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Long time ago Rachel and Premier Dan,
Were QandA-ing down a long and tedious Press Conference.
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny text message.
In the middle of Rachel’s phone.
And it said:
"Ask the best question in the world, or I'll eat your soul.
Well Rachel and the Premier, looked at each other,
And they each said. "Okay."
And she asked the first thing that came to her head,
Just so happened to be,
The Best Question in the World, it was The Best Question in the World.
#vicpol #COVID19Victoria
Look into her eyes and it's easy to see
One and one make two, two and one make three,
It was destiny.
Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
When the quarantine fails and the pandemic doth grow
And the elderly doth go
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'Smoking gun' letters from Morrison dated after Hotel Quarantine program ended. Oops. #COVID19Victoria #DanForPM #libspill
The letters also suggest #DictatorMorrison would be a more accurate label, considering it was Morrison urging Andrews to use military to control the public.
The letters were also dated after the announcement of the Hotel Quarantine Judicial Inquiry, meaning they were potentially created by the PM with this inquiry in mind.
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Charts tracking trigger points in Victoria's roadmap to recovery: (thread, 1/5).

1. Avg daily cases in metro Melbourne. Goal: blue line to reach gold band (30-50 / day, 14-day trailing avg).

#COVID19Victoria #COVID19Vic #COVID19Aus #COVID19
2. Avg. daily cases in regional Victoria. Goal: green line going for gold. (<5 / day, 14-day trailing avg).
3. Community spread (orange) + still under investigation (pink line).

*Metro Step 2 contingent on these*. Metro Step 3 may start with <5 unknowns in last 2 weeks. Regional Step 3 may start with 0 unknowns in regional VIC (tho geo data re community spread not provided).
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A photo tells a 1,000 words. There is so much that could be said. Maybe leave that up to the comments below about #Melbourne #freedomday

#COVID19Victoria rally Albert Park, Victoria Police, 3aw Herald Sun talkback Sundaymail - ImageImage
Report in the Sunday Mail, Melbourne - ImageImageImage
Seargent Chris Aitkin (from what made out on the badge in photo) doesn't seem to be on top of his opponent too well.

Melbourne, Herald Sun photographs from the Freedom day rally protests ImageImage
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A post about the lady arrested in Victoria for posting a rally post appears to have been removed.

Is this correct? Image
Reports say the entire account of the person who posted a video about this arrest has been removed. Image
Will update thread here - for reports

#ballarat lady arrested #covid #COVID19Victoria Victoria melbourne - arrange protest #FreedomDay
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Lessons Learnt From #Publichealth

We see the pattern globally over & over again of governments not taking a strong #humanitarian leadership stand & the devastation it causes a group of people

Unfortunately the treatment of #HCW in #COVID19vic is now an example

#publichealth aims to improve health of all members of society through equitable distribution & utilisation of goods & services

Programs to improve health are only as good as the government & rule of law they operate under: sustainable +ve change comes from wise leadership

#publichealth covers all members of society & the sustainable development goals (#SDGs) are for all members of society

It seems unnecessary to state it but in the #COVID19vic era it now must be clearly stated:

Public Health & SDGs Apply To Healthcare Workers #HCW

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Melbourne tower residents lodge complaints. Watch a compo claim come driven by creepy community lawyers including the Victorian Multicultural Commission. ImageImageImageImage
The end game will be money, there's no other reason why ungrateful grubs in public housing would be doing this. Apparantly they can't understand covid warnings in English but can understand to lodge a complaint.
Flemington Melbourne north housing commission flats #COVID19Victoria Image
Word is there are some tenants who work professional jobs in those housing commission towers. These "sitters" need to be found and removed from the towers and let the 45,000+ people waiting for public housing in Victoria a home.

Kensington north Melbourne covid lockdown.
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The #PAEC inquiry is now being livestreamed by Vic Parliament #SpringSt. Andrews grilled at Vic virus inquiry…
You can watch the Premier, Health Minister, CHO and others respond to questions today from Victorian MPs. It's a bit like a prolonged question time with no interjections. All online of course.… #SpringSt #COVID19Vic #PAEC
Between the Dorothy Dixers (how is the ADF helping us Premier?) and the accusatory (will you apologise?) interesting information does emerge. The real importance of #PAEC is that Govt knows that a hard question MAY be asked. Oversight leads to better government. #SpringSt
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Heres a photo of the hotel guards chosen on the basis of 'diversity' rather than ability. Paid $2,000 a week to stay at home.

#COVID19Victoria #3aw news latest covid enquiry victoria ImageImage
Inclusive Melbourne job hiring enquiry covid hotel guards security quarantine 3aw herald sun news covid-19 australia diversity CALD scomo scott morrison dan andrews Image
3aw @DailyMailAU herald sun
@3AW693 if the guards are being paid $2,000/a week to do no work
- how much are tax payer being billed at by the security company?

How many more enquiries. The government has hiring guidelines which have been the result of past being done to death. ImageImageImage
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