👇
🏘️ A large trial in 600 villages in Bangladesh shows that:

✋ Promoting the use of masks reduces #COVID19 spread.
😷 Surgical masks work better than cloth masks.
👉 The interventions tripled the proportion of people who wore masks correctly.
💉A study in UK found that, in fully vaccinated people that get infected:

👍 The risk of #LongCovid was reduced by half.
👍 There were fewer hospitalisations (73 % less likely).
👍 And lower symptom burden (31 % less likely).

#Coronavirus #COVID19
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A thread on #BoosterShots w/ @srijeeva A lot of us have been involved in the struggle for vaccine equity—BEFORE there was even an effective vaccine. Understanding the markets will (and did) fail the poor. @HealthGAP @actupny @PIH @OxfamAmerica @Public_Citizen @FTV_Boston 1/
Given the scarcity that has been manufactured by Pharma, booster shots are a terrible idea…morally.
But the REAL question should be less about booster shots than about the constructed and ongoing scarcity. 2/
We and other advocates have been calling for patent waivers, tech transfer and money to fund factories to manufacture the 10 billions of doses needed. 
We have been calling for  that for 10 months and 10 months ago we heard “it will take too long, 6 months to a year”3/
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@ASlavitt , can you get some clarity on a group of people that is small in number regarding #BoosterShots . I'm a #Pfizervaccine trial participant who was vaccinated fully by Sept 2020, and now I'm a booster trial participant. I'm pretty sure I'm in placebo group for booster
trial. I have asthma, hashimotos, and am obese, and if @pfizer doesn't make the decision to unblind #placebo group in #boostertrial when the #BoosterShots will be available, I'm probably going to make the decision on my own to leave the trial. Someone needs to clarify the
situation that the vaccine trial participants are in: we were vaccinated a year ago, and some in that group are like me, almost 58, have asthma, hashimotos and am obese. So, we're MORE at risk if we wait for @pfizer Moderna or @HHSGov to clarify this dilemma. There are only a few
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