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Oh my eyes! You have seen a whole lot;

Oh my nose! You have perceived great smells and lovely aromas;

Oh my hands! You have tilled the ground;

Oh my legs! You have treaded many beautiful places.

Now is the time to relax & enjoy the beauty of humanity packaged in one delivery
Enjoy d peppered chicken, dance to d beat of its drumsticks & have tasty bites of d meaty chicken breast.

Open wide the door of your abode, split d curtains apart & have a feel of the view of your neighborhood, listen to the sound of the fulfillment of having your own house.
Sit & relax to enjoy a family time with your favourite programs though there's blackness in the neighborhood. Enjoy the radiance of the power of the sun in your home.

The community residents are pointing their fingers at your home; they love the colours, #solarenergy
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It is a new tool box. A way to apply new thinking to the problems of contemporary life. What are we DOING when we change something in a system like #energy #transport #housing or #food?

We are changing a system which makes us free. Free to cook, clean, move and shelter.
So it is never just #energy #energytransition work we are doing. We are not just trying to hit #netzero we are intervening in peoples lives and #capabilities

These freedoms are part of a contract between individuls, society and institutions.
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Building as batteries for a flexible energy grid
Hao Huang @BuildingsAlive
#SummerStudy20 #smartbuildings
By collecting data from chillers, cooling towers, water pumps, and return air fans, #building System engineers and designers can anticipate regions for increasing load in non-peak energy periods
Increasing load of chillers in off-peak hours can quite literally save costs & build demand for renewable energy. Plus, this can help electric grids adapt loads as renewable energy sources fluctuate

(when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing)
#solarenergy #smartcities
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Dr. Nauman Zaffar Butt in the electrical engineering Dept. leads our efforts on photovoltaics which has now crossed over into the realm of agriculture, to produce the budding field of agrivoltaics.
Powering agricultural farms through solar energy requires creative designs in both solar cells as well as how solar cells will be integrated into a solar system that can power agri-farms.The Water-Food-Energy nexus remains 1 of the 6 forefront areas being pursued at SBASSE
Dr. Butt's PhD student Hassan Imran has now produced an amazing body of work that helps achieve both of these tasks. Novel materials, novel designs of the heterofacial structure of solar cells and employing two-dimensional layers [...]
#solarenergy #SBASSE #LUMS
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For the next 99 days leading up to the election, @LawsonForIN and I will be discussing our vision for the future of Indiana and what we will do as Governor & Lt. Governor to achieve it. Follow along with us to put #PeopleOverPolitics
Day 1: Criminal Justice Reform. Recent police-involved killings and public outcry have made it clear that our systems of policing and criminal justice need to be transformed. You can read our entire R.E.F.O.R.M. plan on how we will address this issue here:…
Day 2: Repairing our Criminal Justice System. We need to expand intervention efforts to keep people out of traditional courts and prisons. This includes decriminalizing mental illness and addiction, growing homelessness intervention, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline.
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The largest #renewable energy battery on earth, Bath County Pumped Storage Station, is located on the border of W. VA and Virginia. /1

#greenenergy 🌎🔋🍃…
It's generation capacity is ~3,030 MW (that's about 5 avg. sized coal plants 🏭).

With a storage capacity of 24,000 MWh (the output of ~40 avg. sized coal plants 🏭) / 2

#renewables #solar #greenenergy #solarenergy #pumpedstorage #battery
Construction of a second pumped hydroelectric storage power station in currently being considered at a site in Tazewell County, Virginia. /3

#renewables #renewableenergy #solar #greenenergy #solarenergy #pumpedstorage #battery 🍃🔋🌎🌊…
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@phenrikand 1/ I’ve been in the digital cash and eMoney space since 1999 for co-design It was centralised command control money digital USD on an EMV card where the backend -> every transaction traced & tracked by float manager @jpmorgan debitcard ATMs via @Mastercard
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 2/ Every Navy base & every ship in a flotilla was like an island🌴 at sea (at any point in time it could have only local and no or limited comms back to treasury) Similar to today’s offchain and onchain networks eventually reconciliation would happen. DoubleSpends manual captured
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 3/ Proof of Work Blockchains tend to centralisation. The top5 PoW 💥 Blockchains generally work 💪and have a huge bounty on their embedded value across their networks PoS and others not so much
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🗽Great thread by Jesse Lehrich @JesseLehrich! Please follow!

🇺🇸Are these tariffs hurting your state? I might have missed a few, 30+ states are affected!

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