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The Whale is an appalling example of ableist pity porn. Crip theorists have written extensively about a pervasive double-bind used to oppress disabled people: the victim-hero dualism. 1/8
Either you’re a tragic figure or a heroic overcomer. If the former, then nondisabled people can pity & paternalistically ‘help’ you, making themselves feel saintly & superior. 2/8
If the latter, then disabled people can see you as a victim of a terrible impairment that you overcame in a life-defining way. They can applaud you while using you to shame other disabled people - the sad victims of disability who didn’t rise to the challenge. 3/8
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(1/16) Today again a more theoretical thread about #Germanic #history. It is about a theory of the origin of the first Germanic major #tribes:
the #Iron and #Amber theory!

(Many used images are from external sources, which I will gladly share if needed.) ImageImage
(2/16) But let's start from the beginning. What is a #Germanic "major #tribe" anyway?
Around the year 0, hundreds of small #tribes lived in #Germania. About 400 years later, however, they were seemingly replaced by a few large tribes, such as the #Goths, #Franks, or #Alemanni. Image
(3/16) #Researchers therefore asked themselves early on how this development had come about. It was usually assumed that #Germanic #tribes living near the #borders of the #Roman #Empire formed #raiding parties, in order to be able to undertake more successful #raids. ImageImage
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1/5 Fascinating work from Jae-Hyun Yang and colleagues on #mammalian #aging, published in Cell...

An abstract thread 🧵...

"All living things experience an increase in #entropy, manifested as a loss of #genetic and #epigenetic information."…
2/5 "In #yeast, #epigenetic information is lost over time due to the relocalization of #chromatin-modifying proteins to #DNA breaks, causing cells to lose their identity, a hallmark of yeast #aging."
3/5 "Using a system called “#ICE” (#inducible changes to the #epigenome), we find that the act of faithful #DNA #repair advances aging at #physiological, #cognitive, and #molecular #levels, including #erosion of the #epigenetic #landscape,..."
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Our new paper @PNASNews is addressing a long-standing question in #ecology, #biodiversity sciences and #conservation biology:
How do multiple #species #coexist in fragmented landscapes?

A 🧵on multispecies coexistence:… (1/7) Image
2/7 Spatially #fragmented #landscapes are very common, both naturally & through human activities.

In such landscapes, a combination of local survival and #colonization of empty habitat patches is key to species' regional persistence. Image
3/7 However, ecological #theory on species coexistence has so far largely focused on local communities.

By integrating #coexistence theory and #metacommunity theory, we propose a mathematical framework to understand multiple species' coexistence in fragmented landscapes. Image
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THINKING CHALLENGE: From your common sense, why do people break the law?

Join me at tomorrow, Tuesday, 11:45am, cst, today to discuss!

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #Chapter03 #Chapter04
Restarting my computer & we'll get started!

Well wouldn't you know, that did not do the trick. I'm going to delay today's discussion for just a little bit, while I see if I can get my computer fixed!

Let's plan on 5:45 p.m. to revisit our discussion. See you then!

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1/ What is Swix #DAO's potential? A napkin math 🧵
2/ In #crypto, part of the bull #theory for many is reduced to how big the market cap is at the moment.
Many dismiss fundamentals, and go on to “invest” just based on the inflated market cap of a token without liquidity, which usually doesn't end well.
3/ In Swix DAO, we want to do the opposite, instead of relying on hype alone, we want to rely on solid ground and real life revenues, on top of the hype that any good crypto project legitimately enjoys.
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One piece theory

☠️ The Kingdom of LIBERATION ☠️

Lets have a party 🍻

_____For God and the Liberty_____

#ONEPIECE #theory

This Theory thread will include spoilers till #ONEPIECE1044 🚩

So be sure that you are caught up to the latest chapters

Lets start...
There is a major word that we have learned in this chapter

"" Liberation ""

Where Nika/ joyboy is said to be called the 'Warrior of Liberation'

Who's who told us that Nika will free slaves and will bring peace to the whole world

And our Luffy is on his way to be that warrior
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I read this G20 policy brief which was released Sept 2021

A lot of positive talk about harnessing the benefits of #Blockchain/#DLT

Compares USA FinCEN VS China CBDC

G20 Implementing policies that leverage DLT⏬

My theory with examples of how it can relate to
First of all, shout out to the writers as this was well written on global DLT @KingsCollegeLon

If you are into global law, regulated DLT, and G20 topics, this is a technical one to review as it has lots of good thoughts.…

#DLT #Blockchain #crypto #G20

The G20 is uniquely placed to implement policies that leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies, in particular, DLT for faster and more efficient transactions process.

#DLT #Blockchain #isthe #Future #Utility #Theory
#Crypto #fintech #G20
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One Piece Thread

Skypiea Arc Analysis

Skypiea Tells Us (Almost) Everything

#ONEPIECE #Analysis #Theory Image
Apologise for taking ages to get around to this. Irl has been getting in the way & motivations were low. I've finally got time & motivation, so let's get into it.

This idea first occurred to me when looking back at Skypiea and investigating it for details on the Wano theory.
I've since been discussing the relevance of Skypiea with many different people & I have ended up forming the view that Skypiea is perhaps the most important arc of all, secretly telling us almost all the key information needed to solve the main puzzle of the story, True History. Image
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One Piece Theory

The Motives & Mysteries of Mihawk

Despite being one of the earliest antagonists to be introduced in the story, Mihawk remains one of the most illusive characters when it comes to details being revealed about him.

Oda seems to intentionally avoid giving explicit information on Mihawk
So if there is very limited explicit information to go on, what can we learn from the implicit clues?

The following analysis will discuss all the things that may give us clues to the motives & mysteries of Mihawk.
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One Piece Theory

The Curse of the Holy Land

This idea came to me whilst I was discussing the foreshadowing that can be found in Skypiea.

Looking back at Noland's flashback, the subject of the Shandorian's sacrifices to god stands out as something that seems like it may have deeper significance.
For 400 years after the destruction of Shandora at the end of the Void Century, the people of Shandora had believed that any misfortune that befell them was a curse from God.

The only way to prevent divine judgement was to make ritual human sacrifices at the alter of god.
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One Piece Theory

The One Piece & The Country of Gold

This theory stems from the revelations in 1040's official Viz translations. Big Mom stated that she believes that part of the One Piece is in Wano.
I think it's fair to say that this was everyone's first reaction lol
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One Piece Theory

Zunisha's Crime

Warning, this thread will contain spoiled from 1040. If you are an official release only reader, I recommend saving this for Sunday.

Let's get in to it.
Ever since chapter 821, we have learned that Zunisha once committed a crime and has since been charged to walk the earth for eternity as punishment.

For a long time we have wondered what this crime could have been.
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One Piece Theory & Analysis

'That' Devil Fruit

Since 1037 released, the community has been exploding with different predictions on which fruit it may be.

This thread will explore all the candidates & attempt to determine the most likely answer.

Let's begin with the most popular predictions
Luffy's Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no Mi:

This is definitely the most popular prediction, many people believe that Luffy's fruit was once possessed by Joyboy himself.

The awakening of this fruit could be something hugely significant
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One Piece Theory

A Story of Enlightenment

This theory will explore concepts that i've already touched on in other theories. The main topic will be analysing these themes and highlighting the connection between all of them.

Here are the other threads that provide the context for these observations & concepts. -
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A select case of #Evolution and #Leftist Progression in the History of Economic Thought ->
From #Marxism to #Keynesian Economics to #MMT
Negative events will lead to negative outcomes :
#Bolshevik Revolution => #Intenational #Proletarianism & #Leninism
#Great #Depression -> #Keynesian Economics
#Chinese Cultural Revolution -> Gang of Four
#GFC -> Modern Monetary Theory #MMT
That is how to interpret history.
Anticipating #tippingpoint is the most essential thing a gifted leader has to his credit.
All non-linear events should be studied carefully by applying #physics in social sciences, such as #Chaos #Theory and Law of #Thermodynamics.
Yes, and #Murphy's #First Law might also help.
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One Piece Theory

D-coding " SHANKS "

And the Answer of LUFFY

One of the most important and popular names in one piece is

"" SHANKS ""

Many of you might have wondered what is this name ' Shanks ' actually means , Right ?

So Lets move all the way back to start of onepiece
Now just remember what LUFFY was presented by shanks and his crew :--

"" ANCHOR ""

So what does an anchor has to do with shanks ?

Once oda said that sometimes it takes him days to decide a Name for characters

You will find that what a genius is Oda for using this name
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One Piece Theory (Remake)

Vegapunk's Next Experiment -

Big Mom & The Artificial Giants

We first learned of the World Government's attemps to make artificial giants in Punk Hazard.

It was there that Ceaser was illegally and secretly continuing the research that he had begun with Vegapunk.
Ceaser had been kicked off the original team by Vegapunk because of his unethical methods in using the chemical HS2. As a retaliation, Ceaser caused the explosion that destroyed the original lab. Although Ceaser blamed Vegapunk for it.
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One Piece Theory

The Significance of King's Tattoo

#ONEPIECE #Theory Image
The best way to find out this significance of King's tattoo is to look at what the reference might be and what it might represent.

Many have already noticed, from when we got the first glimpse of it, that it looks similar to a Laurel Wreathe. Image
This has already been pointed out by people like, @Peronas_Ghost, who theorised that King may have an association with Emperor Nero.
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One Piece Theory

Vegapunk and Blackbeard

#ONEPIECE #Theory Image
This is actually one of my oldest theories, and in fact the theory that I started my channel on.

This goes way back to before I even knew how to do threads properly.

I've changed some aspects of it, but let's get into it Image
Let's begin with one of the things we're all aware of, Blackbeard's 'abnormality', and attempt to explain it.

As Marco said at Marineford, it seems to be this, 'abnormality', that allows him to eat more than one Devil Fruit without dying. Image
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One Piece Theory

The True History

#ONEPIECE #Theory Image
We first learned about, 'The True History' at the end of Alabasta. When, Robin joins the crew, she flashes back to her conversation with, Cobra. He asks why she lied to, Crocodile & she revealed that she was searching for this, 'True History.' Image
The next thing we learned of the True History, was the existence of the lost ancient city of, Shandora.

Hidden in the clouds for 400 years, the 'Golden City' of Shandora had thought to be lost.

Robin found it, 'in the skull's right eye.' Image
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One Piece Theory

The Certain Pirate

Ever since Shanks surprised us all by appearing in front of the Gorosei, we have wondered at his motives for doing so. Some even believe now that Shanks is evil.

The biggest potential clue we have, is Shanks' mention of a, 'certain pirate'.

But who could this be?
There are quite a few possibilities as to who this 'certain pirate' could be, so the best way to determine who it most likely is, is to consider all of the potential candidates.

So, let's start with the seemingly most obvious candidate -
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/30/2021…
Manatee death rate spikes to highest number in nearly 50 years…

#manatees #DeathRate
Brilliant GIF shows how Humans, Birds and Insects Breathe…

#GraphicVisualization #breathing #animals
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