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🪡 1/4: #COP27 live at the #BlueZone: Water for Biodiversity & Nature-based Solutions:

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2/4: The session discussed ways to protect the coasts of #Egypt & other developing countries, as well as how to protect lowlands from floods & erosion through #naturebasedsolutions. Image
3/4: “We need to emphasize the important of the project to enhance #adaptation, protect the #NileDelta & acknowledge it as a model for implementation projects to achieve sustainable development & as a product of extended cooperation with the Green Climate Fund,” said Dr. Fouad. Image
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🪡 1/6 #COP27 live at the #BlueZone | The Rio Conventions: Restoring Balance with Nature for a Sustainable Future

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2/6: Loss of #biodiversity is one of the most devastating impacts of #climatechange as it compounds the damages to our ecosystems, agriculture, and livelihoods. Image
3/6: As the planet’s atmospheric temperature continues to rise, extreme weather events become more frequent, and ecosystems, to face further destruction, we drive loss of species, sometimes with irreversible consequences. Image
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🪡 1/4: #COP27 live at the #BlueZone | Facilitating Transformational Climate Adaptation for the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) and the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

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2/4: Securing climate finance for low-income countries is a critical challenge to enabling their adaptation & resilience measures. Low income countries are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, & lack the financial resources required to build capacity on adaptation. Image
3/4: The Global Environment Facility, part of the operating entity of the Financial Mechanism for UNFCCC, held a pledging event to secure climate finance for the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special CLimate Change Fund. Image
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🪡 1/4 : #COP27 live from the #GreenZone | How the Textile & Apparel Industry Needs to Coordinate and Align With Brands and Retailers in Order to Lower Its Impact on the Environment Along the Supply Chain

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2/4: “An inclusive #COP is one that #retailers & #designers are a part of. It is one that can discuss how our shopping habits also interact with the #environment.”

H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment Image
3/4: “It’s not cotton that’s harmful it’s the #manufacturing process. Cotton is the perfect low carbon fiber but we’re just not stressing the importance of #regenerative #farming & #agriculture.”

Heinz Zeller, Principal Sustainability, @HUGOBOSS Image
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🪡 1/7: #COP27 live at the #BlueZone | From Conceptualization to Materialization: How Climate FInance is Reshaping the Future of Banking and Finance

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2/7: The #Energy Security and #ClimateChange side event gave energy ministers and secretaries along with energy security experts the opportunity to speak about the current energy crisis and the #geopolitical challenges that currently exacerbate the issue. Image
3/7: Speaking on #Egypt’s #energy transition Dr. Yasmine Fouad said, “There is no one size fits all model. We need plans to be aligned with our NDCs & we need to be flexible so that we are able to adapt our development strategies down the line as needed.” Image
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🪡 1/4: #COP27 live from the #GreenZone | Hall B | The Role of Ecotourism in Racing to Zero

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2/4: “Much like the concept of #Ecotourism is new to #Egypt & lacks proper #resourceallocation there’s also a #skillsgap that is hindering its progress.”

Mohamed Elewa, Founder & CEO, Eco Egypt & Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Tourism Sector Project Manager, UNDP Image
3/4: “We’ve been focusing a lot on working together & building private-public relationships that can enable our #protectorates to facilitate #sustianabletourism.”

Hoda El Shawadfi, Assistant to the Minister of Environment for Ecotourism Affairs Image
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🪡 1/4 #COP27 live at the #BlueZone | From Conceptualization to Materialization: How Climate Finance is Reshaping the Future of Banking and Finance

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2/4: This morning’s event explored the state & future of climate financing in Egypt. HE Dr. Yasmine Fouad opened with a keynote speech discussing the strong level of cooperation and long term partnerships between the Egyptian government and the country’s national banks. Image
3/4: Dr. Fouad thanked the National Bank of Egypt, whose Chairman Mr. Hisham Oksasha attended & later spoke, for NBE's role in facilitating mitigation projects in #Egypt. The minister notes renewable energy projects as bankable, & called for expansion into food & water projects. Image
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🪡 1/7: #COP27 Live from the #BlueZone : Gender Day Closing Session

#COP27Gender #Women
2/7: #COP27Gender Day closes with a ceremony hosted by Dr. Maya Morsi and HE Dr. Yasmine Fouad. The #women invited a #student, Nevine Ghazi, on stage to share her perspectives on #climatechange and #youth in #Africa.
3/7: Ms. Ghazi advocates for #climateeducation saying, “I learned about the #SDGs & The #ParisAgreement in university. I instantly became aware of #climatechange and our needs. More importantly, I was able to apply my knowledge and continue to learn.
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thread 🪡 1/4: #COP27 live from the #Blue Zone | Building Resilience for Women and Girls

HE Dr Yasmin Fouad joins a panel at the UK Pavilion on advancing education & economic opportunities for #women & #girls as part of her #COP27 Gender Day schedule. Image
2/4: Dr Fouad discussed the newly launched African Women’s CAP and its areas of action.

“We are focusing specifically on energy, water, & food. This includes providing support to #women in areas like adaptive crop production, water desalination, and solar PV.”

#COP27gender Image
3/4: Dr YF also discussed the essential need for greater #economic opportunities for girls and women by way of greater access to finance & participation in local and national projects, especially those related to the energy, water, & food sectors.

#TogetherForImplementation Image
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🪡 1/13:#COP27 live from the #BlueZone |
Today is #COP27 Gender Day! We aim to close the gender gap in #government, finance, education & employment. We are proud to implement an important initiative: African Women's CAP.

2/13: Today we launch of the African Women’s Climate Adaptive Priorities (CAP). This initiative comprehensively addresses gender-sensitive climate challenges & opportunities to empower the stewards of our communities & planet.

3/13:HE Dr. Yasmine Fouad opens the event with powerful remarks. “#Women are the main engine for tackling the front lines of #climatechange,” explaining that they are the implementers of green solutions & advocates for community wide sustainability.”

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🪡 1/4: #COP27 live from the #GreenZone | Hall A | Building And Amplification of Locally Led Adaptation Initiatives

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2/4: “We believe in #democratizing #law & #justice. How can a #community dialogue with an external agent in a way that is #understandable for both & that allows them to #determine their own futures?”

@GinoCocchiaro, Director of Programs & Development, @naturaljustice Image
3/4: “Women whose lives are tied to the #environment are underrepresented. They bear the disproportionate burden of the #climatecrisis & yet are still expected to participate in #climatedialogues & #carework.”

Dr. Meliana Chiponda, Climate Justice & Gender Advisor, @FemnetProg Image
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🪡 1/4: #COP27 live from the #GreenZone | Hall A | Equipping Young People in Effective Climate Governance

#TogetherForImplementation #JustAndAmbitious #COP27AfricaAndGender
2/4: “#Governance only works if there’s willingness from both sides. There has to be willingness to include young people & young people need to be willing to take part in the conversations & contribute to the the #politicalinfrastructure.”

Joshua Amponsem, Founder, @gayoghana
3/4: “It’s time to reimagine what young people’s engagement looks. Very often they’re #tokenized & boxed into the framework of #protesting even when they have #creativesolutions to offer.”

Soomin Han, Climate Finance Lead, @YouthClimateLab
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وزیراعظم کا COP-27 کے لیے شرم الشیخ، مصر کا دورہ۔

وزیر اعظم محمد شہباز شریف 7-8 نومبر 2022 کو "شرم الشیخ کلائمیٹ امپلیمنٹیشن سمٹ" میں شرکت کے لیے آج مصر کے شہر شرم الشیخ روانہ ہو رہے ہیں۔

وزیر اعظم کے ہمراہ کابینہ کے اراکین اور اعلیٰ حکام بھی ہوں گے۔

#COP27 #JustAndAmbitious
یہ سربراہی اجلاس اقوام متحدہ کی موسمیاتی تبدیلی27ویں کانفرنس (COP-27) کے ایک حصے کے طور پر ہو رہا ہے۔

وزیر اعظم 8 نومبر 2022 کو اپنے نارویجن ہم منصب کے ساتھ ”کلائمیٹ چینج اینڈ سسٹین ابیبلٹی آف ولنرایبل کمیونٹیز“ پر ایک اعلیٰ سطحی گول میز مباحثے کی شریک صدارت بھی کریں گے۔ Image
وزیر اعظم اعلیٰ سطحی تقاریب بشمول @UN کے SG کی ایگزیکٹیو ایکشن پلان کے ابتدائی وارننگ سسٹمز کے آغاز کے لیے گول میزمیں بطور اسپیکر بھی شرکت کریں گے اور 7 نومبر کو "مڈل ایسٹ گرین انیشیٹو سمٹ"؛ جس کی میزبانی 🇸🇦 کے ولی عہد اور وزیر اعظم محمد بن سلمان کر رہے ہیں میں بھی شرکت کریں گے۔ Image
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