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Next is "Raees Ahmed Standard Biryani House" in #Landhi #Karachi which was made to register on a Previous complaint and issued a show cause notice for Penalty so inquired what happened to that notice is it finalised #TaxChoriBandKaru

741/n ImageImage
Complaint 16 Nov, Reply 24 Nov

Restaurant was fined for Rs 10,000/= which is abysmally low for the sale and running of it.
And they are still being non compliant to which they know soon again :)

742/n ImageImage
Next "Javed Nihari" #Sharfabad branch in #Karachi issuing non compliant invoice with no SNTN# mentioned #TaxChoriBandKaru

743/n ImageImage
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سفر ملتان____ 5000 قبل مسیح
ہندؤ پجاریوں کےگڑھ سے اولیاء اللہ کی سرزمین تک کا شہر
قدیم زمانے کا راجہ کاشی کےنام پر بنایا جانے والا شہر کاشی پور جو اسکے بیٹےراجہ پرہیلاد کے نام پر پرہیلاد پور بن گیا۔
مالی قوم کے یہاں آباد ھونےسےنالی استھان کہلایاسنسکرت میں استھان آباد ھونے
کو کہتے ہیں، جو بگڑتے بگڑتے مول استھان پھر آج ملتان کے نام سے جانا جاتا ھے۔
 قدیم شہر ملتان جو 5000 ق م سورج پجاریوں اور آدیتیہ مندر کا مرکز مانا جاتا تھا۔ مہابھارت کے مطابق کرک شترہ جنگوں کے دوران ہندوؤں کا گڑھ رھا۔
یہی وہ شہر تھا جہاں اسکندر اعظم حملے کے دوران زہر آلود تیر سے
گھائل ھوکر واپس پلٹا۔
712ءمیں محمد عمادالدین بن قاسم کے برصغیر میں داخلے کاراستہ بنا۔
گیارھویں بارھویں صدی میں برگزیدہ ہستیوں کی یہاں قدم بوسی سے اس شہر بےمثال کو "اولیاء کی سرزمین" جیساعظیم خطاب ملا۔
عباسیوں، اسماعیلیوں، غزنی،مملوک، تیمورلنگ، سوری خاندان، مغل، مراٹھوں، سکھ یلغار
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1 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
2 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while talking with Al Jazeera , condemned The Taliban for their acts of Terror & Bloodletting in Pakistan

Ref :

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
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Punjab govt is ready to invest in human development through higher education. Led by Usman Buzdar, Punjab govt is working on the vision of "one university per district". The following is list of universities to be set up by the Punjab govt👇
North Punjab:
1)University of Attock
2)Kohsar University, #Murree
3)#Rawalpindi Women University
4)University of Chakwal
5)Thal University, Bhakkar
6)University of Mianwali

Central #Punjab:
7)University of #Gujranwala
8)University of Hafizabad
9)University of Applied & Emerging Engineering, #Sialkot
10)University of Kasur
11)Baba Guru Nanak University, Nankana Sahib
12)Waris Shah University, Sheikhupura

West #Punjab:
13)Baba Farid University, Pakpattan
14)University of Kamalia, Toba Tek Singh

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A thread is coming up for the latest tour to #Pakistan in the time of #secondwave of #COVID19
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Tazias tend to cross sectarian and even religious boundaries, with Hindus and Sikhs. Taziadari is a mixture of all the cultures, beliefs and faiths of the subcontinent and can be said a great religious unifying factor
#AshuraWorldwide…. via @dailytimespak
The Tazia of the Ustad in the city of Saints #Multan leads the procession with the Tazia of the Shagird at the back, symbolizing the student’s respect for his teacher.Ustad Pir Bakhsh designed the five storeys Tazia. Image
#Chiniot is home to the oldest and finest #Tazias in Indo-Pak subcontinent. Chiniot, in the Jhang district of the Punjab, is famed for its woodwork and the Tazia benefits from this local expertise. The craftsmen of Chiniot, consider it a point of PRESTIGE. Image
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CJ of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed ‘no valid reason' for keeping malls closed, says no need to keep markets closed on weekends
CJ Gulzar Ahmed ‘feeling’ heat of coronavirus…

#Article149 #GovernorRule #Sindh #Karachi #Covid_19 ImageImage
SC / Justice Gulzar Ahmed orders halt to commercial activity on military lands | The Express Tribune… SC / Justice Gulzar Ahmed slams DHA for giving away state land…

#Article149 #GovernorRule #Sindh #Karachi ImageImage
Sindh’s new governor Imran Ismail never graduated from university… ( #SamaaTV) but he wants Governor Rule in Sindh

#Article149 #Sindh #Karachi #GovernorRule Image
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Establishment of 1000 Bed Tertiary Care Hospital Nishtar-II at #Multan at an area of 24 acres.

The new facility will include 1000 beds which will add on to existing 1800 beds of Nishter Hospital #Multan & improve health facilities for people of southern #Punjab.

#Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰 ImageImageImageImage
500 beds hospital, hostels, and allied facilities will be added in phase 1

another 500 beds hospital, hostels, and allied facilities will be added in phase 2. In phase 3, the Medical University and Nursing College will be added. Work on site is in full swing ImageImageImage
and upon completion, the hospital will provide cutting edge facilities and medical care to the patients.
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#CPEC #M4 #AbdulHakeem #Multan

230 کلو میٹر، لاہور تا عبدالحکیم موٹروے این ایچ کا ایک شاندار منصوبہ ہے جس سے روزانہ بے شمار مسافر فیض یاب ہوتے ہیں اور محفوظ و تسلی بخش سفر کرتے ہیں۔ لاہور تا عبدالحکیم موٹروے بننے کی وجہ سے لاہور سے ملتان کا راستہ اب صرف ڈھائی گھنٹہ کا رہ گیا ہے ImageImageImageImage
اس موٹروے نے شرقپور، مانگٹاں والا، ننکانا صاحب، بیچکی، سید والا، تاندلیانوالا، ستیاں، سمندری، ماموکنجاں، مریدوالا، گوجرہ، ٹوبا ٹیک سنگھ، رجانہ، کمالیہ، پیر محل، شورکوٹ، کوٹ اسلام، خانیوال وغیرہ تک کا سفر عوام کے لیے انتہائی آسان بنا دیا ہے۔
اس شاندار موٹروے کا افتتاح 2019 میں کیا گیا اور یکم اپریل 2019 سے اس پر ٹریفک رواں دواں ہے جس پر این ایچ اے اور موٹروے پولیس کے ملازمین بخوبی اپنے فرائض انجام دے رہے ہیں۔
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#Lahore’s Ring Road is Geting an Expansion

Chief Minister #Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar, has approved the expansion of Lahore’s ring road in a meeting of the Lahore #RingRoad Authority (LRRA) held earlier today. ImageImageImage
Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop-III Project will be an 8 km long and six-lane wide road between #Raiwind Road and #Multan Road that will help ease traffic congestion in the provincial capital.
The Southern Loop-III will be completed within a year under a public-private partnership agreement between LRRA and National Logistics Cell (NLC) which will be signed next week
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The 1st ever Surya Devta mandir, was built by Shri Krishna’s son Samba who named it Adi Sthan, the first Mandir.
At the time if 1st izlamic invasion,it had a staff of 6000 & an unimaginably huge income.
It was also the 1st mandir to be looted by invaders!
It’s said that it was Hiranyakasipu’s son king Prahlad of Prahladpuri/ Kashyap Puri (Multan, from Mool Sthan) who instituted the Aditya Mandir.
Suspended in the air with magnetic pull, the pure gold Surya Dev’s Pratima was adorned with precious stones.
Two stone Moorties of Dwaar Paals, Junbukat & Zunbukat, were placed at an elevation of 250 ft on both sides of the valley & could be seen from a great distance. Pilgrim walking thousands of miles with gifts, would walk bare feet at the sight of the Dwarpals as a sign of respect.
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A thread on #IbnArabi in #SouthAsia people consider the main conduit to be the #Chishti Sufis and their ethical principle of #sulh_e_kull which is assumed to be an expression of #wahdatalwujud 1/
first link is the famous poet Fakhr al-Din Iraqi (d. 1289 in Damascus), a disciple and son in law of #BahauddinZakariyya in #Multan later moved to study with Qunawi and was present at Rumi’s funeral in Konya - later commentators on the #Lamaat linked his verses with #IbnArabi 2/ Image
Persian verse was a major conduit for the dissemination of the metaphysics and hermeneutics of #IbnArabi and for the later tradition two key works were prominent 3/
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#Pakistan #Railways Introduces 300-Bed Quarantine Trains In Seven Cities

The Pakistan Railways Inaugurated On Monday Quarantine Trains, Comprising 300 Beds, In Seven Cities Across Pakistan Including #Karachi, #Rawalpindi #Sukkur And #Multan. ImageImageImageImage
“The Trains Will Have Six Bogies And Will Be Able To Accommodate More Than 50 People At A Time,” Said Federal Minister For Railways Sheikh Rasheed While Addressing The Media On Monday. ImageImage
He Pledged That The Pakistan Railways Will Do Whatever It Can To Play Its Part In Containing The Coronavirus Spread. “We Have Also Informed The Authorities That Railway Hospitals Are Always Open For Patients,” Rasheed Said. ImageImage
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#Multan Rated Among World’s Best Cricketing Stadiums by Former English Coach

Multan Sultans have received overwhelming support from the home supporters as more than 80,000 fans turned out to support their team during their three home matches held at Multan Cricket Stadium. Image
Multan Sultans made the most out of the support and won all three matches against Peshawar Zalmi, Karachi Kings, and Quetta Gladiators.

Andy Flower, Multan Sultans’ head coach, seemed delighted by the love and support showered by the fans.
Our stay in Multan has been a memorable one, thanks to the warmth and hospitality of the people of Multan. The support of the crowd was phenomenal in all three games and I hope that the home fans are proud of the performances that we put up before them
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#China Will Develop a Mass Transit Management System for #Metro & #OrangeLine

Two Chinese companies have signed an agreement with #Pakistan to provide the transit management system for mass rapid transit systems in the country. Image
According to agreement #NORINCO Intl & #Guangzhou Metro Group in collaboration with Pakistani company #DW will initially offer operation & maintenance services for #Lahore orange line metro train

Chinese consortium will manage operation & maintenance of OLMT for next 8 years. Image
In the later stages of the agreement, both companies will deploy management systems for other mass rapid transit systems in #Rawalpindi, #Multan, #Peshawar, and #Karachi.
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23 sites identified to boost tourism in #Punjab

Study commissioned by World Bank has identified 23 selected tourist sites across province of Punjab to delineate engagement of youth & women in tourism sector who remain under-represented in economic activities & policy thinking.
The World Bank has been engaged by the Punjab government to provide technical and financial assistance in catalysing tourism’s growth multiplier in the province. This support has been launched through the bank-assisted Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth project.
Identified sites were:

1. Derawar Fort #Bahawalpur
2. Shrine of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Sultan Sakhi Sarwar #DGKhan
3. Fort Munro #DGKhan
4. Tombs of Shah Rukne Alam
5. Shah Shams & Mai Maharban #Multan
6. #Harappa #Sahiwal
7. Shrine of Hazrat Baba Haji Sher Chawli Mashaikh #Vehari
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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