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Acquired by Mukesh Ambani in a hostile takeover, #Milkbasket is growing on steroids 🚀🚀

It’s growing in cities where no competition has reached yet, & that too without much upfront investment!

Here’s how 👇 Image
Founded in ’15, Milkbasket (MB) raised ~$40 million in its lifetime 💰💰

🔆 It would let people order till midnight & then deliver by 7am

🔆 By 2021, having grown to scale, it had burnt a lot of funds. Thus, the company was exploring sale to BigBasket, Swiggy or Amazon
This was when Reliance Retail swung into action:

🔆 It got Vani Kola’s Kalaari Capital to sell its entire 15.26% stake to Mahendra Nahata at mere Rs 400cr valuation!

🔆 As Nahata a Director on Reliance Jio Infocomm’s board, it was clear who the real buyer was
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How can long-term @IndiaMART investors not be delighted with @DineshAgarwal! 🙌🙌

The company released its Q4FY23 results some days back. So, I dived in & sliced through its numbers for the last 16 qtrs.

Here is all that I learned 👇 Image
In last 4yrs:
👏 Revenue/month: Rs 85cr | Up ~90%
👏 Profit/month: Rs 25cr | Up ~278%
Just look at those numbers!
How did it happen?

Outstanding jump in paying subscribers:
🔆 72% up in the Top-8 cities (~1.1L users)- 20% up in last 1yr alone
🔆 62% up in the cities with >5L people (~53k users)- 25% up in last 1yr alone
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As @Paytm released its Q4FY23 results yday, I dived into last 8-qtrs of its lending biz 💡💡

Here’s a breakdown of numbers that you won’t find all in one place anywhere else 👇

Tags: @vijayshekhar | #Paytm Image
Paytm earns 2 things on each loan given.

💰 Commission (C): A %age of the loan amount

💰 Performance bonus (PB): A %age of the EMIs collected, only when the loan is paid back
Some basics about the performance bonus!

👉 In case of defaults, #Fintechs used to compensate the lending partners (LPs- NBFCs & banks) under #FLDG (first loan default guarantee) agreement
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#MarketReport 2023/04

1) In this thread, I'll cover comparative performance of

📌 #Stock Indices
📌 #Exchange Rates
📌 Treasury #Bills and Government #Bonds

both for April and since pandemic. Image
2) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, at their own currency:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
3) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, based on USD:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
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#GujaratGovt’s directives on dividends & buybacks is a big bad negative for the state’s 7 PSU stocks! 📛📛

Here’s why I booked profits in 2 of those, with no plans to reinvest 👇 Image
Here's how the share prices surged in the last week 🚀🚀

📈 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (11%)
📈 Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd - India (23%)
📈 Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (29%)
📈 Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (9%)
📈 Gujarat Mineral Development Corp (18%)
📈 Gujarat State Petronet Limited (8%)
📈 Gujarat Gas Limited (3%)
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#Oil poised for weekly dip as #recession fears, rates cloud outlook | Apr 28
- #US economic growth slowed more than expected in the first quarter, although jobless claims fell in the week ending April 22, data showed.…
#Stock market today: #Asia shares gain, tracking Wall St #rally | Apr 28
- Shares advanced in Asia on Friday after Wall Street rallied to its best day since January.… Image
#BOJ keeps #rate ultra-#low as it still cools #inflation | Oct 28
- The Bank of Japan stood by its ultra-low interest rates, pushing back against market speculation it would adjust policy as it continues to predict inflation will fall below 2% next year.… Image
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1/🚨@SEBI_India tightens regulations to protect investors and prevent fraud!

Here's what you need to know: ⬇️
2/ #SEBI just had a board meeting, and they made some big decisions.

Some of the key takeaways are:👇
3/📈Amendments to SEBI Disclosure Norms:

▶ Starting from October 1st, 2023, the top 100 listed companies by market capitalization in the #stock market must confirm or deny any rumors going around about them.

And by April 1st, 2024, the top 250 companies must do the same.✅
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#AMC @CEOAdam calls on @FINRA and @NYSE yet AGAIN to investigate the FTD's on #AMC #stock as it nears ~24 consecutive days on the REG SHO THRESHOLD SECURITIES LIST.
What is it and how can covering of FTD's be delayed?
🧵 1/X
A threshold list, AKA "Regulation SHO Threshold Security List", is a list of securities whose transactions failed to clear for five consecutive settlement days at a registered clearing agency.
Settlement failures may be indicative of improper naked short selling. #AMC 2/X
SEC implemented REG SHO to reduce the abuse of naked short selling, where the seller does not borrow or arrange to borrow the securities in time to make delivery to the buyer within the standard two-day settlement period. #AMC 3/X
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The latest Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) issue is open till Mar 10.

You can buy 1 gram (or 1 unit) of SGB at Rs 5,561.

But there’s a cheaper alternative.

You can buy previous issues of SGBs on #stock exchanges at a 5-6% discount. (Check image)

Should you buy them?

A 🧵
First, some quick facts.

Each SGB unit equals 1 gram of gold (999 purity).

New issues are sold through #banks.

There’s a Rs 50 discount on online purchases.

After the issue is over, #SGB is listed on stock exchanges.

This gives you the option to exit before maturity.
SGBs mature in 8 years.

But they have a 5-year lock-in, which means you have the option to exit after 5 years.

On redemption, you get the prevailing market price of gold.

Plus, you earn an #interest of 2.5% every year on the issue price.
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🚨📈 Why Price Patterns of a #Stock is Most Important.

Learn the Complete Price Action in 5 Minutes🧵 Image
Stocks move in a zig-zag pattern

In uptrend: Price makes a series of higher highs and higher lows.

In downtrend: Price makes a series of lower highs and lower low Image
Remember, only buy stocks that are in uptrend 📈

You can Use Trendline to know when a stock shifts from down trend to uptrend.

Example: Route Mobile Image
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1/10 Have you read our recently published #whitepaper?

The Art of #Stock Picking #Returns

Highlights below ⬇
2/10 “We’ve had 40+ years where all the money went into broadband, or internet, or #Netflix or the cloud and no money went into basic productive capacity…”

–Robert Friedland, CEO, Ivanhoe group of companies
3/10 What follows is KCR’s attempt to create a simple walk-through of the #risks and #opportunities offered today. We believe both the structure and implications of this paper are easy to grasp.
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1/ What is a social #stock exchange? 🤔
Here’s all you need to know⤵️ - social stock exchange
2/ As you already know, a stock exchange is a platform where you can trade stocks of listed companies.

In India, there exist several stock exchanges.

But the two main ones are - @NSEIndia and @BSEIndia. ✅
3/ But what is a social stock exchange (SSE)?

It is a separate segment of an existing stock exchange listing all social enterprises.

This facility allows social enterprises to raise funds from the public.
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(1/8) Due to the #crypto market's volatile nature, it is feasible to spot patterns and trends in #marketcycles. This thread will examine the main signs of a #bull market and discuss how to take advantage of them. 🧵
Read below to learn more: 👇🏻… Image
(2/8) When the market is generally bullish, and #investors are confident in purchasing and hanging onto their assets, a #bullrun happens in the bitcoin market. 🤩 🎉
#Zignaly #LLTS
(3/8) A bull run is characterized by a significant increase in #stock prices, active purchasing, greater #liquidity, and higher levels of #trading activity. 💯 ⚡️
#Zignaly #LLTS
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#giełda #gpw #newconnect Na fali #chatgpt wzrosło na różnych rynkach zainteresowanie spółkami, które w ramach swojej działalności i produktach bazują na #AI #sztucznainteligencja. U nas też całkiem jest sporo takich spółek. Wątek otwarty, do którego będą dorzucane kolejne spółki.
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Co nás čeká tento týden na akciových trzích? 🚨

Pojďme se na to společně podívat 👇

#akcie #investice #earnings #stock
V první řadě to bude výsledková sezóna, kde jen během dneška zjistíme výsledky mnoha menších bank. V průběhu týdne tam pak máme výsledky Microsoftu, 3M, Tesla, Intel, Visa a řady dalších.
Služby/Výroba PMI (úterý)

Tyto údaje byly hybateli trhu v 2 polovině loňského roku a bude zajímavé sledovat, zda s nimi budou hýbat i tentokrát. S lepšími než očekávanými zprávami za poslední 2 měsíce je možné, že trend bude pokračovat a trhy by se mohly mírně vzpamatovat.
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Finance + data analysis + visualization + Shiny... Python?

Here's what I'm up to... 🧵

#datascience #python #rstats #finance
Python is NOT in shortage of web frameworks.

In fact, I've tallied up 24 web application frameworks through my research.

But there's one that 99.9% of data scientists are overlooking.
Shiny for python was recently released in "beta".

But truth be told... It looks way better than beta.

It's ready for prime time in one of my data science workshops.
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In 2022, #coinbase lost more than $2bn, settled for $100mil deal for breaking the AML laws and lost 85% in their stock price 📉.

Is #coinbase going bankrupt?
Are your funds SAFU?

The answer might scare you, a 🧵

Its been a horrible year for #coinbase -
-Stock lost > 85%
- > 2B$ net income loss
- Fined by regulators once again
- According to @Protos S&P Officially downgraded the #stock to “junk”
-A new #WallStreet powerhouse is tackling them head on

Let’s cover everything 1 by 1 👇

Let’s begin with the revenue according to the latest report (Q3 2022):

#Coinbase’s Total Revenue in 2022 until September was 2.5B$, less than 50% of the matching range in 2021 (5.3B$) 📉 Image
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1/6 It's not that complicated. When a company issues #stock to employees or the public, it increases shares outstanding and dilutes #earnings per share.
2/6 Give the #stock to the employee, and the cash doesn’t show up on the balance sheet. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. In #broaddaylight
3/6 In the run-up to the peak of the dot com bubble, #stockcomp felt good. Until the stocks started going down and it felt awful. That is precisely where we are today. It tends to be a self-reinforcing spiral.
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Buying the Dip will no longer work?
A big recession is coming?

According to @BlackRock's latest report, 2023 will require a whole new approach to investing in #stocks and #crypto

#BlackRock released their 2023 investment playbook, and I read it all so you don’t have to👇

@BlackRock 2/n

In this thread we are going to cover the following interesting claims by #BlackRock:

- A new #investment playbook is needed for this new volatile market state
- “Old Playbook” strats like “buying the dip” may no longer work

- Central Banks are deliberately slowing down the markets
- Recession is all but certain
- And many more interesting #stock strategies than we can apply on #crypto

For reference, the full outlook is here:…
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This thread will serve as the foundation for all your investments if you are new to #crypto. I did it, my friends did it, and we all made x100 times our money🧵

1/ Do not buy into the "adoption" dream. When the adoption era arrives...
Do not buy into the "adoption" dream. When the adoption era arrives, this #crypto game is over.
2/ You must understand that #crypto is a game of bullsh*t and narratives, and that the entire industry, Twitter, and communities promote this bullsh*t and illusion to keep more and more retail money pouring out of other people's pockets so they can make gains.
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[THREAD] N’ayez pas peur de migrer vers #Shopify !

Un #CMS qui a fortement évolué ces dernières années en renforçant son équipe de senior #SEO. Le produit est encore tant décrié par les #agences SEO. Voici mon retour d'expérience !
Arguments principaux des clients : Solution simple, complète et pas chère : Sans développement, le CMS propose beaucoup de solutions natives ou avec des modules complémentaires paramétrables sans coder.
Équipe restreinte : Un #webmaster suffit à faire 95% des actions techniques. Plus besoin d’énorme équipe IT pour faire évoluer la solution et gagner en visibilité organique.
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Mukul Agrawal Ji's stock portfolio

1) Gati Ltd
2) Infobeans Technologies Ltd
3) Zota Healthcare
4) Arman Financial Services
5) MPS Ltd
6) Ethos Ltd
7) Kamdhenu Ltd
8) Apollo Pipes Ltd
9) Pearl Global Industries
10) KDDL Ltd
11) Dishman Carbogen Amics


12) Sirca Paints India
13) Neuland Laboratories
14) Hindware Home Innovation
15) Goldiam International
16) J Kumar Infra Projects
17) Pix Transmissions
18) PE Analytics
19) Kingfa Science and Technology
20) Jet Freight Logistics
21) Shankara Building Products

22) Ion Exchange (India) Ltd
23) Vidhi Speciality Food Ingredients
24) Parag Milk Products
25) Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals
26) LT Foods
27) Raymond Limited
28) Newgen Software Technologies
29) Delta Corp
30) JTEXT India
31) Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys

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#ABC News Producer Missing Since #FBI Raid [Video] | Oct 21
- Emmy award winner James G. #Meek – a deep-dive journalist who was also a former senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland SC, abruptly quit his job of 9 years…
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