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So I came across this today and it reminded me of the #wayfairchildtrafficking scandal. I'll let you decide. So what does this "C" really mean?

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates

All about the packaging, right? Does this feel like the #wayfairchildtrafficking scandal? I'll let you decide. So what does this "C" really mean?

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates

Are they building a #Babylonian Temple? I guess #EllenDeGeneres Ellen and and #Epstein have been ghosted by Casper.

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates
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This is the 3rd time George Papadopoulus tweeted “All roads lead to Rome.”
•What’s in Rome?
•Is “P” Pope, Pintar, or Payseur Family?
2. Info on P
3. 13 Families in control of the world & want NWO
•explaining moon children, remember John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen talking about their moon child
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Is it? 🔎 That’s a Qute sticker under your coffee ☕️ mug Mr Kennedy. Hehe 😆😂. #Covfefe! #QAnon
(No I’m. It the 1st to notice 👍🏻)
Ugh autocorrect! That was supposed to read... “No I’m not the 1st to notice”
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This is all true, with the possible exception of the "toxic" vaccine. No one knows what's in the vaccine, but 5G does track your every move.

You draw your own conclusions.

I'm no scientist, but what I've read it is, yes, the virus is contagious like any other virus, but particularly virulent in the 60MHz 5G environment. This would make sense in the cases of Wuhan and New York,
but what I haven't seen is a cross-section done of where 5G is live in the U.S. and if it correlates with the "hot spots" for COVID 19. If someone knows of one please share.
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💥Break the Brainwash and make your kids watch this!


Google Whistleblower

“I didn’t think our corporations would gaslight a sitting President to remove him for mental incapacity. But that is what was happening, clear as day.”

-Zach Vorhies @Perpetualmaniac

#ZachVorhies - Former Senior Engineer at Google blows whistle on Google. Releases 950 pages.

Google has been LYING to Congress about #censorship. Alerts DOJ!

51 out of 52 Attorney Generals are now looking into this.

Plus the City of NY and the Federal Government are looking into this.

The only one who isn’t is the State of CA (Google)
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In light of current events with the #Coronavirus #COVID19, I decided to make a short #COVfefe thread.
On May 31st 2017, @realDonaldTrump tweeted "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"
@realDonaldTrump Many back then, including myself, thought it was a typo for "Coverage". But then strange things happened.
Some started decoding, and IIRC Thomas W1ctor found that G00gle translator thought it was Arabic for "I will stand up". This got shut down short after by G00gle according to @Perpetualmaniac. G00g changed the translation to a shrugging emoji/ascii art
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📌Covfefe meaning erased by Google AFTER President Trump tweets then erases. Not only is it relevant for coronavirus. 📌There is also the Covfefe Act of 2017. Did you know that? I had no idea! The Act is for saving all Presidential tweets even personal ones! Cont👇
📌The meaning is interesting- ((that Google erases and media lies about)) Covfefe' (pronounced "cuv-fee-fae") is an Antediluvian term for "In the end we win" It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray. 📌plus👇
The other Coronavirus meaning... BRILLIANT! #QAnon2020 #coronavirus #Covfefe19
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Just 37 thousand usa troops in Europe.
Nothing happening...
No arrests...
Waaaa mommmy!!!
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#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #Q

I will be summarizing the following video which discusses current topics. I found the video relevant because it discusses the wide range of what we are watching play out before our eyes. Please share this thread.…
80 federal, state and local law enforcement officials in #Virginia arrested drug traffickers. They are SHUTTING DOWN the cartels/traffickers which is all part of the circle of elite/globalist take-down.
We know that Fauci lied in Congress about Encephalitis in #vaccines and we know about the email in 2013 about #HRC. In this video, it is suggested that maybe #Fauci has "flipped". A lot of politicians are flipping, giving up and talking. It's possible.
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The symbolism is much older.

White rabbits are known to eat their young.

Occult #cannibalism — pure and simple.

How do we commemorate #Jesus?
Eat his flesh and drink his blood?

How do we celebrate his body disappearing?
Easter #whiterabbits
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Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
James 1:19-20

We are nation built on the foundations of the Bible.

American exceptionalism.
Morning #Covfefe

• Prayer
• Read passages from the Bible
• Fitness
• Meditation
• Read passages from our Founding Fathers
• Begin my day

God will not ask me how much I slept.

FAITH is a way of life.
Patriotism is as well.

American exceptionalism.
American exceptionalism.

Prayer is our foundation.

1:11 PM ET (adjust to your local time)

Patriots worldwide praying for 3 min in UNITY and STRENGTH with GOD.

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Truth to LIGHT.

@DailyCaller is @TuckerCarlson establishment rag that has tight rope walked the idea of being PRO @POTUS. They are in fact a socialist dumpster fire soft pedaling socialism as a "possible" outcome for America.

This is the new propaganda.…
Truth to LIGHT. 2

Everyone in the elite circles of DC know each other. Every journalist in DC rubs shoulders with the power Elites.

So tell us, @TuckerCarlson, how is it that you never reported on DC child pedophilia? How is that you never reported on your friend HUNTER Biden?
Truth to LIGHT. 3

Journalists see themselves as the moralists for the country.

[They] tell you what is right.
[They] tell you what is wrong.
[They] tell you a free society can't exist without them.

[They] are the propagandists of the ELITEs.

[They] protect their own.
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Today: #BendedKnee

1:11 PM ET (adjust to you local time)

Join #PatriotsWorldwide for 3 min of PRAYER to UNITY and STRENGTH.

We are fighting the greatest EVIL in human history.
Together, united through prayer, fight back.

"And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us."
~ 1 John 5:14


1:11PM ET (adjusted to local time)

3 min of PRAYER with #PatriotsWorldwide for UNITY and STRENGTH.

We are all called.

Each one of us has a gift.
Discovered or to be discovered, God has provided us with STRENGTH and POWER that is only realized through UNITY.

Today: 1:11PM ET (adjust to local time)
3 min of PRAYER with #PatriotsWorldwide

Welcome to God's 9G WiFi.
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• The meme video was created by a well-known Anon/Patriot, @Solmemes1 & a familiar Fren from the #Q community.
• It appears like a "Q." And the medallion horse/Q is on #Qplus President Trump.
• POTUS RT'ed it.
• Symbol is a horse and also appears as a #Q
Anyone remember this?
What do you hear?
Yanny or Laurel?
Or #Covfefe ?
#Qanon #MultipleMeaningsExist
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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Well well @RepAdamSchiff...

What do we have here??

You were doing business with Igor Pasternak, the founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., which makes blimps and weapons for Ukrainian military?

Is this a quid pro quo? Or just TREASON?

Patriots never forget.
@RepAdamSchiff And then there was this... @RepAdamSchiff

Remember this? The Standard Hotel? Employees pouring Muriatic Acid down the roof drains? Why would they be pouring an acid that burns skin and decomposes DNA down the drains?

We know.
@RepAdamSchiff And what about this guy, @RepAdamSchiff ??

He say's he was your gay lover? That you abused him? That you shared him with @BernieSanders ??

Oh my that is really [sick].

Time to come clean.
We know.
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Hold onto your #Covfefe today #Patriots
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1/9 We must come together in faith.What is the price @GenFlynn⭐⭐⭐ has endured, but still holds his head high with honor, humility & faith in God. As a Warrior you can take money & possession but you cannot take his family, his heart. His right to vote or bare arms gone until..
2/9....this wrong against him because of what he stands for is made whole again. That his name be restored. He is a soldier litterally fighting the [DS] for his family & #WeThePeople. @SidneyPowell1 is a soldiers! In order to win we must run toward the FLAMES & EMBRACE TRUTH!..🇺🇸
3/9...This enemy is Relentless! We must keep our eyes focused on the mission, we CANNOT let go!We all know this Evil is much bigger than we ever imagined, we cannot fear it we except that fact no matter how hard, no going back or we lose! This is Spiritual Warfare! Our reality..
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Wow, can't imagine how proud their parents must be.
God bless our Military men and women, as they protect our President.


Castle clean.
My confirmation bias is showing ... 😉

Bolton, Pence, Flynn??

► Follow Bolton.
► Bolton cleaning house.
► Castle clean.

Who is standing next to Pence & POTUS?
Bolton cleaning house.
Out they go!
A clean House is very important.
Will Flynn be free in 30 days?

Free Flynn
Done in 30.
House cleaning.
WH secured.
Final stage.
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The world is watching

"The World is Watching" - Q, exactly 17 times as of today. And also @realDonaldTrump this afternoon...

#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Covfefe
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That journalist that exposed that Planned Parenthood was selling aborted baby meat?

The jury just found him guilty... after the Judge ordered them to rule this way

David Daleiden has been ordered to pay $870k to PlannedParenthood!!

UPDATE: The judge has thrown in RICO and the damage awards to PlannedParenthood have tripled.


All I can say to this is #covfefe
UPDATE: Famed attorney Harmeet Dhillon (@pnjaban) drops a bombshell response to the Planned Parenthood verdict agains the Whistleblower:

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!!DECODE (11/04/19 6:38 PM EST)

This Decode is based on POTUS Tweet T-9886

TimeStamps: 7:38
Time Deltas: [:19]m

Thank Keywords/Phrases:
deep meaning


@realDonaldTrump 1.

The TimeStamp 7:38 Clue
Leads us to Q-Drop 738

Here we find ...

Certain Intel Drops Would Cause World Wide Suffering

>Release prior to cover up.
>Public informed and collapse.
Q there is one thing that concerns me. somewhat related

@realDonaldTrump 2.

to this, but more related to 60/40. the less the public knows, the more likely they are to falsely assign blame in the future, possibly even generations from now. it's worth keeping in mind.

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