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The truth about students learning to #read in #Florida from a REAL #PublicSchool Parent in the wake of the recent #bookbans. A 🧵
#Teachers in K-8 utilize what’s called the Accelerated
Reader Program. #TruthMatters
K-8 Students search for books within their tested reading level that they are interested in reading. Books in the #library are divided up by Book Level so students can easily find a book within their reading level. 📚
Students can also utilize the AR Bookfind website to find books within their tested reading range. With each book they read, they take a test in order for that book to count as a book that they read for class. If they don’t pass the test, they have to take it again. 📚
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A bookstore and a library in #China.

Any country that puts this much effort into books will have a good future.

Brain matters. ImageImage
Two more examples:

#China #library #bookstore ImageImage
Four more libraries in China.

The first photo is of a 24-hour library. ImageImageImageImage
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Go is a programming language that comes with a rich standard library containing many useful packages and modules. In this, I provide an overview of the standard library modules in Go.
#golang #library
1️⃣. fmt - This package provides formatted I/O with functions like Println, Printf, and Scanf.
#golang #println
2️⃣. net - This package provides a set of network-related functions like dialing a network address, establishing a connection, and listening to a network port.
#network #http #port #golang
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You've no doubt heard that the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed in a fire & with it, centuries of knowledge, learning & prose.

But that's not the actual story. The TRUE story of the destruction of the Great #Library of Alexandria has more to teach us than the #myth. Image
First, the Library itself: commissioned ~280 BCE by Cleopatra's ancestor, Ptolemy I Soter, general to Alexander the Great.

The Library was part of a complex of buildings, the Mouseion, dedicated to the Muses, in the city center/royal quarter. Image
Ships docking in Alexandria were searched for books, if found, the owner was compensated & a copy made by scribes.

Royal silver purchased entire libraries from the cities of Athens & Nineveh. At its height, it held between 40,000 and 400,000 separate works. Image
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If you care at all about your local library being fully staffed and fully stocked with the books and materials that offer the best, most comprehensive, diverse, and accurate information to serve all needs, DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR UPCOMING #LIBRARY BOARD ELECTIONS. #libraries
In communities all over the country, municipal elections this April (next week!!!) include races for seats on public library boards and public school boards. There is a well-funded, well organized, aggressive, right wing movement to take over public board seats & kill libraries.
This movement is dedicated to defunding libraries, banning books that feature #LGBTQ content, any #representation of people of color, and books that deliver accurate physical health information to kids in grades 6 to 12 who absolutely need that information.
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@0LNetwork's strategy is to stay as close as possible to the #Libra/#Diem code base, rather than fragmenting #technology products. This approach is more efficient on resources and best for the wider open-source #ecosystem these #tools extend and depend upon
#0LNetwork #Move Image
The #forking strategy is simple in concept: take the unmodified #Diem code, import it into the 0L, and add layers of features. But it's not that simple in execution
They has to insert many changes in main places of the diem-core code for the #0L layers and side-cars to work
What they inherited from #Libra/#Diem is a spaceship on all accounts. There are #engineering breakthroughs #throughout the project, and the #architecture is sensibly designed and expertly assembled
#0L #0LNetwork #move #code #coding #crypto
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With the #ControlledDigitalLending #CDL case coming on Monday (3/20) @jziskina and I are excited to announce the release of “The Publisher Playbook: A Brief History of the Publishing Industry’s Obstruction of the #Library Mission.” [link at end of thread] /1
The purpose of this paper is to outline the legal & other obstructions that #libraries have encountered from the publishing industry. Libraries have continued to perform their routine activities or made advancements to increase #access to the public in innovative ways... /2
...yet, #libraries and their readers have routinely engaged in lengthy battles to defend the ability for libraries to fulfill their mission and serve the #publicgood.
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Joining @SCURLScottish and @cigscot for their EDI Network Conference featuring @infogamerist and #EthicalMetadata and a Keynote from DeLa Dos, Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ARLnews
Ellie Muniandy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, @natlibscot speaks eloquently about #EDI Workforce Development and how implementing EDI requires a deep and meaningful change in perspective and working culture #SCURLEDI
@natlibscot Organisational culture change can take a long time - there are different levels to implementing EDI from 'quick wins' in libraries like mandatory EDI training for all, to long-term objectives like changing the way we talk about and describe our collections. #SCURLEDI
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The Gabriel Garcia Marquez Library just opened in a working class neighborhood in Barcelona. It’s magical. It’s real. And it’s the kind of place that makes you wonder why every city doesn’t give its residents palaces for the people. #library ImageImageImageImage
In Barcelona, the #library is part of a larger social infrastructure. I spent the afternoon in a new “superblock,” which the city created by converting busy streets into places for people. They reduced air and noise pollution, cut carbon emissions, and supercharged social life. ImageImageImageImage
Life in Barcelona is not all public space and palaces for the people. Sometimes, you have no choice but to sit by yourself and contemplate what to do with things like this. Image
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#Earlymodern #books and manuscripts, well, a complete #library discovered in a hidden room in the tower of a Lutheran fortified church in #Transylvania! @onslies @groenewortels 1/ ImageImageImageImage
#More #books... Beautiful bindings! 2/ ImageImageImageImage
Timeline cleanser... #books. More information on the church:… 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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ANYBOOKS -Best Alternative 📚

If you are a book addict like me, it's no doubt that getting the best, yet free books library like the ANYBOOKS app has been difficult since they brought down their server. Good news, I've got an alternative for you. #BookTwitter

Open thread!
There are arguably 100s of book libraries out there, which are mostly tied to subscriptions or do not allow unlimited downloads. E.g, Chapter 1 is close to any book 📚 but is limited to 3 free downloads, and to access the unlimited library, one has to subscribe.
I mean, I would recommend Chapter 1, if you have money for subscription , max of 4k naira annually.

But, If you are in need of unlimited access to books and downloads and I do not mean "Gutenberg books", #booktwt
I found Libby, by overdrive 📚
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A book I've only been recently made aware of but I'm sure it fits as is causing a lot of real world issues right now.
Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Or how to destroy our schools.

You'll get better and deeper thoughts out of @calvinandhobbes

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#React and #ReactNative videos were definitely in the flow in 2021 and are expected to dominate 2022 as well! Better catch up on the top 10 #meetupvideos from last year so you won’t be falling behind. 😎…

#programming #developing #programmer #developer
Expert guide to React Navigation by @callstackio
Satya Sahoo and Mateusz Kosoń, #softwareengineers at Callstack, are talking about the #React Navigation library. During the conversation, they cover a wide range of topics related to it.…
Improving apps with Custom Hooks and React-Query by @_zachdtaylor
Zach Taylor will be going over two things that can greatly help you improve the quality of your React code: custom hooks and react-query.

#reactquery #customhooks #programming #react…
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डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर म्हणजे ज्ञानाची, संघर्षाची, मानवी क्रांतीची धगधगती मशाल…

महारिनिर्वाण दिनाच्या पुर्वसंध्येला त्यांच्या भव्य स्मारकाचा लोकार्पण सोहळा नवी मुंबई इथे पार पडला.

आपण #LetsReadIndia च्या माध्यमातून अत्याधूनिक तंत्रज्ञानयुक्त #Library ऊभारण्याकामी खारीचा

१/१२ Image
वाटा उचलला.

हे संपुर्ण स्मारकच अत्यंत आकर्षक असून त्यात बाबासांहेबांच्या जीवनप्रवासवर अत्यंत वेगळे आणि सुंदर संग्रहालय, तसेच इतर अनेक बाबींचा समावेश आहे.

इथे वाचनालयात बाबासाहेबांविषयी पाच हजारावर पुस्तके तसेच ऑडीयो , व्हीडीओ आणि इबुक्स तर आहेतच शिवाय या सर्वांचे नियमन
२/१२ Image
तसेच पुस्तकांचे आदानप्रदान करण्यासाठी आपण लायब्ररी मॅनेजमेंट सिस्टमचे स्पेशल सॅाफ्टवेअर, आपली वैशिष्ट्यपूर्ण अशी बुक बारकोडींग यंत्रणा, तसेच इतर सर्व आधूनिक तांत्रिक बाबी दिलेल्या आहेत.

हे अशा प्रकारचे डॅा. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांवरील पहिलेच स्मारक असेल जिथे इतक्या अत्याधूनिक
३/१२ Image
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(1/7) A quality control tool for raw #sequence data. Using #FastQC you may check:
🚀 Per base sequence #quality (do you see a drop in sequencing quality near the read end?). This view shows an overview of the range of quality across all bases at each position in the FASTQ file. Per base sequence quality FastQC
(2/7) Per sequence quality scores (how many reads are the best?) The per sequence quality score report shows whether a subset of sequences has universally low-quality values. Per sequence quality scores FastQC
(3/7) Per base sequence content (the proportion of each base position in a file for which each of the four normal #DNA bases has been called). Ideally, in a random library, we would see four parallel lines representing the relative base composition. Per base sequence content FastQC
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The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Children with reading difficulties are at greater risk of developing mental health problems later in life, including depression & anxiety. Source:
The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Non-readers are 28% more likely to report feelings of depression, and about 1.3 million people in the UK say they rarely read because of depression. Source:
The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Reading for pleasure increases self-esteem, the ability to cope with difficult situations & is associated with better sleeping patterns. Source:
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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Today, would like to share the thought process and inspiration behind building the South Gujarat's first #Coworking @ikoverk

Coworking Spaces are Plug and Play offices for #Startups, #Freelances, #Consultants and #SMEs but we wanted to build something more- a Community (1/n)
As you enter, you with find a Large Front desk with volunteers to guide you and onboard you for a 7 Days Free Trial amidst the aroma of Coffee and chirping of fellow coworkers discussing new ideas.

#Connect #Collaborate #Celebrate is the motto.
On the Front desk, you fill an intuitive Map of @ikoverk along with Sign which reads - "Remember, when you enter the door to the Right, you will enter the War Room" because everyone here is a hustler, an innovator and a true warrior.
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I was almost #attacked tonight. I was walking w/my friend back to her home tonight. We had encountered a young woman intoxicated &were trying to get her to the YWCA. 3 men ran out and up a small hill around the #library They had masks covering their faces and hoodies over hair
I watched them get closer as my friend stayed with this young intoxicated girl. Every step, they became faster. As they started literally charging across #stafforddrive I turned, faced them and yelled at them to #stop My friend was on the phone w/help & I kept #yelling
They retreated into the bus shelter outside the library. We Beelined to the YWCA
You know why they stopped? I looked one of them right in the eyes and I saw the small amount of skin visible. This man is #Caucasian & I don’t think they were expecting me or my friend to be #white
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Why no #library is an island, a thread.

The phrase "local libraries for local people" keeps coming up in my discussions about a better future for public libraries. It describes a dominant contemporary view that the overriding design principle is "meeting local needs". 1/n
2/n In this view, the nature of each individual library as part of a national or even global network, it's connection to the ethos and practice of librarianship, is subordinate to its ability to respond to local needs. This is the ultimate expression of 30 years of fragmentation.
3/n It's also a reasonably logical response to the dominance of a sort of hamstrung localism in our national (English) politics. That there is a policy of local empowerment without adequate resources, which ultimately is a policy of abandonment.
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At the Internet Archive, this is how we digitize a book.

We never destroy a book by cutting off its binding.
Instead, we digitize it the hard way--one page at a time.

2/ We use the Scribe, a book scanner our engineers invented, along with the software that it runs.

Our scanning centers are located in universities and libraries around the world, from Boston Public Library to the University of Toronto to the Wellcome Library and beyond.
3/ Eliza is one of our fastest and most accurate scanners. Next she will execute quality control checks and fix any errors. Then she ships the book back to our Physical Archive for long-term preservation.
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It's hard to browse #library bookshelves from home. For other homebound readers, NYT best fiction 2009-19 as a thread for non-subscribers. (Your local library might let you read NYT etc on their website.)

Public libraries are my #SacredPlaces. #books…
2018: ASYMMETRY Lisa Halliday. THE GREAT BELIEVERS Rebecca Makkai. THE PERFECT NANNY Leila Slimani. Translated Sam Taylor. THERE THERE Tommy Orange. WASHINGTON BLACK Esi Edugyan.
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A #copyright #Halloween Story: I was reading about @internetarchive's project to digitize the Marygrove College #Library collection. About halfway through the article I was horrified to see a copyright myth brought back from the dead!🧛On Halloween!🎃… /1
The myth from the article is that somehow #fairuse can’t “extend to creating and distributing complete copies of a copyrighted work.” From the #SupremeCourt to the #fairuse statute itself, the fair use doctrine does not have a ban on copying or distributing “the whole thing.” /2
This is a myth that I, and my #copyright colleagues around the country, have been trying to “mythbust” for decades! So let's take shake down this #fairuse skeleton like #VanHelsing! /3
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I am humbled and privilleged to note that my #Research paper; "Sources of #Unemployment in #Lesotho" is now available and can be accessed via the People's Republic of #China's National #Science and #Technology #Library - #NSTL. I give thanks 😎 Image
So far this year, I have successfully published three #Research articles in #Macroeconomics & #Finance, with another two in press. I am currently hammering away at a handful of working papers which will most certainly find a home in reputable #Journals, come 2021 🙏🏽🙂 Image
Im currently internalising the very insightful reviewer comments on my latest #Research paper titled; "Investigating Determinants of Commercial Bank Spreads in #Lesotho", from the good folks over at the globally reputable #International #Journal of #Finance & #Economics #IJFE 😊 ImageImage
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