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Seriously, I don't know how you functional medicine practitioners get anywhere diagnosing anything with the confounding, hot mess variable of insulin resistance being half-assedly "treated" with a bunch of supplements. (1/12)
Insulin resistance muddies the picture of blood tests, gut testing, etc. I worry you are sending your patients on a wild testing and supplement goose chase. (2/12)
And I gently and lovingly challenge you that if you are working with a client that doesn't want to clean up their diet to find root cause, and you know blood sugar dysregulation and insulinemia are present that you are part of the problem. (3/12)
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#Cognitive dissonance refers to the psychological discomfort or tension that arises when a person holds conflicting beliefs, values, attitudes, or behaviors. Image
❓ It occurs when there is a perceived inconsistency between one's thoughts, beliefs, or actions, creating a state of mental discomfort.
❓ Cognitive dissonance can arise from various situations, such as when a person engages in behaviors that contradict their values or when they hold two conflicting beliefs simultaneously.
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I want you to know that Alzheimer's disease-alleviating, neuroprotective effects of vitamin D have been replicated in recent clinical trials. (1/7) #AD #Alzheimers #VitaminD
In a 12-month randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, these researchers showed that compared to the AD group w/placebo the AD group w/vitamin D supplement (800 IU/day) had a significant reduction in plasma Aβ42 and related biomarkers. (2/7) #RCT #science #research
Plasma Aβ42 is a biomarker that is often used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease and track progression. It's a protein that accumulates in the brain and leads to the formation of amyloid plaques that can damage brain cells and disrupt cognitive function. (3/7)
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Welcome to day 2 of the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit, hosted the the beautiful city of #Berlin

I'll be keeping this thread going to cover all the presentations and learnings of the day.

As co-chair, I'll be looking after the chatbot track, today.

First up, Alin from @SapienceS2P

Talking about how to deliver value and a competitive edge through customised chatbot solutions

SapienceS2P is an #SAP procurement consultancy Image
Taking us through their #procurement chatbot, Sapience Satori, which can integrate with #ChatGPT, most SAP APIs and also communication channels - #teams #slack #whatsapp
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Have you ever heard of glutamate excitotoxicity? No? Well, settle in for a thread. You're going to need to know about this fascinating (and slightly scary) topic that's essential to understanding brain health. 🧵 (1/30)
Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. You need some constantly being released and taken up by neurons to keep the brain functioning. It is critical to properly function several brain pathways essential for mood and cognitive function. (2/30)
In the prefrontal cortex, glutamate signaling is necessary for executive functions like decision-making, working memory, and attention. When glutamate signaling is functioning properly, it's a very good thing! (3/30)
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Prof Louise Cummings, @HongKongPolyU is researching #cognitive-linguistic difficulties. Image
21 languages.
Mini survey.
Open until June 2023. Image
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I teach people how to use a ketogenic diet to help with mood and cognitive dysfunction. But that is just the first phase in my online program toward their recovery. (1/10)
Phase 2 consists of teaching people how to do a nutrigenomics analysis for truly personalized supplementation. What is nutrigenomics and why do I think this step is important? (2/10)
Nutrigenomics explores how your genes interact with different foods and nutrients. It can inform you if you may benefit from different types, forms of supplements that improve mitochondrial function. (3/10)
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We are discovering exciting things about how therapeutic nutritional ketosis could benefit those living with serious mental illnesses. It's time for a short thread about two main ways this could be happening. 🧵 (1/13)
First is the direct effect of ketones. Scientific studies have shown that people with serious mental illnesses often have trouble using glucose efficiently for fuel. Ketones supply fuel that doesn't depend on insulin or the cell's ability to metabolize glucose. (2/13)
By providing the brain with this alternative fuel source, ketones can help enhance energy production and improve cognitive function in people with serious mental illnesses. (3/13) #lifechanging
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Microcytic anemias, which affect all cell lines, can have adverse effects on brain and nervous system health. Iron deficiency #anemia, the most common type of microcytic anemia, can cause #cognitive impairment. 🧵(1/18)
Iron is crucial for #brain function, and its #deficiency can reduce #oxygen delivery to the brain, affecting #cognitive processes like #attention, #memory, and learning. (2/18)
#B12 deficiency, another common cause of microcytic anemia, can also damage the nervous system. (3/18)
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Someone From #Biden’s Staff Falls Down Steps of Air Force One (Videos) | Feb 21
- What was supposed to be a normal exit from Air Force One turned eventful quickly when a person traveling with Biden fell down the steps of the plane.…
Slippy Joe #Biden nearly takes a tumble on the Air Force One stairs - one year on from THAT spectacular tumble | 11 May 2022
- Earlier this year, 38 Republicans had called for him to take a #cognitive test.…
#MSM is trying damage control
Did Biden Fall Down the Stairs of Air Force One? Video Sparks Speculation | 2/21/23…
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Insulin receptors and IGF-1 receptors, along with their signaling partners, are found throughout the brain. I think this needs a thread. 🧵(1/13)
IGF-1 receptors are involved in important #brain processes, including neuronal growth and survival, regulation of synaptic plasticity, and modulation of #neurotransmitter release. They are implicated in neuroprotection and #cognitive function. (2/13) #science #neuroscience
Many of you are familiar with insulin, but maybe you don't know well enough what its important roles are in the brain. Insulin affects neurotransmitter channel activity, brain cholesterol synthesis, and mitochondrial function. (3/13) #mitochondria
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Gartner 's predictions for #Data & #Analytics for 2023: A Thread
1. By 2026, 5% of workers will routinely use AI
against their employer’s wishes to complete
tasks. -> In the current #chatGPT world, we are already seeing this happening.
#gartner #AI #DataAnalytics
2. By 2026, 20% of top #data science teams will
have rebranded as #Cognitive #Science
or Science consultancies, increasing
diversity in staff skills by 800%.
- Moving forward skills will become less tool-centric as platforms are innovating every day
Expect professionals from psychology, commerce, arts, and people management to join data teams.
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Family: Bruce #Willis' condition has progressed to #dementia | Feb 17
- his family said on Thursday, nearly a year after the "#DieHard" franchise star retired from acting due to #aphasia that hampered his #cognitive abilities. Image
#Biden's physician says he remains "fit for duty" after routine physical | Feb 16
- On Nov-21 O'Connor noted the pres had more stiffness and less fluidity in his gait, which he attributed to the "wear and tear" of #osteoarthritic changes to the spine.…
What is frontotemporal #dementia? Bruce #Willis endures "cruel disease" | Feb 16
- "While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis. #FTD is a cruel disease that many of us have never heard…
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Both neighborhood and family #socioeconomic status (SES) influence children’s gray matter structure & function, but what about #whitematter (WM)? What could be some mediating mechanisms? We studied these questions in 8842 children from the #ABCD Study:…
RSI assessed microstructure in 31 WM tracts. We looked at RND, which measured *directional* intracellular water & could reflect organized #myelin, and RNI, which measured *isotropic* intercellular water & could reflect #glia/neuron cell bodies. (fig adapted Burnor et al 2021) Image
Higher neighborhood disadvantage and lower parental education had independent links to lower RND (organized myelin) in forceps maj, corticospinal tract, and sup long fasciculus. These agree with previous findings of lower DTI-FA and lower WM integrity in low SES. Image
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1/5 Fascinating work from Jae-Hyun Yang and colleagues on #mammalian #aging, published in Cell...

An abstract thread 🧵...

"All living things experience an increase in #entropy, manifested as a loss of #genetic and #epigenetic information."…
2/5 "In #yeast, #epigenetic information is lost over time due to the relocalization of #chromatin-modifying proteins to #DNA breaks, causing cells to lose their identity, a hallmark of yeast #aging."
3/5 "Using a system called “#ICE” (#inducible changes to the #epigenome), we find that the act of faithful #DNA #repair advances aging at #physiological, #cognitive, and #molecular #levels, including #erosion of the #epigenetic #landscape,..."
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#PhysicalActivity and #brain health in patients with atrial fibrillation

1. Vascular brain lesions, such as ischemic infarcts, are common among patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) and are associated with impaired cognitive function.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter #dementia
2. In a recent study, effects of physical activity and regular exercise on brain infarcts, brain volume and cognition were looked at.
3. In AF patients, regular exercise was associated with a lower prevalence of ischemic infarcts and of moderate to severe white matter disease, with larger brain volume, and with better cognitive performance.
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The Brownstone institute is a fracking-billionaire funded anti-science #disinformation outlet

I just highlight some passages to show that the #lableak conspiracy myth would always have happened, no matter where COVID first broke out

If not the WIV, then 🔽

A master thread:
Many amplifiers, including some science journalists, believe that a legitimate scientific uncertainty & geographic coincidence underneath the #originofcovid controversy is the root cause and driver for the conspiracy myth.

This is false
Yes, the inital uncertainties were real
but no matter where the virus initially broke out, there would always be some lab or some scientists that could be made to associate with.

All pandemics were followed by #conspiracy theories about their origins. The 1918 flu was blamed on the Germans and their aspirin, ffs.

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"Retirement" from work as a risk factor for #Dementia: experience of 5 recent patients

1. I saw 5 new cases of dementia last month, which apparently started within 6 to 18 months after retirement from work. All were cognitively normal until retirement.

#MedTwitter #Alzheimer
2. Memory impairment was the most prominent symptom. Over a period of time, other symptoms such as impaired calculation, speech impairment, losing sense of direction, poor judgement and inability to do daily activities without assistance, also started. Symptoms were progressive.
3. A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease was made on the basis of detailed neuro-psychological assessment, brain scans and other appropriate investigations.
Two patients had comorbid #depression. Three patients had #sleep disorders- two had #insomnia and one had excessive sleep.
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"Knowledge Representation in Judgment and Decision Making"

Today's SFI Seminar by @sdpbht (@Penn)

Follow this 🧵 for highlights!

Streaming now:

#knowledge #cognition #behavior Image
@sdpbht @Penn How do people evaluate potential decisions — the tradeoffs, the risks?

"How do people make assessments, and how can we *improve* those assessments?"
- @sdpbht

AND: What role does #memory (episodic and semantic) play in all of this?

#psychology #taxonomy ImageImage
Categorical thinking empowers inductive #reasoning.

(Here: How does what people know about #dolphins inform the likelihoods they assign to other agents, such as #ET?)

#Cognitive #Psychology Image
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🍻New paper published on @BDCC_MDPI, collab. w. @mvitevit and @Fede_Botta:
Cognitive Networks Extract Insights on COVID-19 Vaccines from English and Italian Popular Tweets: Anticipation, Logistics, Conspiracy and Loss of Trust
@BDCC_MDPI @mvitevit @Fede_Botta We investigate almost 5k Popular tweets about #COVID19 and #vaccines from early 2021.
Remember when vaccines were announced?
How did massively read content frame vaccines? With which stances and emotions?
We use #cognitive networks and #machinevision to address these points!
We found #emotional #polarisation in the framing of "vaccines" in English tweets.
Emotions like trust and anticipation co-existed with negative emotions of sadness and anger.
A circumplex model corroborated this dichotomy. These emotions rose from discussions about cases/deaths:
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New OA paper out in @J_Law_Biosci co-authored with @JcMalgieri: "#Mental data protection and the #GDPR".
We discuss what #privacy and #DataProtection regime is needed for data about a person's mental states. 1/6…
In this article, we introduce the notion of ‘mental data’, defined as any data that can be organized and processed to make inferences about the mental states of a person, including their #cognitive, #affective and #conative states 2/6
We review the range of technologies (e.g. #BCIs, affective computing systems, & digital behavioral tech) that enable increasingly reliable statistical associations between certain data patterns & mental activities such as memories, intentions, & emotions. 3/6
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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Proud to announce the final paper of my dissertation is out @ASHAJournals 🎉

Here, we aimed to assess longitudinal performance in language and other cognitive domains important for academic success in young adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) participating in intensive rehab Image
22 young adults with ABI (#stroke, traumatic brain injury (#TBI), tumor, encephalitis) attended ≥ 12-week semester of the Intensive Cognitive and Communication Rehabilitation program. The program (lectures, individual therapy, tech. training), was held 6 hours/day, 4 days/week. Image
14 young adults with ABI served as deferred treatment/usual care control participants. All participants demonstrated language and/or other cognitive impairment on a standardized assessment battery (WAB, RBANS, SCCAN, DCT) administered before/after each semester.
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Study from #England looking at the impact of #SARSCoV2 on #brain #pathology in 785 UK Biobank participants (aged 51–81) imaged twice found:

-brain changes in the following regions:
--greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue-contrast in the orbitofrontal cortex & parahippocampal gyrus
--greater changes in markers of tissue damage in regions functionally-connected to the primary olfactory cortex
--greater reduction in global brain size.
- infected participants also showed on average larger #cognitive decline between the 2 timepoints
-these imaging and cognitive longitudinal effects were still seen after excluding the 15 cases who had been hospitalized.
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