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My 116 favorite quotes from Money: Sound and Unsound, by Joseph.T. Salerno (2015)
@jtsale @mises #AustrianEconomics #SoundMoney
1. “The idea of sound #money was present from the very beginning of modern monetary theory in the works of the 16th-century Spanish #Scholastics who argued against debasement of the coinage by the king on ethical and economic grounds”
2. “It was #Fisher and not #Keynes who was the true founder of modern macroeconomics with its aggregative reasoning and its central notion of politically managed fiat money”
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Öffentliche Investitionen+mangelnde Baukapazitäten. Dazu #Keynes 1942 auf BBC! Zur Frage der Finanzen, John Maynard Keynes: On Air. Murmann 2008: 1/n @SDullien @PeterBofinger @MarterbauerM @tom_krebs_ @michael_huether @jsuedekum @chris_breu @KeineWunder @GustavAHorn @W_Schmidt_
@SDullien @PeterBofinger @MarterbauerM @tom_krebs_ @michael_huether @jsuedekum @chris_breu @KeineWunder @GustavAHorn @W_Schmidt_ Es ging um den Wiederaufbau nach dem Krieg "[...]Langfristig ist fast alles möglich. Haben Sie also keine Angst vor kühnen und groß angelegten Vorhaben. Unsere Pläne sollten ruhig groß und bedeutsam, nur nicht übereilt sein." 2/n
@SDullien @PeterBofinger @MarterbauerM @tom_krebs_ @michael_huether @jsuedekum @chris_breu @KeineWunder @GustavAHorn @W_Schmidt_ "[...] Die Schwierigkeit, das angemessene Tempo der Durchführung des Bauprogramms genau vorherzusagen, ist für die Betroffenen äußerst lästig. Man kann nicht plötzlich ein Baugewerbe aus dem Boden stampfen oder aber [...] auf Eis legen, weil e[s] gerade nicht gebraucht wird." 3/n
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John Maynard #Keynes was born on June 5, 1883, and died too early. Here's a few thoughts on why I keep circling back to him, & why his work forces 2 rethink the way we do & teach #economics, esp. #micro. I am sure this (partial) thread will upset someone: apologies in advance. 1/
#Keynes understood that #macroeconomics is about emergent properties: aggregate outcomes that don't make sense 2 the individuals populating the economy. The logic, e.g., of the #IncomeExpenditure model is that an economy can coordinate along any point on the 45-degree line.. 2/
and that, accordingly, we should expect economies to operate with slack. Then you have the #ParadoxofThrift and all that. He also talked about the #ParadoxofCosts when he discusses redistribution to lower income people who have higher propensity to consume... 3/
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Un biografo di #Keynes diceva questo: "Egli credeva che non si dovesse trascurare l'indigenza in tutte le sue forme, credeva che con cura e applicazione i nostri mali sociali, le zone di miseria, la disoccupazione potessero essere aboliti, credeva nella programmazione e nella
ingegnosità, una via si sarebbe trovata. Aveva sempre un qualche progetto, la sua energia mentale, i suoi ritrovati erano senza limiti, e se una cosa non si poteva fare in un modo si doveva poter fare in qualche altro.
Ma oltre ad essere per natura un progressivo e un riformatore e a ritenere che con il pensiero, la risolutezza, le cose potessero essere migliorate e sollecitamente, egli era del tutto impaziente verso qualsiasi forma di ostruzionismo".
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