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1) Fil du 22/09/2020

Q#post n°4738 à 4741

2) Image
3) @drsimonegold :
"Le Nevada est le 7ème État à revenir discrètement sur sa décision d'interdire l'HCQ pour le COVID-19. Les médecins du Nevada peuvent maintenant à nouveau prescrire l'HCQ.
Les gouverneurs ont menti et devraient être tenus responsables."
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So the Trump card is "The Sun" (Tarot Card) from this thread by @JuliansRum . Hmmm🤔

Let's bring in the #SkyEvent Q drops, see where this goes?

What do you think Q is referring to here?

Signs in the skies? What the common object in the sky related to this beautiful display of colors in the sky? That's right it's the Sun. What else has being going on with the sun lately? That's right, we are in Sun Cycle 25. So what does this all mean?
"As a nation, we face a difficult two weeks as we approach that really important day when we're going to see things get better, all of a sudden," he said. "And it is going to be like a burst of light, I think, or I hope."

Sudden Burst of Light?🤔… Image
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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) was laundering money for criminals involved in a #PonziScheme well after the Bank was tipped off of the illegal activity. #DarkToLight!
WTF?! #JamesComey was on the board of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation the same year HSBC was involved in this Ponzi scheme! This was before becoming FBI Director. Wow! #Comey is a #DeepState fixer!
Open the flood gates! Looks like these massive multinational banks are bag holders & money laundering tools for Illuminati families. More than 2 TRIlLLION in banking transactions were flagged as criminal 💰 laundering during the 18 years Clinton, Bush & Obama were President. Wow!
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1) Fil Q du 20/09/2020

Q post n°4686 à 4737

Thème: "21-25 SEPT [suivez et pistez les événements]"
3) Q post n°4686

Q publie à nouveau l'image du "punisher".
La Justice est la seule voie à suivre.
Transparence et divulgation.

Q nous invite à suivre de près les événements:
- du 14 au 18 Sept
- du 21 au 25 Sept
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NOM – Nova Ordem Mundial
Conhecidos por ILLUMINATI e outros nomes, os Teoristas atribuem a eles a implantação da NOM.
•Quais são as 13 principais famílias?
•Quais são as principais Sociedades Secretas?
•A quem servem e qual o seu plano?
•O que controlam?

Siga a Thread
1)Agenda da NOM
2)Berry Smith, da Austrália, escreveu em seu livro Aviso Final p. 9, “Existem 13 famílias ou grupos liderando o plano do Governo Mundial:

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👉Pay attention Patriots VERY Important Exchange #DarkTolight
👀Is Everyone paying attention? #DarkToLight
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🛑#ChildTrafficking DETAILS frm Survivor PLS🙏WATCH


▫️HOW/WHERE to SPOT TRAFFICKED CHILD-Shipping Containers dirt holes

▫️[They] have DNA on kids AND politicians/H-Wood

💔THIS would put 99% in the hospital
🛑Blood Ceremonies AFTR HOURS in OUR Churches!

🛑Neck Tattoo SIGNALS


▫️It's time to HEAR not just listen

▫️Time to ACT not just see

▫️We owe these #chidlren a chance at life-Away frm EVIL

🛑Pls SHARE! #TheGreatAwakening is NOW!

Video2▫️Pls WATCH
🙏Please SHARE Videos #1👆🏼
and #2👆🏼

💔We need THE WORLD AWAKE NOW! Only united & with God can we win the #ChildTrafficking WAR!

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Remember the CHILDREN!!😞#KAG #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight #PatriotsAwakened #Trump2020 👉🏻
REVELATION 6:11 (KJV) — “And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.”
It’s BIBLICAL!!🤔🇺🇸 —
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So we talked about the dark alliance. This are, Draco-Reptilians, Zetas, Annunakis and Archons. Basically those who choose to explore a Service to Self theme, the malevolent archetypes. Who engaged in all sorts of dark occult rituals and use of symbolism. Crimes against humanity.
Light side, are the benevolent alliance of patriotic white hats and (+++) the military arm of the light, aka Galactic Federation of light. Overseers are Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Jesus, and the arch Angels and boots on the ground (volunteers).
GFL consists of Pleideans, Acturians, Sirians, Andromedeans,+++, etc. They operate based on the Galactic Codex. An inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets.…
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1) Fil Q du 13/09/2020

Q post n°4645 à 4685

Thème: "Rien ne peut arrêter ce qui va arriver" Image
2) Image
3) Q post n°4645

Que se passe-t-il si le 44e président (Obama) mène activement une opération de commandement et de contrôle de l'ombre [présidence de l'ombre] contre l'actuel POTUS dûment élu? ImageImage
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This is what Panic 👀Like #WeareTheNewsNow

‘It’s Out Of Control’: How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts >Nice try 🤡@POTUS…
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[DS] "Xi'an" Sian = one of the oldest cities in CCP CN CHINA = home of [DS] Turano-Kushite (Kutu/ Kuti tribe) Scythian CCP Uyghur aka Hoei-Hi/ Fo-Hi today... masquerading as the Chinese. (refer to attached)'an
However Xian is also a Greek word relating to the Egyptian Hyksos...…
(refer to [DS] asset sabotaged/ hidden text on webpage)
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New Q drop puts things into full perspective.
#FutureProvesPast #DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening

The truth is right in front of you.
Past playbook used today?
Knowledge is power.
The Nazi's never lost they moved to America through #OperationPaperClip (1945 and 1959). This comes as no surprise. Objective becomes clear, that is to destroy America from within.

"Infiltration not Invasion" - Q
The Nazi's had alliances with the dark forces through occult secret societies. The Dark fleet where based in Antarctic and underground network system. Confronted by Admiral Byrd and his fleet during #OperationHighJump (1946-1947).

"Symbolism will their downfall" - Q
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1) Fil Q du 28/08/2020

Q post n°4635 à 4644

Thème: "Nous, le Peuple, avons été trahis depuis très longtemps."
3) Q post n°4635

Q reprend le Q post n°940 et publie un article sur les liens entre l'organisation moderne Antifa et son précurseur des années 1930.…
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If you haven't realized that #TheGreatAwakening is tied to the Kennedy Family, you haven't been paying attention...
1) 11.3 🤔
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The #POTUS doesn't rest, why should we?

we're kicking digital ass here
Modern day 'Midnight Riders'.
Paul Revere is best known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in April 1775 to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington
The world is changing!
Can you feel it?
Revere and a group of 30 "mechanics" began meeting in secret at his favorite haunt, the Green Dragon, to coordinate the gathering and dissemination of intelligence by "watching the Movements of British Soldiers".
The green frog
Does this sounds familiar?
"Revere identified a burgeoning market for church bells in the religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening that followed the war".…
There's a reason why they are fighting hard to censor [defame] you.
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1) Fil #QanonFrance du 28/08/2020

Q post n°4628 à 4634


#Qanon #WWG1WGA
3) le 2 septembre, la journaliste d'investigation Sarah Carter de Fox News a rapporté que, selon le DOJ, le "fichier Woods" pour la demande de mandat de surveillance FISA sur Carter Page avait "disparu" il y a 2 ans.…
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😉They say a picture is worth a 1000 words....
@POTUS #Darktolight
@POTUS A Timecapsule ⏳ #HeKnew 💉
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I recently rewatched The Matrix trilogy and I totally agree.

Looking at it now I was able to appreciate and understand much more hints than when I first saw it.

It's an exhaustive description of everything we are experiencing.

#TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight Image
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In case You Didn't know...👇

🦉controls helliwood?
Entertainment Liaison offices?


How do you control the ⭐️'s

#NothingToSeeHere #DarkToLight…
Even MOAR… ImageImageImageImage
In Need Of Moar info?#DarkToLight 👇
What are gatekeepers?
How do [they]'control'?
Connected threads...
How drugs like LSD by 🤡were used in MK Experiments for 'control'…
Moar on MK…

#NothingtoseeHere ImageImageImageImage
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😷#MasksOff 👉#BrixTheClown 🤡
I am sure it's just a coincidence, right?
[DS]Globalist Clowns🤡
👉🦟& Muh Corona patents
CDC WHO[UN]Gates ...etc..
🧐#NothingToSeeHere #DarkToLight

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Unresolved negative energy within usually can project outwardly as an attitude of anger and frustration. Every time you notice such. Rather than blame others, look within and identify why is such a circumstance occurring in your reality. There are many reasons for this.
Sometimes it appears, because your light is very bright and that the person\event projecting such negativity is in need of some positive vibes from you and thus come into your radiance to feel comforted by your positive nature, because they aren't able transmute the it themselves
Do not be afraid to share your love and positive vibes with others, as long as you know how to balance yourself and draw from the infinity source of energy from within you.
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