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Reserve Power is backup, on-call, fuel-based power. Because it's held in reserve, it's nearly as expensive as an operating plant. ERCOT started charging ratepayers an additional $1.5 Billion for more reserve power.…
In addition to reserve power costs, wind & solar are wearing out our fuel-based generating resources far more quickly than anybody planned. Chaos. #EnergyPoverty. Rube Gldberg Systems Engineering.…
How many slick lifecycle assessments supporting Wind & Solar address (i) the costs of Reserve Power; (ii) the costs of Operation, Maintanance, and early replacement of fuel-based generation plants; and (iii) the Carbon impacts of (i) and (ii)?
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No matter the economic structure, wind and solar, on scale, compete directly with baseload - WHEN the wind blows. Energy 2022 = The Second Age of Sail. Who eats curtailment? Uranium is dirt cheap so we don’t save fuel.
Nuclear - Wind-Solar are, economically, mutually exclusive. Germany wrecked 17 nuclear reactors because €20/MHh firm power was curtailing wind - when the wind was blowing. So they went full Rube Goldberg. Which system eats curtailment WHEN the wind blows?
Energy project finance hates uncertainty. Imagine applying for a huge loan.
Bank: “What’s your revenue?”
You: “Well, that depends on the weather. If the wind is blowing, 0. If it’s not blowing, we make $.”
Bank: Nice try. How about 37% interest?
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#EnergyPoverty. One pound of uranium ($48) has enough thermal energy to power the average North American's total energy consumption (100% all forms of energy consumed)--for 100 years. Fission releases 6 orders of magnitude more useful energy than combustion.
New nuclear power plants can't get financing because the power buyers need them to shut down whenever the Wind is Blowing. We live in the Second Age of Sail. Absurdities abound.
Nuclear power produces orders of magnitude more Useful Energy with orders of magnitude fewer material inputs, than any engine ever devised by humans.
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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My latest @RealClearEnergy :
If you think the world is moving #beyondcoal think again...over the past few weeks, China & India have announced plans to increase their domestic #coal production by a combined total of 700M tons/yr.
@JudeClemente @SierraClub…
@RealClearEnergy @JudeClemente @SierraClub For perspective, US coal production this year will total about 600M tons. The surge in coal demand in China and India – as well as in the U.S., where coal use jumped by 17% last year – demonstrates two things:
@RealClearEnergy @JudeClemente @SierraClub First, it shows that the Iron Law of Electricity has not been broken,Second, it shows that it is far easier to talk about cutting emissions than it is to achieve significant cuts.
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🌟The Dutch Insulation Programme was launched last week.
👎I can't help but compare to the woeful lack of focus on insulation in today's British Energy Security Strategy and the UK Heat and Buildings Strategy.
Some highlights from the Dutch approach from which we can learn 🧵 1/7
Headline: aim to insulate 2.5 million Dutch homes by 2030. That's about 30%!
Focus on the worst first - those with energy label of E, F or G (which make up about 20%). This is important for #energypoverty alleviation. 2/7 Image
The plan sets out 4 combined approaches to insulating 2.5m homes by 2030 (machine translation below). Nice combination of area-based, individual and collective approaches. 3/7 Image
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It’s out - the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the central measure - Minimum #EnergyPerformance Standards - to kick-start the ‘Renovation Wave’.

Can we expect a deluge or a dribble? THREAD 1/11
#EPBD Image
MEPS are essential to increase stubbornly low renovation rate AND one of few measures that can direct renovations to worst-performing buildings, alleviating #energypoverty

MEPS start with worst performing but should not stop there. They set a plan to fully decarbonise by 2050
The MEPS has 2 parts. 2nd is important but may get lost. Requires MSs to set timelines for MEPS for all bldgs to meet higher energy perf. class by 2040 & 2050

Potentially powerful plan for whole stock! Key to an effective framework, esp. given the weakness of 1st part… 3/11 Image
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The 'Empowering Energy Poor Citizens through Joint Energy Initiatives' webinar just kicked off!

The first topic on the agenda: learning more on the #EnergyPoverty Advisory Hub.

The good news: #POWERPOOR is included the #EPAH Atlas!
⚡️If you want to find out more on what #EPAH is doing and all the tools that they offer, visit
@h_doukas gave an extraordinary presentation on the #POWERPOOR project. Those are the main tools that are available to be used in alleviating #energypoverty. But as he said, 'the Energy Suporters and Mentors are the real heroes'!
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Energy prices are rising, which has major consequences for households. This is a major concern for the @EPPGroup. One of Europe's key priorities right now should be tackling the problem of #energypoverty. #energycrisis
There is a variety of causes for today's high energy prices. Simply put, the supply of gas and electricity is decreasing while demand is increasing. Some claim that exporters abroad are reducing their European supply in order to raise prices even higher.
Some critics point the finger at climate-protection policies. This oversimplifies the issue. Today our ETS policy actually prices the environmental cost of CO2 emissions into electricity. EU policies incentivise producers to switch to cost-efficient alternatives.
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.@fpjindia in association with SIES is organising a discussion on "The emerging challenges for the power sector in India" today at 3 pm with Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, @TataPower.

#power #energy #ceo #solarenergy #cleanenergy #renewables

Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says for the last ten years Tata Power has been worked a lot in the renewable energy space.

Watch the session here:
Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says Tata Power has shown leadership, both in thought and action, to become the first one in the country to meet the net-zero carbon targets.

Watch the session here:
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/30/2021…
A process-based approach to understanding and managing triggered seismicity…

#seismicity #ProcessBasedApproach #MultidisciplinaryMethod
A Digital Locksmith Has Decoded Biology’s Molecular Keys…

#NeuralNetworks #ProteinSurfaces #ViralDefenses
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1/11 Yesterday’s #Fitfor55 launch press conference was dominated by questions about the social impact. So, I took a bit of time to look at the new measures in the package to support low-income households to decarbonise. @RegAssistProj @RightToEnergy Image
2/11 First, raised ambition across the package is good for all. Effects of #ClimateChange will be felt by poorest most. Climate ambition is essential but not enough. Climate ambition must come hand in hand with commitment to address structural inequities.
3/11 The Energy Efficiency Directive is the clear winner of prize for social conscience. New provisions include first EU definition of #energypoverty. Oddly it refers to lack of access to essential services but not affordability of those services and excludes cooking needs. #EED Image
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Here we are ! Finally, after 18 months of big talks and long-term objectives about #EUGreenDeal, @EU_Commission releases its mammoth package #FitFor55 #FF55.
Here is my key take-aways: the good, the bad, the ugly. #Thread 👇
Good 1: that’s a massive policy push to transform #EUGreenDeal promises into concrete actions to change our ways of life. @FransTimmermans recognises this will be “bloody hard”, but righly underlines that our future depends on it.
Good 2: Creation of the Social Climate Fund that we @DelorsInstitute have been calling for years. This Fund should start as of 2025 with EU budget, and could invest up to 70Bn€ from 2025 to 2032 to finance national plans to ensure social justice in the transition. #EnergyPoverty
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@EU_Commission will propose Minimum #EnergyPerformance Standards (#MEPS) this year as part of #EPBD revision. Our new paper “Next steps for MEPS” sets out how to do this. 1/9 #RenovationWave #EUGreenDeal @Energy4Europe
The current rate and depth of renovation is far below what we need to reach the 2030 #ClimateTargets in #Fitfor55, and too many Europeans are living in inefficient homes and suffering #energypoverty 2/9
Current policies leave a gap when it comes to driving the #renovation of most existing buildings. MEPS can fill this gap. 3/9 #BuildingRenovation
Minimum #EnergyPerformance Standards
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1/5 #Greencrime2021 @CEDATURV

Do you want to know why #Spain is threatening the environment🌍?

Here my ongoing research exploring the #RevolvingDoors as a form of #StateCorporateCrime.

#QualitativeResearch media coverage, gray/academic lit. & secondary data.

A thread⬇️ List of expoliticians working for fossil fuel and electric c
2/5 #Greencrime2021

The ‘revolving doors’ phenomenon is widespread across #Europe (and political parties), even though, this research is framed within a Spanish context.

A little background of the #revolvingdoors phenomenon in Spain. Greens/EFA (2018) Revolving doors and the fossil fuel indust
3/5 #Greencrime2021

State-corporate crime (Lynch et al. 2010):

Unethical actions/agreements between the #State and the #CorporateSector against the law or at the edge of crime.

Actions against the spirit of governance.

🇪🇸 politicians impacted climate&energy policies (e.g.) **He did not end up working for Endesa, but he did get a tur
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New paper on #EnergyPoverty and #TransportPoverty with the brilliant @CaitHRobin just published in Energy Research & Social Science…

Thread on the main findings...
This is one of those collaborations-that-had-to-happen. England provides modelled estimates of #FuelPoverty for low-level geographies, which is pretty unique. And @CaitHRobin has analysed that data in depth, in this paper...
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Today marks one year since we launched the EU Energy Poverty Observatory in Brussels. What have we been up to in that time?

1⃣Created the largest single evidence base on #energypoverty anywhere in the world, spanning 1980s - now ➡️

(Photo: Lukasz Kobus)
2⃣ Developed specialist guidance for policymakers (local and national) to address #energypoverty in their domain:


We supplement this with face-to-face and virtual technical assistance, on all aspects of the phenomenon.
3⃣ We hosted a launch conference in Brussels with 400 international stakeholders. Our consortium members have attended numerous external events, working in cooperation with institutions such as @eumayors @EU_EESC and @EU_CoR to advance discussions on #energypoverty #fuelpoverty
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