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🚨🇺🇦🇷🇺 #UkraineRussiaWar could spillover into other areas: hot-spots are #Ganja #Zangezur #Lachin in #Azerbaijan & #Armenia 🇦🇿🇦🇲. Caucasus is critical for 🇪🇺🇹🇷 to circumvent Russia 🇷🇺 while still trading with Asia. However 🇷🇺has troops there since 2020 ceasefire.

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#Russia🇷🇺 is run by an increasingly paranoid & violent leader. As Moscow is cut-off from the international system due to sanctions, it is rapidly losing its strategic role as a transit country between Asia & Europe in China’s🇨🇳multi-billion #BeltRoadInitiative (in-land) . . .
A million containers, previously rail-transported via Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 & Russia 🇷🇺, have to find alternative routes to reach🇪🇺markets. Hundreds of thousands of trucks are also deviating southwards (#MiddleCorridor) with increased traffic/queues reported on🇷🇺🇬🇪&🇷🇺🇦🇿&🇹🇷🇧🇬borders . . .
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THREAD on #Multivectorism [MV] in international relations - and #CentralAsia. It is full of chaotic thinking and five unanswered questions. Criticism and comments will be much appreciated.
Working imperative of [MV]: maintain positive or at least not-conflict relations with all relevant actors.
The main question: to what extent does the concept of balanced and diversified relationships overlap with “balanced and diversified external dependency”?
Assumptions about Central Asia:
A1: as land-locked, it is dependent on an external env
A2: main purpose of [MV]: avoid unilateral dependency
A3: to sustain the long-term [MV] policy, all relevant actors shall respect it and do not try to gain ultimate dominance.
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🧵o Strednej Ázii, ktoré budem postupne updatovať. Minimálne pokrytý región, pritom (nie len) politicky veľmi zaujímavý. 🇰🇿🇺🇿🇰🇬🇹🇲🇹🇯.

Na začiatok začnem novým článkom "Kazachstan: mesiac po nepokojoch". #CentralAsia #Kazakhstan…
2/ Čo sa udialo:
- oficiálne 225 mŕtvych (reálne číslo sa nikdy nedozvieme)
- prvá spoločná intervencia CSTO a potvrdenie 🇷🇺 vojenskej dominancie v regióne
- prezident Tokayev si absolútne upevnil moc na úkor svojho predchodcu Nazarbayeva
- pád samotného klanu Nazarbayevovcov
3/ Mesiac po nepokojoch je stále viac otázok otvorených, ako uzavretých. Robiť predikcie nemá zmysel, pretože všetko závisí od prezidenta Tokayeva ako naloží s mocou, ktorú si uzurpoval po získaní viacerých kľúčových pozícií predtým patriacich Nazarbayevovi.
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Massive blackout in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan after failure in joint Central Asia energy system. Multiple power stations shutdown after failure. No water, airport is not working in Bishkek… #CentralAsia
Airports of Uzbekistan resumed work after blackout. Uzbekistan power supply restoring after energy grid of the country disconnected from joint Central Asia grid…
Interesting report this morning that Kazakhstan to turn off cryptocurrencies miners from the grid until February.
Then the report came that grid was turned off after massive excessive power in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan turned off miners->shutdown all
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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No joke! Back home from holiday, my 8 y old daughter's 1st ❓: “Do you know what's going on in #Kazakhstan? The president allowed to shoot the population.” I think my son "briefed" her. My oldest daughter received videos from her colleagues in Kazakhstan. My thread bellow 1/1 ImageImage
#EUforeignpolicy: @EmmanuelMacron & @vonderleyen demanding the violence in #Kazakhstan cease adding #EU is ready to help calm the situation & assist where it can. @JosepBorrellF reiterating that it's important that rights and civilian safety is ensured #HumanRightsViolations 1/2
#US @SecBlinken: not clear why #Kazakhstan feel the need for any outside assistance. It would seem to me that the government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with protests to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law & order.1/3
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#Russia/n deployment to #Kazakhstan within CSTO mandate - THREAD
1/ Eurasian politics can be interesting:
Over the past 3 days the country that seemed the strongest in #CentralAsia almost turned into a failed state. #Putin sent troops to prop up the ruler who endorsed "multi-vector" foreign policy...
2/ ..and the decision had to be pronounced by #Armenia/n PM who himself came to power thru protests and who refused to turn to CSTO at the time his army was losing to #Azerbaijan
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I get contacted by journos to comment on #Kazakhstan. I’ve done research on external democracy promotion in KZ and KG, but now is the time to give space to our #Kazakh colleagues. Whoever needs a list, please email me - I’m recommending those whom I respect immensely
I highly recommend following @CreativeCorazon for both analysis and updates
Also @zhapisheva provides excellent updates
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Massive protests across Kazakhstan on the background of worsening economic conditions, fuel price hike.

Protesters in Atyrau have broken police cordon and gathering at the main square, multiple roads closed…
Striking shift workers in Mangistau left oil fields on foot due to lack of transport…
Kazakhstan authorities are moving additional security forces reinforcement to Mangistau…
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Why the Single National Curriculum would be an abject failure & why it reeks of #Fascism |

Dr Mubarak Ali , Historian , Teacher & Author

Ref :

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
1 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
2 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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Trump last days wt/without/in (🇦🇫 gov, insurgents #Taliban,#HaqqaniNetwork, #alQaeda #ISISK & others; #PakistanArmy & #Pakistan, #Iran #NATO & #Russia in Afghanistan 🇦🇫.
🇺🇸 intelligence agencies & Military are in front page & supporting broad 🇦🇫-🇺🇸 relationship, not the way Trump & Taliban want.
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Many in civil society have been watching with great alarm the recent blocking by #Azerbaijan #Tajikistan #Turkey of the four senior leaders of @osce @osce_odihr's key #humanrights bodies to remain in their posts, leading to an unprecedented crisis for @osce during a pandemic (..)
One of the top concerns arising from this crisis has been a concern that absent key leaders more repressive @osce member states could push through their long-held desire to muzzle the participation of independent, critical #civilsociety voices in the organization (...)
Indeed, today, an unusually impassioned statement from @usosce @USAmbOSCE echoes that key concern. The statement is dramatically entitled "Saving the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting"… (...)
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We hope our followers are safe and enjoying their summer! We've prepared a thread showcasing the many contributions that our staff + students made to the international debate on #EastEurope|an #Russia|n + #Eurasia|n Studies in the last few months. 1/
Huseyn Aliyev's latest article appeared on #Eurasia|n Geography + Economics. When neighbourhood goes to war. Exploring the effect of belonging on violent mobilization in #Ukraine.…
With a open access chapter on NTA & the Promotion of Cultural Identities, @Taaveti contributed to the first annual publication of @ENTAN_org, an EU Horizon 2020-funded COST Action:…
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Let's explore a bit further East and browse our exquisite #Persian language resources.
@SOASLibrary has 15,000+ published items in/about Persian on its shelves.
@SOAS_SpecColl hold a very fine selection of manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and archives in Persian.
#SOASLangs ImageImageImage
Want to know more about #Persian?
Halt here and get's captivated by the history of that beautiful language recounted by Narguess Farzad for @SOAS Languages for Lockdown series, in 3 episodes:
One of our shining stars of #Persian manuscripts is Ms10102: a sumptuous Mughal Court copy dated 978 AH (1570 CE) of the famous Anvār-i Suhaylī (Lights of the Canopus) by Ḥusayn Vāʻiẓ al-Kāshifī, also known as Fables of Bidpai.
#SOASLangs #Persian #Manuscripts #Mughal ImageImage
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Polish Internal Security Agency #ABW have detained on May 7 four 4 #Tajiks on charges of attempting to recruit Muslim converts to carry out militant attacks. The suspects were inspired by the #IslamicState terrorist organization but are not members of the group.
This is another terrorist plot in Europe with citizens of Tajikistan in recent days. On April 15 German authorities detained 5 Tajiks suspected of forming an IS cell plotting attacks in #Germany.
Two individuals in this Tajik cell in Germany were alleged to have traveled to Albania with plans to carry out a contract killing. Around two weeks later, authorities in Albania said they arrested a Tajik citizen sought by Germany for suspected membership in an IS cell.
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Around 3000 BCE in eastern #Europe, a Proto-Balto-Slavic #language started to diverge from #ProtoIndoEuropean.

The #Slavic branch of the #IndoEuropean #languages began about 2,000 years later when Proto-Slavic deviated from Proto-Balto-Slavic.

[Image:…] Source: The Indo-European L...
As the #Slavic-speaking area expanded during the first millennium CE (striped area on map), Proto-Slavic transitioned to Common Slavic. The #language underwent minor changes that occurred mostly uniformly across eastern #Europe, thereby maintaining mutual intelligibility. A map of eastern Europe sho...
Around the year 1000 CE #CommonSlavic began to split into the South, West, and East branches to which all modern #Slavic #languages belong.

Roughly 315m people speak a Slavic #language, mostly in Eastern #Europe (including the #Balkan peninsula), #CentralAsia, and #Siberia. A map of Europe highlightin...
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