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Si les Nations-unies et la MINURSO ne sont pas capable d’empêcher le Maroc d’utiliser des drones pour tuer des civils au Sahara Occidental, l’Algérie devra assurée elle même la protection des civils en instaurant une « no fly zone » a tout aéronef Marocain armé. #WesternSahara
Elle en a les moyens et ça ne lui coûtera pas grand chose étant donné la portée des équipements déjà déployés en 3eme Région Militaire.
On ne peut pas continuer à laisser des civils se faire tuer par des drones Marocains. #WestenSahara
Quand les Marocains se feront descendre un ou deux drones, ça calmera très vite sa Majesté sur la poussée de son arrogance depuis son alliance avec Israël et ça lui rappellera qui est la vraie puissance de la région. #WesternSahara
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On this date in 1976 the Polisaria Front declared the independence of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), liberating the region from Spanish colonialism.

#SADR #History #OnThisDate #OnThisDay #WesternSahara
The neighboring Kingdom of Morocco, however, occupied the state and laid claim to most of it. 15,000 to 20,000 have been killed in the struggle for SADR's independence, a conflict that is still smoldering.

Since 1979, the United Nations has recognized the Polisario Front as the representative of the people of Western Sahara, and considers Morocco as an occupying force, although the SADR is not recognized as a state by the UN.

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It begins: UN Security Council "press" conference by Oct Prez @KenyaMissionUN @AmbMKimani - Inner City Press emailed asking for WebEx access (as it has at IMF) & Q's on #Afghanistan #Burma #Cameroon, #Yemen #Nigeria - no answers. #UNcorruptsEveryone - thread Image
Now @AmbMKimani says UNSC will go on junket to Niger (no UN mission there) and Mali (failing mission); he quotes an unnamed Ambassador at breakfast this morning trying to "touch reality." The reality at the UN today is censorship ImageImage
Now @AmbMKimani says "UNSC is expected to negotiate a resolution for the mission for a Referendum in #WesternSahara." The UN has been supposed to hold that referendum for decades and never did, took money, had sex abusers running MINURSO… Image
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Today's #Sahara & #HornOfAfrica rainfall forecasts follow.

It is now two weeks till the first open democratic #Ethiopian election.
To open here's a high resolution satellite image of the Nile Basin from Cairo to Lake Victoria including Eastern Ethiopia where the #GERD dam is located, and where the Blue Nile - source of much of the Nile's flow - originates in Lake Tana (the heart shaped lake).
We will zoom in on the #HornOfAfrica starting with the wider picture. On the left side of this image you can see a #WesternSahara water transport event which is significantly impacting weather conditions in Europe. (See more in the attached thread )
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We might gonne see soon possibly a diplomatic escalation between 🇲🇦#Marocoo and 🇪🇸#Spain (🇪🇺#EU) due as Marocoo opened its border to Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the African continent, Yesterday 6000 migrants reached Ceuta. The reasone is Spains position about
the topic of 🇪🇭#WesternSahara wich is mostly controlled by Marocoo and Spain remains relativily neutral, the current Frente Polisario, a armed rebell group, leader is atm for treatment in 🇪🇸#Spain. The 🇪🇺#EU rejects 🇲🇦#Marocco's claim over Western Sahara.
Recently 🇲🇦#Marocoo withdraw its ambrassador to Germany due to political disputes. Marocoo strengthed its position with peace agreement with 🇮🇱#Israel under 🇺🇸#USA mediation under the Abraham accords, Marocoo wanted the US to recognize its claim over Western Sahara for peace with
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The blackmailing #Morocco uses against the #EU& #Spain,and the use of two sensitive topics (#migration & #terrorism) has not started with what happened in #Ceuta. It has been the case along the #EU-#Morocco relations’ history. A quick flashback:
1:used to push #EU to accept #Morocco’s claims to join the #EU in the 90s after being lonely/unwanted in its natural continent,the #AU(b/c of its illegal military #occupation of the neighbouring #WesternSahara)->the #EU submitted but proposed an association agreement instead
2:migration used as key element during negotiations of the 2000 #Association_Agreement to maximise the funds provided to #Morocco by the #EU under the agreement and to get what the #EU calls “Advanced status” under the #ENP (European Neighbouring Policy) with related advantages
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In an important decision, the General Court of the EU recognized that the European Commission infringed the EU citizens’ rights when it refused to register the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). THREAD 1/9…
Their ECI is asking the EU to regulate its trade with illegal settlements in occupied territories and therefore reform its Commercial Common Policy bringing it in line with EU Law and International Law. See the judgment:… 2/9
The ECJ had already delivered a judgment in 2019 on trade with illegal Israeli settlements finding that food must properly labelled in order to respect EU consumers’ rights and the Occupied people’s right to self-determination. 3/9…
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1/. In non-#COVID19 times, today would have seen the start of the world's remotest film festival, in a refugee camp deep in the Sahara desert

#FiSahara has a special place in my heart

10 years ago, 6 days & 6 nights in the desert, changed my life forever
2/. I'd gone as journalist to cover the festival, but had been struck by how little the world knew about #WesternSahara

"As our convoy headed back across the empty desert, our thoughts were with people we'd left behind" I wrote in @Independent at the time…
3/. When I got back to London - the sand still in my hair - I handed in my notice

A month later, in May 2009, I became a full-time journalist, started planning for the #FiSahara Film Festival 2010 and - with a small but dedicated team - launched the Free Western Sahara Network. ImageImage
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1/. "We now have a weapon. It’s called Tahrir Square"

An activist told me this in 2011, after the #ArabSpring had spread there from Tunisia

It was a heady time

It that felt change was possible

10 years on, it's hard not to look back on those times without a painful nostalgia
2/. Over the last decade, I've watched as the #ArabSpring turned quickly into the #ArabWinter & the dreams of so many turned sour or were crushed

The civil war in Syrian for has cost 590,000 lives & displaced millions of people

And yet the hope lives on…
3/. The energy of the #ArabSpring spilled around the world

People were thinking about alternatives

The Occupy Movement attempted to give space to that thinking

Jefferson wrote “A little rebellion is a good thing”

But maybe "a little" isn't quite enough…
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#Algeria #USA #Algier #USA #Israel #Marocco #WesternSahara

Algerias PM Abdelaziz Djerad condems the USA for there decision about to recognize the entire Western Sahara as part of a brokered peace agreement between Marocco and Israel, to destablize the area of Western Sahara.
Algeria, Morocco's neighbour and regional rival, is the key foreign backer of the Polisario Front, which has campaigned for independence for Western Sahara since the 1970s
"There are foreign manoeuvres which aim to destabilise Algeria," Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said, in Algeria's first reaction to the US decision. "There is now a desire by the Zionist entity to come closer to our borders," he added, in reference to Israel.
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#Morocco Joins The Treachery Of #Normalisation

Morocco Becomes The 4th Country In The Last 4 Months To Normalise Ties With " #Israel " In A Deal Brokered By #US , Joining #UAE , #Bahrain & #Sudan .
As Part Of The Agreement , US Agreed To Recognise #Morocco’s Sovereignty Over The #WesternSahara , Where There Has Been A Territorial Dispute Between Morocco & The #Algeria-Backed #PolisarioFront , A Breakaway Movement That Seeks To Establish An Independent State .
#US Has Made A Number Of Economic & Political Concessions In Order To Entice Nations To #Normalise Their Ties With The Usurping Criminal Entity Of " #Israel " .
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As it's announced #Morocco will normalise relations with #Israel in exchange for US recognition of the former's claim to the disputed non-self-governing territory of #WesternSahara, I will point out that Morocco controls only ~3/4 of this territory. Some pics from the other 1/4.
Morocco entered #WesternSahara by force in 1975. The indigenous Sahrawi fought them until 1991, when the UK brokered a ceasefire based on the promise of a referendum on self-determination. This has never taken place.
In the 1980s, Morocco constructed a series of massive earthworks to secure occupied territory against attack from the Sahrawi independence fighters of the Polisario front. BY 1991 these had merged into a 1700 mile long wall or Berm, shown here in red.
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#BREAKING Trump says US recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over disputed Western Sahara
#BREAKING Kushner says 'inevitability' that Saudi Arabia will also recognize Israel
#BREAKING Morocco confirms "resumption" of diplomatic relations with Israel
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Proclamation issued by @POTUS recognizing #Morocco sovereignty over Western Sahara.
Today, @POTUS spoke with the #Morocco king, according to @JuddPDeere45. Image
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Today's #WesternSahara photo. There may be more. Fossil sand ripples, Wadi Erni, Northern Sector.
Enigmatic rock engravings, Wadi Erni. Similar to some I've been looking at today from the Canary Islands, but then, we know there was a link. I like to think the one of the right is a comet. But that's based on nothing except my fevered imagination.
The desert is far from barren. Something lives here, at Bou Dheir, #WesternSahara, Free Zone, Northern Sector.
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Rather than occasionally tweeting random updates, I'm going to put all the emerging information about the renewed conflict in #WesternSahara in one thread that I can update as things unfold. 1/lots
First of all, general background on Western Sahara for those unfamiliar:…
On #Guerguerat, this map from @MundyProf is very useful. Sahrawi protesters blocked the road between Guerguerat and Nouadhibou. The blockade was within Polisario territory, but put pressure on crossings from both Mauritania and the Moroccan-occupied area

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Wonder if #UAE will help #Israel bomb #Gaza too: “Don’t rule out the possibility Israelis & UAE ..train together in Abu Dhabi.” That is the suggestion of an airforce training exercise in 2019, in which an Emirati squadron operated alongside an Israeli one”…
“The big question is Who will go next? Other Arab countries are rumored to be hankering for U.S. gifts. The Saudis and Egyptians will ask for the F-35.”
So much profit from occupation of Palestine. A veritable bonanza of bonuses!
“The #Sudanis want to get off U.S. terr list.… The #Moroccans would like recognition of their rule over #WesternSahara. Each one has their own pet project, what they would get for normalizing wIsrael.”
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‼️ Our new #AlarmPhone Western #Med Regional Analysis is out, 1.11.19 to 29.02.20 ‼️ It documents developments & dynamics affecting the possibility of transit via #Morocco to #EU. Read about our experiences, news from the region & political dynamics.…
Recent setbacks & successes: an #ECtHR ruling legitimised a push-back at the #Melilla border fence but on 6 Feb we held a large protest at the #Morocco - #Algeria border to commemorate dead & missing travellers. In late Feb, 8000 people marched in #Ceuta against racism.
Most of the distress calls #AlarmPhone received came from the #westernsahara route where our collaboration with the #Spanish Salvamento Marítimo was good. In the Strait of #Gibraltar or the #Alborán Sea it was more difficult: often cases were referred to the #Moroccan Navy.
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A small tour in the western #Sahara, from #ISS, 30Jan2020. Starting in far north of #Mauretania on border with #WesternSahara. Images ISS061-E-149957-149962. Centre of image at 26.83 -8.72 Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 1/4
Into the #Tindouf region of southwestern #Algeria, from #ISS, 30Jan2020. Images ISS061-E-149970-149976. Hi-res…
@DaveAtCOGS 2/4
Continuing to the sand seas of the #OumElAssei region in southwestern #Algeria, from #ISS, 30Jan2020, Images ISS061-E-149977-149987. Hi-res…
Centre of image at 27.79 -5.51 @DaveAtCOGS 3/4
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Here is UN "Press Briefing Room" at the time of today's noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for 538th day, none of its Qs answered by @UN_Spokesperson, on #Honduras, #China, #Moz, #Saudi, UN Sex Abuse, #Zambia, Town Hall, #Cambodia, #Cameroon -thread
@UN_Spokesperson @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @Beatriceijang @WatchingtheHawk @kima_kimbong Banned Inner City Press asked On #Honduras, on which you've refused all of Inner City Press' questions this year, what are the comments and actions of SG Guterres on murder of 18 more in prisons, after a witness to JOH taking $1 million from El Chapo was killed?
@UN_Spokesperson @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @Beatriceijang @WatchingtheHawk @kima_kimbong @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @AntiBotsHN @molinafm @FueraJOHRata @frank_pacheco December 23-2: On China and the Uighurs, what is SG Guterres' response to the letter from U.S. Senators Marco Rubio of FL, Josh Hawley of MO, John Cornyn of TX, Rick Scott of FL, Thom Tillis of NC, Edward J. Markey of MA, Ted Cruz of TX, and Todd Young of IN?
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In near empty UN press briefing room, @UN_Spokesperson Haq starts with "Happy Halloween" then says ghoulish @AntonioGuterres is in Turkey, with no discussion of press freedom or Inner City Press Q on #Halkbank & #Honduras and today's other Qs - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @hondurassol @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong Banned Inner City Press asked What are the comments and actions if any of SG @AntonioGuterres on the filing now in 2d Circuit that UN briber Patrick Ho entered the UN 10/9/2014, 11/14-7/2014, 12/5/2014, 3/4-9/2015, 4/21/2015, 3/3/2016, 3/28-30/2016, 4/20-27/2016
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @hondurassol @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @sdnylive @tingdc Banned Inner City Press asked on #Honduras, again, what assurances do the UN have that the $50,000 you bragged about getting is not from the $1 million JOH was shown to have taken from narco trafficking El Chapo?
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Now UNSG @AntonioGuterres is pontificating about protests, after refusing for a week to answer on Honduras protests after @SDNYLIVE verdict President JOH's brother Tony trafficked drugs and paid bribes, with the UN is familiar. No answers to 8 today -thread
@antonioguterres @sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @AntiBotsHN @Jorge41Reyes @robertoizaguir9 @sandraruiz34311 @TheGZzz Banned Inner City Press asked: provide the #Honduras report of Marcie Mersky, Ana Catalina Soberanis, Mirna Cuenta and Javier Cabreja about which Inner City Press asked at the 8 Feb 2018 noon briefing before it was roughed up and banned from the UN, 479 days
@antonioguterres @sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @AntiBotsHN @Jorge41Reyes @robertoizaguir9 @sandraruiz34311 @TheGZzz Note: @AntonioGuterres has already left the scripted Q&A with Turkey state media (no answer to banned Inner City Press' written question on #Halkbank as scofflaw like the UN in Haiti) - 11 minutes tops, canceling noon briefing, no answers on UN rapes, corrupt
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Where do #FrenchArms end up? After 10 days of coffee, poor Wi-Fi & lots of croissants at our recent #EUArms workshop, we found a number of French export licences granted providing arms used in areas with ongoing human rights abuses such as #Yemen, #WesternSahara & #Cameroon 👇 Image
The record above is @SIPRIorg entry for 23 Bastions by French co ACMAT (subsid of Arquus) to Cameroon. We located the Bastions to Salak:… (IMG from: 31.10.2017) in front of the torture house documented by @amnesty & @ForensicArchi ImageImage
This is a snippet of our #FrenchArms findings from the 10-day project. @Disclose_ngo has ENGL reports here:…. Big H/T to the w/ @ARTEjournal @bellingcat @Mediapart @LHreports @InvestigationRF. Check out #WesternSahara findings here
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Footage of clashes between demonstrators and security on Boulevard Mekka in #Laayoune (العيون), Western #Sahara. Protests broke out after Algeria's Africa Cup of Nations win last night. Footage geolocated to here:…. H/T to @rms_ia for 📹
Geolocation of footage of protestors clashing with local security forces in #WesternSahara (الصحراء الغربية), #Laayoune (العيون). Footage geolocated to here:…. ImageImageImage
In this footage, from moments later, demonstrators attempted to build barricades along Boulevard Mekka during clash with sec forces in #WesternSahara (الصحراء الغربية), #Laayoune (العيون). Footage was filmed from this corner:…
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