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Improving cross-chain communication for the #DOT ecosystem will play a vital role in the future of Web3. It's what allows dApps and protocols on separate chains to interact with one another. 🤝

But how does cross-chain comms work within the @Polkadot ecosystem? – XCM 🧵👇 Image
(2/ ) XCM (Cross-Consensus Messaging format) enables communications between blockchains, pallets, bridges, and smart contracts. Within #DOT, XCM messages pass info between parachains and the relay chain. 💻 --- 💻
(3/ ) XCM is not exclusive to a single consensus system – it can be used for comms between blockchains that use different consensus systems.

Ie: Connecting #Polkadot to Ethereum.
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2025 yılına kadar uzun vadede yok olmayacağını düşündüğüm ürünler:

1- #Bitcoin; İlk kripto para, değer saklama aracı. #btc'nin üzerinde yaratılan bu mitosu kolay kolay hiç bir ürünün geçebileceğini zannetmiyorum.
2- #Ethereum; Merge geldikten sonra gelişeceğine ve her zaman piyasanın 1 numaralı akıllı kontrat platformu olacağına inancım tam.

3- #XMR #Monero: Dünyada suç olduğu sürece ve abd transferleri izlemeyi başaramadığı sürece monero ölmez. Suç oranı ile direkt korelasyondadır :)
4- #Xrp #Ripple: Her ne kadar $xrp hayranı olmasam da o davanın elbet bir gün kazanılacağını ve Ripple'ın bankalar arası transferlerde liderliğini sürdürmesini umuyorum.
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Optimum ''en ideali, en uygunu'' anlamına gelir.

Türkçemize Fransızca'dan gelmiştir.

Fransızca'da da aynı anlamı taşımaktadır.

Şimdi lafı uzatmadan gelelim ''optimum'' alım satım bölgelerime:

#Bitcoin #dot #raca #link #shib
#Bitcoin diyen kimse çıkmadı o zaman benim oyum #btc'ye diyerek $btc ile başlayalım.

$BTC'de kısa-orta vade optimum alım bölgem:
28-32 aralığı

Kısa vade optimum satım alanım:
40k üstünde satarak ana parayı çıkarır kâr olan #btc'yi bedava btc olarak görür çook uzun vade tutarım
#Dot #polkadot

Şahsen çok beğendiğim bir proje. Fiyat hareketi aşırı hantal.

Kısa-orta vade optimum alım bölgem:
10$ ve altı.

Kısa-orta vade optimum satış alanım:
2x'te ana parayı çıkarır, kalanı 20 üstünde dirençlerde kademeli satarım.
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1/ In this thread I will give a summary of $Theta Mainnet 4.0.

Theta dev team detected Web3 related problems, and try to address it with this update. I think the mainnet Can split in two parts:

1) Theta Metachain
2) Theta complete edge network (cache, compute, storage, etc)
2/ The high level diagram of Mainnet 4.0 can be seen here

From the “server” side, we have the existing Theta mainnet and the subchains. (rollup)

In the intermediate side, we have a huge pack Theta edge network consisting in process/store full/part of the information there.
3/ This is the a good representation of the Edge Computing paradigm, where part of the info are attended by intermediate Fog/edge nodes. In this way, the network latency could reduce drastically compared with the traditional Cloud Computing paradigm.
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A @Kiltprotocol & @MoonbeamNetwork joint venture

Currently theres no way to issue pre currencies on #DOT or #KSM

Polimec tackles this problem and enables projects to issue pre currencies on #KSM or #DOT before their mainnet goes live

Thread 👇
With the succes of $KSM & $DOT we saw foul players enter the market, pivoting on the #DOTSAMA name

Most launched as an erc-20 token and had absolutely nothing to do with Dotsama

We've also seen legitimate projects who out of necessity chose to issue a pre token as erc-20
This way they could reward their early supporters through staking possibilites

I've been staking my @hydra_dx (HDX) since shortly after the LBP in febr 2021 & they are going live as a parachain soon

For these type of projects Polimec is going to be
the answer
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(1/23)Selamlar dostlar. Bu floodumda #Polkadot ( $DOT #DOT ) ve Parachain’leri size anlatmaya çalışıcam.

#DOT ekosisteminin büyüyeceğini düşündüğümü ve bazı parachainlere yatırım yaptığımı söylemiştim.

Peki #Polkadot ve #Parachain ‘ler neden önemli❓Buyrun beraber bakalım. 🔥👇🏼
(2/23)Öncelikle Layer 1 ağlara değinecek olursak; Layer 1 olarak sınıflandırılan ağlar kendi ekosistemlerine sahip ana blockchain ağlarını temsil ediyor. #Ethereum #Bitcoin #Solana #BNB gibi ağları Layer 1 ağlara örnek ana ağlar olarak verebiliriz.
(3/23)Layer 1 ağlarınında çözümlenmesi için uğraşılan ana sorun ölçeklenebilirlik sorunudur.

Bu ana ağlarda optimum merkeziyetsizlik ve güvenliğe ulaşılma hedeflenirken ölçeklenebilirlik problemleri baş göstermiş ve ağ hızları konusunda istikrarsız sonuçlar,
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#gold the metal millennials say their generation doesn’t care about…

But, us Gen Z’ers also know they are a broke ass generation and experience extreme FOMO. They also pile into crap like $gme

It’s not a matter of if but when they greed buy gold.
Nearly everyone in my generation swore off #gold and #silver as relics in the late 90’s and piled into the future.. #tech stocks and #internet related businesses #dot-coms

Nearly everyone got their assess handed to them and destroyed a good chunk of their early savings
Savings that could have compounded greatly for them and worth a fortune 25 years latter had it been prudently invested in counter cyclical quality companies at the right time. But, contrarian investors performance, by definition, can only be achieved by a few.
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-Risk entry & Confirmation entry-
Bu başlık altında sizlere Win Rate'inizi nasıl arttırabileceğinizi ve konfirmasyon almayı anlatmaya çalışacağım.
Bu başlığın çok önemli olduğunu düşünüyorum çünkü insanların çoğunun öğrendiği konseptleri uygulamaya çalışırken sürekli para kaybettiği kanaatindeyim.
Öncelikle ne kadar konfirmasyon o kadar kazanç demektir. Girişinizi her zaman konfirmasyonlara göre belirlerseniz daha fazla işlem kaçırırsınız ancak işlemleriniz daha tutarlı olur.
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1/n Architecture Diagrams on Mainnets/L2
Link below to explore on the whiteboard (feel free to comment)…
2/n Ethereum
Lot of scaling tech currently fighting for attention and liquidity.
ORUs and ZKRUs will probably start competing with tokens soon.
👉 zk-based general smart contracts looking like the next big advancement @StarkWareLtd vs @zksync Image
3/n Ethereum
👉 Big updates include the POS transition in July 2022(no code-freeze yet tho)
General architecture direction is transitioning from a monolithic one to more modular architecture.
Central beacon-chain with shards(eta 2023) and rollups in the future Image
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📈 Daily Rundown - #BTC, #ETH and #DOT 🔔

In today´s Daily Market Report:
👉 #G7 leaders had agreed to move forward on "packages of sanctions" and other economic measures to hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine.
👉Market expectation of strong economic sanction on Oil & Gas sector of Russia was not met hence #Gold and crude oil retraced on Thursday from highs, whereas #Equity and #Cryptomarkets rallied to make short term bottom.
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📈 Daily Rundown - #BTC, #ETH and #DOT 🔔 In today´s Daily Market Report:
👉 #Crypto markets faced strong selling pressure as #Russia-Ukraine conditions worsened. #Bitcoin made intraday highs of $39,303 before selling off to lows of $37,060 before closing slightly higher at $37,274.
👉The apex #cryptocurrency was trading lower at $34,882 as Putin announced a military operation to demilitarize #Ukraine.
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📈 Daily Rundown - #BTC, #ETH and #DOT 🔔

In today´s Daily Market Report: Image
👉 The #EU agreed on Tuesday to impose the first round of economic sanctions against #Russia over the #Ukraine crisis, joining the U.S.A and UK in a coordinated sweep of penalties that included painful limits on banking and the mothballing of an $11b. Russian-owned gas pipeline.
👉 #Bitcoin had a strong counter-trend rally on Tuesday. The apex #cryptocurrency made intraday lows of $36,368 earlier in the session before rallying to highs of $38,463 before closing slightly lower at $38,270.
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📈 Daily Rundown - #BTC, #ETH and #DOT 🔔 In today´s Daily Market Report: Image
👉 Risk-off sentiment persisted as Vladimir Putin said it was time for #Russia to recognize the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent.
👉 Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said on Monday that she will assess incoming #economic data in deciding whether a half percentage point interest rate hike would be required in the upcoming meeting.
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For #Crypto People stuck in
#CardanoADA #Bitcoin #XRPCommunity #Ethereum #DOT #Solana #Binance #tezos and all #ERC20's

Tired of getting #REKTED and making excuses? While tokens like $OSMO, $ATOM, $JUNO, $SCRT, $LUNA pump hard?


There is multiple reasons for this: One, it is the best technology and the standardized way Blockchains can communicate with one another using the #Cosmos SDK

Well what is #IBC?
IBC is an interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state

machines. IBC can be used to build a wide range of
cross-chain applications, including but not limited to
token transfers, interchain accounts (delegate calls between two chains)
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✳️ Binance borsası üzerinden düşüşte toplanabilecek coinleri detaylı incelemesiyle paylaşıyorum. Sizlere düz coin adı vermektense sebepleriyle birlikte neden hangi coini söylediğimizi açıklıyoruz. RT + Like gibi ufak desteklerinizi bekliyoruz 😊 Coinlerden İlki $ALICE coin +++
1⃣ Alice coin sepetimde en fazla bulundurduğum coinlerden bir tanesi. Çok ciddi düşmüş olsa da çok ciddi toparlayabiliyor. Bir gün 7 sonra ki gün 30 bile olabiliyor. Düşüşleri bu yüzden beni üzmez. Hep derim Alice coinleri oyun için saklıyorum ++
▪️ ALICE projesi bence en iyi P2E projelerinden bir tanesi. Gerçek hayatı oyuna taşıyor. Bir çok gelir modeli var. Oyunu olmadan bile ciddi değere sahip nadir projelerden. Zaten sürekli bahsediyorduk. Alice için ayrı bir flood hazırlayacağım için daha fazla değinmiyorum ++ Image
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I have read the 162-page #Messari 's 2022 #crypto prediction report, so you don't have to. I will try to finish the report in a few threads. Dive in and save yourself some #TIME, so that you can use this info to make better decisions in #cryptotrading -Part 1 of 10
/1 Very IMPORTANT one first - The get rich quick crowd will evaporate when the #bearmarket comes, but the next cycle’s unicorns will get built during this upcoming bear market as they will get themselves ready by buying full-on when the entire crypto market will be down 80%🔥
/2 Top 10 coins invested by Venture capital funds in 2021(by number of venture capitals invested in them) - #DOT #NEARProtocol #OasisNetwork #Terra #ARWEAVE #MAKER #NervosNetwork #Solana
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Sale hilo de tema interesantísimo que salió hoy de space con @patriciomolina por si se lo perdieron

🧵"Frontera eficiente aplicada a carteras Crypto"

El concepto nace de una alta idea de un tal Harry Markowitz en 1952, dejo link a paper original…
Conceptualmente lo que planteó Markowitz es una forma óptima de diversificar las inversiones para maximizar el retorno vs el riesgo asumido

Para ello necesitamos que el retorno de los componentes sea el mayor posible pero que el riesgo (aka. volatilidad) sea lo menor posible
Hasta acá divino, peeero tenemos un problemita..

Lo que pasa es que a mayor retorno esperado => mayor riesgo, como sabe cualquier Degen 😂

Entonces arranca usando estas fómulas para calcular retorno y volatilidad del portafolio dados los "X" (ponderaciones de cada activo)
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[THREAD] répertoriant tous mes threads

Liste de tous mes threads. J'espère que quand on sera au 365 ème vous aurez de quoi bien progresser !

Je fais 1 thread par jour sur les #crypto.
Like, Follow et RT appréciés :)

Merci à tous pour votre soutien !
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Some of the 🎯's achieved during 2nd half of 2021:

At this stage, we had ALL moon-boys calling 200k in 2022 and cons like @TheMoonCarl calling 300k, then 700k, and then 200k.

Around here, we knew market was ♨️and profits were taken. Image

This one is pretty self-explanatory. #BTC did 39,000$

Note that ALL gurus were calling UpOnly. Some were calling Up, Down, or Sideways ("Wow. No shhh!"...)

Their only goal is to bring more followers into their "kingdom" Image

#Solana had a MASSIVE run since early 2021 and most investors were not buying afraid of a crash because "it has gone up too much".

There was quite a lot of fuel in this train. Still, buying for 5$ and not taking profits on 100$+ is the dumbest thing an investor can do. Image
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Explication de ce qu'est un Layer 0, et présentation de Polkadot [Thread]

Clairement un must read ; c'est à mon sens l'écosystème qui a le plus de chance de survivre et de dominer le marché dans les prochaines années, en plus de regorger d'opportunités.

#Dot #ksm Image
Pour commencer je vais essayer de vous expliquer rapidement c'est quoi un Layer 0, un Layer 1 et 2.
Un Layer 1, c'est les blockchains que vous connaissez : Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ...
Un Layer 2 ça s'intègre à un Layer 1 : c'est dedans, plus petit et optimisé. Image
Du coup un Layer 0 c'est la même chose, c'est ce qui va intégrer les Layer 1 (L1). Le concept est nouveau et révolutionnaire, et c'est Polkadot qui l'invente en premier avec Kusama.
Concrètement, Polkadot peut intégrer plusieurs Layer 1 directement dans son écosystème.
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200$ bakiye için r ım 4$ olucak işlemlerin bazılarını buraya da atıcam dakikalık chartta olucak olan işlemlerimi buraya atmıcam ama işlemi alma şeklimi merak eden olursa diye tek tek o tweetin altına atıcam 🥂
#ren ilk işlemimi aldım Image
#ren stop güncel bakiye 194$ Image
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New ERC20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet

✅ Verox (#VRX)
✅ DappRadar (#RADAR)
✅ Clifford Inu (#CLIFF)
New BEP20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet

✅ Reward Hunters Token (#RHT)
✅ HarmonyPad (#HPAD)
New Cronos tokens added to the DeFi Wallet

✅ Chainlink (#LINK)
✅ Tectonic (#TONIC)
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Close to EOY, I traced back the timeline of my 1 year crypto journey. Looking back, it's been a remarkable experience.

I bought my first crypto in July 2020 using my CFD account at 9400, 9600, I only knew $BTC then

2/ Oct 2020
I re-entered #BTC at 11,000, still using my CFD account.

I contemplated to get into full time crypto trading but didn’t. I should’ve started earlier!
3/ Dec 2020
I thought calling bitcoin at 50k was a joke, that’s when I knew joining the dark-side was the best decision I ever made.

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