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Corruption is rampant in the Iranian regime… #FridayThoughts #Iran #40YearsOfFailure
In another gov. corruption case, Salar Aghakhani, the first suspect in a corruption case involving the Central Bank, managed to "escape." (Photos of Some of Iranian regime’s children who are involved with corruptions and most live in the US, Canada and Europe!)
State-run media reported, "The flight of Salar Aghakhani, the main suspect of former managers of the Central Bank, was confirmed. Aghakahni, whose case was referred to court along with those of [Ahmad] Araghchi & former Central Bank president [Valiollah] Seif, has fled."
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1. #Iran's industrialized economy is surprisingly resilient. The real test of sanctions harms is the impact on industrial output, not financial flows. Sanctions hit EU industrial exports, but Iran found other sources for key parts. Total industrial output is stable since 2012.
2. This helps explain why the initial recessionary impacts of sanctions wear off. Sanctions force a reconfiguration of supply chains, but eventually most firms figure out how to keep churning out most of their products via new suppliers (China) or re-export (via Turkey + UAE).
3. Iran has a big domestic market. Sure, it depends on exports to earn foreign currency, especially absent oil sales. But most of what is made is consumed domestically. And in the short-term inflationary pressures can actually encourage/force consumers to boost spending.
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Let’s teach @theintercept a lesson.
This outlet & #Iran regime apologists/lobbyists are accusing Voice of America Persian of becoming a pro-Trump outlet.
It is interesting that they never complained when pro-Tehran voices, such as Negar Mortazavi, were at VOA Persian.
The first individual cited in this piece is Negar Mortazavi, who is known for her close relations with @JZarif, Iran’s top diplomat, and @NIACouncil, Tehran’s DC-based lobby group.

Mortazavi is completely biased.
Former VOA executive editor Mohammad Manzarpour is another individual cited in The Intercept piece.
Here’s proof from a Washington Times article that Manzarpour himself is completely biased.
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This is Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh.

Atefeh was executed in a public square on August 15, 2004, by #Iran regime henchmen 1 week after she was sentenced to death. She was only 16-years-old and never received a fair trial.

Ms. Atefeh is a victim of the tyrannical regime.
From the book "Self-Sacrifice" by Struan Stevenson:

"Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh was hanged in public from a crane in the city of Neka in August 2004. She had been raped and tortured for three years by a 51-year-old former Islamic Revolutionary Guard member turned taxi-driver" #Iran
.."He was sentenced to 100 lashes and she (Atefeh) was arrested, tortured and then hauled before Neka’s local chief religious judge Haji Rezai." #Iran #HumanRights
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#Iran-ian banker Hasheminejad is before Judge Nathan here in #SDNY. Steptoe wants to stay in despite JPMC conflict - thread
First step: upcoming Curcio hearing. Steptoe does not want #JPMorgan to have to waive conflict. Formally objects. @SDNYLIVE
Judge Nathan asks for Hasheminejad trial date. His lawyer says he had a trial next year that's tragically canceled. #Epstein
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@CNBC blames U.S. sanctions for #Iran’s crumbling economy.

Let’s take a very brief look at the mullahs’ massive corruption that CNBC will not talk about.
The chief of staff of Iran's president has said in a letter that one billion euros ($1.12 billion) in hard currency allocated for importing medicines and essential goods “has disappeared”.…
Elahie district - Tehran, Iran

A look at the filthy rich who are mostly, if not all, linked to the regime.
Luxury apartments selling at $2.86 mn.
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Uncle Trump 🇺🇸 to the rescue 🎩TIP @RichardGrenell
Europe claims it can’t rely on the U.S., but look who’s protecting ships.… via @WSJ
@RichardGrenell @WSJ Uncle Trump has the best ❤️🇺🇸.@USNavy
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Missiles & ammo that exploded in a southern Baghdad base on Monday belonged to "a neighboring country", according to former Iraqi PM Baha al-Araji.

My take:
"neighboring country" means #Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
24 militia members and dozens of other Iraqi PMF/PMU members, #Iran's IRGC officers and Hezbollah members were killed and injured during Monday's massive explosions at an Iraqi Shiite militia base in southern Baghdad, according to an Iraqi military official
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @rising_serpent @HNIJohnMiller @SayWhenLA New video from inside the southern Baghdad base rocked by massive explosions on Monday.

(See thread for more details.)
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Massive explosion rocks the Dora district of southern Baghdad, Iraq.
The military site is reportedly affiliated to the #Iran-backed Shiiite militias (PMU/PMF).
Blasts are ongoing - via @thestevennabil
@thestevennabil 2)
Locals are talking about a weapons depot inside a PMU/PMF base going off, “the sounds of a missile being fired," says @thestevennabil.
@thestevennabil 3)
Explosions reported the Ain Ul-Saqr (Hawkeye) military base, affiliated to the Iranian-backed PMU/PMF.
The base has a large ammunition depot and is located in the Dora district of southern Baghdad, Iraq.
Credit: @no_itsmyturn
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Is it ‘dumbness’? Is it Machiavellian? Is it fear? Is it pure evil? Is it group-thought myopia?

Why are western elites using a wrecking ball policy to international relations esp. in relation to Russia & China? What underpins this apparent stupidity?

What are the factors underlying attempts by western elites to undermine #China, #Russia, #Iran, #Syria, #Venezuela, #Cuba & #Nicaragua?

What are the emotions involved?

What considerations are believed to be of vital national importance to the West?

On the face of it, according to many analysts well versed in geopolitical matters the West is on a suicidal course currently.

China & Russia are not going away. China in particular is not going to lose its growing economic power.

So what is going on?
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Isn't it interesting to see @brhodes, the "echo chamber" architect who has very close ties to #Iran's DC-based lobby group @NIACouncil, cite NYT as a source of Tehran complying with Obama's deal that provided the mullahs with $150 bn in credit & $1.7 bn in cash?
Rhodes lies about #Iran's regime complying with Obama's 2015 nuclear deal that Tehran continuously violated.

This thread sheds light on how the mullahs violated the JCPOA all along.
And why is NYT not a reliable source about this issue?

Well, NYT has very close links to the regime in #Iran.

This thread sheds light on this matter that deserves an investigation by the Department of Justice.
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1. Trump is being misled by his advisors. Yes, #Iran does want to talk to the U.S. But that is because over the last few months Iran's leaders have assessed themselves to be in a position of strength, shrugging off "maximum pressure" sanctions.

That's actually a good thing...
2. "Maximum pressure" started in earnest in November after 11 months of Iran's currency losing value, of inflation rising, and of foreign companies pulling out of the market. It looked like Iran's economy could be pushed into a spiral by the return of secondary sanctions.
3. But over the last three months, Iran's currency has regained value, inflation has slowed, and Iran's has begun to export oil to China in defiance of US sanctions. Regional trade has grown significantly and Iran is sourcing plenty of hard currency (USD!) to grease its economy.
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Iran has placed GPS jammers on Iran-controlled Abu Musa Island, close to the Strait of Hormuz entrance, intending to force ships to mistakenly wander into Iranian waters, providing Iran a pretext to seize them.
Credit: @rabrowne75 @barbarastarrcnn
@rabrowne75 @barbarastarrcnn "Ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf have reported unusual GPS interference, among other problems, and the US believes Iran is to blame."
@rabrowne75 @barbarastarrcnn Following reports of GPS interference in the Persian Gulf, a reminder of reports from Iran on Aug 2.
A column of military equipment was reportedly transferred from Caspian ports into Iran.
Reports say the electronic warfare equipment could include Russian "Krasuha-4" & "R-330ZH".
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@BBC once again rushes to the support of #Iran’s mullahs by resorting to publishing cheap #FakeNews about U.S. sanctions that are crippling this regime.

“How sanctions affect Iran... in five objects”
On the issue of medicine, BBC says U.S. sanctions are resulting in shortages in Iran.

Here’s what BBC won’t talk about.

The mullahs’ state-run outlets boast about the regime’s readiness to send medicine/medical equipment to Venezuela.
June 19: “Iran exports medicine to 30 countries”

Source: Iran’s own state media “Tehran Times”

So, Iran does have money & medicine. Corrupt officials, however, are seeking their own profits.…
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1. While many foreign observers praised @Rob_Malley's op-ed in @nytimes, anyone who KNOWS Yemen will find it one-sided. The op-ed does a gross disservice to #Yemen despite good intentions.

At times I thought the op-ed was either naive or deliberately misleading. Here's why:
2. @Rob_Malley gives a narrow view of #Yemen's conflict and re-hashes #Houthis' narrative when he limits the conflict as "#KSA vs. Houthi". He is not inaccurate per se but deliberately selective, ignoring Houthis' overthrow of UN-backed government as a root cause of conflict.
3. For a Conflict group to overlook the root cause of the conflict is to ignore the ABC of policy analysis. #Houthis wanted a monopoly of power in #Yemen and chose violence to do it, committing war crimes during the five past years. Mr.Malley doesn't show opposition against them.
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#Iran's sanctioned FM @JZarif just tweeted citing #Iran's "Journalist Day".

A reminder about how the mullahs' regime treats journalists.

"Iran has been one of the world’s most repressive countries for journalists for the past 40 years."
@JZarif @almostjingo @drawandstrike @steph93065 @jjauthor @CarrollQuigley1 @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @GaetaSusan 2)
"State control of news and information is unrelenting and at least 860 journalists and citizen-journalists have been imprisoned or executed since 1979."
@JZarif @almostjingo @drawandstrike @steph93065 @jjauthor @CarrollQuigley1 @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @GaetaSusan 3)
“We call for the immediate release of journalists held arbitrarily & urge the regime to stop suppressing the freedom to inform... Obstructing press freedom & arresting journalists do not in any help to combat corruption.”…
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Aug 5 - Tehran, #Iran
Part-time teachers from across the country rallying in the capital outside the Education Ministry, protesting the officials' refusal to officially employ them.
Aug 5 - Kermanshah, W #Iran
Employed and retired teachers protesting outside the Kermanshah Education Department.

"No nation has seen such injustice"
"Release jailed teachers"
"Prison time, threats, they're no longer effective"

Aug 5 - Tabriz, NW #Iran
Retired teachers & education workers rallying outside the Tabriz Education Dept., protesting not receiving any answers in response to their demands.

Sign reads:
"We are demanding equal pay for employed & retired teachers."

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1. @StateDept needs to release intelligence we have connecting Turkish government to #ISIS & Al-#Qaeda & issue Red level departure warning for all US civilians in Turkey. We must face the reality that #Turkey is threatening an imminent attack on our forces to commit more acts of
2 anti-#Christian, #Kurd & #Ezidi genocide and move to capture the #Syrian oil and gas fields we and the #SDF liberated from Turkey's ally ISIS. Now #Iran is coordinating for an attack from Deir EzZor. Enough is enough. Expose Turkey as ISIS.
3. Where are the #CAATSA sanctions? Did Erdogan make a payment to @Trump family related to the Trump Istanbul project @IvankaTrump? @JimInhofe @SenJackReed @RepAdamSmith @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @WHNSC @DefenseIntel
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#Iran confiscates foreign tanker in Persian Gulf.
The Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), claims the tanker was smuggling 700,000 liters of fuel to a number of Arab states in the Gulf.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @GeorgWebb @CarrollQuigley1 @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @jjauthor #UPDATE
Seven crew of the foreign tanker have been apprehended by #Iran's IRGC.
IRGC-linked media reporting the ship was confiscated last Wednesday night.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @GeorgWebb @CarrollQuigley1 @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @jjauthor #UPDATE
Iranian regime's state media are posting this image of what is reportedly the tanker seized by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
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#India escalates tensions☢️ in #Kashmir; claims terror threat but offers no evidence. #NewDelhi is:
➡️Thumbing nose at #US Pres #Trump who twice in 2weeks called for end to K conflict
➡️Scuttling #USPakistan process in #Afghanistan
➡️Hiding #Modi home mess
To show contempt to President #Trump & the #US, #India has released a rapist, relative of ex-mayor of #NewDelhi, who raped a #US woman.
The #US is a big reason for #India's escalation against #Kashmir & #Pakistan.
➡️Ind is angry at #Trump ending #Indian abuse of #American visas; trade tariffs
➡️Ind is angry at #USPakistan coop in #Afghanistan, statements on K
➡️Ind & #Iran lobbies in DC are coop'ing against Trump
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The @nytimes is going the limits into publishing #FakeNews to portray U.S. President Donald Trump's maximum pressure policy on #Iran's regime as a failing initiative.

They're not telling you the truth.
NYT is in line with #Iran regime apologists/lobbyists who were claiming Tehran was exporting large amounts of oil to China.

Knowing their nature, I had a strong feeling they were lying.

Here’s the proof.…
“Two and a half months after the White House banned the purchase of Iran’s oil, the nation’s crude is continuing to be sent to China where it’s being put into what’s known as ‘bonded storage,’… This oil doesn’t cross local customs or show up in the nation’s import data…”
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Just ran into .@ShakdamC's article in .@CitizenTruth_-newest hit piece in the smear campaign against #MEK
w/Zarif blacklisting guess desperate times call4desperate measures-regime's been forced to bring puppets like Catherine to the scene
just a few fun facts which show the irony
since I'd never heard ur name before .@shakdamC decided to check to see who u are, & wow!u've been published by Khamenei himself-very impressive, that really makes you fit to be discussing US policy vis-a-vis the ruling theocracy in #Iran…
in ur article u state:
"At height of1979 #Iran Rev the group cheered storming of US embassy in Tehran,&subsequent hostage crisis that followed.52 American diplomats were held hostage for a period of 444 days."
ironic how u fallow one of the hostage takers&Khomeini's Id Masoumeh Ebtekar AKA Niloufar- spokesperson of hostage takers
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Read our latest piece on what Zarif’s designation means for #Iran…
Zarif’s designation was the most recent in a long list of sanctions in the US’s “maximum pressure” campaign.
According to Rouhani, the US started the campaign after the nationwide 2018 protests in almost all of Iran’s provinces.
Protesters chanted “down with Khamenei” and denounced both factions of the regime. They called for the downfall of the regime in its entirety chanting “reformers, hardliners, the game is over”.
It was then that the world realized the regime’s days were numbered.
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