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1/ THREAD - Countries with annual ivermectin treatment showing extremely low cases & deaths despite having very low vaccination rates.

IVM has been used to treat River Blindness via the African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) & includes 19 countries in Africa...
2/ The APOC program started in 1995 and people were given 1 (most countries) or 2 doses of Ivermectin per year. The APOC program closed at the end of 2015 and transitioned to the Community Directed Treatment with Ivermectin (CDTI) program. In 2017 more than 145M ppl were treated.
3/ I have compared 3 sets of countries. APOC countries, the rest of Africa and the most vaccinated countries + USA, UK and Canada.


This first set of charts shows Cumulative Cases / Million.
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📢 The first large scale UK data on the safety of #CovidVaccine in #pregnancy is out today from @UKHSA !

In people giving birth between January and August, 24,759 of whom were vaccinated...

🗝️ No difference in stillbirth rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated... 1/
🗝️ No difference in babies with low birthweight between vaccinated and unvaccinated... 2/
🗝️ Preterm births occurred at a rate of 6.51% in vaccinated people and 5.99% in unvaccinated people.

This small difference is likely to be because at this time vaccinated people were more likely to be older and have underlying health conditions. 3/
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NOV 24: #COVID19 in #Ontario
591 cases, 7* deaths, 664 resolved,
30092 tests/day, 15681 pending, 2.5% pos
137 in ICU (84 on ventilator)🏥

+12,706 vaccinations💉
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
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Short thread on this table which is shared widely and leads to the (false) conclusion that a heterologous boost with 2xPfizer/1xModerna is superior to a homologous boost with 3xPfizer. Image
1. The moderna booster given in this study was a 100ug dose whereas the approved moderna booster is only a 50ug dose, which would lead to somewhat lower antibody levels. Therefore the difference would be even smaller.
2. Even if the difference between heterologous and homologous booster would hold for the 50ug Moderna dose, the difference is not relevant. Here is why: I assume (and I apologize if this assumption is wrong) that many people look at that table and think if 2xPfizer/1xmoderna
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Quasi il 75% della popolazione italiana vaccinata. È un buon risultato, ma non sufficiente per chiudere questa triste emergenza.
1) Il 15% di suscettibili a rischio ospedalizzazione/terapia intensiva è numericamente significativo per saturare il sistema sanitario
2) Mancano 1/n
risorse umane per poter ampliare il SSN e formare nuovi intensivisti richiede anni.
3) Un vaccino imperfetto non blocca la circolazione del virus con il rischio di mutazioni più contagiose e resistenti all'attuale vaccino (difficile che siano più mortali direttamente)
4) Da quando è stato annunciato il vaccino che sappiamo come l'efficacia segua un gradiente descrescente dal 6 mese. Quindi non è una novità che sarà necessario continuare oltre la doppia dose. 3/n
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When is the best time in #pregnancy to get the #CovidVaccine?


Two studies came out this week that tackle the question. And (bonus!) which vaccine to go for...

But first! I should say that all the *safety* data says that it's equally safe to get the vaccine in any trimester.

So the question here is really when it's most *protective* to get the vaccine.

Links to safety data here... 2/…
The first study, from @EdlowLab, looked at 158 people vaccinated in pregnancy, broken down by vaccine type and trimester of vaccination. 3/…
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(1/5) Important publication (for the more technically minded):
The tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) leader sequence of the spike protein might be responsible for the #Covidvaccine-induced thrombosis & antibody-mediated thrombocytopenia:…
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"I'm #pregnant, and I've been offered a #CovidVaccine #booster. Should I accept?"

@RCObsGyn encourage all pregnant ppl in the UK to get their booster when they are offered it... 1/… The JCVI advises that the booster vaccine dose should be off
If you are in the USA and pregnant or recently pregnant, you will be offered a booster vaccine as soon as you are six months out from dose 2. And @acog recommends you get it. 2/… Text from new ACOG guidance. ACOG recommends that pregnant a
But what's the evidence that #CovidVaccine #boosters are safe and effective in #pregnancy? 3/
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1. Thread on Austria and segregation and lockdown for the normal covid unvaccinated healthy people... #Austria #segregation #lockdown #anschluss #papers #Gesundheitspas #dictator Image
2. Big Pharma Anschluss: Austria Imposes ‘Lockdown for the Unvaccinated’ – Germany and Czech Could Follow… #Austria #segregation #lockdown #anschluss #papers #Gesundheitspas #dictator
3. Gesundheitspass (health passport) from the 1930's and 40's. You know, that era when the Nazis and the painter took over Germany and killed millions that didn't do things Adolf's way. Image
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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The BMJ recently published an “exposé” of #CovidVaccine by @thackerpd alleging patient unblinding, data falsification, and other wrongdoing by a subcontractor. It was a highly biased story embraced by antivaxxers. WTF happened to @bmj_latest?…
And just this morning on the website of one of one of the "Disinformation Dozen," we see Peter Doshi's testimony and Paul Thacker's article touted as evidence that we should doubt the Pfizer vaccine. If this happens regularly, @bmj_latest, you are definitely doing it very wrong.
Anyway, for those of you who saw my post on @ScienceBasedMed last week, note that the new post is updated and substantially revised.😉
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💡BEST. VIDEO. ALL. YEAR. Please share with friends how the mRNA vaccine works to fight the coronavirus.

📌NOTA BENE—The mRNA never interacts with your DNA 🧬. #vaccinate

(Special thanks to the Vaccine Makers Project @vaccinemakers of @ChildrensPhila). #COVID19
2) This Family Guy video explainer is more rudimentary but also very effective vaccine explainer. Thx @SethMacFarlane
3) The other BEST mRNA vaccine explainer video is this amazing epic one by @ScientistSwanda. Really good technical details that’s easy to understand.
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You know, @bmj_latest, when two of the biggest antivax propaganda sites in the world are loudly touting a badly sourced, conspiracy mongering bit of "investigational journalism" you commissioned from crank @thackerpd, you are doing it wrong and spreading antivax disinformation.
When one of your @bmj_latest editors, Peter Doshi, has been at least antivax-adjacent for years and years and spreading antivax nonsense about #CovidVaccine, you're doing it wrong.…
When antivaxxer RFK Jr. loves both @thackerpd and Peter Doshi, you're doing it wrong.…
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Knepigheterna med #CovidVaccine

"1. Vaccinet är effektivt för att skydda mot smitta, men samtidigt skyddar det inte mot smitta om man träffar ovaccinerade."
"2. Vaccinet är inte färdigtestat, men man vet att fördelarna överväger nackdelarna."
"3. Friska barn löper en obefintlig risk för att drabbas av allvarlig covid-19, men det är viktigt att vaccinera dem för att skydda dem mot smitta."
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(1/n) The #Covidvaccines contain metal particles in a not insignificant concentration.
Results of an analysis from a German university (published anonymously):…
#CovidVaccine #COVIDVaccination Image
(2/n) The analysis was carried out by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) on three #CovidVaccine samples (AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson).
(3/n) Results of the AstraZeneca vaccine analysis.
There are regions in the dried sample where chromium (Cr) and iron (Fe) are present: Image
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Eduskunta hyväksyi koronapassin äänin 105–33 | Oct 5
- #Superspreader #Koronapassi -ravintolat eristettäneen, menettivät loputkin asiakkaat.
- Taulukosta näet, miten yksittäiset kansanedustajat äänestivät.…
Sote-valiokunnassa halua laajentaa #koronapassi'n käyttöä | Nov 11
- Mia Laihon ja Ilari Nurmisen mielestä #rokotus -kattavuuden nostaminen on nyt ensiarvoisen tärkeää.…
Sosiaali- ja terveysvaliokunta…
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February 15 and August 15, 2021 C19 Vaccination during Pregnancy & First-Trimester Miscarriage
compares to
March 2019 Norway study.

#percentage doesn't fit. #covid & #COVIDVaccination era has more miscarriages.

March 2019 Norway study:
March 2019 norway study
#covid #Covidvaccine era in Norway Feb 2021-Aug 2021…
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Car Wash

I was mindlessly scrolling though emails while my car finished up in the car wash. A giant flatscreen television perched on the wall of the waiting room blared out a news program.

Her: “Oh HELLS no.”

I glanced over at the woman beside me and then at the screen.
It only took two seconds for me to register to what garnered that reaction. Scenes of children proudly flexing band-aided arms as happy parents looked on flashed before my eyes.

Her: *to no one in particular* “5-year-olds? Girl bye.”

She let out a laugh and shook her head.
I decided to bite.

Me: “You talking about them giving little kids the vaccine?”
Her: “Girl, yeah. Ain’t no way in hell.”

She paused for a moment. Then she doubled down.

Her: *shaking her head* “Oh HELLS no.”

I gave a slow nod to acknowledge her position.

Me: “Hmm.”
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From the FDA fact sheets they added today. BioN Tech (Pfizer shot) is still only approved EUA #comirnaty is fully approved but that's not what is given out so how are they forcing a shot that isn't approved fully #CovidVaccine Image
Here is the fact sheet for Comirnaty that is approved BUT again not what is being give as the Pfizer shot Image
From the Comiranty website, saying FDA approved but this is not being used in the US Image
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Muurarien miehittämä @HUS_fi disinformoi:
Deltamuunnos kaataa odottajia sairaalaan
- Kysymme vaivihkaa äitiyspoliklinikkakäynneillä - alle puolet on saanut rokotteen.
Tekay muistuttaa, ettei #mRNA-rokotteiden ole todettu aiheuttavan sikiölle haittaa.…
@HUS_fi #Pregnant women must NOT get #COVIDvaccine in first trimester | Feb 4
- women who are pregnant are more likely to develop a severe form of the disease than their peers who are not,” Yariv Yogev, director of the obstetrics and gynecology dept.…
@HUS_fi Former #Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine | Aug 12
- “We never, ever give #experimental #medicines to #pregnant women," said Yeadon, Ph.D., in a presentation.…
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Over the last 2 days I’ve received almost 200 DMs from parents asking about the #COVIDVaccine EUA for 5-11 yo.

This is a 🧵of common questions

Q: Should I be worried about my child’s future fertility?

A: No, there is no scientifically plausible mechanism and no data to support this.

See:… @DrJenGunter

Q: Should my child with X get the #COVID19Vaccine?

A: Yes, there are no absolute contraindications and if your child has a pre-existing condition it’s even more important they’re protected.

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What do we know about pregnancy, #COVID19 and vaccination? A thread.

@HSEImm @RCPI_news @RCPI_ObsGyn
Most pregnant women who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID – have mild or no symptoms and don’t experience serious complications.

However, there is increasing evidence that #COVID19 can affect your pregnancy.
For example, pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk of preterm birth, high blood pressure, postpartum haemorrhage and stillbirth than those who are not infected with #COVID19.
In addition, some pregnant women with COVID-19 will become severely unwell.
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All below taken from DrJohnB Telegram:
A 32-year-old man
- 1 week after receiving the 2nd dose of the #Covidvaccine (Sputnik V): acute confusional state, imbalance, headache & dizziness
⇒ Neuroinflammation. Neuromyelitis optica (an autoimmune demyelinating disease)…
22-year-old man
- 5 days after the first dose of the #Covidvaccine (Pfizer–BioNTech): chest pain, then became unconscious
⇒ Atrial myocarditis
"Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed for two hours, but he could not be resuscitated"…
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