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The #VDPS send me their decision today.

They accept causality to the vaccine on the following grounds:
My acute flu-like side effects

Therefore they consider me 1-5 % disabled from the vaccine, and ineligible for payment

#vaccineinjuries #postvac
The document is very long and i need to re read to check ive interpreted correctly. Currently im quite in shock. The vaccine has ruined my life. Based on others, i expected rejection but how theyve determined < 5 % disabled is beyond me
Since the vaccine in March 2021, ive had about 6 months off work sick due to being near bedbound.

I was found to have multiple blood clots in my lungs, and since then, my risk of clotting is so high i am on anticoagulants indefinitely
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Folks who support the @GoodLawProject GMC case want to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Policing what they deem misinformation and making the @gmcuk arbiters of truth will not achieve that
What will reduce vaccine hesitancy?

One thing would be to acknowledge, support, and be curious about #vaccineinjuries

I think it would do more to reduce vaccine hesitancy if the money raised went to supporting the vaccine injured.

Because no one should suffer more than acute and tolerable side effects from a vaccine.

Doctors have repeatedly dismissed and gaslit vaccine injured patients. For many reasons, but also because they dont want to "sound antivax"
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Some people get killed out right by the jab. Some people get the slow kill.

#vaccineinjuries ImageImage
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2 years ago I had my 2nd @ASTRAZENECAUK #COVIDVACCINE
Within hours there was a burning feeling going from my trunk towards my face
An increase in intense itching, pins & needles
Vibrations in my foot, leg & thigh
Tight feeling going around my chest, ribs & back

Nerve pain down my neck, I thought I had shingles
shooting pains in my legs, arms & face
Increase in joint pain
Increase in fatigue
A sort of trembling inside my trunk
My thinking got worse, I was having to practice in my mind what I want to say
& other symptoms I can’t remember
Why did I have the 2nd #COVIDVACCINE after having problems after the 1st?

Initially a lot of the original symptoms were thought to be caused by my #diabetes so I was advised to have the 2nd one

But after the increase in symptoms after the 2nd, we knew..
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Got some blood test results back from a #SIRENstudy sub-study @vibrant_uk

They're trying to understand if there's immunological factors that prevent some people getting infected (among other things). 🧵
As a "never infected" participant, I got to partake. though my infection status is due to FFP3 & living a fairly isolated disabled life rather than my immune system being super awesome

tho clearly my immune system is a bit wonky

#postvac #vaccineinjuries
anyway, all normal:
IgG 8.2 g/L (ref: 6-16)
IgA 2.5 g/L (0.8-4)
IgM 1.2 g/L (0.5-2)

suggests no signs of autoimmunity, in line with all the negative autoimmune tests i've had, except the questionable CellTrend ones
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Maybe this is what I should do, be like @scottish_vig & roll up to @WelshGovernment @SeneddWales in my wheel chair and tell my story, about how #vaccineinjuries have ruined my life..
Ask why @WelshGovernment are not helping us..

Diagnosis Post Covid Vaccine Sequelae
Oh wait, I’ve just remembered that I had been asked if I want to share my story but its now been forgotten about by others

Why do some do this, make promises, then go back on their word

I get my hopes up, then I crash back down
My brain might be slow, I might forget things very often, I even have to write reminders, BUT I’ve kept a time line of all appointments, meetings etc

Where possible Ive made notes, bullet points during most meetings
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During the #Welsh #covid briefings @Eluned_Morgan talked about #mentalhealth

I remember her saying to reach out to others if you were struggling

A few months later I emailed her, asking for help with #VaccineInjuries

She didn’t care
@Eluned_Morgan had someone to reply on her behalf

The reply

You had the information prior to the #CovidVaccines , so patients can make an informed decision

#CanWeTalkAboutIt Image
With a link to the current side effects for @ASTRAZENECAUK Product

I call it a product, the same as my Neurologist called it a PRODUCT in my clinic letter Feb ‘22

Look at the link

Then LOOK at the LEAFLETS I’d received 2/3/21 & 18/5/21… ImageImage
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@WelshGovernment @SeneddWales @vaughangething @PrifWeinidog @Eluned_Morgan

When are you going to start looking into this

You have had plenty of time now

Why have groups like @ukcvfamily & @VIBUK1 have to campaign to get us heard ?
Ive had email correspondence with my MP, who informs me that healthcare is the responsibility of @WelshGovernment , also Welsh Gov are responsible for the rollout of the #covidvaccines in #WALES

MP writes to Térèse Coffery & despite reminding her, there’s no reply
MP goes on to write, he hopes that I get a better response from @WelshGovernment

Yeah right!!!

I raised I’d had health problems after @ASTRAZENECAUK by email to Eluned Morgan April 2022

She didn’t want to know…
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Today is 2 years since the covid pfizer vaccine wrecked havoc on my body. It damaged my spine, brain & left microscopic blood clots all across my body, leading to me being disabled and later my heart being inflamed and damaged…. 1/5 #vaccineinjuries Image
Essentially my entire body was injured, and most of my body is still injured since the vaccine generates spike proteins across your body to this day. My nervous system is stuck in fight or flight mode and my body doesn’t properly absorb water because of it.
This all leads to a system wide inflammation response, making my entire body sore/ weak.

I describe my injury as sci-fi level. Doctors refused to treat me, alternative treatments barely made a dent… but still i fight & recover slowly.
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1/5 A new #Covid_19 autopsy study finds viral persistence in the cartilage rings surrounding the bronchi in the lungs. These patients were testing negative by PCR for Covid-19 but had persistent lung inflammation - eventually resulting in their death.…
2/5 POTENTIALLY, viral persistence in the bronchial cartilage could relate to the chest/rib pains experienced by many with Long Covid #pwLC and Post-Vax symptoms #vaccineinjuries This is one of the top 30 symptoms from my informal patient surveys.…
3/5 "antibodies against both spike and nucleocapsid revealed the frequent (70%) infection of bronchial cartilage chondrocytes and para-bronchialgland epithelial cells. In a few patients (19%), we also detected positivity in vascular pericytes and endothelial cells"
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Gotta love @jimmy_dore. How do so many people still not know about these criminals? How long does it take to sink in, people? I mean...It's not brain surgery. 😉
Workforce statistics do not reflect what we're being told.
#VaccineInjuries #VaccineDeaths
#Fauci opened the #Gates of hell.
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Sneak peek at our latest #LongCovid preprint about microclot detection using imaging flow cytometry

By Simone Turner, Jaco Laubscher, @resiapretorius & @dbkell

These are 1st results from the instrument YOU funded by donating to @givewithkernls


Grey columns are using brightfield microscopy; black are using Thioflavin T

See the difference in size between #LongCovid & control microclots

There were statistically significant differences in mean size, number & other variables

More in the paper!

2/n Image
Why is this important?
Because flow cytometry is already accessible in clinical settings, unlike fluorescence microscopy which is mainly a research tool.

Big thanks to @gezmedinger @HarryLeeming @fearnley_k @Geraint6Jones @clarejdaly @loscharlos @ShaneyWright @j_b_kennedy 3/n
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These opinion papers are alarming. Prion disease associations found in viral infection/spike vaccine production that may lead to Amyloidosis, Long Term Neurodegeneration, and Fatality. These issues present URGENT need to solve #LongCovid/#vaccineinjuries asap. 🧵👋🧵
Major effects of prion disease include:

1) Neurological: Prion diseases are characterized by progressive degeneration of the brain/nervous system. Symptoms include dementia, memory loss, behavioral changes, movement disorders, & complete loss of cognitive/motor function.
2) Physical: As the disease progresses, individuals may experience a range of physical symptoms, such as muscle stiffness, tremors, difficulty walking, and coordination problems.
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Honestly I’ve got a lot of questions on this whole #plandemic COVID vaccine debacle. Masks, social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, business shutdowns, churches, gyms etc.

Then vax mandates, threatening jobs and travel, immunity for Big Pharma from liabilities. A 🧵👇 Image
Germany had its HIGHEST EVER excess mortality of over 40%

It is definitely "NOT THE VACCINES", says German health minister Karl Lauterbach and fact-checkers.

And it is not Covid either... Do you really believe these guys deep down inside? Image
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On December 13, 2020, @ONThealth distributed a "script for health care providers" for "obtaining informed consent" from patients receiving a dose of the @pfizer @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 #mrna #vaccine. 💉🧬

#informedconsent #COVIDON @OntarioHealthOH… Image
@ONThealth @pfizer @BioNTech_Group @OntarioHealthOH What was @ONThealth instructing doctors/nurses/pharmacists/@CineplexMovies parking lot volunteers to tell patients at the time, in order to receive #informedconsent? 🧐 Image
"The vaccine we are offering today is called Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has been shown to help the body protect itself from becoming sick against the new coronavirus, COVID-19."

Of course, you'll need two doses for it to work. Just two! Image
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To those intent on psychologising #LongCovid & #MECFS because ‘there is no biomarker’- let me tell you something as a senior Dr. Many diseases don’t have biomarkers & diagnosis is clinical. Take asthma for example. Symptoms vary between patients. 1/n
Many patients have abnormal exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) & histamine challenge tests- some don’t. Yet if the patient’s symptoms & signs fit with asthma, we have no hesitation in making the diagnosis. 2/n
There is the well-known example of multiple sclerosis. Many deemed it psychogenic because there was no lab or radiology test that was diagnostic. Until of course the MR scan was invented. 3/n
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1/When Covidmania was kicking off, I asked whether one should indulge people's unhinged hysteria about a disease with a 99.7% survival rate where the proposed mitigations (masks, lockdowns, forced jabs) were not supported by objective data.
2/In other words, I was asking, do you indulge crazy people in their doom-and-gloom, #catastrophizing fantasies, or do you tell people they're acting nuts and need to stop?
3/The worldwide consensus, based on the censorship and silencing of only one side of the conversation (critical thinkers in #antivax #unvaccinated camp), resulted not only in the lunatics taking over the asylum (the "asylum" here is the literal world), but doing so with impunity.
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Hello Twitter World!

I have been vax injured for 21 months now due to the #Pfizer jab #1 ER8731. Life has been pure hell. I do have good moments, but that is when the Ivermectin is working. I have been gaslighted by multiple doctors, hospitalized, tried the FLCCC therapies 1/10
Now that Twitter is open to free speech, that is what I’m doing. I wasn’t an anti vaxxer before getting the jab. I just wanted relief from the Covid LH symptoms. I wasn’t very educated on vaccines. I don’t even like to call it a vaccine anymore. It’s a bio weapon in my body 2/10
I have lived with neurological, sensory, tinnitus, head pain,tremors, constant falls, nerve pain shooting in my legs/feet, cognitive decline, neuro burning all over,major fatigue, memory loss,light/sound/food/hypersensitivity triggers the spike proteins/inflammation sucks! 3/10
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Vaxxed? Ask your doctor:

Normal troponin levels: Healthy ranges and what high levels mean
#vaccineinjuries #diedsuddenly
“The core problem in post-vaccine syndrome is long-lasting “immune dysregulation.” The most important treatment goal is to help the body restore a healthy immune system — in other words, to let the body heal itself.”
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80 Doctors In Canada, Between The Ages Of 25 And 55 Have Died In The Last 60 Days

#StoptheShotsNow #DiedSuddenlyNews #DiedSuddenlyVaccine #VaccineDeath #vaccinegenocide #vaccineinjuries #clotshots
The list of names.
You’ll need to copy and paste and erase the space after the . before com. Twitter won’t let me share the link. 🙃 @elonmusk

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VAERS isn’t reliable…but it should be. A short🧵.

#vaers #vaccineinjuries #vaccine #VaccineDeath

Did you know…

The CDC was developing an electronic support system to go along with VAERS. They developed criteria for defining an AE and would then monitor patients…
who received a V for 30 days for any possible AEs.

The study found "an average of 1.3 events per clinician, per month."

The AE data was presented at the 2009 AMIA (American Medical Informatics Conference) conference.
This is important because it PROVES leaders in the informatics field knew this was an issue, and not a small one.

After these results, the project was abandoned by the CDC.
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[Live] Follow Live Reporting of SII & Ors vs Yohan Tengra & Ors, 100 Crore Defamation Suit

Bombay HC will resume the hearing of @adarpoonawalla 100 Cr defamation case on @ytengra and @AmbarKoiri shortly!

#Covishield #Genocide #MassMurderer #Defamation
Hearing before the bench of Justice Riyaz Chagla has begun with Adv Nilesh Ojha resuming his arguments.

#BombayHC #Covishield #SerumInstitute
Adv Ojha points out First false statement by Plaintiff that it is not proved that death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat was due to side effects of vaccines and therefore the allegations by defendants are false and the defendants are guilty of defaming plaintiff.
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'Just found out my sister has cancer.
Vaxed and boosted, got covid just before Xmas after which a cancerous lump started to form.
I cannot dismiss the possibility this is vaccine induced.. are cancer rates increasing in the vaccinated population?'
posted by
'My dad and step mum... Both jabbed and boosted.... Diagnosed with the same cancer within a month of each other....'

posted by

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So #GainOfFunction started in 2003 then went silent until a 2012 #biolabs story #linked Hawaii bio center to #coronavirus #SARS #monkeypox also it explains how the @CDCgov ships the viruses in every day moving box’s on planes and trains , other nations have patients on it as well… Image
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