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🇫🇷 #France's high school reform in 2021 had an unexpected side effect: a significant portion of girl students dropped math.

In 2020, 44% chose advanced math—the following year, this number fell to 24%.

@ShirliSitbon has more on the phenomenon for the #DayoftheGirl ⤵️
@ShirliSitbon 🇲🇬 Child marriage is a daily reality for tens of thousands of young girls in #Madagascar.

"When a girl turns 12 or 13, she becomes a new source of income for the family", explains @Galaelle for #DayoftheGirl.

"She is sacrificed to allow the family to survive" ⤵️
@ShirliSitbon @Galaelle 🇲🇬 The consequences for young girls promised into marriage are "irreversible".

"It's impossible to build a stable, healthy, developed society if young girls' fundamental rights are not guaranteed," reports @Galaelle on #DayoftheGirl ⤵️
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Today is #DayOfTheGirl

Is there anything more breathtaking than schoolgirls telling patriarchy to get fucked? #IranProtests2022 #MahsaAmini
You think those girls flipping their theocrats off in the schoolroom in Iran will leave their rage behind in that room when they go home? #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #IranRevolution2022 #DayOfTheGirl…
You think those girls who chased away an education director from their school grounds will pack up their audacity into their satchels after school is out?

You think those schoolgirls chanting “Death to the dictator” do not go home and see the dictator there as well?
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UN Marks International Girl Child Day

The United Nations Development Programme is marking this year's International Day of the Girl Child day as declared by the United Nation General Assembly in 2011.
The International Day of the Girl Child is a key global moment to celebrate the power of girls and highlight the barriers they face.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Our Time Is Now - Our Rights, Our Future.”
The UNDP shared a video on social media which was captioned, “All girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life. Let's enable girls to thrive in school,
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(1/15) Today is #DayOfTheGirl and I'm 17, so it'll be my last one, I'd like to do a thread of who I am. Also, since I've been getting a lot of followers recently. This thread will be about some of my life from little 10-year-old me taking a Harvard class to earlier this year.
(2/15) At 10 years old, I took a @Harvard class on @edXOnline. It was called Super Earths and Life and it was the 1st version that had a few issues. I actually had to correct the TA in the class multiple times lol.

I got a 96%. I was very proud of myself.
(3/15) The next big thing I did in #STEM was starting my @YouTube channel with Supernova Style Science News when I was 12. Since then, the channel changed to @7SageLabs and I added more shows: The STEAM Shop, 7 Sage Lab Notes, and SciFacts.

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Oct. 11 is #InternationalDayoftheGirl. Every day should be a day when we uphold girls and their right to thrive and to be free of violence. #DayOfTheGirl
What if we nurtured and encouraged the expression of anger in girls the same way we encouraged reading skills: as necessary for their navigation of the world?… #DayOfTheGirl
Imagine a girl justifiably enraged at her mistreatment. Imagine if we acknowledged her justifiable anger so that a girl understood she’d be heard if anyone abused her & that her anger was just as important a trait as honesty.

What kind of woman would such a girl grow up to be?
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Today is International #DayOfTheGirl !
When girls are able to
👧 make decisions
👧🏿 stay in school
👧🏽 prevent pregnancies
👧🏻 access health services equally,
they can transform their future, and be the power of change. 
👉 Image
Progress has been made in the last two decades to ensure every girl 👧🏿👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽 is able to grow and develop in good health, but there is much still to do.
On #DayoftheGirl and every day, let's make the health and wellbeing of girls a priority! Image
On this #DayOfTheGirl , WHO calls for a world where every girl has access to affordable quality health services, and all girls are treated and respected as equals. #HealthForAll Image
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Agree. There is a lot more to unpack and there are not simple policy or regulatory fixes. If you think the feds coming down hard on what the population uses to connect and communicate, you’re not a student of history, sociology, psychology, etc.

@sinanaral in @HarvardBiz
I hear all the old, harmful ideas repeated by many who should be at cutting edge of technology. Whereas what @DrvanTilburg describes, if merely digitized to “control” social media, will not work, will harm #SoMe #AI #SciComm #professionalism
From the #healthcare lens there are these potential issues of #AI and #bias including as relates to #COVID19. Yet 30% of business are now using #ArtificialIntelligence in some form. Horse out the barn.

So what is the answer? Ban? Control?


@JordanBazinsky @HealthITNews
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Today is International #DayOfTheGirl!

All around the world, girls are taking charge - from #ClimateChange movements to #digitalhealth solutions.

Let’s listen to girls and follow their leadership as we reimagine an equal world for everyone.
On International #DayOfTheGirl,
we're celebrating the importance, power, and potential of girls around the world. Join a conversation across the generations:
Progress has been made in the last two decades to ensure every girl is able to grow and develop in good health, but there is much still to do.

On #DayoftheGirl and
every day, WHO makes the health and wellbeing of girls a priority:
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On Saturday 12th October, we celebrated #Dayofthegirl2019 and simultaneously spotlighted #Lupus through @Sheblossoms. Lupus and many auto-immune diseases primarily affect women of color between the ages of 15 and 44.
@Sheblossoms Our all female line-up consisted of Shae Gibenzi and Shikkiey with a special appearance by GJ the Trap Queen. Our audience consisted of a female dance troupe from Korogocho, courtesy of Nuru Afrika who are a key partner in our Peace Builders Program.
@Sheblossoms The following images are from the last She Blossoms 2019, courtesy of @OnkeoRonny who is our Peace Builders Program photographer. The 2019 theme for International Day of the Girl was Girl-Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable.
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We can’t achieve gender equality until girls have control over their bodies and their future.

For millions of girls in the developing world those rights still aren’t a reality, but alongside national governments and NGOs, we are working to change that... 1/

I visited Senegal to see the successful work of our Women's Integrated Sexual Health programme - WISH for short.

#UKaid delivers voluntary family planning advice and contraception supplies globally, including across West Africa with our partners @MarieStopes and @ippf. 2/
I visited one of the #UKaid family planning outreach clinics in rural Fatick that is helping women and girls living in remote areas of Senegal access the vital voluntary contraception and basic information we in the UK can easily access. 3/
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#DayoftheGirl 1. I thought for sure that the media would be spotlighting Sen. @KamalaHarris's presidential presence at last night's #EqualityTownHall on a loop this morning. They're not. Are we lying to our daughters when we tell them that they can be anything they want?
2. Honest questions: What am I supposed to tell my black daughters? Do I *really* continue to tell them that hard work and preparation will always be recognized? Must I continue to defend the *opinions* of those who appear to not recognize the power of their voices?
3. There are so many little girls - black girls - who are witnessing Sen. @KamalaHarris shape history in full color.

These are my daughters, and they see Senator Harris as an inspiration. Don't they deserve that?

Why do people continue to try to erase history in the making?
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Gender Based Violence #GBV is one of the most widespread and systematic #humanright violations. It’s imperative that we fight it to make the right to healthcare a reality and to promote peace and development #DayoftheGirl Image
The #MedecinsDuMonde network is putting forward a manifesto to fight #GBV with preventive and reactive responses. Read the full press release >>…
We need to focus on #prevention: promote behavioural changes, deconstructing #gender stereotypes to transform gender relations and identity. Image
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Meet Tabitha, a 16-year-old schoolgirl from @BornoGovt. For #DayOfTheGirl, she shared with us her experience on being out of school!
"I was once like many other girls & boys who are out of school. There was a time in my village when insurgents burnt down the school in my village. I was forced to stay at home for 6 months. Life became difficult as I was faced with a very bleak future."
"Thank God I was lucky to be given a chance to go back to school when schools were reopened in Borno State. I always wonder what life will be like if my dream of further education was cut short. I think about the many girls & boys that are out of school."
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Ve bu videoya sığdıramayacağımız pek çok bilim kadını var. Hepimizin Dünya Kız Çocukları Günü kutlu olsun!
#DayOfTheGirl #DünyaKızÇocuklarıGünü
Videodaki bilim kadınları, sırayla:
👩‍🔬 Canan Dağdeviren - Fizik Mühendisi

👩‍🔬 Betül Kaçar - Astrobiyoloji

👩‍🔬 Tunçbağ - Hesaplamalı Biyoloji ve Biyoinformatik
👩‍🔬 Burcu Özsoy - Çevre bilimi, Kutup Bölgeleri ve Deniz Buzları @DrBurcuOzsoy

👩‍🔬 Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil - Astrofizik

👩‍🔬 Dilhan Eryurt - Astrofizik

👩‍🔬 Sündüs Erbaş Çakmak - Yapay enzimler - moleküler makineler
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Mike Kalny, a Republican who held the elected position of precinct committeeman, sent this to Johnson County Democratic Women’s north chapter president, Anne Pritchett.

Kansas Republican vows to send 'lesbian Indian' Democrat back 'to the reservation'…
When he said, "kickboxing lesbian Indian back to the reservation", he was talking about @sharicedavids, who is poised to be the first Native American woman our country has ever sent to Congress.

And of course, Kalny looks like this. Here's his FB BTW.
.@sharicedavids couldn't care less what some backwater shithead says about her.

She could use your support to show the GOP that a "lesbian Indian" can win in Kansas


#ThursdayThoughts #nationalcomingoutday #dayofthegirl
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DEAR DAUGHTER....Thus far, recriminations; Over the years, scarifications; Through it all, discriminations. #DayoftheGirl #DearDaughter
I carry them in my lashes looking down always in submission; my tongue twisting when I so desperately want to defend myself #DearDaughter
I carry them in where and when I am allowed to go; I carry them in my inability to count the coins of my hard labour #DearDaughter
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Today is #DayoftheGirl and I want to talk about barriers girls are facing to getting an education in our country right now.
Earlier this year, a report by @NWLC laid out some disturbing facts. These are just a few.
1 in 5 girls ages 14-18 reported being sexually assaulted. The rate among LGBTQ girls was even higher.
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