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@donlemon Absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE of @realDonaldTrump to accuse doctors, risking their lives treating #COVID19usa patients, of putting their deaths down to #COVID19/not their underlying conditions for financial gain - someone should EDUCATE @POTUS about #underlyingconditions!!
@realDonaldTrump FYI I have an underlying condition for Covid19: asthma - if I catch #Covid19Malaysia, I'll die from #COVID19, not asthma!!
#TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1!!
* , for financial gain
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Someone from either #NIAID @NIH or #NCID @CDCgov should educate #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1, #Virology/#VirusEpidemiology/#SARS_COV_2 #101 to stop the #SHIT that's coming out of his upper orifice!!
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
1) It ain't #WuhanVirus or #ChinaVirus - it's #SARS_COV_2!
2) #China DIDN'T SEND IT OUT to infect America - Global Travel did! 🙄
3) The DISEASE has been Christened #COVID19 (COronaVIrusDisease2019) by @WHO, for ease of reference!!
Oh?! The TIMING!!
Just my luck to switch on the TV at approximately 11.00 a.m. #MYT, to have it already tuned to #AlJazeera channel LIVE, at the exact moment #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No. 1, was uttering his SHIT about #COVID19usa, caused by his SO-CALLED #WuhanVirus!
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Your panel was SPOT ON! RE: APRE
@VP's speech (WHICH I COULDN'T AVOID SINCE EVERY INTERNATIONAL NEWS CHANNEL I get was carrying it): MY FIRST OBSERVATION as a fully trained & qualified Virologist:THE ABSENCE OF # FACEMASKS & #SocialDistancing!
They certainly behaved as if the #COVID19Pandemic was OVER IN THE USA!! Although @POTUS @FLOTUS were socially distanced from the crowd in front of them, the audience wasn't: from one another or even from @VP who gave one of them a fist: both without #facemasks!!
I can't wait for the statistics for #COVID19usa diagnostics, especially amongst the audience (many in the front row appear to be war injury-handicapped #WarVeterans) in the aftermath of today's public health fiasco!
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Wow! The #ARSEHOLE spoke from #MOUNTOLIVE, #EASTJERUSALEM (CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE) with the #DomeOfThRock of #AlQuds in the background!!
Lovely and moving speech by @FLOTUS! BEAUTIFUL!! 💖 😍
Now we know why @FLOTUS redesigned the #RoseGarden the way she did!! 😎
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I'm not American and I've NEVER VOTED in my own country's Elections (as a matter of principle - because there never has been anyone I would have voted for)! But, listening to @JoeBiden as a fully trained and qualified Virologist ../2..
2) who has spent time as Guest Researcher at both Globally Renowned US Biomedical Institutions: #NCID, #NIH, Bethesda, where I had personally seen #DrAnthonyFauci, visiting LID, during the Laboratory (I was attached to)'s analysis of the Desert Shield Virus plus @CDCgov, Atlanta
..3) whilst on both Research Leave (Spring/Summer 1990-1992) & Sabbatical (1995 & 2008), resp. (from the Malaysian University where I was an Academic, teaching Virology to B.Sc. (Microbiology) undergraduates at the Faculty of Science for 30 years!
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@KamalaHarris Please stick to what you know, as a fully qualified Virologist, I ask you not to make judgements about this virus you have absolutely no expertise on: FYI #SARSCoV2 is colour blind (it has no eyes and cannot differentiate Black from White or Latino)!!
#Covid19usa Image
The reason your people are disproportionately affected by #Covid19usa has nothing to do with the nature of this virus but the physiology of the host it entered (which it had no prior knowledge of, only deal with once inside)!
Ask yourself what is it about #USA that makes Blacks & Latinos especially susceptible to #SARSCoV2?! I can tell you: it ain't their skin colour! Our blood is the same colour and I suspect our bodies' cells (the surface of which the virus spike protein attaches to) are, too?! 🙄 Image
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I EMPATHIZE with you (Remember the word "EMPATHY" ~ @MichelleObama, re: "America's Choice 2020: The Democratic National Convention" or the lack of it?! Re: #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1). Take care! 👊 Image
I don't know if I can use similar terminology for my post mid-August 2015 21-day hospital admission for severe asthma recovery, complicated by prolonged insomnia, induced by the second component of my asthma medication (changed during the 6 weeks' follow up after discharge)!
Plus Adrenal Insufficiency (caused by the Discharge Medical Officer failing to taper down my 30mg a day Prednisolone, prescribed for 17 of the 21 days I was hospitalised, to bring down the inflammation in my lungs).
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Jan 22: "It's one person coming in from China and we have it under control. It's going to be just fine."
- @realDonaldTrump
Feb 2: "We pretty much shut it down coming in from China."
- @realDonaldTrump
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The statue of Christ in #RiodeJaneiro 🇧🇷 is lit up on Easter #Sunday with images of medical workers in honor of everyone fighting the #coronavirus #pandemic around the #world.

There were also flags and messages of support in solidarity with the countries affected by #COVID19. ImageImageImageImage
Part 2. ImageImageImageImage
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.@Oxfam warns half a billion people could be pushed into poverty by @coronavirus - between 6 & 8% of the global population could be forced into poverty as governments shut down entire economies to manage the spread of the virus
Thread /1…
Existing inequalities dictate the economic impact of the crisis. The poorest workers in all nations are less likely to be in formal employment,enjoy labour protections eg sick pay,or be able to work from home. Just 1 in 5 unemployed people have access to unemployment benefits
Women are likely to be hardest hit financially. Women make up 70% of health workers globally & provide 75% of unpaid care, looking after children, the sick & the elderly. Women are also more likely to be employed in poorly paid precarious jobs that are most at risk.

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For the most part, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes are inequalities — differences that are a direct result of racism, poverty, disinvestment, and other structural barriers — not “pre-existing conditions.”
#publichealth #healthequity #covid19
Here’s an excellent article by @uche_blackstock that provides an overview of the barriers to equitable treatment and other inequalities that emerge during the #covid19 pandemic and similar disasters: #healthequity #phealth
Most US cities have a 15-year gap in life expectancy. Neighborhoods that have seen these catastrophically-high premature death rates for decades, due to inequality, racism, & incarceration, are also likely to be impacted by #covid19 at 2-5 times the rate of affluent areas. #nnip Image
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How many times did Team @NYULangone save my life? Probably in the 1.5-2.0 range.

(a) When I came to the ER having trouble breathing from #Coronavirus aka #Covid19 and they put me on oxygen ASAP: 0.3 (not sure I would necessarily have died then & there).
(b) When they gave me an emergency intubation, put me on a ventilator, then successfully extubated me six days later: 1.0. This is a solid score -- it was like something out of "ER" or "Chicago Hope" -- and why ventilators are so crucial. #Covid_19
(c) General management of #coronavirus-caused respiratory problems: 0.4. (I'm 44 and generally healthy, but I did have asthma as a kid plus occasional exercise-induced asthma and bronchitis as an adult, which probably made me more susceptible to #Covid19.)
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The Coronavirus crisis is getting worse by the day and many of us are driven by fear. I tweeted yesterday a clip that provides evidence the Coronavirus test equipment gives false positive results.
Click below to watch.

Don't get the CV swab TEST!  Most likely contains the CRSPR Virus itself

What we're going through is a physiological warfare to isolate us, to affect us mentally, financially and physically. If we continue to ALLOW the usurpers to violate our original state constitutions & the U.S. Constitution, they will take our basic freedoms away.
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Insightful read from @trevornoren on how "the #Covid19usa is set to expose America's greatest economic vulnerability: #Inequality."… #GlobalTrends #Macro #US #Risks #gigeconomy #RE #Consumers Some takeaways...(1/5) Image
2/5 "...roughly 40 mln ppl in the #US - 1/3rd of the private labor workforce - work in industries directly affected by #COVID2019" #GlobalTrends #US #Macro #Risks Image
3/5 The #gigeconomy - "85% of ride sharing drivers would struggle to cover basic costs if they were unable to drive due to illness, 70% would run our of money within a month..." #GlobalTrends #US #Macro #Risks Image
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Revisiting Feb. JAMA published study.

CHI 20 yr old asymptomatic patient -cluster of 6.

1st known asymptomatic transmission w/asymptomatic patient reporting NO clincial symptoms & clear CTs.

She had:
2 CTs - 1/27 & 1/31
4 PCRs w/ only 1 positive
Tracks similarly w/ prior 10 yr old asymptomatic patient cluster in separate study

EXCEPT 10 yr old asymptomatic had CT indicating COVID19 w/ "ground glass" effect.

Asymptomatic patients may or may not show evidence of disease in CT scan.
CHI asymptomatic person cluster of 5 #COVID19
Wuhan visit Jan 10.

Only 1 of 4 PCRs positive...from nasal swab only.

PCRs widely known for false negatives w/ 30-60% accuracy depending on which gov't source issues numbers.

Stealth pathogen coupled w/ inaccuracy of PCRs?
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Nexstrain updated with 5 #SARSCoV2 genomes from #COVID19 pandemic from Japan, China and Canada bringing global total to 134.

Thread below

@turnbolt11 @BabeReflex_8 @moneypenny_2020 @aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @sc_lorraine @RMachArts
@turnbolt11 @BabeReflex_8 @moneypenny_2020 @aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @sc_lorraine @RMachArts Team at the @seattleflustudy have sequenced the genome the #COVID19 community case reported yesterday from Snohomish County, WA, and have posted the sequence publicly to There are some enormous implications here.

H/T @Deannemh
@turnbolt11 @BabeReflex_8 @moneypenny_2020 @aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @sc_lorraine @RMachArts @seattleflustudy @Deannemh Or you can read the thread here @trvrb if you prefer not to read via threadreader... which I do. 😉

Washington state genome sequencing.

#Covid_19 #Covid19usa #COVID19Washington

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🎥Friends, I will do a LIVE video broadcast tonight around 7pm ET to discuss the #CoronavirusOutbreak.

Spread the word, and leave your questions below.👇🏼

#coronavirus #CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID #COVID19usa #COVID19 @thespybrief
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MSC Meraviglia cruise ship cleared of #COVID19 after MS allowed to dock in Cozumel.

1 crew member & 1 female passenger have "seasonal flu".

Ship will dock in Miami, FL Sunday. Passengers will receive 100% refund.

Santo Domingo DR refused cruise ship to dock after 14 day tour. #COVID19 #Braemer
1128 passengers
384 crews

Captain of Braemar reported:
4 Filipinos
2 Brits
3 U.S.
medical observation w/ COVID-19 symptoms: fever, coughing, or breathing difficulty…
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#COVID19 Flight attendant for Korean Air dx'd in Korea. She flew flights in/out of LAX/Seoul as well as Tel Aviv/ Seoul.

Also believed she walked Los Angeles Koreatown prior to return flight to Seoul.

Source Korean news &South Korea's Center for Disease Control.
This also on the heels of US military confirmed case in Seoul yesterday.

coronavirus #COVID19 #COVID2019 #COVIDKorea

@aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @chiIIum @turnbolt11 @RMachArts @RedPill_1984
@aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @chiIIum @turnbolt11 @RMachArts @RedPill_1984 RT'ing this here in today's thread on the earlier released but non-peer reviewed Los Alamos paper tweeted a week or so ago. Peer reviews take a long time.

Good explainer on R0 and how perception changed based upon reality of early patients.

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🚨🦠📢😷South #Korea ROK 😷📢🦠🚨

Coronavirus alert level to RED

1 US Forces Korea dependent has been dx'd w/ Coronavirus.

2/24 new thread #Covid_19 #COVID19Korea

@turnbolt11 @moneypenny_2020 @BabeReflex_8 @aHEMandias @RadChick4Cast @RMachArts @DoodlesTrks @SpicyNoodles2
🦠🚨📢😷Digital warriors:

Please feel free to add news, reports, updates, and new studies w/ sources .... local and global.

#Covid_19 #Covid19usa #COVID #COVID19Korea #COVID19China
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#Coronavirus UPDATE Feb 23 9PM EST
The current statistics for #China alone:
Of the 79,157 confirmed cases globally
- 76,554 cases are in China
-10,968 cases of those are severe
-2,450 patients have died
-23,532 have recovered
1a/7 Info outside China & US #Covid19USA 👇🏾
1b/7 #Coronavirus outside China Feb 23 9PM EST

Graphic indicates all cases outside China EXCEPT:
for the #DiamondPrincess
Of the 3,711 passengers and crew:
-691 are confirmed infected w/ #COVID19
-all are either hospitalized or quarantined

#US #Covid19usa Info below
#US #COVID19 Update Feb 16 9PM EST
- 36* confirmed cases in 6 states
- 42 states waiting on 50 test results
- US Citizens under Mandatory Quarantine: 750+
We are also monitoring the 320,000 US service members stationed in Europe.
2/7 #CoronavirusUS #Italy #Coronavirus #Covid
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Going through the numbers released by @WHO (in turn are numbers released by China) from Jan 20th to Jan 27th.

Based on the released numbers, I did a simple analysis on the day-by-day increase in # of confirmed cases and # of dead owing to #coronavirus Image
The findings:(day2day)

1. The # of infected ⬆️ by an average factor of 1.49 ⬇️ to 1.4 *

2. The # of dead ⬆️ by an average factor of 1.68 ⬇️ to 1.6 *

3. The Death:Infected ratio is currently around 2.7 (# of deaths/100 infections)

* ⬇️ owing to conservative estimates + factors
Based on above trends:

1. The # of infected & the # of dead may reach a significant figure as early as Feb 6th *

2. The "Death:Infected Ratio" may ⬆️ sharply after Feb 2nd *

* Not posting my numbers here.

3. #nCoV is faster in it's infection rates compared to #SARS

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